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Homemade heating pad for menstrual cramps

Submitted by Sammi

For menstrual cramps, a heating pad really works. If you don't have one, a ziplock bag, some paper towels, and a hotpot will work just fine. Boil some water, soak the paper towels, put them in the bag, and wrap a paper towel around the bag. Be careful not to burn yourself.

Another good way to do this is if you're making tea, take the teabags and put them in the bag, and wrap with a paper towel.

Visitors comments

This is great tip Comments By: Lacey on 2005-11-03
If u have pains u should totally!! try it!! IT WORKS !!
Rice Socks work too! Comments By: Sam on 2008-11-29
What also works, and is reuseable is taking an old sock and filling it with rice. You microwave it whenever you need it to be warm
water bottle Comments By: Munayah on 2008-12-04
water bottle has become my new best friend..
- get an empty water bottle... take the tag off ... fill it up with HOT water...
and apply whereever u need to..

-works like a charm!!!


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