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Absessed tooth treatment for the pain

Mix equal parts of table salt and baking soda, mix dry ingredients together. Dab a cotton ball in water to moisten, dip it into the powder, place between teeth and cheek, DO NOT PLACE INSIDE OF THE TOOTH.

 Leave in the mouth over night or for a few hours during the day. This poultice will draw the abscess out of the gum and will form a pimple on the gum which can be broken by pushing on it. This will relieve the pain and pressure. 

When the abscess breaks spit out the poison, it will be bitter, so you will know it is the poison, do not ingest the poison. The cotton ball can be removed. If the tooth does not quit aching, this process can be repeated until you can get to a dentist to get the tooth taken care of.

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suck on a hot mint tea bag Comments By: SHANNON on 2005-04-19
I once had an abscess a couple years ago ,my grandma told me to soak a peppermint tea bag in hot water then suck on it on the side of the mouth where the abscess was,the abscess ruptured and then it went away...

After it ruptures you should rinse with hot salt water to keep it from getting reinfected.

Tooth pain cure, Abcess Comments By: Don't want to be toothless on 2005-06-17
A blessed thing, I was starting to see stars and then did this. Baking soda and salt on the cotton and place on abcess. It started to dehydrate the blasted abcess and provided relief after the first treatment. It hasn't ruptured yet but I am out of pain like you couldnt imagine. Not giving advice but it worked for me. Try at your own risk. Anotherwards if you are some sue happy nut like my sister this prevents you from sueing me.
HELP!! I am in mucho PAIN!! Comments By: Steve on 2005-06-17
I am currently experiencing my first, and hopefully last, tooth abscess. The pain is unbelievable! This is coming from a man who has passed more than ten Kidney Stones WITHOUT the benefit of any painkillers or other treatment. Kidney Stone pain is in a league by itself, but this pain comes close. Any advice I can get about remedies, preferably ones that won't make me puke, and don't involve doctors. I will try the Baking Soda/Salt mix, although Baking Soda generally makes me hurl. I will rate this remedy upon my next visit.
RELIEF ! Comments By: Char on 2005-08-21
This was my second abscess on the same tooth within a month!The second time around was MUCH worse. The whole left side of my face was swollen,ear, eye, jaw,cheek and a high feverto boot. I had been on Amoxocillian, Tylenol w/codine,advil and even tried some vicadin for the pain ! for 3 days with NO relief at all and finally read this treatment. It worked for me in the first try !! I am not totally cured of it but, enough to sleep and eat. I keep rinsing with the solution too with warm/hot water and that has helped even more.To all of you out there with this- I feel your pain give it a try it may work as good for you as me. Good Luck :)
Thank You Comments By: Painful and Swollen on 2005-12-31
I'm doing it right now! I hope it works...
It works! Comments By: Kathy on 2006-01-22
I have been in unbelieveable pain since Tuesday. Taking all the tylenol, toradol, lorcet, darvon, and motrin that I have been able to get. Ran across this tip this morning. Decided to give it a try, and by 10:45 tonight, the abscess had indeed burst. I'm looking forward to a much better day tomorrow. Thanks.
i'm going to try it Comments By: Lindsay on 2006-02-07
I'm in pain and my right cheek is swollen and i'm guessing it's an absessed tooth but i'm not sure and I dont have dental insurance...so i'm giving this a whirl. Pray for me!
My God it really works!!! Comments By: Shelley on 2006-02-11
After being in so much pain with an abscess,trying to bring up a very young family,I thought I will try anything!!
Not expecting this to work but still hoping that it would,I gave it a try and took myself off to bed, cotton wool in place.When i woke in the morning,low and behold,what a huge relief to see that most of the swelling had subsided and the pain was greatly reduced just by the one application of remedy.
Thank you so much!! It is now bearable to contend with and I can resume my daily life.
Thank you,thank you,thank you!!!

Giving it a TRY!!!!! Comments By: REM on 2006-02-28
Woke up with a pumpkin for a face. I can only hope this works! I will let you know tomorrow. Thanks for the help!
THANK YOU!!!! Comments By: Ian on 2006-03-05
Wow, it's only been 15 minutes but I can actually think and speak again... Hopefully in a few hours the pain will respond to ibuprofen again... Cheers everyone!!!
THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Comments By: Very relieved on 2006-03-12
Late yesterday afternoon, my tooth started aching like mad. Of course this happened when I couldn't get to my dentist as it was too late to make an appointment and they are closed today (Sunday). I was expecting to have a weekend filled with massive amounts of pain, since the only pain killers I had on hand were Ibuprofin and some oxycodone left over from a previous injury. I hate using that stuff. I searched the internet for herbal remedies for absesses and found this page. I tried it and within 15 mins I'd stopped rocking in pain. I was able to get a decent amount of sleep too. And I haven't had to take ANY ibuprofin! (I'm also a severe wuss when it comes to pain in my mouth) The absess hasn't broken yet, but it's looking like it will soon. I must say this tip works like a charm! THANK YOU for keeping me out of agony this weekend. Now I won't be practically mindless with pain when I see my dentist!
My first abscess Comments By: Anonymous on 2006-03-12
I have been ill the entire weekend and I began to search online for some relief until I see my dentist in a few days. As I write this rating, I can honestly say, I am beginning to feel much better, just to give you some insight to the pain I was in, I was taking over the counter pain relievers every 4 hours on the 4 hours. Thank you so much for the tip. This is one of those times when I wish my grandmother was still alive.
thankyou thankyou thankyou!!!!!! Comments By: Glenn Patrick on 2006-03-14
wow what can i say been in agony for four day's dentist gave me amoxicllin and 400mg ibuprofen nothing seemed to help after only an hour with the poultice the absess has burst and i can think straight again cheer's!!!!
I've run out of baking powder!! Comments By: Anon on 2006-03-24
After 5 days of the worst pain in the world I've just read your tip and got so excited until I found that I've got no baking powder. However I did find a peppermint teabag...here goes!
Whoever you are, I LOVE YOU! Comments By: Maryjane on 2006-04-12
I had to comment because I have been in the worst pain of my life for about 7 days...I'm waiting on my dental insurance to kick in. I was desperate to try anything and I happened across this remedy and tried it. That was 15 minutes ago and now the pain is gone...I can't believe it but thank you thank you thank you.
Needed too........... Comments By: francesca hicks on 2006-04-15
I tried this and although I soaked the cotton wool for a while and tightly made to big a swab. Found that I had no problems sleeping with this in, other than not wanting to swallow the poison and the salty water, slept with hanky to get rid of excess water from mouth. Absess burst overnight and no horrendous pain the next day - what bliss, thank u
im pain like the rest of ya! Comments By: pain is not love on 2006-04-20
well, i tried bc powders which was a very big mistake. i suggest you skip that isle in the grocery store altogether. bc works for sore tooth but not an absess one. this is the second time i had this tooth problem. the first one cost me 2 weeks of work. this time i ran across the baking soda and salt and im praying it works. i can play golf with my face! i have an earache that wont quit. lets see what happens by tonight. and i`ll let ya know if it worked for me too.
im impressed Comments By: pain is not love on 2006-04-20
well i tried it and walla it works!!! plus i washed my mouth out with peroxide for a minute or two until its all foam, then rinse. the swelling is going down and i did the baking soda and salt around 10am this morning and now its 12 midnight. so take that persons advise! it really works!
well im still wondering Comments By: pain is not love on 2006-04-21
well, i still got that puss bag in my gums with a very big bubble. so im still going with the soda and salt trick. it feels like it wants to burst but it wont. my gums must be made of a thick membrane or something. lol, but i`m still working at it. it is 12:30pm
ok, it works im just a retard lol Comments By: pain is not love on 2006-04-22
well i tried it again this time i put alot of soda and salt on the cotton ball and left it in for 5 hours. that works the best. and i have no more infection in my jaw. thank you!!!!!!!
I'm going to SMACK my dentist Comments By: twoabcess on 2006-04-23
Why didn't he tell me this? I've had an abcess for 3 days, I'm on penicillin and so many painkillers and it just kept getting worse. Last night I went looking and found this site. I started this morning with a teabag and this afternoon I swithched to the salt/soda. Finally my jaw is beginning to look like it has bones in it again. Thanks for the tip.
I'll Give It A Go!! Comments By: Lynn on 2006-04-23
Pretty Neutral for now. Well, I've been up all night and this is the first reasonable remedy that i have come across. i'll go and try it now and rate it later. (Good thing that for some strange reason i picked a box of baking soda while shopping)
Ouch Comments By: Anon on 2006-04-27
I have an abscess tooth and just found out that I am pregnant. I don't want to be taking a lot of pain medication, and I still have 3 days till I see the Oral Surgeon. My jaw is swollen, it's uncomfortable to swallow, I can't open my mouth all the way, and it feels like I have an earache. I am going to give this remedy a try, It looks like it works. I will let you know how it turns out.
Going to try this Comments By: Pain and Misery on 2006-04-28
I've got an absess and I'm in total agony. I've just come across this and I've sent hubby down to the shops to get some baking soda for me, I'm praying it's going to work as I can't get an appointment with the dentist for another 3 weeks! watch this space!
Here goes nothing Comments By: CHARLENA on 2006-05-01
My absessed is going on two weeks now. Waiting till I can go to the dentist but,nothing is working for the pain so...

had an absessed since oct. and it is now april Comments By: blake on 2006-05-01
i broke two of my teeth and to make a long story short, i have two absessed teeth that i cannot afford to get fixed. its so expensive. my lip is swollen, i cant fit an entire cotton ball up there.iam giving it a try. it is hurting a bit but iam hoping it will pass. i cant wait to get this over with. it never hurt as much until now!!!!ahhhh
Worth a shot Comments By: Trikzy on 2006-05-06
I woke up in pain last night, after eating chic-fil-a (they use peanut oil) and as i should have known it caused my gums to swell and then came the pain. so I'm here and gonna give this a try.
Whats What? Comments By: Gaz on 2006-05-22
Just been reading your page, i broke my back tooth in half about a month ago, and now i have found i have a peanut sized lump on my gum which hurts like hell, ive just returned from the shops, at the shops they sold " baking powder " and " bicarbonate soda " in your comments it has Baking Soda mentioned, so which one do i want? lol

TipKing says: You need the bicarbonate of soda, baking powder is different.

Thank yoU! Comments By: absolutely amazed! on 2006-05-26
WOWWW!! I am so glad i stumbled upon this site! I tried this today and it worked! At first i was unsure of how i would know if the absess burst, but your right you can taste the bitterness! wow, im glad i tried this, im pain free after 4 days of the entire left side of my face hurting!! Thank You!
pain pain pain Comments By: jay on 2006-05-30
I had pain well a throb for a few days. then over the week it got to much pain that i was loseing my mind, i tried 400mg pain killins did not work,salt water i relaise did help. i did not know what was up with me. today(30th may 06)i was rushed to the hospital as i could not even open my mouth my jaw and in so is in so much pain,. they saw me and now i got told i have a absess that i left to long. and becuase it is in the jaw it is more of a risk as i left it to long,but now im on penicillin and took it and seem to ease of,, i like to say also them heat pads and wrap into a towel and place on side of your face also works to get the pain away. it help me sleep for the 1st time in days. Now i got more pain to come when i have my wisdom tooth out. i wish i never had my toung piecerd 5ys ago now.
is this an infection? Comments By: j j on 2006-05-28
I had root canal treatment 2yrs+ and my tooth had cracks to which my dentist repaired.I noticed that my gum beneath my treated tooth has a small hard lump to which has started to smell really bad(only under that tooth tho)Ive used salt water,keep rubbing it with cotton wool,incase goo comes out and it still smells nasty,sometines I can taste it too,cant get to the dentist as bank holiday.Getting paranoid now,HELP Please.

TipKing says: I cannot offer any type of advice other than from personal experience. It sounds like an old abcess.

Try to get to see a dentist who will be able to offer full advice. Sorry not to have been any more help.

Trying everything!!!! Comments By: Tara on 2006-06-10
Had an abcessed tooth around Christmas time. Took antibiotics, still didn't feel right...Swelling went away and so did most of the pain. Well here it is, June and it came back with a vengence. Tried the tea bag thing...Nothing...Trying the baking soda and salt right now...Pain is nowhere near as intense as it was...I think I finally found a cure for my bad teeth...
I've given it to my husband to try Comments By: Cindy on 2006-06-11
My husband has been in unbearable pain for the past 2-3 days, and hasn't really slept. Of course it's the weekend, no dentist available....I've just mixed the soda & salt, dipped the cotton ball and had him put it in his mouth. I REALLY hope it works...can't stand seeing him in this much pain!
WORKED LIKE A CHARM Comments By: CINDY on 2006-06-13
I LOVE U - PAIN RELIEF Comments By: Smiley mum again on 2006-06-13
Thank you sooo much, I have a 7 wk old baby and 2 older children. Having grimaced my way through a sleepless night and then sports day today I cannot believe how quickly this worked. I can finally smile at my gorgeous baby again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
toughing it our Comments By: Mom of 7 on 2006-06-18
After 7 kids and 3 c sections I developed some kind of allergic reaction to anything interveineous. My teeth are breaking and rotting to nothing because I had a very bad reaction in the dentist office when he was trying to fill my teeth. Every tooth that breaks and starts hurting, I just tough it out because I don't know where else to turn. I have no insurance, so here I am. I came across this website searching for some clue as to whether or not tooth decay can eventually kill me. That's my main concern. I am sitting here right now with the mixture in my cheek since this tooth is very sensitive and feels like the nerve is exposed. I'll let you know if this works and can you let me know if I am poisoning my self by toughing it out.
pain during treatment? Comments By: mom of 7 on 2006-06-18
4 excedrins calmed the pain and then I tried this treatment. Is it supposed to cause pain? I wasn't in pain when I started an hour ago, now its killing me again. I'll stick it out if I'm supposed to. How do I know if I am dealing with an absess anyway?
Sore gums, still in pain Comments By: mom of 7 on 2006-06-19
I put the mixture in my gum for about an hour yesterday. As I said before, it made the tooth hurt during treatment. The only result I got was my gum and cheek are both sore and raw. It feels like it does when you get a cancer sore. Tooth still aches, aspirin still works at this point, but they wear off every 4 hours like clock work, what now? Was it too strong, am I not dealing with an absess?
Worked for me Comments By: PantherUK on 2006-06-27
Took a couple of days but this method drew the poison up the side of the gum so I was able to drain it. Just waiting for the swelling to go down now. Brilliant tip.
it helps Comments By: justin on 2006-07-05
tried the salt and bicarb ,seems to be helping,i can think a bit more clearly,ime suprised this remedy isnt better known!!cant wait till the bugger bursts!

WOW this really works :) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: Prairepup on 2006-07-24
WOW this salt and baking soda really works. Gross but it worked for me very fast. I started around 2am and left it there for about an hour and a half then took a brake from the salty taste. I reapplied it around 10pm for about 30 to 45 minutes and when I removed it the Abscess had come to a head. That was the worse part popping that gross thing.
There was a bit of discomfort when I had the salt mix in my mouth but popping it was no pain at all. Then fallowed by a very slight pain where it was all swollen. Now it is the next day the swelling is pretty much all gone and the out side is still sensitive but nothing compared to what it was. I am sure It will only get better at the day goes on. ITHANK YOU AND HIGHLY RECOMMENT THIS TO ANYONE.

Desperate measures Comments By: Em on 2011-06-27
My absess arrived on Thursday evening. I haven't suffered any pain but the swelling is shocking. On Saturday I went to an emergency dentist and was given amoxicillin. I had hoped that by last night the swelling would start to go down but today it is worse. I've literally just made up the salt/soda paste and now have a nice wodge of cotton wool in my mouth. It's not that bad at all. I'm really hoping that this will reduce the swelling sharpish because I can't face going out the house looking like I do. Will keep you posted on progress.
Thank you SO much Comments By: jeni on 2006-08-05
Was in SO SO much agony with absess, i stumbled across this tip, left the cotton wool pad on about 15 mins, took it off and the absess had broken, pouring gunk (sorry) but wow....THE PAIN HAD miraculously GONE. Will need antibiotics to clear rest of infection as it's still lumpy but oh thank you so much for getting rid of my pain!!!x
It works!!! Comments By: PA girl on 2006-08-04
I have had the baking soda and salt mix in my mouth for only a half hour and the pain has subsided greatly. I'm hoping this will allow me to wait a few months for a dreaded root canal!!
Help Comments By: mistie on 2006-08-05
i am 17 weeks pregnant and think i have an abscess. i tried the salt and baking soda solution off and on all day and still nothing im literally about to die from the pain! the pressure is so intense any other suggestions help me!!
I am floored by how well this worked Comments By: Ang on 2006-08-12
I tried this and within a halfhour, it was down enough that I could close my mouth and I stopped crying. I did it one more time before bed and was actually able to sleep 6 full hours!! I can never thank you enough!!!
Am giving this a shot Comments By: Angel on 2006-08-11
I have been crying for 3 days. My whole face is swollen, and it is so abcessed, that it is swollen over one of my teeth. I pray this work!!
Severe Abcess on Roof of Mouth!!!!!!! Comments By: Sarah Kate on 2006-08-29
Hi, I've been in agony for 3 days, one of my (supposedly permenant!) front crowns snapped off, and the filed down tooth underneath is dead, however the root is still alive and has abcessed spectacularly, causing swelling as big as a golf ball on the roof of my mouth. The pain and pressure is unbeleivable, haven't eaten or slept in 3 days and not seeing my dentist for 2 more days. Saw emergency dentist at hospital last night who gave me anti-biotics and tried to drain the poison but I'm sure whatever he did made it ten times worse!! I need to know if this treatment would be suitable for me as the abcess is on the roof of my mouth and getting worse, even with starting anti-biotics and round the clock "painkillers"...help!!????
Thanks Comments By: Nikkie in Charlotte on 2006-09-02
Tried this after a painful, sleepless night. IT reduced the pain but the absess hasn't burst. Have a raw inner cheek but it was worth the trade!
Im dying!! Comments By: ouch !! god help me!! on 2006-09-04
I tried this 10 minutes ago and ill see what happens, ive ready every post and hope i get the same !! If not, im going to get a pair of plyers and pull the darn thang myself!! lol!! maybe not but i think about it!
Thank you! Comments By: Anon on 2006-09-05
I have had this pain for 4 days and finally went to the emergency room, but they didn't tell me about this treatment. Mine hasn't burst yet, and what do you do when that happens? Does a rinse of something like that help it to heal?
Seems to be working Comments By: Krysta on 2006-09-17
Tried it out about 20 miutes ago, and the major pain is gone, still aches in my neck and Im drooling alot, but hopefully it will do as it said it would.
SLOWLY SUFFERING Comments By: slowly suffering in CA on 2006-09-21
I am sitting here with the cotton ball in mouth. I truly hope this works, cause I have just spent the whole night awake and I still made it to work. I am so tired and every time I try to fall asleep the pain wakes me up!!!
First time for everything Comments By: Anon on 2006-09-27
This is my first abcess that I have ever had, and I run across this page. And after reading all of the other comments, I thought that I would give it a try. I have got my fingers crossed that this will work. I will let you know how well it goes.
Husband in major agony.. Comments By: Acute Pain on 2006-10-01
is it supposed to hurt really bad after the application?I just found this site and sure hope he has similar results as the other poor souls..I really feel for ya'll and hope you all get better..he has had this on and off for months but the past three days has been hell for both of us.I feel so sorry for him..should it be hurting really bad though..Thank you so much..
I'M ONLY 16! Comments By: Heather on 2006-10-19
My name is Heather, and i am a 16 years old with absess tooth! This pain is unbeilvable! i cant sleep because the pain is Horrific! i have looked up on the internet tonight about all kinds of ways to get absess tooth, and its unreal! I'm trying the Salt/baking Soda deal now! HOPEFULLY it helps me!
What if? Comments By: Worried on 2006-10-20
What if you don't have that bicarb soda stuff??
Is there anything you can use instead?

Didn't Work Comments By: Lizzie on 2006-11-07
i tried that treatment twice and it did not work for me, it made it worse and gave me a raw open wound in my mouth. I went to the dentist and am getting a root canal--not painful at all--its worth going and just getting it taken care of the right way. i dont have anymore pain except for the wound and some pain from the drilling, but going in was totally worth it!
Abcess Killer Comments By: tcisaki on 2006-11-18
There are no words for the gratitude I feel for this tip. I have been on 2 different kinds of antibiotics in the last four days along with enough Vicodin to kill a horse. Nothing helped until I tried this. I left the first cotton ball in for approx. 4 hours and then changed it. Within 20 minutes of changing it the abcess burst (looked like somebody had shot me in the mouth). I rinsed with Listerine followed by hydrogen peroxide. Within 10 minutes an orgasm of relief washed over me. I feel human again. No longer suicidal. I think I can make it 3 more days until I can get it pulled. THANK YOU!!!! (Why can't dentists suggest this when they won't extract because of abcess??)
From toothache to absess, then comes paralyzation Comments By: smommeee on 2006-11-22
Make sure your absess is gone! I had one, went to the emergency room, was given antibiotics and vikodin. I couldn't afford to see a dentist for follow-up. The pain finally went away, and I soon forgot about it. It wasn't hurting anymore, and the swelling was gone. It still felt kind of different (like it never completly healed), but it never started hurting again, so I didn't worry much about it. A year had passed, and the infection finally reached my brain. I had a stroke from it, and am partially paralyzed. The absess I had, never really disolved or broke open, but since the pain was gone, I assumed the absess was too. My blood pressure was already high on a normal basis. The poison from the absess had made it worse. Since my stroke, that dead tooth broke off, and I had to have it extracted. The dentist fee is the same before a stroke as it is after. I wish I had gone before it was too late.
HELP Comments By: Lynette on 2006-11-22
Tried this remedy last night and the only thing I was left with was irritated gums and bad taste in my mouth. Maybe my measurements werent correct, going to try again. Can somebody please provide me with correct measurements ? I really need some relief !
Hours of Hell Comments By: Adam on 2006-12-02
On Thursday I got an Abcess while in Indianapolis on business. With the pain getting worse minute by minute, I had to rush to catch a flight to Chicago, before connecting on to London. With the bad wheather and the airport delays, it was like pain i'd never felt before (20hours of it). Pain killers didn't make a dent, & the cabin pressure on the 7hour flight back to London made me look like the elephant man (or the hamster man really). Once back in England I rushed to the dentist clinic. I'm now on Antibiotics which will hopefully kick in before long. Next step root canal. I'm greatful that the NHS exists here in the UK, as not getting treatment is simply not an option! (it amazing to read that people cant afford the dentist bills to get treatment?!) Anyway, I'm currently trying this salt & soda tip out - in hope more than belief. I'm hoping that my face will return to a near normal size within 24hours!!!
pain4dayz Comments By: anon on 2006-12-14
I have been in pain for 3 days and being that its just before christmas, and I have 3 kids, there IS NO money for the dentist. I found this tip and thought, what the heck, it can't been any worse that how it is now, and I am so glad I did. I actually put ice on my jaw for a few hrs because I noticed the heat from my hand holding it was making it worse, and I dozed off, to wake up feeling better but now I had a bubble in my gums but it was to hard to pop. I tried the salt and baking soda and within an hour, it had popped, and drained. Ahhh!! no more pain!! I keep rinsing with peroxide to keep the bacteria away from the area. Thanks for the tip!
thank u..thank u Comments By: Jason jones on 2006-12-18
I dont know yall but thank u ..omg..thank u ..this is a miracle that this works!!!! yall are the man..u are makin a dude in Tennessee very very happy!
So far so good!!! Comments By: ANON on 2006-12-23
I've had this absess for three (3) days now, the Dentist is closed until the 2nd of January, as most are around this time of year. I did get a prescription filled with Amoxicillan, so far the swelling and pain are still the same. I have had the cotton ball in my mouth for about 1.5 hours. Hope it works, based on most of the comments it seems it will.
pain! pain! pain! Comments By: Tony Ponce on 2007-01-01
Tried this last night and it felt better.
Woke up with major pain so I'm trying this again and seems to feel a little better. Hopefully I can drain this awful
abcess & pain away! I want have a happy new year!

