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Absessed tooth treatment for the pain

Mix equal parts of table salt and baking soda, mix dry ingredients together. Dab a cotton ball in water to moisten, dip it into the powder, place between teeth and cheek, DO NOT PLACE INSIDE OF THE TOOTH.

Leave in the mouth over night or for a few hours during the day. This poultice will draw the abscess out of the gum and will form a pimple on the gum which can be broken by pushing on it. This will relieve the pain and pressure.

When the abscess breaks spit out the poison, it will be bitter, so you will know it is the poison, do not ingest the poison. The cotton ball can be removed. If the tooth does not quit aching, this process can be repeated until you can get to a dentist to get the tooth taken care of.

Visitors comments

suck on a hot mint tea bag Comments By: SHANNON on 2005-04-19
I once had an abscess a couple years ago ,my grandma told me to soak a peppermint tea bag in hot water then suck on it on the side of the mouth where the abscess was,the abscess ruptured and then it went away...

After it ruptures you should rinse with hot salt water to keep it from getting reinfected.

Tooth pain cure, Abcess Comments By: Don't want to be toothless on 2005-06-17
A blessed thing, I was starting to see stars and then did this. Baking soda and salt on the cotton and place on abcess. It started to dehydrate the blasted abcess and provided relief after the first treatment. It hasn't ruptured yet but I am out of pain like you couldnt imagine. Not giving advice but it worked for me. Try at your own risk. Anotherwards if you are some sue happy nut like my sister this prevents you from sueing me.
HELP!! I am in mucho PAIN!! Comments By: Steve on 2005-06-17
I am currently experiencing my first, and hopefully last, tooth abscess. The pain is unbelievable! This is coming from a man who has passed more than ten Kidney Stones WITHOUT the benefit of any painkillers or other treatment. Kidney Stone pain is in a league by itself, but this pain comes close. Any advice I can get about remedies, preferably ones that won't make me puke, and don't involve doctors. I will try the Baking Soda/Salt mix, although Baking Soda generally makes me hurl. I will rate this remedy upon my next visit.
RELIEF ! Comments By: Char on 2005-08-21
This was my second abscess on the same tooth within a month!The second time around was MUCH worse. The whole left side of my face was swollen,ear, eye, jaw,cheek and a high feverto boot. I had been on Amoxocillian, Tylenol w/codine,advil and even tried some vicadin for the pain ! for 3 days with NO relief at all and finally read this treatment. It worked for me in the first try !! I am not totally cured of it but, enough to sleep and eat. I keep rinsing with the solution too with warm/hot water and that has helped even more.To all of you out there with this- I feel your pain give it a try it may work as good for you as me. Good Luck :)
Thank You Comments By: Painful and Swollen on 2005-12-31
I'm doing it right now! I hope it works...
It works! Comments By: Kathy on 2006-01-22
I have been in unbelieveable pain since Tuesday. Taking all the tylenol, toradol, lorcet, darvon, and motrin that I have been able to get. Ran across this tip this morning. Decided to give it a try, and by 10:45 tonight, the abscess had indeed burst. I'm looking forward to a much better day tomorrow. Thanks.
i'm going to try it Comments By: Lindsay on 2006-02-07
I'm in pain and my right cheek is swollen and i'm guessing it's an absessed tooth but i'm not sure and I dont have dental insurance...so i'm giving this a whirl. Pray for me!
My God it really works!!! Comments By: Shelley on 2006-02-11
After being in so much pain with an abscess,trying to bring up a very young family,I thought I will try anything!!
Not expecting this to work but still hoping that it would,I gave it a try and took myself off to bed, cotton wool in place.When i woke in the morning,low and behold,what a huge relief to see that most of the swelling had subsided and the pain was greatly reduced just by the one application of remedy.
Thank you so much!! It is now bearable to contend with and I can resume my daily life.
Thank you,thank you,thank you!!!

