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Getting More & Better Sleep!

Sleep is important for your health. Sleep is how your body relaxes, rejuvenates and grows. Sleep is more often needed in longer hours when you are younger, as often in your older years your body is not growing any more, but it is still rejuvenating daily so you need to find the proper amount of sleep that refreshes your mind, body and your spirit. Getting just three or four hours of sleep a night might allow you to still manage daily but studies have proven that you most likely are not going to be thinking or performing at your best. 

Getting the most sleep possible for some people will involve taking a sleeping pill. Sleeping pills should only be used when you can stay in bed and sleep for at least eight hours. Taking a sleeping pill to get the rest you need without sleeping at least eight hours can leave you feeling worse, and functioning at a lesser capacity than if you slept only three hours. There are many ways to get the rest and sleep you need without taking sleeping pills. 

Read the paper if you have trouble falling asleep. Read a book, and do it in bed so you are ready just to put it down and fall asleep when you are relaxed. Easy to fall asleep using this method!

If you have mathematical procedures, problems, homework, or bills to pay, do it a few hours before going to bed. Math makes the mind work, you want to relax to get some sleep. 

For many people, a quiet room is really needed to get some sleep. If you have problems falling asleep, turn off the radio, turn off the tv and close your door for a little quietness that will give you exactly what you need to relax. 

On the other hand, there are other people that need to have noise to block the feeling of being alone, to hearing the house creak, and sometimes just to relax. If you have a tough time getting to sleep, turn the radio on, turn the tv on or listen to the water in the aquarium it may just put you to sleep!

Make your bedroom as comfortable as possible. Add more blankets, add another sheet, add more pillows, turn the heat up or open a window. Cover the windows to make it completely dark, or keep a night light, do what you need to make your bedroom your personal space where you feel totally comfortable. 

Another thing that you should take a look at if you have problems getting sleep is any type of medications that you are taking. Some medications can make you sleep or make you drowsy while other types of medications, including cold medications, can make you very awake. These types of medications that make you feel very awake, so you cant sleep should be taken hours before you want to get to bed and get some rest. 

Firm mattresses that does not sag, that supports your body is going to be a mattress that will help your body relax. If you have had the same mattress for more than ten years, you might want to take a second look at your mattress so you can get the most of your rest and relax at night when you crawl into bed. 

Along the same lines of you mattress, if your are tall or small, you will have to think about what type of bed you are sleeping in. if you are to tall for your bed, your feet stick out and you are uncomfortable. Get a bed, a mattress, or at least the size of blankets that really fit your body and what you need to get some rest. 

If you are not getting enough exercise during your day, you may feel restless at night. Getting a little bit of exercise, or as much as possible is going to help you feel drowsy and tired when you lie down in bed at night. Try not to exercise right before going to be as exercising will get your blood pumping and excite your body. Exercise about an hour before you want to get to bed for the best possible rest and relaxation. 

Getting to bed at the same time every night and getting up about the same time every day is going to help set your body schedule so you feel tired when it is time to get to bed. Changing your schedule daily or every few days does make it more difficult to get sleep when you want and need it most.

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