Truly Amazing Comments By: So Simple on 2007-01-01
I have been in pain for several days, unable to eat and have lost several pounds. I have seen great results. The 1st day there was relief and I was able to see pus drainage on the cotton swab.
It Hurt's Like Hell Comments By: I'm in pain on 2007-01-14
I'm trying the salt and bakeing soda now. Hope it work's for me.
trying the salt and soda as I type Comments By: Jan on 2007-01-15
This is my 8th day of pain after have 7 extractions.. the infection is still in my check.. not sure why the dentist dont just drain it..but i cant take it no more this is my fourth day I had to call off work.. So I hope it works also.
Emergency room (not ) thanks Comments By: Dave on 2007-01-16
I have had this continuing to worsen for 3 or 4 days , Last 2 couldn
''t sleep a wink , jUST found this site and snuck out of work , grab the cotton soda and salt , spent a hour and a half , and bingo , I feel human again , the pain is darn near totally gone , and the swelling seams to be going away as well !! Thanks man , saved me some stupid money !!

some relief Comments By: Adriana on 2007-01-27
well i to stumbled onto this site. I am doing the cotton ball thing now for 1 hour. Nothing yet. i want to cut my gum and get it out myself. I used to have a the little pimple head, but i don't see it anymore. i used the tea bag treament and that formed 2 bubble heads before this treatment. i am still positive that this will work, atleast most of the people that tried it are in relief. goodluck and thanks
Exhausted of being in pain-Becca Comments By: Rebecca on 2007-01-31
Im 21 years old & have an absess, this is my second one, I tried the whole bakin soda/salt on cotton and left it in my mouth all night long, woke up this morning and could tell the puss bubble was a little less swallon, my question is, will it rupture by itself over nite, or do i have to rupture it with a needle or something??? Im hoping some of you will tell me your ruptured on its on b/c ive tried the needle thing and its severe pain! thanks for any advice!
Cured Comments By: Deebo on 2007-02-03
I've been getting an absessed tooth every year for 10 years and it always starts the first 2 weeks of Feb. Nothing works on this kind of pain, not percs, vics, nothing. Usually I just bear the pain and drink until i pass out. Then this year I read this. WOW. it really worked. I woke up the next morning having left the swab in over night and the pain was completely gone. The blister on my gums had gotten a little bigger but i could also see that some of it had drained onto the swab. I tried popping the blister several times but no luck so I think i'm just going to keep using this mixture until it ruptures. THANK YOU TO WHOEVER DISCOVERED THIS!
OMG Comments By: t on 2007-02-03
I just like everyone else has the pain of a life time. giving birth to two kids wernt even that bad. im going to try the mixture but im scared because it say dont get it in your teeth but my tooth is crackd what could i do? HELP
prego and in pain Comments By: Toria on 2007-02-25
UNBELIEVABLE!!!! I am 8 months pregnant, and have spent the last 4 days in complete agony!!! No pain medicine they can give a prego has helped, I am taking antibiotics but to no avail! I have had the cotton ball and mixture in now for about 25 min and I am not crying and gasping for air anymore!!! WHOEVER wrote this GOD BLESS YOU and any suggestions for childbirth? lol!!!! I am truly grateful, as I am sure everyone else is! This is a pain that is undescribable!
I`m sold it works Comments By: Tom on 2007-02-27
as the rest of the comments it hurts worst than any pain i have experienced within 1hr pain has subsided maybe i will be able to get some sleep now and hopefully in the morning will be somewhat normal will finish with follow up tomorrow thanks for this advice
you saved my sanity Comments By: KIM on 2007-03-02
dentist prescribed penicillin that didnt help.husband bought strongest pain killers possible,still in pain saw the tip tried it.EXCELLENT!
follow up Comments By: tom on 2007-03-03
actually got some sleep and pain is gone
thanks tom

This is worse than a burn or child birth Comments By: SLN on 2007-03-07
I am trying it now, the whole side of my face is swollen I can barely see from my right eye. Have a question though what if you can not tell where the absess is. I know what tooth hurts so I put it there and I hope it will work
Wow!! Brilliant thankyouthankyouthankyou Comments By: painless jo on 2007-03-09
I was SOO not sure about this, and the first time i tried (lasted about 2 mins) i nearly yacked all over the place. But, I tried again and I am now relatively pain free and can think straight.
Thank you to whoever started this, you are my lifesaver

HELP ME PLEASE Comments By: Mummyof3 on 2007-03-10
I have the start of an abcess on a toothe that broken right to the gum, I am as we speak trying this method and its stinging my gum like hell like unbearable pain, is this normal, its really really sort, I tried it last night when I went to bed and I still have pain today, someone please please help me, I am preganant with my thrid child and its been a bad pregnancy I cant take this anymore
moderate pain.... Comments By: anonxoxo on 2007-03-14
I have read every comment and every one of them has given me hope! As of right now, I am trying the peperment tea bag procedure. I am not sure how long I should keep it in, but I will go for a half an hour or so. I will also try the salt water and baking soda.
Thank you for the help...I will let you know the results of it...
Why didn't the dentist suggest this?....all he did was give me antibiotics....

PAIN! PAIN! PAIN! Comments By: Yo-Yo on 2007-03-15
This is my second abscess in about 5 years. I have been in pain now for 3 days. I've tried chewing tobacco and it did relieve the pain a bit. i also tried the peroxide and orajel. now i do not have any pain but my face is looks like a watermelon. I will try the Baking soda and salt. Please GOD make this gross thing bust. I will let you know what happened.
Pray for me!

The Miracle Treatment!!! Comments By: Dawn on 2007-03-31
I was in excruciating pain for 4 days. I went to the emergency room on the 2nd day but I only went home with a numbed cheeck and throbbing pain! I even tried rinsing with whiskey, rinsing with vanilla extract, and rinsing with warm salt water and the only thing that happened was I smelled and tasted like a salty, vanilla flavored drunk. There is nothing worse than mouth pain. After finding this miracle salt & baking soda treatment I tried it and in only 15 minutes the throbbing pain had stopped!! I even got caught up on some badly needed sleep!! Try this...it works better than any vicadin ever can!! (I tried that too!)I hope that anyone else that has had the unfortunate experience of this unbelievable pain, has as much success as I did!!
I wish I had read this days ago!!! Comments By: Lori on 2007-04-05
In misery, and husband threatening a trip to to emergency room...found this remedy and whammo..and I mean whammo(5 minutes) the ugly thing busted and now my husband just may get lucky tonight lol TRY THIS, IT REALLY WORKED!
fed up with docters ! Comments By: broke in suberbia on 2007-04-10
been to my primary docter, ent, allergist, have had blood work,urinalysis,ct scan,mri,antibiotics,nasal spray,and a boatload of painkillers. end result--still in pain. today i use baking soda/salt.
Abcess was killing me..... Comments By: jason on 2007-04-15
i used the banking soad formula, but what works best for me is the teabag, I couldn't sleep, took painkillers, antibotics, and all, been up for two days with small naps, but place a dry teabag on the absess, and it will come to a head, now I am trying to figure how to bust it

Thank you!!!!! Comments By: Teresa on 2007-04-17
Who would think that baking soda and salt could be a wonder drug? My face and lymph nodes were swollen for two days from an absess. I have had a family medical emergency and couldn't get to a dentist. I have been in such extreme pain that I wasn't able to sleep, eat or think. I tried the baking soda and salt remedy and I feel like a new person. I made a thick liquid with hot water, salt and baking soda and swished it in my mouth periodically for several hours. I could actually feel it working. If you're skeptical of homeopathic remedies, just try this one and you will no longer doubt them.
Give It a go Comments By: cry baby on 2007-05-05
Been in pain now for six days after root canal treatment, been to hospital dentist, my own dentist and my GP.Have been prescribed Augmenten, co codamol x 8,Diclofenac( anti inflamatory for server arthritis. Still in pain, giving the salt & bicabonate a go as we speak. The pain seems to easing, if this works it will be a miracle cure. I feel very lucky to live in the UK, all you poor folk that don't have the money for a dentist. I will pray that this works for you , especially all the expectant mums suffering this agony
URG! Comments By: Ginny. v_V Painnnnn. on 2007-05-09
Well. I've had an abcess for about 8 months. Mom won't make me an apointment and I am in terrible pain. I hope to GOD this works for me. Because if it doesn't. I'm plenty willing to take a pair of pliers and yank this dang thing out. =[
God bless you! Comments By: Corey on 2007-05-10
Wow! Wow! Wow! Thank you so much! The pain is gone, and the swelling so slowly going down... thank you so much! You're a life saver. Just had to get through the week till the appointment, and this did the trick! Wow!
Why Comments By: Shamps on 2007-05-15
Doesnt seem to be working all that well for me, maybe cause mine might not be a tooth absess. I had pain, which this took it a away for a bit but it returned and swelled up even more..Guess i'll need to call out sick from work just to go to the dang expensive dentist earlier then i hoped. Gonna try this again first.
Another big tip Comments By: Kaye on 2007-05-16
go to this website
Charles Weber says that RAW cashews have
anacardic acids that will heal teeth absesses. He made them part of his main diet for 24 hours and healed them on 5 different occasions within 24 hours the last time took several days but still works. I am trying all these tricks because I too have no money or insurance

Water? Comments By: Please help! on 2007-05-17
How much water do I put on the cotton ball?
Thank God It Helped Me! Comments By: Donna on 2007-05-27
Yesterday I was in so much pain and misery
with my absessed tooth. I was crying and praying "God show me what to do?" I got on the internet and searched for info on how to treat an absessed tooth and I ran across your site. I made the mixture and put it on my gum in front of my tooth and within 10 minutes the pain left! Thank you for being here.

FINALLY Comments By: Anon on 2007-05-30
If you can handle the taste,..and the soreness of your gums and cheek afterward this is TOTALLY worth it!!!
Gave it a try Comments By: Candy on 2007-06-10
My husband is suffering with an abscess and tried this out and within 45 mins his abscess was draing giving him relief. It does work and greatly.
Pain! Comments By: Nickole on 2007-06-16
I'm sitting here right now with the cotton ball in my mouth not sure if I have a absessed tooth or not I just know it hurts really bad (throbing) so far the pain isn't as bad, doesn't taste great but I guess I will see what happens!
IT WORKS!! Comments By: Kathi on 2007-06-17
I have been in pains for days! With an old wisdom tooth that broke in half and had abcessed. I thought for sure with the lack of dental insurance that I was in for a road of PAIN! Nothing I have tried has worked. Vicadon, Ibeprofen, Tylenol, even some antibotics that I had from the past. I even tried some ginseng since that was supposed to be good for inflammation. I even tried the tea bag thing, and that worked for a little while but the throbbing pain would come right back. It's now 1:30AM on Sunday and I have an interview in the morning. I just put this on and already RELIEF!! Thank you so very much!! I thought for sure I was going to be miserable for my interview tomorrow. I might actually get some sleep!! YaY!!!
Agony Of Defeat Comments By: D'Marie Freneey on 2007-07-04
I Pray This Works...I Am At Work And Cannot Concentrate. If It Works I definately Will Give You A Rave Reveiw. Thanks For The Tip....On The Way To Releif At Last.
OMG I ove U Comments By: Darren on 2007-07-08
Well the soda/salt thing has gotten the pain away. Now just waiting for it to pop, I hope its soon. I'll coment when I see wht happens. Ty soo far tho.
BELIEVE IT!!! Comments By: Anonymous on 2007-07-11
I had an awful abcess yesterday. It was very painful and swollen. I read this, went home from work and applied the mixture to the abcess. Within two hours, I had a ready to pop pimple/boil and today it is if I never had an abcess at all. I couldn't believe it. This really does work!!
Holy wow, it worked! Comments By: Frank on 2007-07-14
I was contemplating piercing mine with a sharp object, I couldn't take the pain any longer! Then I saw this home remedy and it seemed logical, so I gave it a shot... After an 2 hours or so I grew impatient and replaced the cotton ball with a fresh one rolled in the potion. An hour later it actually did the trick! I was so high from painkillers I didn't even realize that the pulsating gum ball in my mouth now had an oozing hole burned through it and had dissolved! Thank god I was using a spit cup the entire time and didn't swallow the evil poison! Soon as I have some $ I'm going to the dentist, but for now I feel so much better! Thank you!
I need an epidural from the neck UP Comments By: Joo on 2007-07-18
Waiting for root canal (8 - 12 week wait!!) and for the last 4 days had lots of jaw pain shooting into my ear and down my neck and been on painkillers and antibiotics. Yesterday afternoon pain got so severve no amount of pain killers are working. Only relief is constant swilling of cold water around the gum. Been up all night and now waiting for the shop to open so I can buy some Baking soda (only have baking powder -damn it!) fingers crossed you are all right!!
May God bless You Comments By: Patricia Mejias on 2007-08-08
As soon as I read about this I went running to the kitchen and put my cotton with baking soda and salt and at first it burned like crazy but five minutes later I started feeling much better .Its been 20 minutes and the pain is completely gone!
i have a question and i need help please Comments By: Anthony on 2007-08-18
if i do this and it work like everybody says doesnt it come back?and doesnt it come back hard and stronger then before i didnt this thing?
It Works Comments By: GMS on 2007-08-20
My dental insurance does not kick in for about another two weeks, after a combination of Aleve and Ibuprofen every few hours I was contemplating removing the tooth my self. I searched online and found this site. Used the mixture for about 2 hours switching the cotton ball a couple times. I nice little head formed and I popped it with a sewing needle. The right side of my face and neck no longer hurt. The actual application did burn a little but nothing compared to how much it hurt before. I am going to do it again tomorrow after work to get the rest of the gunk out. This really works and its great, Thank you
yup totaly worked..... so thankful Comments By: kiki on 2007-08-28
I could not believe it actually worked.. my bubble was pretty big too. I am so thankful I have been sleeping with an ice pack for almost three days. thanks for the great advise.
Waiting... Comments By: Tia Taylor on 2007-08-30
1. Equal parts salt and Baking soda
2. Moist (as in damp not soaked) cotton

Put in mouth next to cheek and gum.
Burns.....stings...goes numb.. been there for 10 min so far. Reading others comments I am expecting a raw, sore feeling after I take it out. Will update in a few hours to tell results.
[email protected]

Wow!!!!!!!! IT WORKS!!! THANK YOU!!!! Comments By: Toothache free! on 2007-09-02
My husbands cheek was swollen up like a golfball & no insurance for the dentist. After several days of taking antibiotics to no avail, and almost being ready to go to the emergency room.. my husband tried this & IT WORKED!!!! Thank you, thank you!
Results.... Comments By: Tia Taylor on 2007-09-03
Well, it numbed it for awhile and the nteh pain came back. My gum was raw and my cheek as well (I really don't care about that though) I went the herbal shop and took RhusTox, Kava-Kava, Echinanecca and a paste of myrhh gum nd goldenseal. The paste got stuck in the raw part of my cheek and felt funny. Kava-Kava really helped the pain. Finally went to the dentist. Not only was my tooth abscessed but my jaw was infected as well. Could be why this did not work. Had to go to the oral surgeon to have it removed. It was wonderful! They put you under and you wake up..pain gone! Now I just have to work on my jaw healing.
Praying for relief Comments By: Alicia on 2007-09-03
Im eight and a half months pregnant and im dying of horrific tooth pain its been bothering me off and on now for a while and im trying to make it till after my son is born..going to the store to get baking soda. I really hope it works, i'll post a message in the morning telling weather it works or not...if it can for me it can for anyone!!
Genesis in PAIN Comments By: Boop on 2007-09-08
Wish me luck..its in place right now..I'll be at a concert tonight seeing Genesis..I've waited so long for this..and am in pain..I pray it will help even a bit..thanks for the tip..
A Miracle!!!! Comments By: Cherry F. on 2007-09-09
My daughter had been in excruciating pain for two days with an abcess. She was taking Percocet evry three hours and Ibuprophen. She even went to the ER and got a shot of Morphine but it did not relieve the pain. I saw this remedy and she tried it and within an hour the pain was gone!!!!!! It is still tender but the horrible pain is gone!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!
helo Comments By: melissa on 2007-09-21
Im 20 years old and have this bubble like thing on my gum idk if its an absessed? anyways i really want it to go away? im going to try this tip but is it bad if it pops?
il try anythin Comments By: Sore Steve on 2007-09-24
gonna give this a go because il try anythin..right to the shop
praying for releif Comments By: kellie on 2007-09-25
well i have read all the comments while waiting with this mixture in my mouth , i dont know if i did it right...the salt was burning my cheek a bit , it seems to not be as bad as before though...its the very end of my gums i think my wisdom tooth is coming in ..cant get any help for meds or dentist till nov. (its sept. )have to wait 2 weeks for doc appt for antibiotics so i really am praying this wokrs i have 4 kids to take care of and its not so easy when your in eso much pain.
after root canal treatment Comments By: satbir singh on 2007-10-10
soda and salt is miracle, against the pain on the infected gum or teeth, just try it with no risk. 1/4 table spoon baking powder and 1/8 table spoon salt mix it and rub it on the infected gum or teeth. wash it with fresh water

WOW-is all I have to say Comments By: Stacy on 2007-10-13
I tried this after days of being in complete agony and pain. After about an hour, I noticed a huge difference in the way I felt. The swelling in my neck/jaw went down, the throbbing in the tooth went away and the pain around my tongue was gone. I could actually open my mouth enough to eat! I am going to use the mixture again for a few hours tonight and hope that I get the pimple at the surface!
OMG Comments By: HappilyHelped on 2007-10-14
Lastnight I woke up with a severe tooth ache..I didn't have any baking soda and was not going to make hubby go to the store at 3:59 am..I took a cotton swap ran hot water over it and rolled it in salt place the swab next to the gum, and within 5 mins The Pain was gone!!! AMAZING!! THANK YOU SO SO SO SO MUCH FOR THIS REMEMDY!
Words can't discribe this treatment! Comments By: Michael on 2007-10-17
I can't believe that dentist's don't tell people about this? It has been around 2 1/2 hours since I started this treatment and all the absess is mostly gone!!!!!!! Thank you so much for your post my friend!
don't give up! Comments By: happy mom of 6 on 2007-10-26
My hubby came back from the supermarket with baking powder and bicarbonate of soda(is this known as baking soda in the U.S?)i tried the baking powder to no avail when i read over the comments to let it work when i had a brainwave that maybe i should be using the bicarb.soda? Well i did about half an hour ago and BINGO! it worked!!!!! So if one doesn't work try the other,i'll keep you all posted tomorrow!
this is my last hope! Comments By: Anon on 2007-10-26
I have been living in a complete nightmare for the last eight days,i have given birth to six children totally drug free having such a high pain threshold but this abcess has blown me away!i wouldn't wish one on my worst enemy!I have just sent my partner down to the supermarket to get the baking soda remedy,i've promised him if it works i'll use the rest to bake a cake!something i've never done before!
I FEEL LIKE A NEW WOMAN!!!!!!! Comments By: Cake Baker Mom of 6 on 2007-10-27
I did the bicarb soda and salt remedy last night and within 10 minutes i felt some relief!I also slept with the swab all night, the little blighter hasn't burst yet so i am rinsing every half hour with a made up solution and am going to put the swab in later when i go to sleep,i have ditched the painkillers and am sticking to your remedy it's an absolute sanity saver! I am now off to bake that cake if i get that right that'll be another miracle!
Im going to try it Comments By: Brittany on 2007-11-03
Im 16..And i have an abcessed tooth..I cant handle the pain and its my second one and its worse this time.. my last one got pulled but this time its the one becide it
By dad keeps giving me tyenol 3's but It's not working and i feel more sick. I am going to try this and hope it works.

Wonderful Comments By: Abbs on 2007-11-03
Fantastic, woke up this morning after a previous root canal tooth had chipped and broken, after an hour the pain and abscess has gone. The taste is foul but well worth it. Had the swab on for just over an hour and bingo i feel grea.
Pregnant Relief Comments By: Pregnant on 2007-11-07
3 days of excruciating pain, ten minutes of surfing to find this web site, 15 minutes applying it to my abscess, 5 minutes of crying for joy after it finally popped. I THANKYOU so much.
Help Comments By: Painful on 2007-11-07
Will baking powder work the same as baking soda....Please answer!!!!!

TipKing says: Baking powder is completely different. No it will not work.

With in 30 seconds it was draining Comments By: Don in Atlanta on 2007-11-08
Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! My lower jaw has been swollen for about 2 days from an infected abscess. This has been the worse pain I have ever had to deal with. I went to the dentist today and had a root canal performed. When the numbing wore off the pain came back with a vengeance because the abscess was still there. I was taking one Tylanol 3 with codine every hour. Then I came across this post. With in 30 seconds of me putting the cotton ball between my teeth and gum, I could taste the infection. I took the cotton ball out and sure enough it was reddish brown. I am still swollen but the pain is gone and I am able to relax. Thank you a million times over.
Ow Ow Ow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: Shirley on 2007-11-16
My toothpain was so bad I told my Hubby I am glad theres not a gun in the house!An hour ago I found this tip and put the stuff in my mouth, pain relief was almost instant, so happy, I think it is starting to ooze, will let you know what happens, Thanks!!
Ow Ow Ow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: Shirley on 2007-11-16
My toothpain was so bad I told my Hubby I am glad theres not a gun in the house!An hour ago I found this tip and put the stuff in my mouth, pain relief was almost instant, so happy, I think it is starting to ooze, will let you know what happens, Thanks!!
Ow Ow Ow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: Shirley on 2007-11-16
My toothpain was so bad I told my Hubby I am glad theres not a gun in the house!An hour ago I found this tip and put the stuff in my mouth, pain relief was almost instant, so happy, I think it is starting to ooze, will let you know what happens, Thanks!!
Holy Father, never expected anything, IT WORKED! Comments By: THANKFUL ONE on 2007-11-20
Something was wrong with my husband's left side teeth or cheek or ear. His whole left side was in unbearable, according to him. I was desparate to help him. Did not know if it was abcess or anything. Took different medicines. Essentially nothing helped.Used this tip. He slept that night like a baby and next morning he wasn't in pain & swalling was done. My lord, he even didn't go to the dentist!IT WORKED!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS TIP! GOD BLESS YOU!
ouch!!!!! Comments By: crobinson on 2007-11-25
is bicarb of soda the same as baking soda? Please answer!

