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Runny nose. Tip for a runny nose

Submitted by Sara

Get baking soda, and some salt. Poor luke warm water in a glass and put around a spoon full of baking soda in, and a pinch of salt. Now this might seem scary, but put the glass to your nose and snort it up (both nostrils), till it runs down your throat and spit it out.

The baking soda will keep the water from burning your nose, and the salt will help dry your sinus's. Remember not to put to much salt in, it will burn your nose otherwise. I've been doing this since I was a little girl, it works very well.

Visitors comments

easy way Comments By: robert on 2004-11-29
I found out useing a straw and put it partly up the nose and suck it up that way is alot less of making a mess.and it works very well
better yet Comments By: codey on 2005-02-02
this does work but it takes time to perfect the baking soda to water to salt ratio. i would rather use the marker.
relief Comments By: chris on 2005-11-28
I tried it and it worked. Modern medicine isn't everthing.
Our recipe is... Comments By: Chris on 2007-10-25
Our recipe is: 1st use a shallow bowl it works much better than a glass 2-cups water (pure not tap, too much chlorine), 1/2 tsp. baking soda, 1/4 salt. mix and put in microwave for 45-50 sec. (according to your microwave and the temp. you like). Head in sink and suck all of it thru your nose. Do not swallow! 3 - 4 times a day or when you need relief and it will cut down the possibility for infections. It just isn't something you want to share on the 1st date.
Not sure if I did right Comments By: corey on 2007-11-16
It made my nose stop running but now my nose is stinging like crazy. lol
very bad Comments By: feeeling very angry on 2008-03-13
it works for like 2 mins then my nose just starts running again
the onley reason it works for that 2 mins is that when you suck it up your nose it takes the snot with it

It's worked good so far Comments By: Nate on 2008-04-06
I just tried it and it's working pretty good but it's only been about minute but I feel much better. Nice find! Hopefully it last!
....Hey Comments By: Gary Paulson on 2008-04-11
use a ninnypot. found at your local walmart. there not too expensive. you turn your head to the side and put it to your nostril then dump the water it goes through one nostril and out the other. first few times it sucks because itll run down your throat. but youll stop your runny nose and it helps with colds all together
Sweet Comments By: Loukas on 2008-09-30
so far so good, i only used baking soda.. i was kinda scared to put salt up my nose.. works well
remidies for runny nose Comments By: Sara Ibre on 2008-12-23
get a piece of tissue and ball it up and put it in one nostril, in the other, breath through your nose so you can dry out the extra mucus then switch. then at night put vasaline on the lining of your nose.
This Works! Comments By: Nancy Silvera on 2008-12-25
Been doing the salt since I was a young girl, had not heard about the baking soda. It takes away the sting!!! Glad I found this site!!!! Your cold will be over much sooner!!!
IT WORKED!!!! Comments By: tyler on 2009-03-11
omg thank you so much my nose fills great no more running its been doing that for like 2 weeks cause i get the worsted colds thank you so much and if this dont work for as long ill still a got another trick up my sleeve ill try the tissue and hot shower
not sure if i did it right.... Comments By: mitch on 2009-03-21
only a little came out my mouth and my sinuses sting now, maybe i didnt snort it right but hasnt had much effect
Useful Tip Comments By: Supriya on 2009-04-07
Hey Thank u ..Its really a different tip never heard abt this.. Thanks a lot
trying it Comments By: Nan on 2009-04-19
Hope it works long term . have had runny nose for 4 months !
this One works Much Better Comments By: Granny Smith on 2009-10-16
Take One Part Guiness (Draught) and Half A Part Neat Jack Daniels Plus One Quarter Of A TeaSpoon Of Pepper,, Heat Up SLIGHTLY And Using A Straw Sniff The Mixture Once Repetivly Until Symptoms Subside, Been Doing It Since I Was 20 I am Now Im Now 75 And Still Alive And Buzzing!!! Leave Feedback.
WOW it really works! Comments By: Ellen Kerbey on 2010-01-19
I just put lil baking soda and salt in water got a straw. Straight up.
Donee. Sneezed about 10 times though lol.

benadryl Comments By: mike on 2010-01-27
I just snort liquid benadryl and problem solved. stings a little but worth it.
Works as a temporary remedy Comments By: Terry on 2010-09-21
So, I had a tall cup of microwaved water, put in only two teaspoons of baking soda, and a half teaspoon of salt, since I was scared.

I tried using two straws, but I just cannot sniff that frickin' water up my nose. So I cupped my hand, poured it on my hand, and then sniffed it up.

The first sniff, i didn't do it hard enough, so I could only spit out a little from my throat.

Second, a little was coming out of my mouth, same as the third.

After the three sniffs, I found the skin around my nose holes were starting to hurt. I think this happened because my nose is chapped. The pain only throbbed for 5 minutes. It won't happen if your nose isn't all chapped. But if yours is, it's gonna hurt like a bitch.

So the result? I can breath clearly now, and my mucus are coming out easier. But after 15 minutes, my right nose is starting to clog up again. And after 30, both of my nose are back to the same state. I'll use this again when I can't fall asleep because of my nose.

Another thing I noticed, is that my cough is less "wetter", and more "drier". It feels better. I guess. Lol.

So yeah. Do this if you want 15-20 minutes of clear nose, and a clearer cough.

This stuff tastes horrible by the way. It's like soap mixed with water and salt.


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