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Milk face cleanser. Make your own

Submitted by kavitha thomas

To cleanse the face, soak a piece of cotton wool in unboiled milk and rub the face with it gently from the chin upwards to the forehead.

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??? Comments By: Rosaline on 2005-05-01
umm... is that all just milk!?
what do you mean unboiled... so cold milk or warm milk..
and umm.. what does milk do to your face??

what is unboiled milk? Comments By: Dez on 2005-08-01
what is unboiled milk exactly?

TipKing says: Unboiled milk is unpasturised milk

so basically... Comments By: kassie. on 2005-08-31
What you're saying is... find a cow, sqeez it's tits, and hope for something to come out.


Can you buy non pasturized milk?

TipKing says: Many large grocery stores sell unpasturised milk now.

Help Buy A Cow Comments By: Saghir Ahmed on 2008-11-27
Can you help me buy a cow?

God will bless you!

??? Comments By: halery on 2009-12-04
what is non pasturized milk

TipKing Says: Not easy to get hold of but it is milk that had not been heat treated. The heat treatment kills all the enzymes that can be beneficial. 99% of milk on the selves is either pasturised or UHT. I think UHT means Ultra-heat treatment

Milk Comments By: Anon on 2010-03-22
is there any prob with boiled milk
problem in unboiled milk Comments By: haris on 2010-08-30
is there is any problem to drink the unboiled milk

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