TipKing says: Yes it is the same, as long as it is baking soda and not baking powder they are different. See www.bicarbonateofsoda.co.uk

im trying this now!!!! Comments By: rhonda on 2007-12-02
I am trying this right now. i had a root canal & the filling come out of the tooth & now it is abcessed!!! im on amoxil 500 but nothing. my face is swollen. this is burning sooooooo bad my eyes are watering!!!! is this supposed to be happening????
thank you Comments By: sandi on 2007-12-09
I dont know whats wrong with me but my doctor says it my tooth i have ear pain throat pain jaw pain and mild neck pain tried the mixure and i got some well a great deal of relief thank you
thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: debyounguk on 2007-12-13
i stumbled onto your website on monday after the weekend from hell!!!! i have never had pain like it, and i`ve had 2 kids and 2 tattoos!!! i tried your remedy on monday morning and by monday lunchtime my abscess had popped and all pain gone!!!!! you are a genius!!!!
Hallelujah Comments By: Almost went crazy on 2007-12-17
I have a very painful abscess that keeps going away and coming back. I did the baking soda and salt with the cotton ball. I was impatient, because I was in pain. My boyfriend drenchced the cotton ball in the mixture, I said it was too much. He convinced me to try. It burned terribly for 5 minutes. I took it out and ran to the bathroom. When I looked in the mirror, it already came to a head. I popped it with a needle. (Painless, since the head was so big) NO MORE PAIN. Just scared I might have swallowed a little bit of poison and might die. (I am paranoid) Thank you soooooo mcuh. God bless you for sharing this knowledge. I feel great,still a little swollen though.
thankyou so much Comments By: jojo on 2007-12-18
i have had tooth ache for three days now and i woke this morning to find a huge abscess there, i tried painkillers but they didn't work, then i came accross your very helpful tip and within the hour the pain had gone my abscess has now popped and the sweet sweet relief feels so good thanx again
Abscess to deep Comments By: Once Upon A Misery on 2007-12-20
I tried the salt and baking soda but I think my abscess was too deep in my jaw to surface. It just made the already swollen tissues of my mouth tender. I seems to have helped so many people so it's always worth a try. In the end for me 2 rounds of antibiotics and a root canal were my only relief. The antibiotics took 6 days to even take any effect but once the infection was tackled I was on the road to feeling better.
hoping this works Comments By: Julia on 2007-12-23
I just read everyone of those posts and my hopes are up. I was up all night with pain and today I went in my pajamas straight to the ER because I couldn't stand the pain. They gave me Vicodin which did NOTHING and amoxicillin which is going to take some time, tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I HAVE to feel good. SO, in went the cotten,I am sitting here now waiting for it to work, its only been 15 minutes but I actually feel a little relief. i tried every thing today, tea bag, heat, ice, salt rinse, listerine, and ambasol. Nothing touched it. I am so hopeful that this will. I will let you know!!
The best cure Comments By: Tanya Australia on 2007-12-25
After suffering xmas day with an absessed tooth and surfing the net looking for a quick fix i found this site and figured id give it a go what else did i have to loose as by this stage half my face was swollen and every time i moved i rattled because of all the pain killers id been taking. So off i go the the bathroom with my baking soda and salt after 10 minutes the pain was so bad i thought this was a hoax but i kept up with it 2 hours later pain gone and absess erupted wow its the best i felt for days pitty i didnt find this site on xmas day i might have been able to enjoy my turkey. Thank you i will be telling everyone about this remedy .
Worked for me & cloves helped too. Comments By: PaintHorseMama on 2007-12-27
I started by tucking 2 whole cloves in next to my cheek while hubby went to town for baking soda. Cloves took alot of the pain away. When I used the baking soda & salt it burned but it also came to a large head within a couple of hours & I was able to open it with a needle. Pain is gone. Thanks for this tip!!!!
I hope this helps, ... Comments By: Peter on 2007-12-26
I so hope this helps because my head is going thru the wall if it doesn't. Vikadin doesn't relieve anything (altho it is a strong painkiller) taking Motrin all the time isn't that healthy either and 4 hrs of sleep in 3 days now is very dangerous if you are epileptic as I am. Made an app. with the dentist today but I have to wait like 3 weeks ???? before I can get in (what is up with that) and then they wonder why ppl kill themselves,... This pain will drive certain ppl to desperate acts. If this remedie helps then I can NOT thank the person enough who gave this tip. We'll have to wait and see I guess, but for what it is worth, thank you in advance ...
Pray this works Comments By: Kim on 2007-12-26
Now at the 6 week mark and 2 abcess- one on each side of mouth. 2 dentists, 4 doctors, 5 treatments for TMJ, Flu, Sinus and then actual abcesses feel like I might go mad!!! Now borrowing any painkillers I can get. XSAS and no dentists available- and single mom working midnites!!! I pray this works. $490.00 of treatments havent and no work can be done til substantionaly cleared up. Worried my liver may go before pain!!
Baking Soda = Bicarbonate Of Soda in the U.K Comments By: Si on 2007-12-30
Great remedy,this really works...A few people have asked below from the uk where there is some confusion over baking powder and bicarbonate of soda?It's the Bicarbonate of soda which you need to use.

TipKing says: Yes it is bicarbonate of soda

Relief Comments By: Tracey - Co Durham on 2008-01-03
In the pst this particular tooth has caused me pain with abcesses, dentist wanted to remove but really wanted to hold on to it. Managed to make an appt for tomorrow, for antibiotics, but really painful tonight so logged on, done the salt and bic soda 15 minutes ago and mouth washed with same, and I can feel some relief, hope to feel more within the next hour or so, as like some of your readers I am a mum of 3, but mouth painin the form of a tooth abcess is almost unbearable, so my sympathies to all you out there, and go on give it a go.
Maybe... Comments By: Kailey on 2008-01-09
I have gotten a million absesses (I'm sooo bad about brushing!!) and I can't go to the dentists (too much money) so I think I'll try this, but I've already put it in and my saliva has already absorbed it, is it supposed to do that?? And am I allowed to swallow my spit??? Well thankyou anyway, I'll try it!!
Fingers, Toes and Legs crossed!! Comments By: Jay on 2008-01-16
I've been in pain for the past week and i have never felt anything like this before. I have suffered many an injury during my time (dislocated shoulder, torn ligaments, ankle injuries) but nothing could amount to the pain i have been in. I was drawn to tears the other day because of this. I have been to the emergency dentist twice and been fobbed off with antibiotics that dont work and painkillers which have had no effect. The dentist cant remove my tooth untill the 7th Feb at the earliest so this is my last chance. If this doesnt work then i think a piece of string and a door may come in handy!!
Crying with relief Comments By: Christine on 2008-01-17
Unbelievable!!! Spent three days in brutal pain. Taking prescription Ibuprofen. Sleepless, eatless, mind numbing pain. Having had babies, fractures and hemorrhoids, nothing comes close to pain this close to your brain. Literally shaking when I tried this and now I am crying out of sheer joy and relief after a mere 20 minutes. I don't know if it popped yet, but the agony is gone. Thank you so very much. FYI - I was on the phone with my dentist this evening and told him I was going to ER. He said to stick it out till morn as pain pills won't work - but still didn't offer this or any other relief. Why? I will tell everybody I know. This is a blessing!
It works, Pain relief, hasted busted. Comments By: Kyle on 2008-01-18
This is great, it has drawn the infection out and is now in a huge bubble. The pain has subsided. I am trying to get it to burst now with no luck. That is the only part I am not sure about as to when to bust it.
Any suggestions on bursting?

Works instantly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: Amina on 2008-01-20
My 7 year old had an abcess out of this world. It came about in hours. She was in so much pain she said"I hope GOD can help me!!!!"I looked this tip up and after chasing her because she thought it would hurt, she felt better in minutes. The abcess broke and now I can give her Motrin again.
pain still there Comments By: Anon on 2008-01-21
I got a tooth abscess like 24 hours ago. Nothing I have done helped. My abscess is underneath the tooth and is not visible, will this till work for me? Im trying it right now, and the pain is gone kind of, but will it actually bring the abscess into view where I can burst it myself?
I am still trying this........ Comments By: Amanda on 2008-01-27
I woke up last morning around 4 am, and I have an abcessed tooth. I decided to try this baking soda/salt remedy. I mixed the two, wet a cotton ball, dipped it into the mixture, and placed it on my abcess. It burned and hurt, but I kept it there. Very gradually the pain started subsiding from the bak. soda/ salt poultice, and then I did it again 2 more times, and went back to bed around 5:30 am with the cotton ball poultice against my gums. It is 9:13 am now, and WOW I feel pretty good. I am going to keep this on my tooth on and off all day today. Maybe it is drawing the infection out, because my gums look more of a healthy pink, the swelling may be down some too. I cant seem to see any place where it may be coming to a head. Do I have to stick at this longer or not?
Pain Comments By: Mikel on 2008-01-31
Im 3o wit bad teeth got 2 on left and rite. Top botm. Can it kill me? They way swolen. And hurt make me dizzy. Will try advice.
Pain Comments By: Mikel on 2008-01-31
Im 3o wit bad teeth got 2 on left and rite. Top botm. Can it kill me? They way swolen. And hurt make me dizzy. Will try advice.
thanks Comments By: dave on 2008-02-11
tried this and it worked. excellent. now just to go to the dentist now, arghh i hate dentists
Awesome!! Thank You What A Relief Comments By: sundown on 2008-02-16
Left Mine in all night got up the next day had a red spot on the absess but nothing yet ,until later in the evening while I was driving home got a nasty taste in my mouth so I raised my Lip up and there it was ooozing out all over the place,oh what a relief,I can't thank you enough!
Gonna try this! Comments By: soontobemomma on 2008-02-22
I've been hurting like crazy since Wenesday night. What my problem is, I have this huge bubble of pain in the roof of my mouth. I have been wanting God to just strike me dead! I had a root canal done in the tooth, and the filling of it fell out, now its infected the second time in 3 years. I have been sucking on the tea bag for a little bit now, but my gag reflex is starting to settle in, so I just took it out. I am gonna try the salt and powder mix in an hour or so. The first night, I tried ice, heat, ice cubes,tylenol, and vanilla extract. Nothing worked. Tried anbesol, orejel, sultan topex, yesterday and spent all night waking up every hour, crying my eyes out. I am 36 weeks pregnant, so there isnt much I can do for myself, so I am definitely going to try this! Hopefully it works!
mixture ? Comments By: anon on 2008-02-25
what amounts do you mix please ?

TipKing says: The tip says 'equal amounts' so lets say 1 teaspoon of each

I'm going to try this tonight! Comments By: ouchie my tooth hurts.... on 2008-02-25
I was reading about Weston A Price and how diet affects how bad our modern teeth have become. I have an abcess, no dental insurance and am breastfeeding so I don't want to take any antibiotics. I will try this tonight, hopefully it will work. I don't have a cotton ball so I'll use a tea bag dipped in salt/baking soda.

If you are interested in your teeth and why modern diets are detrimental to your teeth, check out this website, it's awesome! I'm not affiliated with it so have no profit motive, just want to let people know that over processed foods are hurting your teeth in many ways. :)

I've been eating almost raw garlic to get rid of the abcess, it's kept it from spreading, but the infection is still there. I'll let you know what happens, it's in my upper tooth, the one next to my canine.


THANK YOU! Comments By: Christine on 2008-02-25
It really helped me! I could only stand to leave it in a few minutes but it really helped ease the pain! Like everyone else I have been through pecocet, Vicoden, asprin, whiskey, etc...I am going to try to leave it in longer. Just wanted to express my opinion. I think it is very sad that we are having to go through this, esp. the pregnant mommies and the uninsured. I wish here in the US we had a better health system. No one should have to suffer like this!
I am trying it Comments By: Kaira's mom on 2008-02-27
I have had this cotton in my mouth almost an hour. I went through more pain with the cotton in my mouth. I don't think I did equal mixrure. I am going to keep it in a little longer until I get to work. I will try to go see a dentist or doctor today to see what is going on because I am not even sure. I went to the dentist a few weeks ago, and he did xrays and didn't say anything about a root canal. I have to see an oral dentist next week, so I am trying to wait it out. But I am in so much psin. Will update later. I hope I get the same results as others because the pain has to go away or I am going to pull the tooth out myslef. LOL
I Am Free At Last Comments By: D'Marie Freneey on 2008-03-01
Thank You So Much....I Tried It And Have Not Had Anymore Pain Since I Tried you Method. I was skeptical at first but out of Angony I tried it and it's a MIRACLE. Thank You For Being There For People Like Me At The End Of Their Rope And Pocket. God Bless You !!!!
Methods Comments By: Shelly on 2008-03-06
I didn't find this page until now. I came down with a gum abscess high above the tooth. My face swelled up. Scary. I ended up using the tea bag method. It was Stash Green chai with cloves and clove oil in it.
I honestly felt like it was making the swelling worse. So i didn't keep up with it. This morning however, I was inspecting my gum for some sort of pocket of infection. I couldn't find it. Then all of the sudden something ruptured and pus came draining out. I gently pressed the gum with a sterile q tip to get more of the poison out. Wow. About 3 hours later and the swelling is slowly going down. So I don't know if the tea bag I used for one hour, actually drew that crap to the surface.

Next time I will try this method. I do have to say though, I have burned my gum using a regular salt pack (cotton ball dipped in salt). Sometimes it can aggravate the tissues more and cause more swelling.

last resort!!!! Comments By: craig on 2008-03-08
ive had an absess for 3 days now, i woke up and my face wqas like a balloon!! i tried tcp, garlic, glove oil, salty water, and just last night i tried the bicarb and salt with the cotton ball, at first i felt a big difference in the pain i was suffering, then i took it out just to have a break from the salty taste and when i went to reaply i just couldnt take the pain, when i had a closer look the poultice had just burned through my gum and it was left red, ive had enough im going to A&E for antibiotics then im gunna get the fuc*er pulled out, try this at your own risk i say!!!! best of luck
it does work lol!!! Comments By: craig on 2008-03-09
in responce to my last comment, i went to A&E to seek antibiotics but when i got there i was told id have to wait 3 hours so i left and went home, the abcess was just getting more painful, so i took a needle and where my gum had gone red from the poultice i poke the needle in and to my astomishment the needle went through the skin like a knife through butter lol, and from there the puss just flew out, i keep rinsing my mouth with the bicarb & and salt water and over night the swelling has reduced rite down, so this tretment does work and it beats waiting 3 hours to see a doctor!!!! thanks again i feel on top of the world :-)
ten days of CONSTANT PAIN Comments By: Taggy on 2008-03-15
I have NEVER expeienced pain like this and I have broken my arm 8 times, this last ten days have left me completely isolated i havn't slept or eaten, have technically overdosed each day on pain killers, taking amoxicillin but face has got even more swollen, I am encouraged by the comments i've seen and am gonna give this a try tonight. Will be AMAZING if I can eat a bacon sandwich tmrw, i'm soooo hungry...
Ugh, It's been so painful. Comments By: Mandie on 2008-03-19
I have had on and off tooth/gum/jaw pain for about three months. I would go about two days in pain and be good for about three weeks. I slipped and fell on the ice (gotta love Pennsylvania winters, Lake Erie kicks my ass) and I figured that the fall has caused the pain. Well for about a week now the pain has come back and hasn't gone away, so I'm sure it's an absessed tooth/gum. I am terrified by the dentist (bad memories) and have tried almost every home remedy except for this, I'm going to give this one a try and pray that it works. I'm a 22 year old law student, I don't have time to be in this amount of pain.
Our of date baking soda doesn't work Comments By: Adam on 2008-03-22
I tried this with baking powder first last night, then I realised I needed baking SODA, but the only baking soda I had was 3 years past its sell by date. I used it anyway, stung like hell, didn't really get rid of the pain and I had dreadful diarrhoea this morning, going to go out and buy some fresh baking soda and see how that goes...
steady as she goes Comments By: Taggy on 2008-03-23
it didn't work for me and the damn thing nearly killed me, was admitted to hospital for surgery and it turned out not even to be in my tooth but my neck. Following this i have some tips; if it's really badly swollen get to the hospital, honestly it can kill you if you don't, also one for the chaps - don't grow a beard as they can be caused by an ingrown hair. So pleased to be out of pain now. Anyone who is suffering this has my love and sympathy.
what if... Comments By: anon on 2008-03-25
what if you try the baking soda salt remedy and the swelling does go down but no puss pocket forms? I tried it and the swelling did go down, just not all the way. My gums aren't swollen just my face. I know it's a tooth abscess cuz when I press on the swollen part of my face my tooth hurts. Did I miss something?
so completely grateful Comments By: Gina on 2008-03-30
the pain was so unbearable ,my dentist said he could do nothing until the inflammation was gone, and on top of things i had a big presentation the next day , i was close to completely breaking down , when i tried this remedy ....in less than 2 hours the pain was gone!!!! the abscess did n't explode but it didn't matter much ,i was free of pain.....this remedy really worked for me !
Just me in pain Comments By: Anni on 2008-03-31
Hi everbody, well i had absess just over a week now and anti-biotics and painkillers are just a joke, i can not have enough of them but the swalling of my face is just the same. Not been able to sleep for days now so found this web and gonna try it. As anybody tried it with just salt and cotton?
Eye poppin pain! Comments By: Tapout Fighter on 2008-03-31
well.... I have a serious absess, I found this tip last night and started it immediately, the pain is finally bareable. And I sleep well at night thanks to ambien, and lunesta together. The mixture didn't surface the absess at all so I gave up and scheduled an emergency dental appointment. I hate dentists more than regular doctors. But I need to do this, my left side is starting to look like a cabbage patch kid. Lolz thank you do much for the items we can use at home. 4:15 pm is my judgement time. Ouchhnhhh
Relief at last Comments By: Rob on 2008-04-02
Well like many of you I was sceptical. I started with the treatmant about 4 hours ago. Change the cotton twice in that time. The throbbing pain has gone and I can now open, move my mouth as normal. Swelling is reducing all the time. At 4 hours in left with very, very mmild symptoms but the sense of relief is enormous. Expect to be fully recovered in the hour.

I mixed 1/2 tea spoon of table salt with the same ammount of BICARBONATE of soda in a small bowl. Made a small rolled length of cotton wool about 1/2 to an inch long and the thickness of a pencil. Let a droplet or 2 of water on it and rolled it about in the mixture of soda and salt. Placed it between the tooth and cheek.

Seeing my dentist in the next 36 hours.

Good luck, I understand exactly how you feel. This really helped me.

in agony help Comments By: carrieann on 2008-04-02
ive been in agony for 4 days now been to dentist they said i got a absess im on paracetomol.antibiotics,ibuprofen every 2hrs and i just cant get rid of the pain my hubby just gone to get me some baking soda hope it works guys.....
WOW Comments By: thanksgoodness! on 2008-04-04
I have been in pain with an absessed tooth due to a cracked filling for 4 days now....No pain like it in the world! Tried clove oil, percocet, aleve, orajel....Only irritating my gums, and making me nauseas! I tried the salt-soda mixture...within minutes the pain was gone! I cant seem to draw the absess out due to the fact that it is under the tooth, but finally able to not yell at everone in the house to leave me alone! Thought i would die before it quit hurting....Mixture stings a bit at first, and does irratate gum a little....but worth the trade....Miracle pain relief!
if this helps it will be a miracle Comments By: Dan dan the in pain man!!! on 2008-04-05
have been suffering with an abcess under the tooth/ I have just pput a poultice on as discussed, i hope this works... lets see!
3 Days on Comments By: Rob on 2008-04-06
I did try this and within a couple of hours the horrible thobbing pain subsided. I told my dentist about it and he said he'd never heard of this and had no idea why it would work. He's been a dentist for many years.

Don't forget, even if you get rid of the dreaded pain you've still got to find the cause.

Whatever happens you must see a dentist. If you don't you could end up with complications many times worse than the original problem.

Did not work for me!!! Comments By: dlo on 2008-04-06
I trie the salt and soda on a cotton ball. Left it in overnite and nothing happened. Going to to E.R. for some antibiotics.

Ummm i think it worked!! Comments By: still in pain Dan! on 2008-04-07
Well i tried!! however you can decide for yourself if it worked. Used the poultice as described, left a large painful blister (ulcer) on the side, however on the other side of the tooth, a pea size lump has arrived.. not so painful..
wow it worked thanks too reading this! Comments By: carrieann seaton-gray on 2008-04-07
wow i put the stuff on my gum and it was stinging like mad but after 30min the pain started to fade and then the next day my mouth was in agony i did have a blister after using this but hey the pain had gone id rather have a blister than a shooting pain up my face im now booked in my dentist for route canal these treatment worked for thanks to everyone and good luck to anyone else with the same has us it does truly works. cheers xxx
I know no one is going to try it, but..... Comments By: Tara on 2008-04-12
I am 30 and have had broken teeth that have absessed many times over 8 years. the only thig that helped me was..just pop the "blister-lookish thing" and use a dental hook to pull the damn thing out yourself...only you know our pain allowance.
MIRACLE TREATMENT Comments By: MELISSA on 2008-04-16
Unlikely, but works SO well Comments By: Pimp Master R on 2008-04-17
I was in hellish, unbearable, suicidal pain due to infection. I'm in the UK where all our dentists are pure evil, and so obviously I only visit once toothache gets bad enough. I managed to get an appointment (our NHS system is underfunded and rubbish), but they wouldn't do anything until the infection was gone. I adapted the poultice to be as directed but with the addition of some crushed cloves and this worked like a charm for the 3 days while I waited for antibiotics to kick in. Fantastic.

Hurts like hell, especially if you use it for days on end because the salts make your mouth more and more sensitive, but that is like 5% of the pain of the toothache which it quells.

Skeptical Nurse Says...IT WORKS!! Comments By: Deb on 2008-04-18
have abscessed tooth, I was skeptical but was willing to try anything. The Baking Soda/Salt mixture work! After puting it on, it hurt like the dickens, much worse than before. After 15 minutes, I pulled the cotton out, the abscess had a head on it, and I popped it just barely touching it with my finger. All this after only 15 minutes!! I'll sleep with the poultice in til morning and hopefully I'll be 100%!! Try it, what can it hurt?
living in hell now coming home Comments By: England on 2008-04-26
Four Days with no sleep, Two trips to my Dentist, and as a last resort after failing to pull my own Tooth, am now getting some relief.
Those that have had an Absessed Tooth my Heart goes out to you. This has got to be the worst pain EVER and no Meds nothing helps it.
Please give it a go. Already and whilst still feeling rough, i feel so,so much better,and relief OH YES this helped.
Many thanks

...STILL WAITING, SO FAR, SO GOOD Comments By: Lauren Luna on 2008-04-27
i have been in terrible pain from this tooth which broke years ago, it's on my right jaw. soon enough, half of my face became swollen and the pain is just unbearable! my wife stumbled upon this site, had me try the salt/baking powder solution and so far, i feel much better, the pain is totally gone(except for occasional chills), and PART of the abscess came out. i will try putting back the solution before i go to sleep and since it is a monday tomorrow, hopefully i could get to work. i'm from the philippines by the way.
Worked Like A Charm Comments By: CC on 2008-05-08
Months and Months of pain and even hydrocodone would not stop the pain, but for only about 20 minutes at the most. My pain was so severe that I could touch my neck and even the very top of my head and I could feel my teeth throbbing in pain when I did. I have been shot in the knee with a .25 automatic and would much rather be shot again than have to go through this kind of pain. All of my teeth are bad. Breaking, cavities, etc... I had 4 teeth hurting. My wisdom tooth seemed to be hurting the most so I went and had it pulled, figuring it would help, but I was wrong. The pain did not stop. I had no idea I even had an abcess, because I checked and there were no signs of any abcess in my mouth, but then I came across this page, and decided to give it a shot since I had tried everything else possible. I used some small squares of gauze the dentist gave me when I had my tooth pulled and used half salt, half baking soda, and mixed with water and let it sit on my tooth for a few hours. The first 20 minutes hurt, but then the pain gradually stopped. I left it on my tooth anyways thinking if I did have an abcess that was not visible it would make it visible and that is exactly what it did. Now in the place of the tooth I just got pulled is an abcess covering it now. Now just to wait for it to be popped. Thanks so much for the info.
excruciating agony Comments By: hoping for a miracle on 2008-05-18
o.k...I'm going to try this right now as I have nothing to lose but my sanity
I'm sold Comments By: hoping for a miracle on 2008-05-18
So, it has been 10 minutes now and let me tell...the exteme pounding in my face has stopped. There is still pain so will leave on longer and try overnight

Thank you so much. This being a long weekend I needed something. Eating ibuprophen etc like candy was giving me gutrot

Worked like a charm Comments By: Feeling better on 2008-05-16
I was literally crying from the pain of my tooth when I came across this post.I sat patiently in pain while I read all the reviews and was convinced it was worth a try...Wothin ten minutes my pain was totally gone.I used a small floded gauze pad that was moistened with water then dipped it into the salt/bakling soda solution.I was able to sleep with the gauze pad in my mouth and removed it this morning.No pimple like thing but still at 4pm no pain at all..this should help me until I can get to the dentist and have this wisdom tooth pulled...Thanks so much for this..No amount of vicodin or OTC pain reliever was as effective...A godsend...
oh my gosh! Comments By: hoping for a miracle on 2008-05-18
I had to post again because I can't believe it! I really works well. It has now been 1/2 hour and there is no throbbing at all. I suffer from bone loss, so my teeth are going one by one and always start with an abscess deep in the root before the dentist gets a chance to yank it. It is also my luck that it always occurs on a holiday.

This remedy is a miracle and I can't thank you enough.

