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I think we must have all had one, toothache to end all tooth ache. Pain direct from hell. An abscess is very very painful. You must seek the attention of a dentist as an abscess under the tooth is a collection of pus. Left untreated it can cause all sort of problems. When you have seen the dentist they will usually have given you antibiotics to reduce the inflammation before work can be done. This does not always help the toothache.

For relief from the pain and associated symptoms of an abscess. There are a few things you can do.

 Absessed tooth treatment for the pain
 Mix equal parts of table salt and baking soda, mix dry ingredients ...

 Cayenne pepper to fight abscess
 I recently used cayenne pepper to fight the infection, and dull the ...

 You can also try the following take two whole cloves, the kind you ...

 Use Garlic for absessed tooth treatment toothache

 Oil of cloves
 I use oil of cloves. You can get it from most drug stores, chemists, ...

 Raspberry or comfrey leaves
 Another remedy is soak raspberry or comfrey leaves in hot water for a ...

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