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Wart removal with tea tree oil

Submitted by Sue Price

I tried the tip of Garlic, placed it on the wart - nothing happened.

Tried Tea tree oil this has started to work the wart seems alot smaller and has changed colour.

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wart remedy Comments By: Sue Price on 2005-05-17
emailed you last week to say I tried, Garlic I have also tried liquid nitrogen but this did not work. I was trying tea tree oil three times a day, I said it started to change colour and shrink. I have good news as at today, my wart is no more.
WART REMOVAL WITH TEA TREE OIL Comments By: CC on 2006-10-18
TEE TREE OIL Comments By: mary on 2007-08-01
what form of tee tree oil do you use pure or dialuted.
I bought a bottle of pure and it says dont use on skin.

cider vinager Comments By: naomi whitwham on 2007-12-27
hello, i recenly had several warts on my finger. i read in a book that you can remove warts by dousing a plaster in cider vinager and leaving it but changing the plaster constantly. i had these warts for about 5 months prior but within 5 days of treatment the warts turned black and i the wart head became loose i was able to easily remove the black area and my finger was wart free. i would definately reccommend trying it! it worked very well for me. however do be prepared for a little stinging but its worth it in the end!
Removal of warts with tea tree oil Comments By: Diana Goodman on 2008-02-22
I had a wart on my thumb for many years and tried all the lotions recommended by doctors. I even had it frozen off twice but each time it grew back bigger than the time before. When I read about the tea tree cure I was willing to try anything. I wore a plaster over the wart all the time changing it morning and night and if I got it wet. I put sufficient tea tree oil on to the padding part of the plaster to keep the wart moist. It made the plaster sticky but I would cover it with another plaster or small bandage. The wart turned soggy and white and started shrinking and eventually disappeared never to return. The whole process took about six weeks but was well worth the patience.
tried this and more the only thing that worked was Comments By: sandra kerner on 2008-03-28
I tried the garlic tea tree oil and a off the shelf chemical saw a little change with the tea tree oil but after I got fed up applying my skin reverted to the same bumpy mess! I ended up spending a bit of money on Mole & Wart EZ Clear it cost a bit but it did work very quickly and hopefully my warts will not return. It's been about 4 months clear now so I hope they stay away - they should
wartner Comments By: sarah on 2008-04-03
I have a wart on my nose, i used wartner and it didn't work at all. I would be extremely grateful for any advice on removing warts from this area.
mole & wart ez clear which is all herbal Comments By: simone on 2008-08-24
boy did it sting. but i guess that was the first sign it was going to work. I tried garlic - waste of time. tried wartner-waste of money and waste of time. then tried this stuff mole & wart ez clear and although a bit pricey worked like a dream. stings a lot but not terrible really. it is worth it.
The warts are gone Comments By: believer on 2008-10-02
I started applying tea tree oil to a couple wart on my foot and nothing seemed to happen. After a while I stopped. Busy as I just had my third baby in 4 years I forgot about my warts. Just the other day I was looking for them and to my surprise they are gone. I guess the tea tree treatment worked.
Tea Tree and Garlic Comments By: darren on 2009-02-07
For itche anal wart treatment, rub tea tree essential oil for few minutes and wet the warts area with essential tea tree oil and insert a cut garlic over night. You will have burning and tingling sensation for the whole night, proberly a sleepless night but you will see wonders the next day evening. Your wart will start fleaking with the next 24 hours. Give a break for 24 hours again and repeat the same for another 3 nights with break of each another day. Your anal will get sore, meanwhile break some Vitamin E capsule and apply it directly to the sore anal area. Try this method, Its worth of suffering for a week rather then suffering continously from anal warts other method of treatment like cyrosurgery, cuttery, surgery removal, aldara or laser.
Tea tree oil review... Comments By: Sarah on 2009-02-24
I have a small wart on my right thumb, and I am right handed...needless to say, doing everyday things was a hassle and a pain, literally. I was too paranoid to get any form of 'real' medical treatment so I researched home remedies and found out about tea tree oil as an alternate treatment. It sounded like something that I could easily and painlessly do. I did it for about three weeks, but it was messy. I used 2 bandaids to cover the wart which was also covered in a peice of cotton soaked in tea tree oil. The bandaids would get sticky and literally slide off.. Anyway I ended up ditching the tea tree oil method because the results were taking too long. I switched to Geico....lol, no, I switched to an Apple Cider Vinegar treatment, where I use the same method of application, (a small peice of cotton placed on the wart and bandaged). It has been 2 weeks and my wart is practically gone! It does sting a bit though and you have to keep basically removing the dead cells every few days, but it is most definitely something to try if you need to be rid of your wart in a hurry. (The apple cider vinegar can be bought at your supermarket)

Good luck getting rid of your wart!