Horrible Weekend Comments By: Anon on 2008-05-19
I've been on vicoden all weekend. I can't eat or sleep. Made an appointment to see the dentist...but am going to have to wait. I am going to give this a try.
releief Comments By: steve on 2008-05-26
gave it a try, wotked great, i had three days of pain. the pain is still there but i can manage it now. will enjoy my sleep tonight, cheers
pull your teeth out!!! Comments By: dmitri on 2008-05-29
givin this a try had them before,so we will see if it works...i hope so

didnt work for me Comments By: a girl from dallas tx on 2008-05-31
5-31-08 i did this all night and even slept with it overnight and to no avail it did not help one bit just made my gums very sore. I have lost 4 pounds since i got this abcess which is the good part but i cant stand the pain anymore. I cant afford to go to the dentist so im going to the emergency room hoping that they will atleast prescribe me some pain meds and antibiotics ( wondering where i will get the money to have the prescription filled all i have is $20.00 hope that is enough to atlest get the antibiotics). Then i will just have to buy some of that temporary filling cement stuff to put in my tooth until i save up enough $$ to have it pulled. Who knows maybe i dont have a abcess. Good luch everyone and hope you all feel better.
gonna give it a try right now Comments By: a girl from dallas tx on 2008-05-30
omg i am at the breaking point, i dont know how much more of this i can take. It sucks not being able to afford dental care. Im in so much pain that im willing to try anything. I just made the baking soda salt mixture and put it on my gums so hopefully this will draw the abcess out of my tooth and form a bubble so i can pop it. Will post my results later.
facial swelling caused by absessed tooth Comments By: kim on 2008-05-31
I'm doing it roght now and i pray it works.
Dreaming about using pliers Comments By: Jen on 2008-06-01
I am trying the mix now. I made two wads because I have two puss pockets, one on the roof of my mouth and one on the side. I have been in so much pain and it is so infected I am throwing up and haven't slept for days. I hope this will work. Thanks
Worked but not like all the other posts Comments By: Anon NZ on 2008-06-05
Made a post last night saying that my gum boil had come to a head when in fact it just brought it out and turned it into a revolting jelly like oozy lump. It never burst and didnt taste revolting but it has now completly gone flat and now just has a pocket of flabby skin. There is now no throbbing pain which is wonderful. Am now on antibiotics but this was a wonderful if not slightly scary remedy! Am about to go and pack it again and see if I can encourage any more to draw out.
This really was a miracle find. Thank god for the internet!

Can see it working Comments By: Anon NZ on 2008-06-05
Am sitting here feeling comforted that i am not the only one going through this.
I have had my root canal but the infection obviously hadn't cleared and it is now trying to come out in the form of a boil out of my gum. Within half an hour of having this poltuce on it has brought the infection to the head. Have tried to pop it but its still not quite ready so hopefully not too much longer now! Will update with the final result.

Different Way But It WOrked Like a Cook Book Instructional lol Comments By: Chef boy with No tooth ache on 2008-06-16
Soo I didn't have any cotton balls so I ripped a piece of paper towel small enough to fit in between my cheek and teeth ..but long enough to go across a row of my teeth at the top..anyways so I take the small paper towel and I put some salt and baking soda in it I fold the ingredients in like a tiny burrito lol then I damp it with warm water ..I take the damp paper towel and then roll it around in the baking soda and salt mixed together then place it where the absessed tooth is.. went to sleep when I woke up no more pain or swollen face
WillDoAnything Comments By: Anon on 2008-06-08
I went to the dentist about 5 days ago and had a tooth removed on the lower right side due to an abcess. Now I have an abcess on my upper left side. I already owe the dentist $278.00 just for pulling the first tooth. I was told that I would have to pay that before being seen again. I have no insurance, and am playing russian roulette with the bills just to get by. I can't stand this pain anymore. I tried this rememdy, and the pain is much better now. I will try it again when I go to bed tonight, hopefully the abcess will pop by morning. I am going to try to get into a different dentist with the promise of I will pay you on payday ( a total lie but I am desperate) to get the tooth pulled. I am also going to try to get the dentist to pull another of my teeth to prevent another abcess. All together I had 3 broken teeth (the one that abcessed and was pulled, the one currently abcessed, and the one I am afraid will abcess as soon as I get the second one pulled). I live in the U.S.A, where the dentists/doctors would rather let you die then treat you if you are not able to pay or have no insurance.
Blessed Relief From Pain Comments By: Sandi on 2008-06-10
I literally thank God for this remedy. I was desperate, had not slept for more than a couple hours in days, missed one shift at work because of agonizing pain and could NOT miss any more work! No good dental insurance and no pain medicines worked, just made me feel sick. The heating pad helped at first and then was of no help. I came out here late at night in sheer desperation to see if anyone else was suffering like me and found so many others. I had relief within 15 minutes. This was two days ago and the pain has not returned. The abscess is draining, still some swelling, but not painful and sore to touch, no ache, no pain, not quite as much like a chipmunk either. This was a lifesaver. Also, does not make me feel sick like some of the medicines, which just try to treat the pain and not work at the problem (the abscess). I think I could have overdosed on pain medicine before it would have done any good.
no sleep Comments By: alan on 2008-06-11
had absess for three days seen dentist give me tablets. have felt no difference no sleep for 3 nights gets worce at nights !!!! lets see what happens
good 4 pain bad for after Comments By: Ky..Hawaii on 2008-06-12
i did this after 8 days of abcess deep under tooth(cracked tooth tht need to be extracted but HAD to wait due to miscarriage)..yes it did aliviate the pain..it moved the abcess to the jaw area though..BUT very next day, ended up on iv antibiotics and heavy pain meds due to CHEMICAL BURN through gum into soft tissue !! and i only did the cotton ball 2 times over maybe 6 hours..and also had to wait a week to pull tooth b/c infection spread to cheek and jaw due to moving the toxins..the chemical burn from salt/baking soda is the most intense pain ..comparable to the abcess throbbing ..like i said it DID alieviate the throbbing panic type pain..but the after effects are WOW !! id say in using this remedy..be careful !!!! dont leave on over night !!! or for long..
BIG ABSESS, little pain Comments By: Softey on 2008-06-12
I have had my absess on and off for about two years. I have been to the dentist many times about it and he gave me the same meds that most of you named. I will try this and pray that it works to STOP this MONSTER for good!!!!!!!!
Trying it out! Comments By: Laura the bad tooth girl on 2008-06-13
I've had tooth pain for a few days now. Well actually, most of my life, but thats besides the point. Right now its horrible and im not sure which tooth it is, or what it even is. Thought this might be a good place to start anyway! hopefully it helps :D
Brilliant Comments By: Harold on 2008-06-24
I'm about as leathery old cynic as you will find, but this worked within half an hour for me. I actually used baking powder and salt and it still worked fine (the powder contained bi-carb of soda).
drives u mad Comments By: maggie on 2008-06-28
three weeks dentist 4 times 2 courses of antibotics.tooth extraction didnt need it
pain just as bad,do other people feel going out of yr head with the pain.feel as if i need something drawn off.hav to wait til mon morn now.going to try this NOW

Help Comments By: Tammy on 2008-07-01
What if I have an abcess but There is no blister, will it still work??
All gone Comments By: Patty on 2008-07-03
I read your Tip and thought it was worth a try. Searched the cabinets for Baking soda and thank god I had it . After only 15-20 min of the application I went to reapply more of the mixture and I noticed blood on the cotton. Not sure this was supposed to happen but it did take the Absess away , the swelling down and most of all The pain accociated with the tooth. I would highly recomend this remedy to anyone.Just make sure to rinse well after the Absess burts.
Certainly something the ER and the Dentist couldn't do! Comments By: Stu on 2008-07-08
I was told that I couldn't have the tooth removed until I'd finished the AntiBiotics. The pain was unbearable! I was constantly sucking ice, couldn't leave the house etc. Eventually I went to the ER (A&E in the UK) and they gave me a shot in my bottom! That helped none at all. So after doing my research at 4:30am, I found this site. An ice cube under my tongue and the cotton swab between the gum and my cheek. It took a while TBH (Maybe an hour?) but it's the first proper sleep I've had in 4 days (allbeit 2 hours as I had to get the kids to school)

Many many thanks. You are a lifesaver!

My experience Comments By: Mac on 2008-07-23
Hi. My absess pain started to kick in heavily on a bank holiday, and as every dentist was closed on that day I tried this in desperation. I left the thing in for 2 hours. It didn't help and left me with what I can only describe as a burn on my cheek and gum, which added to my pain. The next day I got an appointment at the dentist and had the tooth out. My advice is to please get to a dentist rather than attmpt this. Best of luck.
questioner Comments By: sean on 2008-07-30
what would hppen if i stuck a pin in it and tried to pop it?
its working better than the lidocaine I had left! Comments By: Dawn on 2008-08-02
Wow! I had some lidocaine left from an injury I had and I got so desparate I used it! It did numb the area a bit but it was still throbbing! So I got online and read this and tried baking soda and salt! It worked! I'm gonna go sleep! haven't been to sleep yet its 5am! Thank you sooooo much! Thank You Jesus!
Painful to the touch! Comments By: abscessed_geezer on 2008-08-03
Hi TipKing and co. My bottom right wisdom tooth has a gaping hole and is severely abscessed (since over a year now). Don't wanna go dentist! The abscess is deep inside my tooth, and obviously I can't eat on that side. Otherwise there's no pain, only when the tooth gets touched. I wanna know, because my abscess is so deep below, will this bicarb-soda / salt formula still bring up the abscess from down below, all the way up to my gum line?
Sweet Relief! Comments By: Relieved! on 2008-08-05
I tried the sa;t and baking soda trick...an hour later...it was gone!...i honestly was wishing someone would just put me out of my misery prior to trying this...but it really did work...I took out the cottonballs and (it's nasty) the abcess had busted!...I cannot explain how much relief I have now!
OUCH! OUCH! Comments By: Celeste on 2008-08-07
I have never had an abscess, and never want another one. My husband and i are OTR drivers and i can't get back to the dentist till next week when we head back to our home town the pain is horrible and it sucks not to be able to eat speak think SCREAM. I am on my way to the next walmart to pick up some baking soda and give it a try you will definately know if it works.
PAIN OUTTA HELL Comments By: Kay on 2008-08-14
I have had an abscessed tooth before on one side of my mouth. I rinsed with warm salt water and it helped. This time around it did not. I searched for home remedies until my insurance kicked in and I stumbled across this site. Hopefully this tip works, because I have to say I would rather give birth to another child, than go through this type of pain again. This pain makes me want to tear my hair out. I will let you know if this treatment works.
three years of my life Comments By: antonio on 2008-08-19
three years three years i'm 13 an i've have had these abcess for three years and it kill so today the 19 of agust 2008 i came upon these natural remedy and i hope it works cuase i have had it with the dang abcess so hope it works
HOLY S@#$ THAT HURTS Comments By: My Toothurts on 2008-08-20
I did a 50/50 mix and let me tell you somthing. It burns! The only thing that has kept the pain away for me so far is Ice water. And usualy ice water hurts my teeth. Lets see how this works. Ill post again after i test drive this cotton ball a little longer.
no more pain Comments By: scott on 2008-08-18
This was a great remedy for the pain, but the swelling is is there for me. I have applied this method on and off for about 6 hours, but to no availe of removing the absess. Anyone have any ideas?
no good for exposed nerves Comments By: candace on 2008-08-22
hurts like hell with an exposed nerve. just tried it....ohhhhh the agony!!! also rinsed afterwards with warm salt water...made it sting sooooo bad. starting to throb now. have a dentist appointment this afternoon. praying to god he can do something!
WOW (8/23/08) Comments By: kaye on 2008-08-23
3 days ago the pain hit me like a freight train. I have tried 800mg of ibuprofrin, tylenol with codine and amoxicillin. Nothing worked. I made an appointment with the enddodotist. But he can't see me for several days. This morning at 4:30AM I gave this a try. And amazingly, it really worked! I feel so much better. The pain is now bearable, but not gone. Thanks for the remedy!
Hamster still growing! Comments By: felicity on 2008-08-23
Had raging pain. It reduced by 50% but the swelling is still growing. Am trying a fresh pad.
Do it - it works !! Comments By: Nick on 2008-08-26
Like so many others I got a toothache which developed into an abscess over a holiday weekend (these things always happen during these times!). After visitng the local A&E they prescribed antibiotics and some strong pain killers which worked, marginally. Again like everyone else my face looked like a scene from the elephant man ! I applied this on my (now throbbing) poultice for half an hour. Applied a second one and voila !! mouth explosion of pus and guck (yuck!) Pain and pressure relief immediate. I know that a dentist visit is now totally neccessary but this has definitely expedited this as dentist will not normally touch you unless the swelling has significantly subsided. Just in case you are sceptical (as I was) yahoo answers provides the following on the remedy: the salt and the baking soda work as abrasive agents. What that means is they are rubbed on the gum line of the abscess and that slowly breaks down the skin allowing the abscess to burst. I think keeping your mouth extra clean after this too is also a definite must !! Like so many others I really cannot understand why either a GP or a dentist (I made three visits) did not recommend this. That said THANK YOU - I CAN SMILE AGAIN :o)
help!! please Comments By: bev on 2008-09-07
front tooth abscess, faint just talking about dentist! where to put cotton ball on front tooth abscess seems to be bhind tooth.
i hate the dentist Comments By: robert on 2008-09-09
i am in so much pain and it sucks i had 3 teeth pulled out and iv been spitting out mouth full portions of blood and it wont stop iv put pressure on it and it doesnt work i dunno what to do
Root Absess Comments By: JMC on 2008-09-13
will this treatment work on a root absess????
I cant take the pain anymore! Comments By: ness on 2008-09-14
Im tryin the baking soda and salt right now. Ive taken all the pain meds available and nothing worked :( I laid here in agony all day I hope this works because I cant stand this pain anymore
trying it Comments By: Anon on 2008-09-19
My mother is 56, has a lot of teeth problems atm, woke up this morning with swelling to the face etc, I ran into this site and since she can't afford a dentist atm, am trying the baking soda/salt remedy, but not going for overnight due to the mentions of chemical burn earlier? Figure that it should be done while awake, but will post when result happens, have to wait on the soda until later today (store trip).
THANX GUYS ;P Comments By: JAMES on 2008-09-20
It really does work!!! Comments By: Melody on 2008-09-24
I have spent 5 days in misery. The whole left side of my face swole up so bad I had people ask who punched me out. I have been on penicillin and been eating motrin, vicodin, percaset, and darvoset like candies and getting sick from taking so many but was in such pain I couldn't do anything but sit and rock and cry. This is a person who lives with pain and won't go to a doctor until hubby thinks I am dying. I tried this remedy and within three minutes(I timed it) the pain was GONE!!!!! The swelling is going down and I have a really good blister of that gunk coming up under the affected tooth. I can't wait to pop it. I am sooooo glad I found this board and thank you thank you thank you to all who said to try it because it really does work and I have my life back. Thank you all sooooo much!!!!
worth a try!! Comments By: anon on 2008-09-26
I hardly have any baking soda but im in that much pain its worth a try!

TRY A Q TIP DIPPED IN IODINE. Much quicker Comments By: Torture with benefits on 2008-09-29
DRY AREA AS BEST AS POSSIBLE. Holding mount open with fingers, either puncture absess first and rinse. Have numerous dipped Q Tips and just apply or push on area until it bursts. Remember clearly that bathroom door should be locked and NO one else can help you...YOU have to this for yourself no matter how painful! Sorry. Have done it numerous times sucessfully.
Yet another tooth aceh Comments By: Dave on 2008-10-08
In my life I have been stabbed 3 times has a broken leg, broken fingure and broken arm none of them even come close to the paid of my sodding Tooth Abscess I get about 5 or 6 year (still not been dentist) if there is a blister I pop it which stops the pain straight away but often it takes days for the blister to appear which means dozens of pain killers and nights of lost sleep, I have just tried this remidie after 2 hours against my gum a small blister is appearing hopefully it will be big enough to pop soon
PAIN IS LIKE GETTING HIT WITH A BASEBALL BAT Comments By: tony gambino on 2008-10-07
im in so much pain, it's been going on for days. not sure if its absesse or not, but its down to the gum line. Ive tryed to kill the nerve wtih iodine. ( it killed the nerve for my brother 2 times, he put a drop on the tooth. the exposed nerve quivered and popped and booom, painless. i got the inodine didt wrk for me, made it worse. So i have the cotton ball in the mouth now. Lets see. the apain was so bad that i went threw a bottle of oragel, works for a few, then back to th pain, I also took percd and vicodin and ox cotton, workd for an shour thd i..zzletsee what this will do. im so straight forword amd will give u a true up date. i'll try anything the pain starts from frm the top , above my ear, glands swollen balls under the skin of my jaw down to my neneck. I cant even sit still in the car ( im am an impact window salezman in my car all day, the pian is soooooo bad i want to shoot my self lol. So we will see if it works.
to hell with this dental system we have huh?

I know der is a GOD!! Comments By: Tay on 2008-10-14
THank you, thank you ! I'm 14 weeks pregnant and terrified of the dentist! This is the best remedy advise I've ever recieved! it actually Does Work
Thankful and Relieved from STL! :)E Comments By: Elaine D on 2008-10-16
Wow!! I am totally amazed! After a recent visit to my dentist, I was told that I have an abcess over a tooth that needs a root canal(OUCH!)Anyway, after taking 2 sets of antibotics ERY-Tab(Erythromycin) 333mg and 500mg, the abcess was still there. In a final attempt, I went on the internet to get information about getting rid of this nuisance. After finding your site, I took all of you guy's advice about the baking soda and salt mixture. Sure thing, the abcess burst less than 5 minutes after placing it on my gums. "Wow!" "It's a miracle!
" Still a little batty though?? Wonder, why my dentist didn't just happen to mention this ole' time remedy?? Duh! :)E, from The Gateway to the West"

i am trying it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: madge on 2008-10-17
been in pain for 5 days its been terrible. been dentist twice, had two lots of tablets, mouth like looks like ive got a jaffa jamed in it. tried your treatment it feels a lot better, hope its gone in the morning going to a party, but wont been going looking like this. elephant woman !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this is bloody brilliant and works a treat I promise Comments By: jackson on 2008-10-18
My father had his abcess over 3 teeth for days and the dentist would not extract the teeth untill the absess swelling was gone but afer trying antibiotics and varous pain killers and no sleep for days he was ready to extract the tooth hiself, I was searching the net in desperation and came accross your site, the baking soda and salt poultice really worked and within an hour the throbbing had stopped and he could speak again the swelling was reducing gradually so he did not resemle the elephant man the next day we contacted our out of hours dentist and he was able to have the tooth taken out as the absess was not so severe so thanks you guys for the tip .LOL.
Worked for me! Comments By: Steve Goldfarb on 2008-10-18
After an hour of having the mixture against my abcess i took the cotton pad off, gave my lump a gentle poke and sure enough icky white fluid dribbled out, luvly! I still have a bit of toothache but all my teeth around the pad seemed to hurt a bit so i guess its just the poison coming up and out. Im gonna give it another go to see if any more comes out. Thanks plenty!!!
swollen jaw in texas Comments By: cherrie in texas on 2008-10-19
i had a bad tooth ache,so I took a couple of ibuphron and i woke up with my jaw swollen like i was holking a grape fruit in side my mouth, everything hurt from my ears to the botten of my face. i found that in the time before i coulf get medical attention a hot heating pad did, wonders for me and oil of cloves., it is the nastest stuff but it sure helped with the pain.
Amoxicillin Comments By: jerrod on 2008-10-30
Had a swollen spot starting at root of tooth, and going upward. Its above one of my front, upper teeth. The pain was awful.
I went to the dentist and he partially drained it, as i could taste its bitter nastiness, but its not totally drained....and seems like it may be getting worse? He gave me amoxicillin to take for 10 days. ISnt that supposed to fight the remaining infection and keep it from getting worse?

so swollen i cant open my mouth Comments By: slyder_j on 2008-10-31
I have had a bad tooth for a while now. i am lactose intallorant so my teeth just fall apart. This absess is bad I am going to try this my mouth is so swollen i cant get the cotten to stay put. but i cant see a dentist until mon. And today is fri.ill be back to let you know if and how well it works.
Ugh I hate tooth aches! Comments By: Jenny on 2008-11-07
I have an absessed tooth, I called the dentist yesterday and he can't get me in until next Wednesday! So being an EMT, nothing makes matters worse in an emergency situation worse when the EMT's cranky at a patient. So anyways I tried cold compresses, the tea bag, peroxide (helps for the moment), orajel, and loads and loads of pain killers. I'm currently at work and tried out the remedy, seems to be helping :)
OMG amazing it worked! Comments By: Very relieved! on 2008-11-09
Was a bit dubious but as I was really suffering this weekend with the abcess having reared its ugly head on Friday and no prospect of seeing a dentist for several days (useless round here!) I needed to try something as by today my entire cheek and jaw was swollen. read several other suggestions but just weren't helping. Then found this (god bless google) and what can I say other than it did the job! I first stuck in a cotton pad about 2pm left it there about 2 hours had a break for about 30mins put in another. At this point no white head but abcess becoming spongey and swelling starting to go down. left it there couple hours again and just taken it out and although no white head a bright red 'bubble' had appeared, one prob with clean needle and the abcess burst. Amazed at how much gunk came out. Not entirely convinced got everything as still bit hard (although not sore!) so have applied another cotton wool ball to draw out any thing remaining and hopefully bring the remaining swelling down quicker as would really like to go to work tomorrow not looking like a hamster!!
trying as i type Comments By: emmap on 2008-11-12
I've been in agoiny for the last 2 days with an abcess and my dentist has given me anti biotics but never looked at my tooth or gums. i too have been living between painkillers and am sat here at midnight in pain not knowing what to do so here goes... just tastes a bit salty so far. but will try anything.
thank you for the advice.

Saving My Face! Comments By: Mrs. Isntmarried ToaDentist! on 2008-11-16
Thanks a lot for this suggestion. The treatment was not exactly pleasant but I can say it did alleviate a good portion of the throbbing pain that I was feeling. I kept the cotton insert in my mouth overnight and I was able to burst that nasty abcess in the morning. My cheek did burn and was quite sensitive for a while and still is kind of raw where the pus came out. I am glad I came across this posting. I had been rinsing my mouth was baking soda and peroxide but I was still in great pain. Now, thanks to you I can at least rest and am able to treat myself when it acts up again. Thank you so much
stop my crying Comments By: rein on 2008-11-18
well its almost a week since i had my abscess and im really trying to get rid of it b4 thankgiving .im in so much pain,im a big girl but i cried like hell caz my face is swolen and my lips are on steroids. well im gonna try this baking soda and salt remedy and im praying that it helps.well lets get it on, its me salt and baking soda against this gum abscess nickname(pain). i hope my team kicks butt
giving it a try Comments By: Karen Savage on 2008-11-22
well its not the most pleasant tasting and seems to burn....but I have my fingers crossed
Terrible Tooth by Christine Comments By: Christine on 2008-11-26
i have been in pain for the last 2 days, I have taken advil and vicodin and nothing has seemed to help. So now I am resorting to the internet an found this baking soda and salt with a q tip, I have already started and and sitting here with this in my mouth and I have a little burning but already found relief. Thanks Giving is tommorrow n I was hoping to be able to eat and thanks to you i think it will be possible to...God Bless you and Happy Thanks giving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
3:29 pm Comments By: Paz on 2008-11-28
i read thru this post @ 11:30 am it's now 3:29 pm the same day.. i cannot say how grateful i am that i found this website. my face belongs to me again and not the bass drum section that had a hold of it for the last 2 days. follow the instructions and prepare for relief. thank you tip-king may u reign a 1000 yrs.


