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Stress Relieving Strategies

Stress is a major part of medical problems associated with many people through out the world. Stress can cause high blood pressure, heart problems, over eating and mood swings among other things. If you have been searching for new and different methods of cutting stress back in your life, I have a few ideas for your personal use and for your healthy future. 

Goals are a big part of our lives, setting goals, reaching for goals and working towards goals, but at the same time the goals that we set for ourselves in our lives can cause stress when we don�t reach our expectations quick enough. Changing your expectations that you set for yourself is going to relieve some amount of stress in your life. This does not mean that you have to give up your goals in life, but just change them a bit so you are taking on less all at the same time. Change your goals and your expectations by making your goals easier to attain, making them in smaller steps so you can easily attain each step without the huge leap required all at one time. For example, if you set a goal of saving $5,000, try saving $10 a week, and then increase it when possible so you can eventually reach your savings figures without having to �do it all� in three or four large portions. 

If you find that what you have planned for today doesn�t work out just the way that you planned, take a breather and continuing on with your planned activities the next day. What is important to remember is that we each have rough days, and no one is going to be able to prevent these bad days, but smiling, and working through it, and then worrying about the problems tomorrow instead of today is going to leave less stress in your day. You can still tackle your day again tomorrow knowing that the day won�t be as bad or troublesome.

Forget the past. If you have failed at something in the past, or if you have been inadequate at some task, goal or idea that you wanted to conquer you have to forget it and get on with your future. Less stress means you have to have more confidence in yourself. More confidence and more self-esteem are going to make you feel less stress. Remind yourself just because you haven�t been able to finish or do something in the past does not mean that you can�t do it now. We all learn from our mistakes and making mistakes or failing is really just a part of living. Forget the past and get on with your future in a more confident manner that will bring you success. 

Stress is a part of life, but you have to remember that others are going through the same stress that you are. Seek out others who are in the same situation as you for support and assistance in overcoming your personal source of stress. For example, if you feel stress from a death of a loved one, or because of a habit, or because you are parent of a troubled child, find the assistance and help of others to get over your problems and to ease your stress. 

One method of over coming stress that we often forget about is exercise. Exercise does burn some hormones from your body that are a result of stress. Exercising gets out those problems from your body and makes your body healthier at the same time. So if you are feeling a little stress in your life, take a walk, do some exercises and get moving!

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