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Brushing teeth with bar soap, tastes bad but works well...

Submitted by Shannon

I read online that if you can bear the bad flavor, brushing your teeth with a regular unscented bar soap can kill all germs and remove all plaque and tartar that ordinary tooth paste cannot remove.

It is also supposed to help your teeth to remineralize because they have no residue on them, supposedly tooth paste has tons of glycerin in it ,which sticks to your teeth even if you rinse vigorously after you brush.
Also tooth paste contains fluoride which is supposedly toxic if used in large quantities.

I've tried it for two weeks now (bar soap) ,and I must day my gums are so much healthier looking and my teeth are cleaner and whiter (like 3 shades already).

I went to the dentist two days ago for my yearly cleaning, and I had no plaque! He was impressed at how clean my teeth were.

I have even gotten to where I do not really taste the soap, I think it is because I chose to use DOVE bar soap ...
I just wet my brush and rub it on the soap a few times and brush I try to avoid getting the soap on my tongue, so i do not taste it.

My sister and my sister's husband are also doing this now, and they agree it works really well.

I recommend to anyone who is not closed minded and is willing to research the matter before they pass judgment.

If you go on yahoo type "soap as tooth paste" and you will see all the many articles that come up, so you can decide if this is for you, yourself.

If you like the idea but cannot stand the bad taste, there are flavored tooth soaps available online in flavors like spearmint and cinnamon, They are about 20 bucks but supposedly last an entire year for most people.

I also read that if you take lots of vitamin c and calcium that is also supposed to help your teeth and gums.To stay healthy.

Visitors comments

Experiment Comments By: me on 2005-06-12
I'm gonna try this... feedback in a month
Co-worker persuasion Comments By: Brent on 2005-08-25
My co-worker just started this last week and I am afraid that I am going to have to try it. The results are sounding too good not to.
Awesome Comments By: Amara on 2006-01-04
I have been trying this now for about a month and my mouth feels great and my teeth look so much better, my mother and hisband too have been doing it and love it as well!!!!!!!!!
Type? Comments By: Ryan on 2006-02-25
Any particular type work well?

TipKing says: The tip say that they used DOVE soap.

I will try this Comments By: nicky on 2006-03-11
I am definatley going to try this. I have given up smoking and although I have no further staining on teeth they are not as good as I would like. Plus I have been looking for a toothpaste that does not have the chemicals in and I haven't any. Thanks for the tip will let you know how it goes
liquid Comments By: anon on 2006-03-13
is it okay to use dial liquid soap?

TipKing says: The tip says that they are using a unsented soap called Dove. I do not know about dial liquid soap. Sorry!

wow! Comments By: Emily on 2006-03-23
There is only oneword for the results I recieved after ONE application, wow, I was amazed my teeth felt cleaner than ever before and if you use Zest soap it really doesn't taste that bad and if you can't stand the taste then use listerine right after. It was funny, I wlked down into our basement (before rinsing) and gargled to my mom "I think i might be sick" she started freaking out and I couldn't helpbut laugh i think thats the only risk lol! well as long as you don'tswallow it.
Feels pretty good so far Comments By: Anon Reader on 2006-04-04
I have been trying it with Dr. Bronners soaps for a couple days and it seem to be pretty effective.
Careful Comments By: rich on 2006-08-24
I was about to try this when I noticed that a main ingredient of the soap at hand in glycerin. I you are trying this - take a careful look at the ingredients on the soap.
Dentist thinks I'm nuts Comments By: Anon on 2006-10-12
I just got new partials, and she told me to use a mild soap and toothbrush to keep my partials clean. I told her that I brush my teeth with regular Camay Classic. She got all over my case and said, "Keep that bar of soap out of your mouth, you're supposed to use floride." I told her that I had already aquired a taste for soap and can't stand the taste of toothpaste.

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