Garlic Treatment Comments By: Andy on 2008-11-30
Hey good people... I havn't tried this but have done the Garlic method of crusing up a raw clove (it tastes FOUL!!! BUT!!! it damn well works) it containes a powerful antibiotic called allicin (created when chewed) hold in the mouth over the tooth and swish in the mouth... then SWALLOW!! and have some mints ready to kill the disgusting taste (and breath) the antibiotics are natural so no side effects AND are "smaller" than Amoxicillin (the dentist's pescribed drug for abscess') so once ingested will go into the blood steam and into the root of the tooth easier and get to work... 1 day later and the pain went... 3 days later and it feels fine... going to take it every 2 days and get the tooth pulled under sedation (a wisdom one)
trytin to get better! Comments By: deanna on 2008-12-01
well i got the cottonball in!! i dont know if its gonna work but i must have some faith otherwise i would not have tryed. right now its burning a bit! but it should help! thanks!
have a red pimple on cracked tooth! Comments By: angelica on 2008-12-12
i will try remedy. I have an appt with dentist on monday. I cant even bite down the bubble feels gross!! if it pops when i am asleep is it dangerous?
WHAT???!!!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: vito calli on 2008-12-15
this is crazy!!!!!! look at all these adults, i guess?! but me,no no,im a 10 year old kid!im gonna try this wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!

wow I'm impressed Comments By: Ashleigh on 2008-12-16
I have had an absessed tooth for about 4 days and no medication was helping, until I tried this, it has only been about a half an hour but I can already feel the pressure subsiding. Thank- you! I don't understand why dentist don't say anything like this ,it would sure save you a lot of Money!!!!!
OUCH!!! Comments By: Tippame on 2008-12-25
Have had an absess b-4 and at the time was on assistance so i was able 2 go 2 the dentist, but i'm allergic 2 penicillin and the stuff they gave me takes longer, no longer on assistance (i'm 21) and i got one on the other side of my mouth work with kids so i need to be able 2 focus and also get sleep, couldnt eat and 2day was christmas....will let u know if this works i pray it does!!
tried your advice one hour ago Comments By: Booradley on 2008-12-28
In so much pain here haven't baan able to eat in two days . Hoping you do not have stock in arm in hammere and morton salt will post back to let ya know if this worked for me please plaese please let it work :(((((((((((( <PAINFULLFACE
trying as i type... Comments By: kevin hollas on 2008-12-30
so far i think it could work al let you know!
Ok so it takes some time for tohers Comments By: LadyTK on 2009-01-26
Well as i stated before I tried this before and was kind of skeptical. I put the soultion on the affected are and it relieved it somewhat but thr was still some pain. I went to sleep at midnight and woke up at 4am from a bit of pain..reapplied the stuff and Now at 8am I really dont feel a thing...However I did dorm a white looking bump but I am not able to popp it and its noth bothering me. I really was thinking ppl exagerrated or stuff like this never works for me but it worked. Thanks.
AMAZING, MAGICAL, HEAVENLY RELIEF Comments By: Angela Smith on 2009-01-17
Have been suffering with my tooth for two long days and nights and was at my wits end when my husband found your remedy on the internet. Can't thank you enough. I intend to send this remedy to all my family, friends and work colleagues for future reference. Than you - my life saver!!! Angela, Colchester, England.
giving it a try Comments By: katie on 2009-01-17
well i have been popping ib profen like nothing and i dont have dental insurance and I personally want to keep my teeth..lol. so in the mean time I am trying this..I have the cottenball in my mouth..the only thing is, it tastes nasty but I would rather this work than be in pain. I will update everyone to let you know what happens because I can afford a dentist right now.
Thank you Jesus for making salt and baking soda Comments By: Will Houston on 2009-01-23
I was in so much pain I couldn't move. I felt a bump on my gum that was throbbing in pain. I finally made it to the computer and found this remedy. Within 15 minutes all pain went away.
Trying it now Comments By: Robin in Walnut Creek, CA on 2009-01-24
Similar story as many - root canal didn't entirely fix the absess which came back 2 months later. Painkilles not really helping and back on 2nd round of antibiotics. Just had permanent filling put in tooth (after the root canal last month) and pain became extreme again so I presume it's the pressure of the infection. Dentist said to wait until the full week of antibotics passes before deciding whether to remove the permanent filling and drain the tooth (again). It's all very painful, expensive and time consuming and hard to believe that the dentist or the endodontist don't tell you about this remedy to at least try it. I'm trying it now and will be back in the morning to report on the outcome. One thing I do know, don't ever wait if you have any discomfort with a tooth or it gets much worse! This has been worse than labor pains.
Not sure but Im trying it...will post back! Comments By: LadyTK on 2009-01-25
Well I woke up yesterday with slight pain and tried to ignore and didnt think much of it...IVe had tooth pain before and would just pop tylenol or vicodin and would be ok. But this time it didnt work and the pain was starting to make me cry. So i finally got on the computer to google some remedies and came across this. I just tried and I do feel slight comfort from earlier and I am able to walk around do what I need for the next day.I will repost and hope that this holds me until I able to see the oral surgeon:). Thanks
Wow! Comments By: jawpain on 2009-01-29
I have been in so much pain for two days that it has been a nightmare. My lower right jaw has been swollen and can barely open my mouth to eat. After trying the baking soda and salt for and hour I am able to open my mouth. I will try it for a day or two. Again, thanks for the tip!
cheers mate Comments By: bob england on 2009-01-04
pain like hell read your website and it worked
Trying it out Comments By: john.doe on 2009-01-08
I have been in so much pain for the past 3 days, have a dentist app tomorrow morning at 9:30, however I am at my wits end with pain. Thought I would try this out. I haven't had any miracle 20 minute cures like some have professed, but the pain has become a little more bearable, have left it on for a couple of hours so far, and am able to think again. Have taken some pain killers along with it so don't know if that is masking any relief I am feeling , but I am at a stage where I'll try anything. Will post back tomorrow if any significant relief is achieved
worked for me Comments By: Bev on 2009-02-07
up all night with swelling...digging and digging to rupture the beast...tried this for an hour and there you have it, infection dropped,I poked,It drained...THANK YOU!
Think I'll keep with a warm salt water rinse
for awhile!

It worked!!! Comments By: Priscilla on 2009-02-08
this was my first absessed tooth! at 3am i woke up w/throbbing pain, did the soda/salt and w/in 10 minutes it was gone, i will continue the treatment until my 3pm appt. w/my dentist tomorrow! thank you!!!
This is not working for me Comments By: Lee on 2009-02-09
I have had this pain for 3 weeks now, In those 3 weeks I saw 2 emergency dentists, one told me it was an infection and prescribed me 7 days of Amoxcillin, they did nothing. So then I tried a different dentist and he presccribed another one (cant remember the name) sounded like metrodizione. Anyway that isnt working either. I have called about 30 dentists and Nobody will take NHS patients. Emergency dentists are saying I can't go back twice and pain killers are not working. I have not been able to eat, sleep, or drink anything either. I tried the bicarb soda/Salt thing with both warm water and cold water and it's not doing anything, I am lost and I don't know what do anymore :(
hoping! Comments By: Diane on 2009-02-10
i have had an absess that swelled mt face and caused alot of extreme pain in my cheek jaw ear. i finally got fed up and drained the pus pocket inside my cheek next to my gums. nasty drainage. but it did help some i have a hole behind my bad tooth and its been draining there. now my tooth and jaw hurts. swelling in jaw is way down. as some of you i have no insururence which translates to sucks to be you. so im trying this hopeing it will still help my tooth pain even though my tooth is draining already. still getting ear and jaw pain. ive been on anibiotics and ibuprofin for 6 days now. cant stand pain when iby wears off..
Hopeful after reading all the comments Comments By: Thinking positive on 2009-02-12
I used temp dental filling on an unfinished root canal which lost its filling tooth sweeled up literally almost out of my gum....freaked out I could not dig the filling out easily so I tried this not sure what will come of it..It definitely burns but I am not sure how it will turn out.
My Absess Is worse than having a baby!!!!!! Comments By: Paige on 2009-02-15
I am 20 and i am experiencing an absess tooth. I am taking antibiotics and pain medicine, but that doesn't even last an hour!!!!! I had my daughter naturally and i;d rather do that again than go through this for one more second!!!!!! Sometimes it feels like it will shatter into a million peices, now its feeling like my tooth is trying to get out on its own like "push itself out?" I knew about the infection but did not know about poison. What if it leaks while i sleep or sumthin im kind of scared. I hope ill be ok......warm salt water is ok i was told it helps to get rid of the infection. I have antibiotics for that, i just want to get rid of this pain!!!!!
So far so good... Comments By: PaininAus on 2009-02-21
my tooth will only let me sleep for about an hour at a time ... i got up at 2am an drove to the store to get some bicarb... Im not sure if i dd it right but the pain/throbbing has stopped.

Thanks for this tip - don't know what i would have done.

WOW Comments By: jenn on 2009-02-21
we just wanted to say thank you so much!!!we never imagined this would work so well.we put the cotton in his mouth and after and hour and a half already it had a head on it.after another 1/2- 45 mins it had popped!!!he says he feels so relieved.and while yes there is still swelling that will eventually go away I imagine and at least he can function and sleep in peace now!!!!well worth the time.We have tried countless other remidies to no avail.this worked like a charm.I know it sounds too good to be true but try it and see We swear you wont be let down!
It worked immediately! Comments By: deb on 2009-02-24
A dentist filled several of my teeth in September and I have been in pain since (never even had a toothache before his butchering!). I thought I had a cracked tooth or something, the whole left side of my jaw has hurt since September. Last night the pain became SEVERE, Unbearable!!!! and today, I found a lump, partially broken, back by my wisdom tooth (one of the filling was here). I don't know what caused this painful thing to form there, but the salty cotton ball brings immediate relief!!! THANK YOU!!!!
Hurts worse than having a baby. Comments By: Patricia Age 33 on 2009-02-25
Like so many others I have an abscess tooth on the lower right side I to tried this remedy with no avail. I placed the cotton with mixture on the area and left it there for 30 minutes while I contunied to read other comments till I came across the comment talking about chemical burn and took it out I then went to sleep only to wake in about 3 hours face swelled worse than before and sick had to go to hospital and get 2 shots was told just have to tough it out intill infection was gone so in my case I would not recomend anyone try this it only makes it worse than before.
something aint right! Comments By: anonymous on 2009-02-26
help it didnt work i tried this method yesterday slept on it and everything woke up no pimple or anything i think my measurement wasnt correct or what am i doing wrong? Im in worsier pain that i was in before i did this and the painkillers i on dont seem to help. please help me
question!! Comments By: anonymous on 2009-02-26
so baking powder with bicarbonate of soda wont work? Please respond back

TipKing says: When the tip calls for baking soda it means bicarbonate of soda. Not baking powder.

dip in water Comments By: toothache on 2009-02-27
do i dip it in warm or cold water? please answer asap.

TipKing says: Warm water will be more comfortable

Awesome tip Comments By: Miss Grateful on 2009-03-07
I woke up at 4a.m. this morning with a swollen cheek, sure sign of another abcess. I looked on here and found your tip. I finally broke down and tried it around noon today. By 1:30 p.m., I pulled the cotton off to take a break from the salt, and on the cotton, I found blood and puss. Thank You so much.
Tried and True Method Comments By: Anon on 2009-03-08
The baking soda and salt combo worked for me. I was looking on-line for absessed tooth pain relief and found this at home remedy, used if for the first time, two hours later, absess burst and pain was gone.
It really does work! Comments By: Pink on 2009-03-09
By the time I found this site I was desparate! Although this did not cure my absess it did draw out the pus away from my tooth and into the roof of my mouth, this released the pressure and eased the pain dramatically. It also meant I could sleep through the night. When you are in that much pain you will try anything, but this really did work for me.
was in so much pain and agony Comments By: hurting in atlanta, ga on 2009-03-13
started having tooth pain from an absess on tuesday and did not know what to do. was searching the web and found this tip and i am sooooooo happy i did... tried it on wednesday morning and by the afternoon; the swelling had gone down tremendously and the pain was almost gone too..... thans so much for the tip
Salt and baking soda Comments By: Eddie on 2009-03-13
I went to the dentist with no pain just to have my teeth cleaned he said i had 6 cavitiies so the following week i let him drill and fill after the numbing meds wore out i was in pain so i said its normal but the pressure and pain keeped coming so after a week of suffering i called the dentist back and said something is wrong its not suppose to hurt like this for this long i mean the pain was so bad i couldnt sleep or eat and was holding my mouth and chin all the time found out he drilled one of my teeth to far down into my root so now i got back and he sais he must hit a root now i need a root cannal which now going to cost me $2,000 or i can pull it for 100 its my very last tooth sometimes i wonering if they do that on purpose but im trying the salt/baking soada thing now and ill get back to you on the results but from what i see its worth a try
Knoxville Tn

Hurts Like Hell Comments By: Chip on 2009-03-19
Trying it now - Will get back to you with results - Second time with same tooth and it`s line a golf ball.
Hurts Like Hell - Followup Comments By: Chip on 2009-03-19
I had a golf ball size knot and could barely see the tooth. I used this solution for about an hour. Not much difference. Tried it for about 45 more minutes and It has like a blood blister on the sore. I then used the solution for abot 30 more minutes. There was the yellow spot at the top. I got a sterile toothpick and barely touched it. It ruptured and now I feel so much better. I still have a lagre sore but I feel that after a week that I am finally on the road to recovery. A doctor would never give out this info. What a Godsend!
So far it has helped some Comments By: Billy on 2009-03-23
Do you mix solution in water or roll dry cotton ball in the salt/baking soda?
Trying the baking soda and salt today. Comments By: Katie on 2009-03-21
I have a tooth that is abscessed and It has been killing me since for exactly a week today. My dentist is an idiot..Tells me to just go have it pulled problem being it's my eye tooth which is in the front. I've never been in this much pain in my life and i've had two kids. So we shall see how it goes I know i'm definitely in need of a root canal though for sure . Wish me luck;P
No More Pain In TN Comments By: shonda in tn on 2009-03-31
on sunday i was in so much pain. i spent the majority of the day crying and in pain. on monday it slacked up with the help of over the counter meds. due to my child being sick on monday and tuesday, i stayed at home with her. my face was swollen by then. i was still going to try to tough it out at work even if she was not sick. on monday evening, i googled and came across this website. at the time, i did not have any cotton swabs or baking soda. when my hubbie got off at 3pm, he picked up those items for me. at 5pm, i put the cotton ball in my mouth. at 6pm, i replaced it but noticed that the absess was coming to a head. it went from being hard to being soft. by 6:15, the absess was leaking. i was totally shocked as well as excited!!!!!!!! now, i am rinsing with with warm salt water. thanks for everything!!!!!!!!
pain reliever Comments By: was in pain on 2009-04-01
works great for pain .....but what if abscess only drains a little bit
no more pain Comments By: steve on 2009-04-06
it works, thank you
abensee Bump crap hurt! Comments By: Bk on 2009-04-07
if u have an abensee bump u can try salt& water googlinq it. the water has to be hot. ! thanks for the comment on bakinq soda& salt! Kurrently trinqq it Now.! Good Luck ! People's.! :)
Tough Mom is in PAIN! Comments By: Cristy on 2009-04-10
I am up at 3am with tooth pain. I read almost all of the post. I will let you know if this works.
You're a beautiful person! Comments By: Kieren on 2009-04-11
Been in agonising pain due to a swollen gum for days - stumbled across this post this afternoon....4 hours later and I'm right as rain - had blood on the cotton wool after a couple of hours, guess this was the absess being leeched from the gum! Can't recommend it highly enough!
it's working Comments By: mary on 2009-04-19
i've been in really bad pain due to a tooth absess.just started the remedy and all i can say is thank you.going to the dentist wednesday due to having my boyfriend worry about me
Please people. Comments By: fourthletter on 2009-04-21
This a great remedy for the night before your visit to the dentist but you really should not wait to get antibiotics.
I had a large absess several years ago that caused my face to swell, I waited 4 days before getting help and was told by the dentist It had developed into a cist and I would have died of blood poisioning if i had waited any longer. Infections that close to your brain can kill quickly so as soon as you have any facial swelling GET ANTIBIOTICS THE SAME DAY IT MIGHT SAVE YOUR LIFE.

I am amazed Comments By: Believer on 2009-04-25
I had a major abcess and have been taking antibiotics for a day now. Ibuprofin no longer worked (800 mg) and Oxycondone was not real effective. I placed the poultice in my mouth and it hurt really bad. I almost took it out but then I decided to keep on trying. After about 15 minutes the pain was gone. I am not sure how long this works as I have only been doing it for about half an hour but will try and update later.
No Worky Comments By: Rickshaw in Indian Territory on 2009-05-18
People, I tried this twice. The first time I felt a little better and was able to sleep a few hours because with all the rave reports, I was sure it was going to work. Well, in reality, this being a cure for an absessed tooth rivals the global warming claims, the more global warming I hear about, the colder and longer winter seems to get. This worked just like Y2K was going to end the world. Folks, find a dentist that takes payments! Don't count on this.
Tryingit now!!!! Comments By: Trent on 2009-05-21
Like everybody else I had my second absessed tooth and like everyone else I felt like cutting my head off to give me some relief. I'm trying the baking soda and salt now. Its 4:30AM and I can't sleep because of the throbbing. I've had it in about 20 minutes and can feel some relief but will post when I take it out. My first one I had cut and drained and the relief was amazing. I hope I have that relief again. Thanks
From LOP-SIDED face to MISS AMERICA =) Comments By: Saved by an angel on 2009-05-25
Im only 25 years old and have been dealing with this awful abscess for 4 days now. 1st one I have ever had. I have no insurance--can't afford a dentist. I was too embarrassed to go to the er because of the shape my teeth are in and how awful i look from the swelling of the abscess. I haven't eaten in 2 days. However, I have been taking 500mg Amoxycillin, Tylenol 3, Darvocet 10, a few muscle relaxers and nerve pills here and there. Regardless of what I take, the agony is still there. The only time I dont hurt is when I tak e my pills and go to sleep. Hot black tea bag eased the swelling on my right cheek/jaw and eased the pain a little. I'm drinking Green tea and taking vitamin c tablets. I was thinking about lancing it at home to relieve the pain... Nothing has seemed to work COMPLETELY until I tried the baking soda/salt thing. It seems to suck it right up and swelling goes down almost immediately. Ive had my cotton ball in for about an hour and with constantly sucking it and spitting it appears to be almost gone. The only thing I am worried about it i cant taste the bitter taste in my mouth for the salt and baking soda. I will keep changing the cottonball every hour or so until I go to sleep...I see a MAJOR difference. You are my angel! Thank upi frpm the bottom of my heart!

at work trying it Comments By: dan the man on 2009-05-27
i woke up on wednesday with half my face swollen i looked like the elephant man , as the day went on was in more and more pain so went to the dentist who slit open the thing and gave me some antibiotics well after a week same so i have been back yesterday and with a little help she pulled out my tooth but still no puss came out so more pills so just been thinking of giving this a go to see if i can get my face back has anyone been in the same prodickument as me
hope it works Comments By: Thomas on 2009-05-28
to be fair ive toughed this out for 7 years im 18 now i know thats bad but i have a fear of dentists but gradually the pain seems to decrease when i take mouthwash. ive thought about suicide a couple of times early in my life. the pain a couple of years ago was so painful. i couldnt cope
but its like a flash it comes and goes. once i had a whole year before it came back.
right now the pain is minimum. perhaps im used to the pain but i hope everyone else benefits from this.

RELIEF! Comments By: Wonderful relief on 2009-06-06
I had been in pain for 3 days. Am 4 months pregnant and of course that means your stuck with only Tylenol. It did nothing for my pain. After another sleepless night I got up at 4:30 and started searching for some help online. I came across this and thought it was worth a try and WOW the pain started to go away within minutes. It's been about an hour now and I'm waiting to see what happens but this really works! Thank you
This Works!!!!!! Comments By: Jermaine on 2009-06-10
I was in pain for two days! Found this site thought for two dollars it is worth a try. Actually with the pain if it was fifty dollars it was still worth a try. I tried it and with two hours I was much better. Give it a try I hope you have the same results.
DO NOT USE BAKING SODA AND SALT!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: Greg A. on 2009-06-10
The baking soda and salt solution will cause u more pain and grief than not.. I tried it and it gave me an extremely bad chemical burn. My advise to anyone is, go to a dentist, like affordable dentures, they'll give u pain meds and antibiotics. They will also set you up a date to get the tooth pulled. Thats your best bet.. Take the advise or leave it. But please trust me, don't use the baking soda and salt trick... Take care.
P.S. Hate to bust your bubble about it....

IT WORKS! But takes forever! Comments By: 30 Weeks Pregnant on 2009-06-14
I developed a pimpled sized gum boil on the bottom right of my gums Saturday night. It had been from a tooth that was crowned from a root canal 3 years ago prior. This tooth has been giving me problems on and off for years. For instance, whenever I got a piece of food stuck in it, my gums would swell up from bleeding gums. Luckily before I was pregnant, I would use this machine called "WaterPik" that would squirt high pressured water on the area and that alone would restore my bleeding gums. That used to work, before I was pregnant.

Since I'm now 30 weeks pregnant I've noticed that my teeth are WAY more sensitive. My teeth are bleeding constantly and I read online that pregnant women are prone to pregnancy gingivitis cause of their change in hormones. I was also really scared to go to my dentist cuz I didn't wanna get an X-Ray done. Plus, another root canal would've cost me $600-$1000. (Money that I could've used for my upcoming baby.)

I thank my stars (and so does my baby) that I found this remedy online!!

On Saturday evening I noticed a pink bubble that was tender and throbbing with pain. I've often had problems like bleeding gums with my teeth, but being pregnant really made all my teeth problems worse! I'd never had a gum boil before or tooth abscess before. I felt like I wanted to grab some pliers and pop the darn thing myself. Thank goodness I didn't cuz it wasn't mature yet and it prolly would've made things worse. Anyway, it was really difficult for my to sleep Sat night cuz of this boil in my mouth. It's hard enough for a pregnant woman to get comfortable in bed to sleep AND NOW, besides being pregnant, I ALSO had this boil to keep me up! I couldn't stop crying and it was really horrible!

Around 8am Sunday was the first time I tried this remedy. I gotta admit, the burning sensation from the baking soda & salt H-U-R-T!! It made my lips and my gums B-U-R-N! BUT, at least my gum boil was no longer throbbing so its like an exchange of one pain for another. The pain from the baking soda & salt doesn't last forever though. It lasts for around 5 minutes and them your mouth gets used to it. I left this first cotton ball in my mouth till 11:30am (3 1/2 hours) then I decided to replace it with a new baking soda & salt cotton ball.

I must have changed the cotton ball 2 more times until (FINALLY) around 7:30pm I removed the last cotton ball and noticed that the pus of the boil had finally matured by turning white and filling up the boil. I then got a q-tip and was able to easily poke it. I tried to squeeze out as much as I could with the q-tip then I gargled w/ hydrogen peroxide & water.

This remedy really works, but IT TOOK 12 HOURS for the boil to finally pop. I'm still planning to make a trip to my dentist on Monday to request antibiotics but at least I don't havta go there in pain! Thanks Tipking!

Dentists and pain medication Comments By: Diane on 2009-06-16
I have been dealing with an abcessed molar for weeks now while awaiting an oral surgery a month away when it will be extracted. My referring dentist has prescribed Ketoprofen (NSaid) and Antibiotics. THe pain is severe and i am losing a lot of sleep and income from missing work. Today I called becasue I was certain there must be a stronger pain reliever and was told he could not give me anything stronger. THe oral surgeon also cannot help me. I know there has to be stronger meds available for such circumstances-why won't dentists understand and help me as needed. Trying the baking soda/salt solution on cotton swab-has helped somewhat..will continue trying this out.
OMG Pain! T_T Comments By: MysteriousFae on 2009-06-22
I am 26, this is my first abcess, and omg, it hurts. I have two children, both boys, both natural, one was 8 lbs 15 oz, and the other was 9 lbs 1 oz. I would rather relive their births then go through another day of pain. Worse of all! I can't do anything for it, for another two days AT LEAST! I have been in pain for about a week now, off and on, I was taking anti-botics and pro-biotics, they helped, a little, BUT IT CAME BACK!! I sure hope it works, 30 mins into it and I am starting to feel tired... ^_^ Unfortunatly, at this time, I can't go to sleep. Here is hoping this is solved before I complete my move!
10 out of 10 Comments By: perfect cure............. on 2009-06-26
I had been in pain for 2 days and my left side of my face was huge - the abcess was getting harder and harder and I looked like the elephant man- in desperation i searched on line and found this tip - withing 45 mins the abcess was rock hard they within another 20 mins - hey presto - it popped, rather vile but pleasure at the same time as the pain had gone completley - it really really did work for me - back at work today as if nothing has happened - will always keep this tip - happy boy today
i'm a believer Comments By: john uk on 2009-07-05
Had a pain in my gum with what I thought was a boil. After having had an abcess a couple of years ago I wanted to try and sort this one out ASAP without having to endure the agony again.

