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Eye bags. Tip for eye bags

Submitted by Marianne Mcgrave

Get just 1 egg. Get only it's egg white. Add a few drops of calamansi or lemon, mix. Apply into eyelids. Do this at least 3 times a week and see the difference! Another tip is to always sleep early at night!

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wondering Comments By: Elen on 2007-11-28
does it really work? And do I have to beat the egg white?

TipKiing says: I have not personally tried this tip so I would not be much use to you. I would think that the egg should be beaten otherwise it may be difficult to apply

eye with bags t-bag helps Comments By: lili on 2009-04-19
it is difficult to think u have to place a tea bag undr ur eye it wil stink !!!!

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