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Perfect sliky skin in indian way

Submitted by Kavitha Thomas

You will love your radiant skin after using this recipe. 
All you need is: 

1 tbsp fuller's earth 
1 tbsp honey 
1 tbsp mashed papaya 
a few drops of lime juice
1 egg white

Mix and put on face for 30 minutes then rinse off.

Visitors comments

Papaya Comments By: Juliana on 2005-03-23
Please advise what can be used in place of papaya if there is none at hand.
not sure Comments By: goodgirl26 on 2005-03-28
I'm allergic to papaya and I always use bannana instead but I don't realy know if it works as well!!!
replacement for papaya Comments By: kavitha thomas on 2005-03-30
papaya can be replaced by some other fruit like watermelon . it can cure the blemishes in ones skin and give it a clear look . even benene can be used it is indeed excellent for skin .
papaya glow Comments By: Sucharita on 2005-12-29
if we use papaya facial once in 15 days then there will be a natural shine in our face which lasts long rather than any other facials.`
jkjlo;iui Comments By: ipip on 2006-01-11
what is fullers earth?

TipKing says: Just do a search on google for fullers earth. It is widely available and very useful


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