I found this website and tried the baking soda\salt tip. However in the UK baking soda is known as bicarbonate of soda, so after a false start I got the right stuff and gave it a go.

When you put it in your mouth be prepared for a burning sensation, however stick with it because within 45 minutes a pimple appeared and when I popped it, the pain level dropped significantly and after a couple of hours and some ibuprofen the pain was gone.

Wow! No more pain! Comments By: curdles2000 on 2009-07-14
I was up lastnight with an absessed tooth. I tried the baking soda and salt mixture. The pain is gone for now but it didnt pimple up and burst like I'd hoped. I have a dentist appointment today so Im not gonna worry about it not pimpleing up and bursting. But this was a great idea for pain and it really works even though my cheeck is a little raw from it.
Amazed Comments By: pain free on 2009-07-14
Stumbled across this, i chipped a back tooth last week, i have a 5 week wait for dentist, so gave this a try as i have a lump above the tooth now, face was swollen, couldn't sleep on that side of my face, totally amazed, 2 hours later i had a head, stuck a needle in and was amazed how much stuff came out, let hope thats the end of it now. Many thanks for this superb tip
thank god for that Comments By: lee on 2009-07-15
phewwww,was the worst pain in the world,did the salt and bicarbonate soda ,took the pain off after ten mins,then put a hot teabag on the abcess to draw the puss to a head,20 mins later it burst,my body went through a big sigh of relief and so did i,good old grandmas remedys eh,,,,,,,
This actually worked I'm so impressed! Comments By: claire on 2009-07-21
Hi, I want to explain what happened to me in case it helps anyone else as I'm amazed by this tip! This happened while I was working away from home just before a weekend so no chance to see my dentist quickly. I had severe toothache which spread to my jaw, head, neck, collar bone overnight. I tried alternating nurofen plus with paracetamol but they were not having any effect. After a sleepless night I was hunting for solutions then I found this tip. So at about midday I put on the cotton wool, salt and bicarb and left it on the gum for 2 hrs ( I was at work and had to take it out after 2 hours due to drooling!). My tooth pain was the same if not worse, I was a bit dizzy and flushed and my jaw was swelling so I thought it hadn't worked. Got the train home at about 8pm and tried to eat something soft as I was starving! At first it was agony then all of a sudden I realised the tooth pain had gone! I think the abscess must have popped..yuck, but bliss! So it took 8 hrs in total for me but it worked! I did another cotton wool treatment overnight that night to be sure. I went to get anti-biotics the next day from the emergency dentist as my jaw was still swollen and I felt a bit ill from the infection but the horrendous pain was totally gone. When I saw the out of hours dentist and told her what had happened she didn't really listen and offered to drill a hole to drain the abscess to relieve the pain - I told her again that I'd already done that with my poultice and the actual pain was gone! She told me anyway to keep taking full doses of pain killers until I saw my own dentist as the pain would come back, but I didn't take them and it hasn't come back! It was 5 days from doing the cotton wool treatment to my appointment with my own dentist, I go tomorrow and the pain has not come back. I still need to get the tooth sorted out so it doesn't happen again but at least I know how to end that horrendous pain..thank you tip king, brilliant!
wow what a relief Comments By: marcella on 2009-07-24
i tried the salt and bicarbonate of soda on the cotton wool and found it gave some relief enough to get some sleep.but found it burned my mouth slightly which is nothing compared to the pain i was in...i also tried the vicks vapour rub on the outside if my lip which also helped... i then went on to rinsing with the salt and bicarb mix and found the abcess getting softer and looked ready to burst after rinsing for the 3rd time the abcess did indeed burst what a relief i cant begin to tell you this was just 20 mins ago
thank you for passing this tip on.

Baking soda or Baking powder? Comments By: Ceanlia on 2009-08-05
What is Baking Soda? I was not sure... Baking soda should not be confused with baking powder, which has added acidifying and drying agents (typically cream of tartar and starch, respectively). Baking soda, on the other hand, is pure bicarbonate of soda.

TipKing says: Yes the two are completely different

You help me through the Pain..Thx! Comments By: Ceanlia on 2009-08-05
Hey! I�m still using your method and it�s helping me to cope with the discomfort and pain. I�m also on treatment with antibiotics, to gain control of the situation, followed by extraction this Saturday.
My tooth abscess began as a localized condition that spread to other areas of my body. It originated as a tooth infection and is one of the most painful reminders of the connection between oral health and overall health. My local dentist referred me today to an oral surgeon to have the tooth removed� this will happen on Saturday. Till then, it�s you and me and finding a way out of this pain I call �Hell�!!! Thank you for this site and info!

fingers crossed for it to work!:D Comments By: Eve Emery on 2009-07-31
im 16 and have neverrr had such terrible pain as i have with this abscess! i've had one before but this is soo much worse right above my front teeth, all around my mouth's swollen and i look ridiculous, pain has subsided slightly with cloves and penicillin but am using this treatment to try and get rid of the rest of the pain. Thing is that i can already see the abscess now but am unsure of what the 'head' of an abscess would look like? so im wondering whether it's wise to bother tryna pop it or not, can someone give me some advice on this?:) thanks
I'm in PAIN! Comments By: Ceanlia on 2009-08-03
I'm in so much pain! Thank you for this info... I'm going to try it...
killer abscess Comments By: rw on 2009-09-03
the left side of my face is completely swollen from this extremely painful abscess. its 4 am in nyc and i'm all out of options. here goes......
HELP!!!!!! Comments By: carly on 2009-09-06
hi due to pregnancy an the weakning of the emana i have a hole it my back left tooth.the only thing is i have no absess on the outside of the tooth it feels like its at the root of the tooth. it hurts so much to bit down an i can sometimes taste the poison.am a wuss so wont go to dentist was just wondering which remedy would work if any thanks
Are you all nuts.... Comments By: tc on 2009-09-13
Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate)and salt (sodium)... 6th grade chemistry, why use two salts... baking soda has more properties but give me a break! Get a bag of ice and stop procrastinating!
WORKED WONDERS Comments By: Anon on 2009-09-18
Did this at 10:30 am this morning... and by 12:45pm, The pain was gone, and the abscess burst! Went on to work, and rinsed my mouth with saltwater 3 or 4 times til i got home and rinsed with Peroxide!! Pain is gone, and fells much better.. Thanks a million for this tip!
Testing this as I type, right now! Comments By: Hoping This Works! on 2009-09-25
I'm using a gauze and didnt really measure the b.soda and salt but its in my mouth.. just hoping in the right spot! The whole left side of my jaw and cheek are the size of an orange and are in so much pain. Anyways, I'll be back here to report in a few hours. Look for my name... Hoping This Works!
THANK YOU. Comments By: MIKE on 2009-09-26
pain is slowly going away Comments By: hermes on 2009-09-27
been in pain for 2 days, calling the dentist tomorrow to make an appointment. i have tried this remedy all today and the throbbing pain has gone away, my left side of my face is still a bit swollen but i think it has gone down alot, thanks alot for this tip, i will continue doing it till i get this appointment!! tooth aches are the worst!!
worked like a charm! Comments By: pain no more! on 2009-10-15
I cracked my tooth, but dentist wanted to "watch it". Went back with a swollen face and discomfort a few weeks later and was told that I had an abscess and would need root canal. Had procedure on Monday, but it didn't drain. Dentist sent me home with antibiotics and pain killer. Went back this morning to have packing changed because of intense pain. Dentist said again to let nature take its course and to come back if I could "feel my heartbeat in my mouth". Of course, this happened right after her office closed. Found this website. Applied baking soda and salt mixture. Four hours later, it came to a head. Popped it with a needle and let it drain. I feel like a MILLION DOLLARS. Thank you so much for the advice. Can't wait to tell my dentist about this remedy.
I am no longer seeing Stars!!! :o) Comments By: Alane - Cleveland, OH 10/17/2009 on 2009-10-16
I have gone 3 days in extreme cut your head off pain and as a last resort before the ER I decided to try Google and found this site. I avoided the ER due to money issues and also didnt want to sit next to a trauma victim with a toothache - but HEY, it HURT! Welp, at 10 pm I applied the first toilet paper wad (no cotton balls at home) with Baking Soda and Salt to the general area because I couldnt tell which tooth was the culprit. Within a minute, the pain subsided, but when I removed the wad, the pain was back, I put in another and left for an hour, looked in the mirror and still nothing and the pain was there but now a 4 out of the original 10 it started with. I put in a new wad and waited another hour, then I felt a pounding and thought OH NO, works for everyone but me :o(. Went to look in the mirror again and gets clothes of for the trip to the ER and I sucked in my cheeks like u do to pretend you're making a fish face and WHAM! Nasty taste, INSTANT RELIEF!!! I mean make you smile, and praise God and go apologize to the family for being such a B*7^H kind of relief!!!! People, if you are suffering, give this a try. You will definetly come back and post your experience of living thru the abcessed tooth!!!
I am no longer seeing Stars!!! :o) Comments By: Alane - Cleveland, OH 10/17/2009 on 2009-10-16
I have gone 3 days in extreme cut your head off pain and as a last resort before the ER I decided to try Google and found this site. I avoided the ER due to money issues and also didnt want to sit next to a trauma victim with a toothache - but HEY, it HURT! Welp, at 10 pm I applied the first toilet paper wad (no cotton balls at home) with Baking Soda and Salt to the general area because I couldnt tell which tooth was the culprit. Within a minute, the pain subsided, but when I removed the wad, the pain was back, I put in another and left for an hour, looked in the mirror and still nothing and the pain was there but now a 4 out of the original 10 it started with. I put in a new wad and waited another hour, then I felt a pounding and thought OH NO, works for everyone but me :o(. Went to look in the mirror again and gets clothes of for the trip to the ER and I sucked in my cheeks like u do to pretend you're making a fish face and WHAM! Nasty taste, INSTANT RELIEF!!! I mean make you smile, and praise God and go apologize to the family for being such a B*7^H kind of relief!!!! People, if you are suffering, give this a try. You will definetly come back and post your experience of living thru the abcessed tooth!!!
Thankyou times infinity!!!!!'' Comments By: Kim from nc 10/18/09 on 2009-10-18
I have been dealing with tooth pain on and off for 9 years now. Tried everything. Painkillers worked for awhile, but now they don't even touch it. The pain was so bad, I was snapping at everyone, almost as if I had the worst case of pms ever. I came across this site this morning and tried it immediately. The pain was gone in minutes. I kept the cottonball in for about an hour, then took it out to eat, then cleaned my mouth really well with an irrigator, then put a fresh cottonball in for about 30 minutes. I have been pain free since 7 this evening and even got some laundry done!!! I will recommend this to anyone and everyone.
Waiting through the pain... Comments By: Ronnie Cash, San Antonio 10/19/09 on 2009-10-18
I have a broken tooth that has abscessed and I've been in pain for nearly 2 weeks now. It started during my surprise engagement trip to Yosemite. Nothing has helped, not over the counter pain medicine, Vicodin or Lodine. I can't see an abscess, but the pain is second only to when my appendix went bad, it has to be. I put the concoction in my mouth, it's been about 30 min. and stings like hell, but the pain is getting better. Hopefully a blister will form. I will check in with an update.
Hasn't seemed to work. Comments By: Ronnie Cash, San Antonio 10/19/09 on 2009-10-19
I left it in for about a hour and a half before bed and it seemed to make the pain subside at first. The stinging in my cheek was too much and I can still feel it this morning. I went to bed still in pain, even with some Lodine and Amoxicillin. I just need to get this thing out.
I want my pain back! Comments By: Anon on 2009-10-21
The HORRIBLE pain on the tooth is FAR MORE TOLERABLE than the SWELLING in my face!I've the cotton ball in right now, but I am wondering if the pressure is helping more than the BURNING of the salt/baking soda??? Also, I recall a time when it was common place to brush with just baking soda..should've listened to my grandad and NOT 9 out of 10 dentists. UGH. This stuff is NASTY! Imma keep trying for just a bit, and then tomorrow it's off to the dental college to have this sucka yanked XX hopefully..2nd time this has happened, and last time the ER did an IV antibiotic, and then a prescript of antibiotic NO PAIN MEDS, and I had to take 2 EXTRA pills to counter the side effects of the antibiotic. UGH. DOn't want to walk down that lane again:(
Help Comments By: Jimmy on 2009-11-07
been using the salt/baking soda method overnight, and when i checked it this morning it looked like it popped but there is still a pus like liquid in there.

What do i do?

A skeptic at first Comments By: Sayron on 2009-11-07
I had broken a tooth and had an absess form faster then you would think. Pain was unbareable for almost a week. Pain meds didnt work. I found this site and saw the salt/baking soda thing. Tried it once and the pain subsided within minutes. I put up with the burning sensation only because it wasnt as bad. When i put it in there was no bubble. I checked it 5 hours later and there was a huge bubble on my gum. Broke very easy and all i can say is I love who ever figured this out.......the relief was sweet. This does work
face all puffed up Comments By: happy and pain free on 2009-11-08
Have been at home all week with a severe cola and felt rotten, on top of this woke up this morning with my face all puffed up with an abcess, tried anti inflamatories and pain killers but nothing relieved it. Tried the salt and bi carb and hey presto after about half an hour it burst, and all this green gunge came oozing out, could not beleive it, the pain had gone completelty. Thank you. even my cold feels better now, maybe it was worse due to the abcess, but the pain has gone.
does it work Comments By: liam norton on 2009-11-17
hi im Liam i have a abcessed tooth and what happens if you swollo the posin
Been trying it for a couple of hours Comments By: dilla on 2009-12-08
My back left molar is abscessed and my jaw has been swollen for 3 days, no insurance, so I have taking some Vicodin and antibiotics, my mom was prescribed when she had an abscess a couple of months ago. The swelling has me nervous, it really has not gotten better, and I can barely open my jaw wide enough to eat anything.

I started reading this a couple of hours ago, and so far have done this 3 times, for 45 min each, the swelling in my jaw seems to have firmed up a little bit, and moved from under my jaw bone, to the side of it.

My gum and the inside of my mouth is all pruned up, and im going to give it a rest for now, I might try it again tomorrow, but my optimism is waining.

Thank you so so much Comments By: Anon on 2009-12-11
Ihave been in agony for days & luckily came across this site. I was a bit sceptical but was in so much pain would try anything even tried sticking a needle in it which made the pain worse
Had the mixture on for 2 hours & little bumps started to appear pushed it really hard and it burst such relief thanks again

HOPING THIS WORKS... Comments By: blue_eyez on 2009-12-20
i have had tooth pain now since sept 1st... i have kept putting it off cause my insurance doesnt kick in till after the 1st of january.. my first round had to go to the er and get some meds which kicked it fast. this time i did the same thing and it didnt seem to work. my cheek is swollen and trying to get the infection up. it did move it from my lower jaw into the cheek. this is my 3rd attempt in 2 days . today my cheek is real sore from the mixure but as long as it works.. will keep you informed.. just waiting for the blister for pressure relief.
Becareful with this treatment! Comments By: Michelle on 2009-12-21
I tried this treatment for 1 day. I only did 3 treatments of 15 minutes each throughout a 10 hour day. It took away the pain from the abscess for 2 hours at a time during the 10 hours. I awoke the next day with looked like a canker sore with blood in it. It hurt worse then the abscessed tooth. It ate away my gum line. I followed other home remedies afterwards and the best thing that worked was GARLIC...I take garlic tablets plus chew on raw garlic cloves. Please take alook at all home remedy websites before making a decision on what is best for you. a few websites I found extremely helpful is http://www.myhomeremedies.com/static/abcess and http://www.earthclinic.com/CURES/tooth_abcess2.html#GARLIC_36375. Also, I found out that oil pulling helps as well. I am doing that now from the site http://www.oilpulling.org/method-of-doing-oil-pulling/. These websites helped me a great deal..Best of luck to all.
I really hope this works Comments By: Tori on 2009-12-25
So its now 01:49am, i can get no sleep theres no salt or cotton wool or bi carbonate of soda in the house so i can just hope tomorow after ive been to the shop that this will work,
give it a try....now painless Comments By: hollie on 2010-01-01
just got to say i was in the worst pain ever an hour ago...but thought i would give it a go nothing to lose and my mouth was so sore the first ten minutes think it was the table salt burning my skin but its started to ease the pain im off to the dentist tomorrow so as long as it keeps the pain away and gives me some sleep im happy thankyou so much for this remedy :)
i hav an absess Comments By: katie on 2010-01-04
abcesses are really painfull, you all have my sympathy, i hav had 2 i have still got one of them now!! as i said you all have my deep sympathy, does that way work?
try sterolising a needle, numb your gum buy buying some dental gel, i dont know the name of it, once the needle is sterilised pop it,i hope i helped!! x

I'm in agony! Comments By: David on 2010-01-09
Going to give this a go. Its getting sorer and sorer by the minute. I;m maxed and over on all prescription drugs. Hope this give some relief. Never felt anything like it!
I'm in agony Comments By: David on 2010-01-12
Tried it out. Not great results. Did kill the pain a for a short while but also managed to burn the tissue in my gum and inside cheek (I used the quantities given i.e 1 teaspoon salt and one teaspoon baking soda). Did not bring out any pus either. I think my infection is too high up on my upper jaw line for this to work effectively.
OMG, This hurts sooooooooo bad Comments By: Debb on 2010-01-12
I sat here and tried the baking soda/salt mixture on 3 occassions today. Each time lasting about and hour. This evening when i changed cotton balls and replaced with a new one my the burning seemed really bad compared to the other 3 times. I went to check and there was goop all over the cotton ball. I had to help the puss along from the top of the gum to help it out. This was fine. I finally had to take one of my pain pills that i use for my back and feet. It hurt worse once it started oozing out then when i had the cotton ball in there. I sure hope this works, i'll continue again just before bed and tomorrow. I just didn't understand why people were having a problem with the cheek going raw. I had my mix in a small snack bag and once i moistened the cotton ball only put the mix on one side, the side touching my gum.
Not as much relief as everyone else states Comments By: Debb on 2010-01-13
Yep, did the treatment again before bed. Still had the poisen oozing out. Went to bed and woke this morning the pocket had all refilled again and then started having pain all over the mouth, jawbone and neck. Will do a few more times today with cotton and see if this will help get the poisen out more. After doing this i have been rinsing mouth with sea salt & water and then i rinse with listerine. Did have a small area of area of skin on the absess come off, but not as bad as others say.
WOW!!!!!! it's gone Comments By: Debb on 2010-01-15
Day #3, woke up this morning and there was nothing left to the absess except a little pruned gum but that's easy to handle. Continuing with the sea salt rinses and then listerine. No pain in mouth, jaw or neck... all disappeared. Will use this treatment again if another absess starts.
just wondering Comments By: mike on 2010-01-19
it says you have to use baking soda... what if you use baking powder?

TipKing says: It will not work as it is the wrong ingredient

Here Goes Comments By: Chris on 2010-01-22
I'm trying this now, lots of dribbling so far!
Dentist says Pop IT - if you must! It's O.k. ! Comments By: John Phoenix on 2010-01-23
For those of you still unsure if you can pop that abscess or not:
Well if you are in tons of pain and you cannot get to the dentist and you must have relief because none of the home remedies seem to work then you can go ahead and pop that sucker.
THIS Dentist tells you it's o.k. to do so and even shows you how! - So, Dr. Approved.. Go ahead and Pop it!
Watch the video first, get some strong antibacterial mouthwash like Listerine to clean the area with before and after and Pop Away! Use sterile gauze to absorb the blood and pus and try not to swallow anything nasty. You do still need antibiotics to get rid of the infection Or foods that have strong antibiotic properties (do a Google search) if you cannot get the expensive antibiotics. So see a dentist as soon as you can if you can afford it. Keep the area clean! If it gets badly infected and you don't treat it with antibiotics or strong antibiotic foods an infection can become life threatening.

THANK YOU Comments By: Brian Smith on 2010-01-24
Tried the solution and at first it seemed not to work but after a few hours the pain subsided . Now the pain is gone although my jaw is still swollen but i can live with that. Thanks for the remedy
PACKED IT IN! Comments By: Buzzard on 2010-02-06
Still druling at the moment, yet I beleive this may work. I can already feel the pressure under my eye subsiding.

Quick fix? YES! Burn? a little I have had stronger shots of HOOCH juice then the Soda and Salt!

Thanks for whom ever thought of this

unbelievible Comments By: blissy on 2010-02-11
wow really did not exspect this to work....but it really does ! This was my 3rd day of pain and no sleep so thought id give it a try and yippiieeeee it works, found putting it for an hour then a break three times and hey presto! Thank u so much
DIDN'T WORK AS WELL AS I THOUGHT Comments By: Vicki R. on 2010-02-15
I tried this cotton ball with the salt/baking soda mix. I had it in my mouth for a good 8 hours, changing the cotton & salt/baking soda mix every 2 hours for a fresh one. I DO ADMIT that the throbbing pain subsided. HOWEVER, the abcess never came to the top as I hoped in order to pop it. In fact, it is still there, but spread around! The mouth lining of my cheek is all raw. I have been swooshing with Listerine every 4 hours and I ordered AMOXICILLIN 250 mg online ("labeled for fish") from a vet pharmacy. I cannot afford the dentist until my Medicaid card comes in the mail. Meanwhile, I thought I'd let you know that the home remedy helped but it has its limitations depending on the severity of the infection, I suppose. If you supplement with the amoxicillin, do NOT exceed 500 mg every 8 hours for 10 DAYS MAXIMUM until you can get professional help.
wow it helped me soo much! Comments By: kam on 2010-02-19
Hi, just tried this & it worked, we'll i've still got a slight pain but not like the pain i had before. It was one the worst pain i have ever experienced, nearly as bad as child birth! I couldn't sleep for days, i couldn't keep still, i couldn't even think straight, pain killers didn't even help. This really does work, i think it's the salt that cleans & disinfects the abscess.
Thankyou for the great tip & good luck to all those who are suffering, i hope it works!!

our father who art in heaven Comments By: not a happy Dyanne on 2010-02-22
i pray this works if only to save my sanity. .lol what little there is left of it after this abscess has made its position in life known. .tastes vile tho but il just have to get used to it i guess as i couldn't get a dental appt for another 3 days. . groan THREE days!!!. . i'll be crawling up the wall by then if this doesnt work. . keeping my fingers crossed and my mouth closed so i have less of an urge to projectile spit it into the bin lol couldnt u have come up with something a little more palatable (not sure if that's the correct spellin but i dont much care cos im in pain..
please be the same thing Comments By: dyanne on 2010-02-22
er. . have just thought bout something. . is baking soda the same as bicarbs of soda.? or am i putting up (bravely may i add cos im a wuss when it comes to pain)with this god awful taste for nothing?? nooooooooo that wud just b cruel!!!lol
yessssssss!!! Comments By: dyanne on 2010-02-22
omg i love you.!!!!! .the pain is just starting to subside and iv only had it in place for 20 min. . (bicarbs IS ok btw)its absolutely wonderful. cos i soooo need sleep. .night good painfree ppl ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz
Gawd bless y'all! Comments By: mooks on 2010-03-05
In absolute agony.... wits end, found this, tried it, took about an hour but by God it works. Thankyou!
gunna try this-oh god please work Comments By: paul moore on 2010-03-11
This is my story-sunday 7th march 2010 uk felt a little rough thought nothing of it -monday oh my god the pain went to my dentist they said come back tommorrow oh great, Tuesday releif tooth coming out,dentists sits me down x ray cool she gets started han the gum injections and away we go-THEN what THE FXXXX THE PAIN tooth half in half out mouth bleeding and im ready to kill her and the assistant,then stopped and said cant finish got an abcess and that was it ive tried swilling whiskey,0.5 seconds releif,taken amoxicillin 4 days hasnt kicked in yet,codamol 30/500 to no affect ibuprofen 600mg and been to a+e this morning 4 am because no 1 should have to go a day with the pain let alone a week considered chopping me arm off to swap pain lol -so i hope this remedy works now thursday afternoon here goes.
ouch..... Comments By: nicola sutherland. on 2010-03-23
after waking up with a golf ball on the side of my face, and taking no end of pain killers, i found this site, im currently sitting here with a dangly label hanging out of my mouth, ( a peppermint t.bag) i hope this works, will try the cbs and salt soon, god please let this go by 2moro, ive got work, and to face hundreds of customers aday, as well as my kids calling me elephant women.
Thank you Thank you Thank you Comments By: Absessed April on 2010-04-03
Last night my absessed tooth hurt so bad I was hopeless then I came across this page and thought nothing could make the pain worse. I put the baking soda and salt mix on a wet Q-tip and used bandades to tape the Q-tip in place while I tried to get some sleep. In about 15 minutes it stopped stinging and I was able to sleep. In the morning, I had a lump above my tooth this time I used the cotton ball about 3 hours, the lump got larger I waited about 30 minutes and put another cotton ball in about 15 minutes later, my tooth wasn't throbbing no more I lifted my lip to look at the lump and it started to drain instant relief. Thank you everyone who left comments on this page. And for the people this didn't work for I hope you found a different remedy.
IT is helping alot Comments By: I hate this on 2010-04-03
I used a teabag 2 days ago woke up and popped the skin felt great but the 2 days later it filled again am now trying the baking soda and salt there is Infection on the cotton ball i hope it all comes out. This pain is crazy PLEASE work
Sweet blessed relief - it worked for me! Comments By: Simon on 2010-04-04
Had broken incisor, abcess formed above it. Pain excruciating to the point where all I could do was pace up and down all night with hot water bottle strapped to face. Was taking every pain killer known to man, washed down with liberal amounts of whiskey, to no avail. Was seriously considering a DIY job with the pliers.

