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Chewing gum removal from clothes

Submitted by rebecca

To remove chewing gum from clothing. Just slap a piece of peanut butter on the chewing gum and freeze the item of clothing for no more than an hour. then da da peso as good as new.

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Hot White Vinager gets rid of gum in clothes Comments By: sdgsdfg on 2008-05-17
Dip an old tooth brush into heated white viniger and work into the gum. Wipe off the tooth brush with a rag when needed and repeat the process. This is the best way to remove it. Don't waste your time with peanut butter or the freezer!
Hot White Vinegar Tip Comments By: Linda P. on 2008-06-08
I just tried the hot white vinegar with an old tooth brush on my Dad's favorite shirt that he washed and dried with gum in the pocket which nearly ruined the shirt! It worked great!
School trousers saved! Comments By: Michelle Dunn on 2008-06-23
This really works - my son had a thin layer of gum smeared all over the seat of his trousers. Freezer method didn't work but this did. Great tip.
gum on car seat! Comments By: becks on 2008-07-15
white vinegar method fantastic. thank you. was smeared all over back seat of husbands car. the delight if having young teenage kids.

Just use the vinegar Comments By: Joe Harrison on 2008-10-22
I've never had success getting chewing gum out of anything, it's just such nasty stuff. I wasn't holidn gout much hope. I tried half a cup of white wine vinegar (20 seconds in microwave) and it worked perfectly. Thank you!
Vinegar removed the gum (unreal) I am impressed. Comments By: Mandy on 2008-11-30
I could not believe my eyes this really worked THANKYOU SO MUCH, this saved my work pants.I must admit I tried the freezer thing first. I will be passing this one on Thanks again
Hot Vinegar Tip is Awesome! Comments By: Susan on 2009-01-25
I just used the hot white vinegar to remove gum that had been sitting on my daughter's pants since last week because I wasn't sure what to do. With just a bit of elbow grease, because I used my husband's old splayed toothbrush and the pants were wet with ice cubes, I got the gum right out. Excellent tip.
Gum Removal from Blue Jeans Comments By: Deb on 2009-03-24
I read the tip and tried the method of warm white vinegar and a tooth brush for removal. The gum sat on the pants for 2 weeks and when I gently scrubbed with the tooth brush it came right off. You will want to throw the tooth brush out when your done because the gum stays in the brissels.
Removing Chewing Gum with White Vinegar Comments By: Suzanne on 2009-04-05
This is the first time I have found something to remove Chewing Gum from Clothing that really works. I think back to the time a whole load of laundry was destroyed because of Bubble Gum being in my daughters pants pocket, I didn't know this trick at that time and everything had to be thrown away. Thank You this worked like Magic.
chewing gum Comments By: idell rozier on 2009-04-16
from idell rozier

your hot vinegar works

Chewing gum removal washed dryed in Dress shirt ! Comments By: Joel on 2009-05-27
The warm white vinegar did the trick. Thank all your comments!!! Thank God I was going put the shirt in the trash. Be Blessed Joel!
Chewing gum removal Comments By: Anon on 2009-07-18
We had some adhesive remover by the makers of duck tape and it dissolved the gum away! Amazing stuff. You could probably find it in your local hardware, auto parts or super store.
Skirt Disaster Comments By: Anon on 2009-08-07
Thank you so much for your suggestion.
it came off my school skirt in only a few mintues!
It was like magic!!
Thank you again.

