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Bags under eyes. It's purely water retention combined with "bad Kidneys"...

Submitted by Matt Young

Sorry folks, but you are wrong. I had a late night out on the town and drank too much on Tuesday, come Wednesday morning, I had bags under my eyes the size of JUMPIG CASTLES, it ain't hereditory, my folks don't suffer the same problem, it's purely water retention combined with "bad Kidneys"...answer, loads of water and GOOD SLEEP !

I am just 39 and have noticed over the last decade that the more I drink "alcohol", the worse my bags get, and they take a month to go down. By the way, your tip about the T-Bags treatment is also wrong, T-Bags leave "horrible" dark stains (from tannin) in the pause of your skin, so you bet horrible dark barks "to boot"

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One disagreement Comments By: Angela on 2005-08-16
Although, dark circles can be caused by drinking too much, it can also be inherited. I am only 23 and I have had dark circles in every single school photo ever since elementary school. Every female on my mom's side has the same problem.
Don't stress your eyes! Comments By: Rachel on 2006-01-11
Eye swelling is swelling of the dermis brought on usually by stress to the tearducts. NEVER let anything make you cry before going to bed. You will be a mess the next day, especially if you're predisposed to eye bags genetically. Also, being tired can stress the tearducts, so getting enough sleep is important. Too much salt will do it too. Water retention IS another reason the dermis will swell.
dark circles.. Comments By: Mari Cooper on 2006-05-15
Yours were caused by drinking/whatever. Mine are hereditary; I am 37 and have had them since the day I was born, every single day. So do my mother and my grandmother. My eyes are large and deep-set, and the dark circles have always been very, very prominent.
dont forget allergies can contribute to swelling under the eyes and shiners Comments By: yogi on 2006-12-10
all suggestings were helpful.
hereditery Comments By: joanne on 2007-01-17
i also have had them all my life since i was very young its awful and any help is appreciated
Not sure I agree with this,... Comments By: Anna on 2007-12-21
My daughter is two and seems to have constant dark bags under her eyes. Unless someone's been slipping some Kahlua in her milk, she doesn't drink. I think her dark bags are worse when she hasn't had a proper nap,...

But I am rethinking her diet after what I've read. Perhaps she has too much salt and it makes her retain water???

I don't think so Comments By: Anon on 2008-03-26
I'm 22 and I'vehad eyebags since theday I was born. The wierd thing is that neither my mom nor my dad have any.
eye bags Comments By: sarah on 2008-04-30
im 25 and i developed bad dark eye bags about 8 months ago my eyes are very puffy underneath i also have prominant blue veins running through them which is not nice and they are starting to ruin my life i have had severe depression over them i dont like going out im thinking of having eye bay surgery done so if anybody out there has had the procedure please could you give your comments on what this surgery is like and if its worth being done.
I have developed bags under my eyes :( Comments By: Raluca on 2008-09-03
Since i gave birth, 4 months ago, i have this ugly bags under my eyes (my left eye looks worse then my rightone). I've tried everything from cucumbers, cold tea spoons, ice cubes, potatos, expensive creams, even preparation h. My doctor said is because im retaining water. I don't know what to do...Im taking water balance pills hoping that the bags will go... The doctor said it will go on itself...They had disapeared for a week but now they came back:( If anyone had any succes pls let us know. Thank you
Bags will not go away no matter what I try Comments By: Anon on 2008-09-15
I have developed bags under my eyes that are getting worse every day. I use to wear contacts and it seemed that since I wear glasses now they are worse. I have tried drinking plenty of water, sleeping on my back at night, all creams, cold compress etc... but it seems as if surgery is my only option. It has gotten to the point where my self esteem is suffering, therefore I am not as social anymore. I am seriously considering surgery.
Thyroids Comments By: Eileen Stevenson on 2008-10-13
No one in my family has eye bags. I only started having them a year ago when I realized my thyroids were overactive. I have tried everything from expensive creams to preparation H and nothing helps. Any suggestions besides that expensive surgery?
Well Folks, here is the true cure for circles and eye bags Comments By: Sweet Lemon on 2008-10-21
Don't pay attention on them. Once u do this they will be gone for ever.
w.e Comments By: hotchick on 2008-11-18
i dont care
and i tried tea bags wa u said about them was a toatll fake!

late nites dont help but niether does water Comments By: Robs on 2008-12-29
To be fair ,mine really do leave me insecure.I do realise though after heavy drinking they are very much worse,,however if i still stay off the booze,,try get good sleep and eat well,including alot of fish which i believe is good for the skin,they only reduce a certain amount.ive asked my gd bout surgery but hes said im too young ..please anyone give me some other tips
sad sack all at once Comments By: Reba on 2009-02-24
I had two glasses of wine and some wings and I woke up two days later with giant watery bags around my eyes---
what gives? I am 50 and don't have wrinkles but now I look like a weirdo----

eye bags Comments By: karen on 2009-10-19
i too have eye bag's it's ruining my life i hate them, i went to see cosmetic surgen they said it was water retention and it will go away, they did for a while but they have come back with a vengence, i really think it is alchohol. so i think i need to stop drinking.
Bags under my eyes Comments By: Samira on 2009-12-27
It seems like every since I have been wearing glasses bags started to develop under my eyes. So, I started to wear my glasses less and started exercising the muscles in my face to tighten my skin and now I see some improvements.
Bags under my eyes Comments By: Samira on 2009-12-27
It seems like every since I have been wearing glasses bags started to develop under my eyes. So, I started to wear my glasses less and started exercising the muscles in my face to tighten my skin and now I see some improvements.
My experience Comments By: Mikala on 2010-02-05
5 years ago I had surgery on my left eye bag. It was the only solution after I tried several creams and natural remedies. Recently my right eye bag dropped without a sign and I will have the same procedure done.
I have been to numerous doctors and It all comes down to aging and if it's within your family. My doctor has had patients from 16-60. Eye bags can drop at a very young age and they won't go away. This procedure may not be for everyone, but the results are worth it.

fluid retention Comments By: freddie on 2010-06-09
i recently wen to see a cosmetic surgean and they hsve told ther is nothin the can do as there is fluid built up under my eyes (hence the bags)but there is no loose skin on my face..i was shocked and i dont know what to do,,.should i see a doctor or any ideas for me i would greatly accpricate
alright Comments By: taylor on 2010-11-14
It was an okay article thing, but its really annoying that nobody knows how to use quotation marks. they aren't supposed to be used to emphasize a word.
sincere Comments By: Ahmed on 2011-06-20
please do not mix dirk circles and bags under eyes.

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