Tried this method (btw, in the UK it's called bicarbonate of soda)and 2 hours later the abcess burst, poison drained and pain gone.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Relief at last, well sorta. Comments By: Jaycee on 2010-05-17
I went to the dentist today after 48 hours of toothache hell. He's given me antibiotics and I have an appointment for a root canal in two days. I wasn't sure how I would get through another two days of this, the dentist didn't even attempt to drain the abscess and it's without a doubt the worst pain I have ever had.

After trying your remedy I haven't taken any pain relief for over 4 hours (I'm usually counting the minutes until I can grab the next dose) and aside from the horrible salty taste in my mouth and having to use a 'spit cup' (abscess is on the roof of my mouth) it has been a godsend. Hoping I can get my abscess to a head so I can get some permanant relief.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: Gina on 2010-05-17
Tried this and after an hour and a half the pain eased so much I was able to get some sleep after 2 days! Woke up and applied another cotton ball and the abcess popped within 10 minutes! I also had an abcess on the roof of my mouth much bigger and I was scared to try it on there since it was so large (almost golf ball size)! But I did and after 30 minutes it too popped and my pain is gone,I hope the swelling in my face is next. I have also been rinsing my mouth with water and salt and feel so much better,I cant wait to eat!!!! Thank you and bless everyone going thru this awful pain!
Penicillin wont work Comments By: Miriah on 2010-05-20
I just got home from the e.r. I was in so much pain that I couldnt take it anymore. While there the doc told me that penicillian wont kill the infection from an abcess tooth. Go figure that I see so many people on here taking that drug for this. My e.r. doc gave me an anitbiotic called flagyl and said it should kill it. We will see anyway thank you so much for this tip. I didnt have any cotton balls so used q-tips instead and it worked. I only did it for a couple of minutes and it was like instant relief. My abcess hasnt popped yet or anything but will be going to the store and getting cotton balls for tonight. God Bless the person who had the foresight to put this on the internet. Thank you so much. Alright everyone who has penicillian call your dentist and ask for different drugs lol.
WOW!!!!!! Comments By: kez on 2010-05-28
thank u so much for givin this tip out .....my son developed an absess in his gum 3 days ago he is only 12 and seriously could not cope with the pain ...hes on antibiotics and pain killers every 4 hours ...we am tryin it right now and half hour ago he was in that much pain he said it was 10/10 for the worst pain ever now he said its 0/10 cant feel no pain .... no sign of it burstin yet but he said the mixture tastes nice lol and hopfully after 3 nights of sleeplessness we can both have a good nights sleep ...i cant thank u enough for this tip xx
no baking soda ? Comments By: stuart lindsay on 2010-06-06
iv read alot of the comments on this and this seems to be a remedy worth a try! so iv searched the house and cant find any baking soda :( although iv found bicarbonate of soda. im not exactly sure but i think there pretty similar, so im giving that a try with some sea salt and ill report back on how it worked incase anyone has the same problem! :-)
(although the best short term pain releif iv found is to smoke a good bit of weed) lol

awesome and verified! Comments By: aricool on 2010-06-07
My cheek/face start swelling rapidly starting on Saturday and got huge by Sun morning. My emergency dentist did not respond to the pager, so I was stuck with a rapidly swelling face. Then, I came across this home remedy, and within a few hours the swelling came down to just a little worse than the prior day, and stayed down until even the next morning when I could see a dentist. I kept it on all the time day and night, and reapplied the mixture every few hours as my saliva washed it away from the cotton.

The next afternoon, the dentist cut into the infected root and mostly blood came out, little puss, so this might be why no puss blister ever happened with the mixture. When I told him about this method to buy time on (not cure) the infection he said the reason is it makes the area more alkaline, which slows the bug's growth.

No baking soda continued Comments By: stuart lindsay (now abscess free) on 2010-06-08
Yep it works with bicarbonate of soda. :D
pain releif within about an hour of putting the cotton in place.
must just be any sort of heavy alkaline subastance will do the trick?
thanks anyway for the tip =)

amazing Comments By: anon on 2010-06-08
have had an absess for 2 months n last lot of antibiotics haven't worked nor have the painkillers prescribed by the doctor,but this worked after 20 mins loads of puss(sorry) am soooo relived just a pity i didnt see it 2 days ago then maybe i could have had some sleep.many,many thanks
Learn from my mistake(s), hopefully! Comments By: Alan C on 2010-06-15
There is probably some merit to the above method. However, in my case I just had two teeth extracted today (wasn't nearly as bad as I thought) and my face has been swollen like a grapefruit on the right jaw for four days. Here's my experience trying to drain this out-of-control infection using the salt/sodium-bicarbonate method...

1. I could not treat the toothache immediately, as I was traveling. :-( By the time I got to the internet to really explore my options, two days had passed, and my abscessed tooth was feeling OK again (after much brushing, brushing with Orajel, toothpicking, and rinsing with peroxide.)

2. My infection escaped/seeped below the tooth socket and out into my jaw, which resulted (this is about 36 hours after the initial toothache pain) in waking up with a swollen jaw. My jaw and cheek were swollen like this for about eight hours before I got home and could treat the toothe.

3. Clove oil actually worked really well for the pain! Heavily diluted in olive oil (2-3 drops in 1/4 tspn olive oil) worked well. Ibuprofen 800mg or 600mg also worked, even better than some borrowed (Tylenol/codeine), but is probably not great for the liver.

4. So, on day two of my swollen jaw, about 10:00am I determined to try the salt/baking soda method. It burned, but only for about 10 minutes. I kept spitting salty spit every few minutes into my spit cup. I replaced the cotton ball with a new one after one hour, and again it burned for about 10 minutes. We're doing OK, I though. By the way, I was using large cotton balls, which I cut into fourths.

5. I repeated this for TWELVE HOURS. Every 1-2 hours I replaced the cotton ball with a new one, figuring that the salt solution had leached out, that I should exchange my spit-soaked cotton ball for another with fresh solution, and that would be the one. The lower jaw placement meant they were soaking up spit pretty fast. By the sixth hour or so, each new cotton ball burned like hell for about 15 minutes. I was getting up and going for a short walk each time to cope with the pain, then coming back inside.

6. About mid-day, I DID NOTICE A PIMPLE! Not where the cotton was, but under my tongue by my saliva glands. I moved a cotton ball thinking, OK maybe THESE will rupture now! (They did, the following night, about 24 hours after ending the experiment. They didn't drain much, but Hey! At least it was something!)

7. By the end of 12 hours, I realized my wife was growing tired of my wincing, and I abandoned the process. By this time my inner cheek was thoroughly blistered (I had hoped those would turn into pimples!) and sorely raw. I continued to taste salt for the next 24 hours, which I continued to spit out into my spit cup, in hopes that some nasties were also still being drawn out with the salt.

8. Had the two problem teeth - a sideways (!) wisdom tooth and its broken molar neighbor - pulled today. No other options! I also spent, regrettably, $500 US Dollars to the oral surgeon just to drain off the infections so he could work in my mouth. And this required full sedation, also costly. So I very much wish I could have made the method work! :-(

1. Start asap on the tooth, while the abscess is still around the tooth. I think I lost my window when all the poisons/infection escaped away from the tooth?
2. Perhaps my cotton balls were too big, not targeted enough on one point on my cheek/gums? At one point I thought the opposite and used a half a large cotton ball, which hurt like hell and left a big blister. hehe...oops!
3. Perhaps inclining my head or lying down would keep the solution in the cotton ball longer by keeping it dry longer? (On the other hand, I did switch them out every hour usually.)
4. Any other ideas would be welcome, but as for my mouth the problem is solved. Donations accepted to help pay my uninsured $1600 bill! ;-)

it does what it says on the tin Comments By: Kiran (UK) on 2010-06-28
My wife had an Abscess,she went to dentist,who gave her pain kill and antibiotic,but the pain did go away all day she was in pain about 8pm.She was shouting and having a go at everyone.Then i found this site.THANK YOU GOD,this salt + baking soda really works,peace at last in our house, she fast asleep time 9pm one hour later.Thanks you to ever wrote this advice.
THANK YOU! Comments By: christina on 2010-07-12
omg, thank you to whoever wrote this article! you don't know how much you've practically saved my life! i've been having this pain for a loooong time and have been having migraines taking up to 6 tablets a day. i didnt have the baking soda but i still used the salt and it worked, it formed a puss and it came out, now i can finally sleep again, thank youu!!
Will definately report back on any progress, good or bad Comments By: David on 2010-07-12
Had a dental abscess years ago and the pain was so excruciating that any time i felt anything from my teeth, I was terrified that it was coming back. The abscess i have just now kind of snuck right up on me. I found myself going through the same scenario, taking for more painkillers than I should have paracetamol, aspirin, ibruprofen. Couldnt get co-codomol this time around though that done nothing for me. Currently trying this salt/biocarbonate soda remedy and i'm going to remain positive, and unlike some others I will report back on any progress good or bad. The pain for now has subsided as the cotton sits between my inner cheek and gum which is great although I can still feel it. I feel a bit like a death row inmate however, knowing that just around the corner await the bad times. I would not wish this pain on anyone. I do have a very high pain tolerance but this just disables me completely. Cant string 2 thoughts together in my head because of the extreme pain, overproduction of saliva, I cant talk and i just want anything and everything making a sound to get the hell away from me.

I noticed that there is no dates on these posts so it is 07/12/2010 (US format) 4.30pm

Good luck everyone. If your like me you have been driven here by hundreds of google searches.

Followup Comments By: Dave on 2010-07-20
Comment left on 07/12/2010. Email Received advising that comment was published 07/19/2010. Todays date 07/20/2010
Around the 14th July, within 10 minutes changing the cotton wool/biocarbonate soda/salt mix I felt some extreme pain. Removed the cotton wool ball and noticed there was some blood on it. Also seen that there was some blisters that had appeared and burst (I had not noticed them before) however I suspect this was caused by the irritation by the solution rather than the abscess coming to a head. The reason for this is that there was significant swelling to my lip to suggest that the fluid had moved from the gum to the lip thus removing a lot of the pressure and pain. Since the 13th of July I also began a course of antibiotics. As of today I still have intermittant slight pain though 2 iburofen will clear it for hours and hours.

I think the tip would have been far more effective for me if I had discovered it a lot earlier. As mentioned by a previous commenter, I think that as the fluid had moved from the gum it made it harder to draw the pus out in to a blister. However it does work very well for pain management and I would definately recommend it. It might sting at first and it wont taste great. Also have a cup nearby and you will occasionally have to spit in it rather than swallow the salt/bio soda solution.

Slightly off topic but in regards to pain management, before I found this tip I lifted heavy dumbells and went for walks around the house. My reasoning was that if i exercised hard enough the endorphins would kick in and provide some pain relief or at least take my mind off the pain which it did. But whay worked for me might not work for you. Just remember not to lie down when lifting the dumbells as 1) the change in body position might aggravate the pressure and 2) if the pain gets bad you dont want to drop it on your face! Alternatively if you dont have dumbells try shadow boxing, starjumps etc. You'll look stupid but when/if it offers some relief from the pain you wont care!

Going To Try This Comments By: Chris on 2010-07-24
When i went to the gym i couldn;t 'feel my abcessed tooth! the gym works well for temporary pain relief. I'mn going to try this solution thank you
Thank God Comments By: Matt on 2010-07-29
I was up all night with this absessed tooth, I looked up on the internet on how to get rid of it and came across this tip. I was searching my house high and low for baking soda but couldnt find and so I just used salt and it still worked with only salt.
thank-you it works Comments By: jm on 2010-08-02
after an hour it felt better,enough so i could sleep.going to phone the dentist as soon as its open ,many thanks i will remember the ingredients.
Finally i could sleep Comments By: Anon on 2010-08-13
After upteen hours of putting ice water on my abscess tooth, the old fashioned remedy allowed me to sleep.
didnt work Comments By: mike on 2010-08-22
didnt work at all, actually made pain worse and swelling inflamed more
a gift from heaven Comments By: Jesse lou on 2010-09-03
i went to dentist yesterday in bad bad pain, crying so much i could barely tell him my problem after taking x rays he could still not be sure which tooth was causing the pain so set me home to wait it out, after no sleep i got up this morning on a mission to try everything i could find that may help, this WORKS, not totally took my pain away but i can live with this amount. this is not my 7th one in 4 years!!! and its not poor dential care causing my problems, any one got a idea what could be?
didnt work for me Comments By: dave in pain on 2010-09-10
tried it for 2 days twice during the day
and then overnight all i got was burnt gums decided to call dentist got some anti-biotics (amoxicillin ) 2 days later it burst no more pain have it taken out monday

What a relief!! Comments By: Penni on 2010-09-13
I have been suffering terribly!! I saw this & thought i would give it a try! The first time I puked when the mixture hit my mouth, but i tried again and the pain is going away! i have a pocket of pus on the roof of my mouth ( I tried the poltice there but against my tongue thats what made me puke) since I have placed it on the front side of my gum and check the pus pocket is getting smaller and the pressure is releasing!!!! THANK YOU!!!!! THIS IS A BLESSING!!!!
it really does work! Comments By: ouch on 2010-09-22
I did the salt/soda mix last night overnight, and although I nearly vomitted when some of solution dripped down my throat...it worked! I woke up this morning to find some blood on the cotton wool swab, and a much reduced/almost gone, absess. I can only imagine it burst in the night.
10 mins in!! and hoping!!! Comments By: desperate on 2010-09-24
I have had this pain for 2 days, dentist won't extract until infection gone. I am 6 months pregnant and desperate to try anything as i am in so much pain and very tired. Put this on 10 mins ago and was hoping to report that it has worked already!! Oh well, will keep trying!
desperate Comments By: karen on 2010-09-25
WOW! tried this last night and had the best nights sleep!!! The abcess is still there but the pain has gone. Just have to wait for the anti biotics to work now.

thank you so much

Waiting for results Comments By: Janet on 2010-10-03
I have been experiencing the pain and swelling of my jaw and face this whole weekend. I have the cotton ball dipped in the mixture in my jaw for about an hour. At first, I thought I was getting a sinus infection which I am proned to get. It was only today that I realized what was going on. Even though my whole face swelled up last night making me look like the "Godfather".
I am especially on a quick remedy mode since I will be going on a week-long vacation in a little over 24 hours which includes a cross-country flight.
Wish me luck!

abs. or just bad wisdom tooth Comments By: lady in pain on 2010-10-04
I cannot take baking soda as I am allergic to it and my face will swell more. It is already swollen on right side from the tooth. Where are you getting all these drugs?
infected tooth Comments By: artemis on 2010-10-06
Hi everybody, I have had the salt/soda in about half an hour and it feels good, pain much improved. Just want to add that I'm english and thought that baking soda was baking powder which is what I put on some cotton wool this afternoon. Just the salt alone helped a bit, but when I reread this site I realised it should have been bicarb of soda. My infection seems to have spread along the roof of my mouth and I am going to try a second poultice put between there and my tongue to hold it in place. Obviously cant go to sleep with it because I might swallow it. I did try it for 10 minutes earlier on,and the sore patch on the roof of my mouth feels slightly better. The downside is you are drooling yet more salty soda ish stuff but I decided to sit down, read a book (you could watch a DVD or something) and spit (sorry no polite way of saying this)the excess saliva regularly into a cup.One other thing, I notice some people saying they experience a burnt, raw cheek or gum afterwards. I have very sensitve skin, so I measured about quarter teaspoon of salt and same of soda. Didnt have cotton wool balls,used a pad of cotton (small flat circle of cotton wool) folded in half to make a semicircle. Moistened it (dont wet it, you'll get enough saliva as it is!) dipped it so there was salt/soda both sides of the pad,and stuck it between gum and cheek. I havent experienced any soreness or burning, it just tingles and stings a little bit but in a nice way as if it is attacking the bacteria.So I wonder if people are being a little bit too enthusiastic with the mixture? Remember the skin in your mouth is quite delicate, dont treat it too roughly and maybe dont put too much on to begin with. You can always up the dose after say, half an hour. Also about people with a cracked tooth who are worrying. I have a cracked tooth. I think the warning is not to pack a cotton wool pad INSIDE the tooth. You are trying to draw out the pus AWAY from the tooth. As long as the pad is over the gum or affected area, I dont see that a crack or broken area of tooth matters. I think the aim is to cover the gum where the root is and the abcess is, thats where the action is, you are not covering the tooth.If a bit of cotton wool IS over the tooth (I just checked mine, and it is) I dont think you need to get paranoid about it.I hope the people who had questions will get some answers. I'm not qualified to say. I dont think you can do any harm with this remedy, and I would encourage people to give it a try, maybe approaching it gently as I did. Good luck everyone, this is well worth trying!
hope this works Comments By: ruedi on 2010-10-17
I just put the cottonball in my mouth I hope this really works it would be a miracle I have tried everything to dull the pain I just hope I mixed it right but from all the comments it seems pretty effective i will comment again if it works....
so far so good Comments By: that guy from over there on 2010-10-17
I've had this absessed tooth for about 4 days. Didnt think much of it at first. But when the pain started I became worried. I didnt go to the dentist because I have no dental or medical coverage and I am out of work. And this being the age of "google" I decided to run a search. Came across this remedy and can happily say that it is working wonders at the moment. I can actually smile on the left side of my face again after 2 hours. I bought cotton balls that were too big so I cut it in half, still too big, cut in half again and this time - perfect.

Thank you for this solution.

pain pain Comments By: jen on 2010-10-20
I have been doing the treatment for almost 1 hour and all its done so far is made me have more pain than ever! and i feel like puking it taste so gross please does this really work and how long will it take and does this pain go away? thankyou!
A life saver! Comments By: anon on 2010-10-20
I haven't been able to sleep in 2 days because of my tooth. I have no dental insurance and I was taking 1200mg ibruprofen every 4 hours and it didn't even touch the pain. Clove oil makes me puke so I wasn't even going there. I just put this in a few minutes ago and it was instant relief! I don't even care if it pops or not as long as the pain can stay at bay like this until I can get in. Finally some well deserved rest!
Agony Comments By: Donna on 2010-10-23
I have had my tooth pulled on wenesday only to be in absolute agony. Went back to the dentist on thursday as i was in agony to find i have a absess. I have been in agony ever since. I just hope this works all the comments seem hopefull.x
Still waiting Comments By: Jord on 2010-10-30
Im 23 and have had this abscess for 4 days now, i have tried the mixture half a tea spoon of bi carb soda. half tea spoon of salt. it has eased the pain and the swelling. i had it in over night and when i woke it hadnt burst. i now think i cant wait for it to burst on its own. does any one think i should pop it with a needle because i can feel where it is in my mouth?
tooth abcess Comments By: steph on 2010-11-07
apperantly toothache drops work really good there meant numb your gum completely
Ended the pain and swelling... Comments By: David on 2010-11-11
tried the baking soda and seasalt on cotton wool. placed between lip and gu, The gum had a huge blister. In 1 1/2 hours it burst.
down went the swelling, and the pain vanished . Continued with herbal mouthwash
which included goldenseal,myrhh, lavender
echinacea. Now a week on all is calm I just need to have the tooth repaired.
What a great tip. Thank you

Il give it a try Comments By: Falcor on 2010-11-17
I have no bicarb, so im just on with the salt, dont see what harm it can do, i have no blister/bubble, but my dentist says i do have an abscess. Im hoping the salt will draw it out, paracetamol and ibuprofen have lost their effect its 1:30am and sleep is impossible. Its just really stinging/throbbing. Il come back tomorrow and rate it truely.
Didnt work Comments By: Falcor on 2010-11-18
This honestly didnt help me, thats not to say dont try it 90% of the comments i read are positive.

It made mine worse if anything. I have a buccal swelling with no head, its still there this evening, but i started taking max ibuprofen and paracetamol together, i also am using clove oil, (its gross, and painful for a brief time) which is the only thing to soothe it immedietly.

Fingers crossed it bursts tonight!

don't know if it is a cure yet but certainly relieves Comments By: Dawn on 2010-11-21
I was in agony, my dad suggested this tip and i am so glad
Amazing it works!!! Comments By: MR J on 2010-12-18
I have been in excruciating pain for 5 days with an abcess in my gum. My dentist gave me antibiotics and i have been taking pain killers to no avail.

I was at the end of my tether and came across this. Was a little dubious at first but having read so much excellent feedback decided to try it.

Applied my first bud an hour ago the pain eased substantially after 15 minutes. Hopefully i will get some sleep for the first time in 5 days.

Truly amazing. Why the hell did'nt my money making dentist say anything about this to alleviate the pain.

God Send Comments By: Kevin on 2010-12-15
Thank you Thank you Suffered for 5 days finally feel human again. I don't know how much I can say, but whatever it is, I will say it. Relief came quick 2nd application moved it towards normal. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Is it the same Comments By: Jjohnboy32 on 2010-12-18
Is bicarbonate of soda the same stuff?

TipKing says:Yes it is the same

dont have bicarb Comments By: brian on 2010-12-18
hey, i have no bicarbonate of soda....will just salt do the job?
Whoop Whoop Comments By: jjohnboy32 on 2010-12-20
After 3 days of a swollen face and a niggling pain I found this tip.
I applied the mixture, gagged at the taste and waited for a miracle to happen? It didnt to start with.

2 hours I sat there dribbling salty water and coping with the burning. Slept with it in all night too. Next day I did it for another 3 hours changing it every half hour and at last a blister appeared!! I went to A&E to get some antibiotics and pain killers which they gave me. Then it popped!!!
Gunk oozed from it and tasted vile. But it had popped. My John Merick face started to di swell. At last a result!!
I'm now on day 2 of the antibiotics and things are starting to go back to normal. I no longer look like a hamster and the pain is gone.

Thank you so much for this method. Try it if you are experiencing the same - it worked for me....

paaaaaaiiiiiinnnnnn Comments By: seif on 2010-12-31
Ive been in pain for 9 days, 6 days on my right side then the pain gone away from that side nd moved to the left. its new years eve nd sittin in pain.. done the baking soda and water remedy it took 6 days to work wit amoxil nd ibuprofen, nurophen, paracetamol and codiene.. painkillers nd workin at all.. the best thing i found which is great, rinse the tooth with cold water 3 times it will get numb nd wont feel pain for half an hour keep doin tht every half an hour nd u can keep on goin wit ur day.. it works nd been helpin me alot.. i knw how all of u feel but i am a different case, cant afford to go to a dentist cuz i am in england its really expensive nd this is my 9th absessed in a year so ive been in severe pain most of the year.. but thnx alot for these remedies..
Fantastic tip!!! Comments By: Nikki - Cheshire - England on 2011-01-04
After waking up looking like desperate Dan, I went dentist knowing it was an abscess. He stuck needles in to relieve pressure (the pain!) and manipulated some pus out then drilled into the tooth. Have to go back next week to have it taken out. Came home black and blue still like a chip monk so tried this. The pain at first was quite bad but noticed the swelling go down literally in a few hours. Still there 12hrs later and sore gum but not half as bad. Gonna try it again later. No pimple as its under my tooth so don't know what will happen there, let you know. Best home rememdy ever!!! Thank you.
Amazing! Comments By: Southern Girl on 2011-01-25
So, I gring my teeth (a lot) and my jaw swells up occasionally, but a heading pad on the jaw muscle usually works. This time, the grinding obviously caused an abscess. I was weary if this remedy since my abscess had already surfaced, but I had no luck draining it. So I gave it a try, and low and behold after 30 minutes of letting the cotton ball dipped in baking soda & salt sit in place, I attempted to drain the abscess with a sterile needle. All I did was poke the blister and puss literally poured out of it. it was the grossest thing I have ever seen, but I'm so thankful it worked. My jaw is still swollen because I obviously didn't draw out all of the infection yet, but I will repeat the process in a few minutes.

