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Bags or redness under the eyes

Submitted by Larry

If you just want to conceal bags under the eyes and not get to radical, use a cosmetic concealer, BUT , don't apply it directly to the puffiness, or redness. Apply it UNDER the spots. It lightens the area under the spot, but at the same time makes the puffiness less noticable.

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Bags Under Eyes Comments By: Matt Young on 2005-03-21
WRONG AGAIN ! Applying concealer under the bags under the eyes "in some light", will make you look like you're wearing Indian War Paint just a light shade, and is if a bloke is going to grab for his wifes make-up bag anyway ! Could be the start of a divorce !

Best thing to do is to grab an ice pack, slap it ontop of your eyes (while lying down). This will hurt (chill factor), but the problem that you have is that the skin under the eyes retains water, and bags are also a sign of bad kidneys. If you do suffer from bags under the eyes, and you have not been drinking, or had a late night, it's a colagen problem, (skin sags), not much you can do about that except go under the knife or lazer. If you are a "night owl or drinker", get some early nights in, drink HEAPS of water, and stop drinking so much alcohol...your kidneys are SCREAMING OUT a message to you.

Latest scientific evidence also shows that SMOKERS are upsetting thier kidneys...it's a smoke related thing, so QUIT ! Easy to say I know, I'm a smoker ...hope that helps...Matt - Sydney Australia

good comment (by matt) Comments By: Shruti on 2005-04-15
gday matt
great comment, m8! i've been drinking a lot of water afta reading your comment and its been working like magic! the bags are getting smaller every day!

wrinkles - collagen Comments By: Nicola on 2006-04-30
I've tried everything for my wrinkles, duct tape, protox, prep h. But the best thing i've found to help my wrinkles is~:-
Take 3 collagen capsules a day with water before bedtime, and open a 4th and
sprinkle a little bit onto your moisturiser and then onto your face. works wonders

Maybe Comments By: Jessica Young on 2006-07-17
It might work... I haven't went to sleep lately so I wouldn't know! lol!
help me!! Comments By: Asshole on 2009-01-19
i sleep at 2 am...ad i hv been drinking heavily lately...i ahve to go in a marraige in a 15 dayz ....if i start today....can it do the trick...of course..i'l stop drinkin and late nights..
Eye bag serum Comments By: jennifer on 2009-02-13
I used to get bags under my eyes all the time mostly due to my inability to fall asleep easily. I would stay up late thinking about something then wake up early next morning only to see little bags under my eyes. I somehow managed to kick the habit of staying up late but my eye bags wouldn't go away.I then recently read an article about a woman who supposedly got rid of her eye bags using a particular eye care product. I tried it and it worked really well. I managed to get rid of my eye bags in 3 to 4 weeks.You can read more about the lady's article at the link below


i drink now again but i drink heavily every time Comments By: craig horbury on 2009-10-06
wht it is pal i drink heavily at the weekend time but nt when am working bt av started to to drink when av done work and now am getting white baggy eyes with redness on the outline of my eyes and its doing my head in can you please help what i need to do thanks

Reactions to cleanser Comments By: Abbie on 2010-10-24
Hi, I had the exact same problem. After reading a few websites I was convinced it was a sign of cancer or disease. But, they appeared right beneath my eye and then another one a bit lower. They showed up five minutes after I used a face mask containing a base of clean and clear exfoliating scrub and clean and clear benzoyl peroxide on top of the places where acne was starting. Turns out you are not supposed to use both at once, and the base had a warning not to use beneath eyes. I used some soothing lavender cream and they went away within an hour. Good luck!

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