Gum removal with vinegar Comments By: Anon on 2009-09-02
It worked like magic!! The key is to make sure the vinegar is hot.
removing gum from Jeans and a car seat! Comments By: Anon on 2009-09-18
The vinegar and tooth brush tip really works!! I could not believe that in seconds it was almost gone.
gum on knit sweater Comments By: Dale Stack on 2009-10-03
I had some gum on the sleeve of a black knit sweater. I used a old tooth brush in some hot white viniger and worked great.
Gum removal with Hot while Vinegar Comments By: Anon on 2009-11-16
This REALLY works...and fast too. I spent less than 2 minutes getting gum off of a coat. Just heat a small amount of white vinegar in the microwave, use a toothbrush and it melts the gum away with no stain left. Awesome!!!
White Vinegar worked Comments By: David H on 2009-11-18
Used the hot white vinegar on a backpack - worked great.
Heated White Vinegar Comments By: Michael Houser on 2009-12-11
Heated white vinegar worked great on my jeans, however it did not work on our bedspread, so I tried "Goof Off" and it worked. I will always try to white vinegar first as it is "safer" to use than commercial products.
White vinegar trick worked like magic!!! Comments By: Sebastian on 2009-12-25
I didn't even bother with the freezer suggestion because of all the positive comments about the vinegar. I tried the heated white vinegar and tooth brush to get gum out of my son's jeans, and it worked amazingly!!!
Can't wait to try this!! Comments By: very greatful on 2010-01-20
I haven't tried it yet but am very excited about doing so today! My wonderful HUSBAND was trying to help with the laundry and had gum accidentaly in a pocket which of course RUINED oneof my best outfits.. Thanks!
Absolutelyl GREAT! Comments By: Grateful on 2010-02-12
Was skeptical but once I tried it I couldn't believe. It was GREAT! Will recommend this to everyone.
Just tried White Vinegar to remove gum Comments By: ML on 2010-02-28
Really works just removed from the seleve of my hubands expensive firetrap jacket, fantastic
Works on Nylon Comments By: David V on 2010-03-20
I heated white vinegar up to about "hot coffee" temp and dumped it on my nylon running shorts. It then took less than a minute to remove with a toothbrush.
didn't work Comments By: Mary on 2010-03-28
Tried this and the ice method on a pair of baseball pants. Neither worked....
White Vinegar Comments By: kelly on 2010-04-06
I have just tried this on a friends trousers and it worked superbely. Many many thanks everyone
Chewing Gum Removal Comments By: Coccinelle582 on 2010-05-02
This tip is fantastic. The hot vinegar removed gum from the seat of my son's favorite jeans like magic. Just a little soap on the area after the vinegar and you'd never know.
Amazing Comments By: Allison Waczek on 2010-07-17
I was skeptical but very hopeful. My husband sat on gum 4 weeks ago. We tried the ice and freezer method with no results. Your method was amazing with minimal effort the gum was gone. These things always seen to happen on new clothes. His pants were saved. Be aware of the color coming off the clothes as you clean, rinse well.
Wow, I love chemestry! Comments By: Erin on 2010-07-22
The vinegar trick was awesome! I heated it up to just over being comfortable to tap the surface with the tip of my finger. Dunked the item into the vinegar, let it rest there for about 45 seconds to a minute, pulled it out, used a nail brush on the fabric, and the gum broke apart and coagulated into one glob that pulled right off my pants cuff! Awesome! It was kinda fun to try as well as being the perfect solution! Thanks! (Works on the soles of shoes as well :D)
white vinegar on gum Comments By: Anon on 2010-09-09
The warm white vinegar did work on the gum that was stuck on my pants.!! Thanks!!!!
Hot Vinegar gets the gum out of new dress shirt! Comments By: Dave N, from The OC, CA on 2010-10-28
After reading the tips for hot/warm vinegar. Decided to try it to remove gum, from inside the pocket of a new all cotton no-iron dress shirt. (I had worn and washed it, a few times. I had washed and dried the shirt and began hanging it up.. and then realized the gum was there...)

I ran hot water over the shirt and removed as much gum as I could, before trying anything.

Frustrated I googled to find out an easy way to remove the gum. I read the tips here and decided, I had nothing to lose.
I had heard about the peanut butter and freezing tips before, but started with the vinegar because it seemed easier.

Microwaved the white vinegar in a small shallow bowl until it was hot to the touch.

I put a terry cloth towel under the bowl. Then turned the pocket inside out and dipped it into the vinegar.

After 20 seconds, decided to see if it beginning to work. I only had a new toothbrush and didn't want to use it unless I had to. So I tried removing the gum with my fingers.

I dipped my fingers in the bowl, so the gum wouldn't stick to my fingers and then started rubbing the gum. I was rather surprised, to see how quickly the gum began to loosen from the shirt material. I re-dipped the shirt several times. The gum lost most of its tackiness and began dissolving into very small pieces as I rubbed it. I put the dissolving gum onto a paper towel. And, didn't have to use my new toothbrush!

When it seemed to be all gone, I rinsed the shirt immediately in cold water... no residue. Decided to wash it in the washer right away. Soaked the pocket with Spray and Wash... just in case.

Results = No discoloration. Still looks new! Yay!

Thanks for your site and the tip.

Works Comments By: anon on 2010-11-04
WORKS, WORKS, WORKS - like a charm!
Fabulous Comments By: Anon on 2010-11-22
I just tried the hot vingegar & toothbrush..works great!!!
Vinegar removes chewing gum from clothes Comments By: Moon on 2010-12-15
I tried hot vinegar with toothbrush, and it really worked, on jeans that had the gum for more than a year
GUM REMOVAL using HOT WHITE VINEGAR. Comments By: Charlie N.Ireland on 2010-12-22
Works easily and quickly. Thanks for the tip.
Amazing...thanks ! Comments By: anon on 2011-01-24
Thanks for the wonderful tip of warm white vinegar! It worked and saved my kid's brand new jeans from getting dumped !
Worked great! Comments By: Anon on 2011-08-14
I also tried several methods to take gum out of my 91-year-old dad's pants, but to no avail and I couldn't find another pair like them to replace them. Ran across the hot vinegar/toothbrush tip and it worked great! Thanks to all here for the encouraging comments!

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