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Spring Cleaning Time

So the time has come once again to say goodbye to winter. Before we know it spring will be here. The beautiful spring flowers, the budding trees and the dreaded spring-cleaning. We all like that fresh clean scent and the magnificent look. Imagine those clutter free drawers and closets after you are done. Where do we find the time? The extra time we do have you wish to be outdoors, enjoying that crisp clean spring air. 

I have simplified my spring cleaning several years ago. At a very young age, I watched as my mother spent days and often a whole week and half spring cleaning our house. When I was old enough I pitched in and helped along with my older sister, but it never seemed to go any faster. My Sister and I swore that we would never take that long to do our spring-cleaning. Both of us are now married and have our own homes to do this dreaded spring-cleaning but as we veiled it does not take us nearly as long. My mother did one room a day. We get three or four done in a day and still have time to cook dinner. My mother is so amazed at our speed and cleanliness of our homes. We tell her all the time its about organization!

The key to fast but productive spring-cleaning is organization. Plan ahead to the day you are going to start, so you don�t have to stop and run to the store. Make sure you have all the supplies you need for cleaning, such as, glass cleaner, paper towels, floor cleaner, all purpose cleaner, furniture polish, scrub rags, brushes and two scrub buckets (one for water and one for carrying all your cleaning supplies). It�s also a good idea to have several garbage bags in your bucket (white and green both). Both kinds of garbage bags make for easy sorting. Dispose all garbage in one and fill the other with the things you no longer want but are still useful. These items can be donated or sold at a yard sale at a later date.

Plan where you wish to start. When starting in a room stick with that room until it is completely done. Do not me moving back and forth. When completing a room shut the door to that room and you will see your progress as you go along. Open windows and let the sunshine in. The sun has a way to energize and get us motivated. Not to mention the crisp clean spring air that will add freshness to everything.

Avoid distractions; turn off the television and the phone. Wear comfortable, old clothes that you won't mind getting dirty or stained. Get an early start, the earlier you start in the day the more energy you will have. If you get a later start you will tend to drag your feet. 

The main cleaning idea I have is �If you don�t use it, lose it!� The less clutter you have the better. I usually start from the upstairs down. Moving along anything that needs to go. I start by removing the curtains and any washables. These items I place in the washer at the start of that room. When I�m done with the room those items are ready to be put back in place or on the windows. If you catch these items as soon as the dryer stops these items should not need ironing or very little (which will save you time). Work in one direction and head left or right. When scrubbing walls take down the pictures only on that wall. When that wall is completed put them immediately back up. This will save on adding to your already disrupted room. Remember that everything should have a spot. The more clutter you get rid of the easier your spring-cleaning will be from year to year. This clutter is also a way that you can make a little extra cash. You can have a yard sale and take that money and go on a little trip. This will encourage you to get rid of more. Remember when having the yard sale what doesn�t go should be donated to your favorite charity. You will also fill well in knowing that you are helping someone less fortunate.

Here�s too speedy spring-cleaning.

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