Giving it a TRY!!!!! Comments By: REM on 2006-02-28
Woke up with a pumpkin for a face. I can only hope this works! I will let you know tomorrow. Thanks for the help!
THANK YOU!!!! Comments By: Ian on 2006-03-05
Wow, it's only been 15 minutes but I can actually think and speak again... Hopefully in a few hours the pain will respond to ibuprofen again... Cheers everyone!!!
THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Comments By: Very relieved on 2006-03-12
Late yesterday afternoon, my tooth started aching like mad. Of course this happened when I couldn't get to my dentist as it was too late to make an appointment and they are closed today (Sunday). I was expecting to have a weekend filled with massive amounts of pain, since the only pain killers I had on hand were Ibuprofin and some oxycodone left over from a previous injury. I hate using that stuff. I searched the internet for herbal remedies for absesses and found this page. I tried it and within 15 mins I'd stopped rocking in pain. I was able to get a decent amount of sleep too. And I haven't had to take ANY ibuprofin! (I'm also a severe wuss when it comes to pain in my mouth) The absess hasn't broken yet, but it's looking like it will soon. I must say this tip works like a charm! THANK YOU for keeping me out of agony this weekend. Now I won't be practically mindless with pain when I see my dentist!
My first abscess Comments By: Anonymous on 2006-03-12
I have been ill the entire weekend and I began to search online for some relief until I see my dentist in a few days. As I write this rating, I can honestly say, I am beginning to feel much better, just to give you some insight to the pain I was in, I was taking over the counter pain relievers every 4 hours on the 4 hours. Thank you so much for the tip. This is one of those times when I wish my grandmother was still alive.
thankyou thankyou thankyou!!!!!! Comments By: Glenn Patrick on 2006-03-14
wow what can i say been in agony for four day's dentist gave me amoxicllin and 400mg ibuprofen nothing seemed to help after only an hour with the poultice the absess has burst and i can think straight again cheer's!!!!
I've run out of baking powder!! Comments By: Anon on 2006-03-24
After 5 days of the worst pain in the world I've just read your tip and got so excited until I found that I've got no baking powder. However I did find a peppermint teabag...here goes!
Whoever you are, I LOVE YOU! Comments By: Maryjane on 2006-04-12
I had to comment because I have been in the worst pain of my life for about 7 days...I'm waiting on my dental insurance to kick in. I was desperate to try anything and I happened across this remedy and tried it. That was 15 minutes ago and now the pain is gone...I can't believe it but thank you thank you thank you.
Needed too........... Comments By: francesca hicks on 2006-04-15
I tried this and although I soaked the cotton wool for a while and tightly made to big a swab. Found that I had no problems sleeping with this in, other than not wanting to swallow the poison and the salty water, slept with hanky to get rid of excess water from mouth. Absess burst overnight and no horrendous pain the next day - what bliss, thank u
im pain like the rest of ya! Comments By: pain is not love on 2006-04-20
well, i tried bc powders which was a very big mistake. i suggest you skip that isle in the grocery store altogether. bc works for sore tooth but not an absess one. this is the second time i had this tooth problem. the first one cost me 2 weeks of work. this time i ran across the baking soda and salt and im praying it works. i can play golf with my face! i have an earache that wont quit. lets see what happens by tonight. and i`ll let ya know if it worked for me too.
im impressed Comments By: pain is not love on 2006-04-20
well i tried it and walla it works!!! plus i washed my mouth out with peroxide for a minute or two until its all foam, then rinse. the swelling is going down and i did the baking soda and salt around 10am this morning and now its 12 midnight. so take that persons advise! it really works!
well im still wondering Comments By: pain is not love on 2006-04-21
well, i still got that puss bag in my gums with a very big bubble. so im still going with the soda and salt trick. it feels like it wants to burst but it wont. my gums must be made of a thick membrane or something. lol, but i`m still working at it. it is 12:30pm
ok, it works im just a retard lol Comments By: pain is not love on 2006-04-22

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