If this remedy isn't working for you, than you are either doing it incorrectly, or it is not an abscess at all. Thank you for this tip! I'm pleasantly amazed!

so much pain Comments By: hanna on 2011-01-20
i have had tooth absess for the past 9 months coming ang going around every 3 weeks waiting to have the tooth removed in feb but soooooo much pain so im gonna give this 1 a go let u know how it goes
Miracle!!!! Comments By: Jonboy on 2011-01-22
I've had several abscess' over the years and the pain is F-ing unbearable - excuse the french. I tried this cure on Wed and its now Saturday and touch wood the pain is null, has been from Thurs morning when I woke up lol. Who needs antibiotics? This cure is a miracle!!!!!!!
Baking Soda Comments By: Melissa on 2011-01-26
I had an abscess that was very painful. I dipped a cottenball in hot water and baking soda and placed it on the abscess, it burst instantly!
Almost cured Comments By: Richard on 2011-01-27
Just spent the past few days in unbelievable pain, never experienced anything like it, had used amox and metron prescriptions and various painkillers, none of which addressed the pain. Didn't sleep at all last night and then, in desperation, found this on line....and IT WORKS!!! Why didn't my dentist tell me about this? I have woken a couple of times at night, but nothing compared to before. Gum is more swollen, but not yet turned into a spot. I am just happy THE PAIN HAS STOPPED.
Oh my God! Thank you! Comments By: Morgan on 2011-02-06
I can't thank you enough for this. I had tried swishing warm salt water. It kind of helped, but kind of didn't. I've been popping pain killers like a drug addict (though in truth it was just Ibuprofen) and nothing has killed my pain. I was tossing and turning and finally came online to try one more time to find a remedy. Thank God I stumbled upon this. It provided /instant/ relief. Though the pain killers and warm water would dull the pain, the baking soda salt mixture takes all of it away. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can sleep now!
worth a shot Comments By: jar on 2011-02-08
Have an abscess that has pushed through and have a slight bump on the roof of my mouth behind the tooth. Soaked qtips in the saltwater and am holding it against the bump. Not sure if its helping the pain, or if the horrid taste of the salty qtips are just distracting me from the pain... could also be that the codeine is kicking in (glad i keep a few tylenol 3's on hand for emergencies).
It really worked Comments By: Cath on 2011-02-13
I have a really high pain tolerance but over the past few days Ive had an achy gum/tooth...at 4am this morning that ache turned into PAIN and when I say pain I mean a pain that can only mean an ABSESS. Ive had 3 children and refused all pain relief and am known to have a high pain tolerance. Several years ago I had a tooth absess which left me crying/sobbing/wailing in pain. At 4.15 this morning again that familiar pain returned and after taking strong pain killers just seemed to get more intense. I sat crying and hyper ventilating with pain that I really couldnt cope with and came across this site and tried this out of despeartion and something to do. (Its bicarbe of soda in the UK) and WOW WOW WOW and hour later and 3 changed wads the throbbing diminished and the last wad of paper towel (no cotton wool) was blood stained. I mixed a teaspoon of salt and teaspoon of bicarbe in a glass...took boiling water and dipped in a little wad of paper towel, put that on the gum line (it sticks to it) and you can almost feel the relief...It still hurt like hell but does sting slightly which is nothing compared to the throbbing...BUT I did this 3 or 4 times and the last wad I took out was blood stained. It works and I Thank God for the advice posted. If your reading this and have an absess please try it as this pain your going through is pressure of the absess. The salt/bicarbe mix drains the absess and relieves 90% of the pressure. Make sure that you then go to the denstist for anti biotics. Thank You Thank You x x x
thank you! Comments By: anon on 2011-02-25
its not 100% the best, but it does work for now till i can get to a dentist. its the only thing thats given me even a little relief
Help! Comments By: bennybrains on 2011-02-27
Suffering at the moment with what i think is an absessed baack tooth. Read the posts and am trying it as I write.But I cant actually see a lump as such on my gum, they are just red and very sore, is it an absess after all?
So Happy It Worked For Me!!!!! Comments By: Shawna from Texas on 2011-03-16
Ive tried the garlic on the gum line, the teabag placed on the infected area and they work for awhile but the pain always comes back within a few hours. I am hoping that this does the trick and i can finaaly feel better after 6 days of nonstop pain already!!
pain relief Comments By: Uzma on 2011-03-18
Suffering from a tooth abscess for the first time i can say with my hand on heart it is the most excruciating pain i have ever been in. A tooth abscess is the epitome of pain and i pray i never have one ever again. Having been in agony since yesterday i was willing to try anything to alleviate the pain. Being quite pessimistic about home remedies i didnt raise my hopes too much. The abscess i had was extremely agonising and had no head. I knew i just needed it to come to a head so i could get all the pus etc out. Trying the soda and salt i felt a slight sting but nowhere near as bad as the pain i was in. Not tasting anything foul i thought it hadnt worked but as i pulled the cotton away i saw blood on it. And a quick look in the mirror confirmed my suspicion that it had done the trick! Im not pain free atm but the lump is significantly smaller and im hoping that one more go will rid me of it for good. Whoever thought of this i cannot thank you enough! May you have all the joy and happiness in the world! =D
ABSOLUTE MIRACLE!!!!!! Thie is the Wisdom of God!! Comments By: Ruby on 2011-03-21
I used approx: a heaping tbl salt and a heaping tbl spoon of baking soda I added about 1/4 cup of boiling water and stirred.. also I after placing the cotton ball on the affected area I stuffed the other areas with dry cotton balls to contain the saturated cotton ball.. and not allow the the mixture to get in the rest of my mouth .. also I found that the dry cotton balls soaked up the saliva.. I only left it on in 15 min intravels and rinsed with hydrogen peroxide.. it did take approx 24 hours to get 100% HEALED!!! the pain however was eliviated almost immediately!! Thank you Jesus!! and O' what a blessing you are to the person who has put this information out for others, I Speak Blessings to YOU!! This is amazing!! and for the whole thing cost less than $5.00 NO DENTISTRY!! I AM 100% healed!!
Best remedy ever...... Comments By: JamJaySCOTLAND on 2011-03-22
Hey I started to get pain in my lower right wisdom tooth around 6 days ago as it is heavily decayed. over the next 3 or 4 days the pain was untolerable and could not sleep or eat anything. I began using annadin but after a short period of time they done nothing to ease the pain. So after doing some research 2 days ago I found this remedy so gave it a go and within hours a gumboil had appeared next to my tooth and all pain was gone and haven't needed any meds since. It has not burst yet but is seeping but hopefully it wont be long now but I can eat and sleep great and get about my business again. Also been loading up on Vitamin C (2500 mg per day)to help fight the infection as not able to visit my dentist yet to get prescribed antibiotics but these seem to do the job. I would rather sort this out by myself then go get it pulled once its cleared. Like all of us here I was very skeptical about how this could work and initially after almost being sick due to the salty taste I stuck it out and the effects have been nothing short of amazing. Obviously you can't swallow the salty solution so you have to spit all the time which isn't the nicest thing to do but its better than being in agony. I'm in the UK so please remember guys its called Bicarbonate of Soda here so don't be using baking powder by mistake. I will report back in the next few days and let you know all how I get on.
Just incredible. Comments By: Dental Floss on 2011-03-21
I was very sceptical that this would work. I have an abscess and it just laughs in the general direction pain killers. I've been taking antibiotics but the pain if anything had got worse.
I gave this a go and within minutes the pain had completely gone. Prior to this I was having to put cold water in my mouth every few minutes. Been an hour now with not so much as a twinge.
In my opinion this is a a top piece of advice.

Unbelievable...! Comments By: chas2712 on 2011-04-06
Like many others, rapid onset, intense pain, went to the dentist, got vicadin for pain (Ibuprofin worked better for me), and still on clindomycin. Put the patch on last night, and the "under the tooth" abscess was pulled to the side today. No more pain or pressure, but I know the infection is still there. This was a miracle.
after 30 mins of application Comments By: kenneth on 2011-03-27
the pain didn't go away but i can now endure the pain...not like before where its unbearable.


it really works Comments By: Mike Grella on 2011-04-02
I was in agonizing pain for 2 days, I called oncall doc on Saturday for some vicoden and antibiotics. Vicoden took the edge off but I found this site and tried the baking soda and salt. Mixed two equal parts, soaked cotton ball and packed next to absess. After one hour you could see the head. Repacked for one more hour and it ruptured on its own. What a relief of pain and pressure. I repacked again to drain and will gargle with hydrogen peroxide and keep mouth clean. It will get me through till I can go to the dental clinic on monday. I have no insurance but all in all the clinic will be around 100.00 for extraction and treatment and the vicoden and antibiodics were 40.00. Your site made my weekend livable. thank you so much.
I AM AMAZED! Comments By: Dawn deMom on 2011-04-10
My tooth started hurting Friday afternoon and my dentist's office is closed on Fridays. After suffering through the pain Friday night, Saturday, Saturday night and all day today (Sunday) I decided there had to be some wisdom online - at least something I could try to distract me from the pain. Since the pain had spread from 1-2 teeth to the entire lower right side, I needed to find a way to apply this to the whole area. I was successful in finding a cotton pad (not cotton ball) that I could cut to size and dampened it by patting water on one side of the cotton, leaving most of the cotton dry so it could absorb saliva. After about 30 minutes the pain had decreased enough I could eat mash potatoes. I haven't been able to pop the abscess (yet) but I know if I continue to apply this it would happen very soon. My husband has also had terrible mouth pain and he was amazed at how quickly and well this worked. I will share this with everyone I know who needs relief!
this one may cost you up to $100 Comments By: D on 2011-04-18
I have had an absessed tooth for years. After taking celebrex for other reasons
the absessed build up ceased to exist untill I stop taking celebrex for more then two days. Celebrex is not a narcotic drug. It reduces inflammation swelling and pain. It is a prescription drug and has no dependency problems so getting a prescription should be no problem.

i just had vitamins and it went away easy Comments By: bryant on 2011-04-20
just took those Frintstones multi-vitamins and it went away like that popped that very second day
Worked Great But with my own twist Comments By: Sarah on 2011-04-22
Sadly its Friday I cant get to my dentist until Monday 1st I brushed my teeth an flossed, 2ndI put a hot/warm peppermint tea bag on my tooth boil,3rd I swished my mouth out with peroxide 4th I did a cocktail of baking soda, hot water an sea salt an swished that around my mouth, 5th I slightly pushed on my boil to help drain it an got some yellow out. 6th I got my tooth brush put some tooth paste on it then put baking soda all over it an brushed my teeth again an I got my boil to open you wanna talk about hurt, after that I swished my mouth out with peroxide again. also taking clindamycin 300mg 4times a day ER gave it to me. Now im going to bed I really hope it worked I need to be good for Easter on sunday
tips and relief Comments By: Angela on 2011-04-25
Im sitting here not quite sure if my pain is an abcess or not, I had an abcess last year which I fully identify with everyones descriptions - awful relentless agony! This time its a bit different, so Im confused - the pain comes and goes - about every 30 mins I get it for about 15 mins, severe abcess-like pain, but no swelling that I can tell, then it goes again. Any ideas? When its there Im crying, sitting with my face against the freezer door for relief, desperate, then it wears off - Id appreciate any suggestions on this. The tips Ive had in the past were - avoid heat as it dilates blood vessels and the increased blood supply makes it worse. Coffee seems to make it worse too. Positional changes can have an effect - perhaps depending on where the abscess is pressing - head forward / backwards lying down vs upright or head tilted - all can affect it - guess you have to find whats best for you. Ive got the salt and baking soda in my mouth now - wasnt sure whether to use baking or bicarbonate of sada as have both in the house (live in the UK). Anyone out there suffering right now - you have my sympathy, pls let me know if anything else helps.
Not for me.... :( Comments By: Amanda Fair on 2011-05-02
I was so excited when I found this site!!! I was positive it would work because of all of the testimonies but my tooth is hurting more now than before. I have a dentist appointment 2 days from now so hopefully I can just deal with the pain until then. I am glad it worked for the rest of you guys though :)
It really works!!! Comments By: Anon on 2011-05-14
Hving spent the last 2 days in agony, I saw an emergency dentist yesterday and was prescribed 2 different antibiotics for a dental abscess.However, nothing was touching the pain. I tried everything but the pain didnt even reduce :o(
At 9.30 last night I found this tip after trawling the internet desperate for help for pain relief. After reading the comments here I decided to give it a go. After just 10-15 minutes the pain started to ease!! A thing that the most powerful pain killers I had couldnt achieve! I changed the cotton wool after 30 minutes and there was a bit of blood on it.The pain had reduced from 'off the scale' to around 2/10 and tolerable and I was able to sleep. I woke once - changed the cotton wool again to try to maximize the effect and went straight back to sleep! This morning there was more blood, but I can at least tolerate the pain now. I look like a hamster though, but at least a hamster not in pain. Thank you to whoever shared this :o)

JUST PUT ME OUT OF MY MISERY Comments By: YC on 2011-05-15
OMG! this is my first time experiencing a toothache with an abscess and it is too much pain to bear..I cannot afford to go to the dentist, so I have been dealing with it the hard way! My wisdom teeth has already claimed a victim.. my tooth at the top right above it. And now its back with a vengeance to get me and my wisdom tooth. My gums by the rotted tooth are swollen and very senestive(Its throbbing times 10) I have read about the salt and baking soda anlike everyone else I have no other options. I just put the soda and salt in my mouth wit the cotton I'll let yall know the results......
This really does work!!! Comments By: Writer in Atlanta on 2011-05-18
Last night, I woke up in excruciating pain. I have an appointment with my dentist on Monday, but the pain got so bad, my fiance rushed me to the ER. They gave me Vicodin, which did absolutely nothing. After several hours of pain, I frantically searched for a homeopathic remedy. Tried everything to no avail. Then I found this. I didn't have any cotton balls so I crocheted a small circle and balled it up. 30 minutes later and the pain is GONE!!!! I now feel like I could actually get some sleep! You, Sir, are a Godsend. I am telling everyone about this. I'm a freelance writer, so I will work this into one of my stries. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!!
Excrutiating Pain!!!!! Comments By: Pinkbritters UK on 2011-05-31
4 days of toothache agony and I was certainly about to lose my mind!! Doctor prescribed extra strong painkillers but nothing was giving me any relief. Saw this tip whilst searching for pain relief ideas and to be honest was very sceptical that it would work. Left the cotton wool and mixture in my mouth over night and woke up with what can only be described as very very mild pain. Managed to sleep for the first time in 4 nights!! This tip is an absolute miracle - certainly recommend trying it!!!
Do it Comments By: Sterling on 2011-06-01
I am one more person who believes in this treatment. I was in great pain for several days before I diagnosed myself with an abscess. The diagnosis made sense, as the pain was coming from my the root of my front right tooth, which is half fake as a result of a childhood injury (don't try to play soccer with your eyes closed). The tooth was improperly fixed, causing it to get filled with cavities, and then improperly handled by me for not getting it yanked out and crowned in the first place. My tooth was loose, it hurt to touch, and there was pain in the area above and around it. However, the only visible symptom for the first several days was some redness above the tooth; the infection was far down beneath the gum. I read about the salt and baking soda mixture and decided to try it, and I'm glad that I did. For me, it was far from instant relief; it stung something fierce, and even gave the inside of my lip blisters (they were painless, but now all of that skin is dead). After a day of the treatment though, a pocket began to form at the base of my gums, and after another day, it was large and tender enough to respond to a prodding from a needle. Afterwards I rinsed my mouth with salt water a dozen or more times to clear everything else out.
One more thing: I wholeheartedly recommend taking ibuprofen. My pain was bad, but while I was taking ibuprofen I was actually in a relative state of comfort.

It works for me Comments By: Anon on 2011-06-02
I don't know how this works but it certainly works for me. This is the third time in twelve months I have had an abscess and each time I have visited the dentists, been prescribed antibiotics and then used this method to ease the pain/throbbing. I would have been totally demented without the relief this brings. I use a quarter teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda and a quarter teaspoon of salt mixed dry then a small cotton wool ball moistened with some hot water then pat the mixture and place on the gum area infected. It has never made anything worse just brought amazing relief and let me sleep again. Thanks to the original poster :)
Please let this work!!! Comments By: Rozen on 2011-06-04
I had a toothache yesterday, woke up this morning with my left side of my face, mostly my cheek swollen. I'm trying this because well, I don't have dental insurance and the doctor I do have is a wack-job. So I'm really hoping this will work!!!
if only i had found this site 3 days ago lol Comments By: sally-ann h on 2011-06-11
i found this site yesterdy morning and tried it straight away leaving the cotton wool in for 3hours and abacess came to a head so 3hours later did it again for 1 hour and it burst, unbeliverable so nice to feel normal again. only wish i had found site sooner after being in paain for 3days whoever u are that told us about this Thank u, Thank u from the bottom of my heart xx have now told all my friends
Curious... Comments By: No1 Queeen Of Cleeen on 2011-07-01
GREAT article, Tip King!!
But I'm curious... can this treatment be used for PREVENTATIVE care (or just to keep the gums healthy)??


First time absessor Comments By: Dowlingnana on 2011-07-03
I am camping long from home and get my first absess. Wanting to know more I looked on internet and luckily found this site. Thank God!! I have been sleeping a whole lot better now and thanx to the "home remedy" we could get all from the kitchen campground. It finally burst this afternoon and now I just want the swelling to go away!!
Awesome Relief Comments By: ed on 2011-07-10
have had a abcessed tooth for 5 days now and the dentist is on vacation, no sleep last night and in pain all night took the anitbiotics and pain pills with no joy, found this site tonight and tried and within a half an hour had a pimple, popped it and so much better. going to try to sleep now so have a good one
No baking powderer! Comments By: Peter on 2011-07-15
Can't stand cotton wool balls etc as they make me cringe, makes my teeth hurt more just thinking about it, but I have been in crippling pain for a week now, it's 2:30am and I'm sat here screaming in my head while my girlfriend is up in bed all cosy... any way.

I don't have baking soda so I have just dabbed good old salt directly onto it, given that gargling whisky helped for the first two nights, but not now, tcp stopped working, pain relief meds stopped, this bugger has to POP asap, my tooth gets pulled in 4 days, so I have to stick this one out.

Will let you all know just plain old salt goes

How do you make it go away permanently wo dentist? Comments By: I want peramanent cure!! on 2011-08-04
I had the same problem a couple of weeks back and tried the salt thing, it worked and brought down my pain but since then the pus comes back every other day and drains when i press it.. whats the permanent cure if I dont want to go to the dentist.. gums are swollen but doesnt hurt except for some minor irritation when the pus forms then goes away when it drains.. I want to make it go away permanently.. what do i do?????????
This definitely works Comments By: Aiyana on 2011-08-04
I didn't even do the full cotton ball in mouth for hours thing, I just attacked it with the same mixture and a q-tip......repeatedly.....always using a fresh q-tip of course. Rinse my mouth each time while doing it, this is really important, because it can start draining it right away.

If ur not rinsing while you are doing it, your just spreading it around.

BTW, for people who haven't quite grasped it yet, doctors are a luxury item for people too lazy or afraid to take care of themselves.

I have been using home remedies for years, and they ALL work, it's just a matter of finding the right one for what you have.

No one know your body better than yourself.....and when you become one with that, is only when you truly heal.





Giving It A Try.... Comments By: Karlene on 2011-08-06
My boyfriend is in a butt-load of pain. We did make it to the dentist, and this is the first day of antibiotics. Since he Does have an abcsess, the dentist wont pull it.. and its a MONTH till they can. So, massive ammounts of tylenol thru the day, and half a vic, we are trying this. I've NEVER seen him cry due to pain... EVER. The trick is getting him to keep it in his mouth. Should this work, you are my BEST FRIEND FOREVER! Wish us luck.
NOT WORKING Comments By: dee on 2011-08-10
After reading through all the comments...decided to try this remedy. I have been in pain for 2 days. went to dentist today...he gave me Vicodin for pain and antibody for infection. I feel worse than before going to dentist. He said it would take a day or 2 for the antibotics to kick in. This pain is unbearable. So after 2 hours of the baking soda and salt.....I am still in the same amount of pain. Maybe I am not doing the treatment right.
Impacted wisdom tooth with infection Comments By: Dobbie on 2011-08-23
Kept having yellow puss at side of tooth then throbbing pain when I had x ray there was a wisdom tooth that was infected , so I looked on Internet and found out about this remedy it was very good the puss is coming out slowly and the pain almost gone had some penicillin as well.thank you .
thank you sweet baby jesus!!!!!! Comments By: Anon on 2011-08-30
omg i was skeptical to try this but after 4days of pain i was willing to try anything. now i wish i would have tried it from day one when i found this site. the taste is awful but i will endure for the pain relief. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!
It Really Works! Comments By: Anon on 2011-09-17
Thank you for this remedy! I have trouble with abscesses as I need all my teeth pulled, normally I go to ER, but this time I had some "fish flex" (Cephalexin) on hand that I ordered from a pet store. I began to take that though some say that won't work for certain abscesses, I will order "fish mox" (amoxicillin) in the future. However on my 2nd day of taking the Cephalexin I had developed a puss pocket and swelling in the face. I made this poultice and applied it for only 15 minutes and removed & rinsed. About 2 hours later the pocket began to drain. It didn't drain fully so afterwords I applied it again for another 15 minutes, that night it drained even more, and this morning I am almost completely pain free, and swelling is down. I am continuing the Cephalexin (fish flex, though fish mox would be better) and will apply the poultice on and off for a couple more days. For once I think I am winning the battle- Thank you again!
WOW Unbelieveable! Comments By: Kieren on 2011-09-19
I woke up this morning with a sudden pain in my mouth as I am not registered with a Dentist yet in my new area I had no idea what to do I was searching the whole net and trying to find what was actually going on in my mouth! I have never had one before but I was in SOOOOO MUCH pain my eyes were watering so I decided to try this and to my surprise after doing it for an hour I started to then feel a strange throbbing I went upstairs to the bathroom and pulled my cheek to the side to look and it burst the taste is disgusting as hell but am in NO MORE PAIN thank you very much for this tip!!! :D
the best Comments By: AUSSIE GUY on 2011-10-20
Please help? Comments By: Sezyboss on 2011-10-22
I have an abscess in my front tooth and the swelling is in my gum AND the roof of my mouth which is far worse. How can I keep the salt & bic of soda there?
I have never felt pain like this and I have had 3 abscesses already in this tooth but never in the roof of my mouth. PLEASE can anyone help?

OUCH ISNT IT Comments By: kayleigh on 2011-10-22
i basically had a pain went to the dentist and he made it worse my gum was swole up and i could sleep for 72 hrs i took painkillers bsoda salt and then the next day i got my tooth out now the absess is still there only time a pacience will heal
Second attempt Comments By: Enzil on 2011-11-17
I've had about 2 or 3 abscesses before and yes they are damn painful. I have another abscess this time around but this one has swollen out and is pushing against my upper lip. There is no pain yet but I went to the dentist yesterday and he drained it or so I thought. After the anaesthetic wore off I found that it was pretty much the same as before so he couldn't have drained all of it obviously. I will try this and I hope it works. I'll be amazed if this works over the dentist sticking a needle and scalpel in my gums!

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