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Plantars warts. Tip for removing Plantars warts

For many many years I had struggled to get rid of 30 some-odd plantars warts on both feet. The doctor tried freezing, burning, Acid treatment (which was the most painful) and even digging them out. Nothing worked. 

Now this could be coincidence, but I started going to a tanning bed and shortly there after noticed that ALL my warts were flaking off. I haven't had any since. I don't promote tanning beds, but I wonder if I had a lack of vitamin D and when I got the boost from Tanning that my skin was able to heal and clear. Just like some other skin conditions. 

This is only theory, please use this information at your own discretion.

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Plantar wart removal with salt petre Comments By: Karen Myrah on 2005-07-30
I had a large plantars wart under my one foot. Every night I made a paste of salt petre by adding a little water and then smeering it on the wart. Put a band aid or something to keep it in place. It is a good idea to put on a sock for the night because the water will dry and it will feel like sand in your bed. Instead of the wart growing inwards towards my bones, it "grew out" and I was able to scrape off layers until there was nothing left - no scars, no pain, permanent removal and very cheap.
platnar wart removal Comments By: Kate on 2008-10-28
I used Pedifix Wart Stick to get rid of my plantar warts. It's not natural, but it really helped get rid of my warts. I ordered it online at Therawear.com and I can say I have no complaints. If anyone is intersted, the website is http://www.therawear.com/pedifix_wart_stick.html.
Sun Beds Comments By: Bianca on 2009-05-11
This does not suprise me, as I have acne on my back and found that after going on holiday for a week my acne had nearly completely cleared up! I believe that it is the ultraviolet rays (shortwave radioation from the sun or sunbeds), amoungst other rays, which blasted the skin destroying the spots in the process. I do not see why this cannot work for acne too. Perhaps this is a good excuse to get a sunbed... or just get out in the sun more often! I think I will try it :) A little sun isn't going to hurt much, it's when people start abusing it (and sunbeds) that the effects of the excessive radiation get to be a problem. Thank you for your post.
Garlic cure for plantars warts Comments By: Jenny on 2009-08-16
As a last resort to remove 2 big plantars warts on my daughter's foot, I cut 2 slivers of a garlic clove and placed each on a wart, covered with a plaster overnight for 6 nights. About 2 weeks later, and after we had forgotten about it, she showed me how the warts were flaking off and dissappearing. There is absolutely no trace that these warts ever existed now.
4 plantar warts on feet Comments By: bridget on 2010-07-17
i have tryed everything too just like you, i have had warts for about 2-3 years...well probly longer when i didn't realize it. but im not old enough to tan in a tanning bed, plus i dont wanna cuz my mom got skin cancer from that, but i really wish i could just stick my feet in for a lil bit:) oh well, thanks though!

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