Wart Remoeval Comments By: PK on 2009-03-08
5 years ago i was lying on a beach reading a womans own magazine which was left at work, i came across this article for the removeal of warts. Now i had tryed every lotion and potion under the sun and as i work in the airline industry i was embarresed to serve customers with my hand with warts on it. However this article in the top tips section recommended (figs) which you buy in the super market, which i did and 5 years later i have never had a wart since...fab it took about 2 weeks to work..cheap and fast.
Tea Tree and Garlic Comments By: Darren on 2009-04-06
Pls dont try the method by Darren. I m Darren, i tried the method but the warts grow back again.
tea oil shampoo Comments By: paula on 2009-04-12
I recently found a great chemical free tea tree shampoo, which really helped me grow stronger hair, its from the Made from Earth product line called the Tea & Protein Herbal Shampoo,.it actually has wheat proteins in it and that's what makes my hair look so full after I use it.

The directions say for the shampoo to work, you have to leave in your hair for 2 - but I usually do it for about 5, since my hair used to be so thin. But 5 minutes really works for me cause I can see a major difference in how thick my hair is.

Even my husband comments on how my hair felt better, and he never notices anything! I recommend it for all healthy women out there who want better full hair.

Does tea tree oil work on warts on the face? Comments By: Sarah Barlow on 2009-05-22
My five year old daughter has 4 tiny warts just below her lip the dr's said they couldnt do anything and to wait for 18 months for them to go on their own but she only started with one and now has four below her bottom lip and two on her fingers. I have only been using tea tree oil for couple of days and it seems to be drying out. Has anyone else had them in the same place and have they gone?
Best Method Comments By: Craig on 2009-06-06
I found tea tree oil works best if you cover it with duct tape after application and leave it for a couple days. This worked the first try for me.
actually works Comments By: jake on 2009-06-09
I've been trying to get rid of warts for years, tried everything - went to the doctors so many times, tried good old ducktape, sacilic acid or whatever it's called. tea tree oil every night before bed - my warts have gone, i had 3 in total but now im scared incase they're growing back! gunna get them checked out soon
thuja Comments By: nicki on 2009-07-06
my daughter had two warts on the bottom of her nose i think she was about 9 i thought they were spots so tried to get rid for her needless to say just caused her pain. took her to the chemist who recommended thuga tablets and thuja ointment its a course of natural tretment clens the inside and the outside. cant remember how long it took was many years ago but it worked and was painless
Can I MIX Apple Cider Vinegar with Tea Tree Oil for genital warts? Comments By: Ace on 2009-09-05
Hey Guys I was just wondering whether one can mix ACV with TTO when treating genital warts?Did someone try this already?And does it work?

TipKing says: I do not know, I am not sure whether they will mix anyway

Tea Tree oil Comments By: Alex on 2009-09-05
I have been using this stuff on mine for a couple of weeks and there is some improvement, I am just going to keep trying it

I had the warts for about a year so it may take a while to go completley

warts and verrucas Comments By: leafy on 2009-09-13
i had a varuca on my foot for years and it had spread so the sole of my foot was covered i tried everything to get rid of them but they wouldnt go then i got a wart on my finger for about 3 years and tried evrything then aswell then i tried tee tree oil after the wart strated spreading over my hands and it went but the verrucas on my feet went asweel after just treating my hand ... weird
It actually does work! Comments By: Jaffasmummy on 2009-09-21
I had a small wart on my top lip and it looked really obvious, in profile. I just rubbed a little Tea Tree Oil on each night and, over about a month or so the wart has shrunk dramatically. In fact, it's hard to see at all now. I've recommended this to other people and they've also had good results.
Tea tree oil for syringoma? Comments By: Maisie on 2009-10-14
I have heard a lot about tea tree oil to remove wart, mole and skin tags. Does it work for syringoma too? Anyone tried to use it to remove syringoma? I figured if tea tree oil is good to remove anything growth on the skin. Wouldn't it work for syringoma too?
vinegar and tea tree oil Comments By: lely on 2010-02-07
i had a wart on my arm and i put acv on a plaster for 3 day is went white and soggy so i scratche dit off, it seems to have worked but made a mess of the surronding skin , i am now trying tea tree oil for the wart on my face ,as vinegar makes too much of a mess plus i cant have a plaster on my face 24 / 7 LOL will let you know
DO NOT USE Comments By: K on 2010-02-27
Whatever you do, DO NOT USE THIS UN DILUTED ON THE SKIN. It burned the skin, like a chemical burn and I ended up with huge welts all over my vagina. It took weeks to heal.
FIG Comments By: jo on 2010-03-05
Buy a Fig from the supermarket and cut in half, then rub the fig over your warts and wait 2 weeks and they will be gone!! I done this 8 years ago and still never came back on my hands!! amazing!!!
Genital warts Comments By: JJ on 2010-06-25
You cannot treat genital warts in the same way as you would treat other warts. Do not apply tea tree oil or vinegar or ANYTHING to genital warts! Go to the doctor! They are caused by a different strain of HPV and are in a very sensitive area!
Tea Tree Oil WORKED! Comments By: Mary on 2010-06-29
I had a wart the size of a pencil eraser on my thigh... YUCK! ACV didn't do a thing except soften it. I peeled off the top layer and applied 100% pure TTO. The wart scabbed over and I just kept removing the scab every other day and dabbed on more TTO. Day 9... the wart is GONE. Just a tiny scab that I'm treating with Neosporin to speed healing. TTO is super-potent and will make the surrounding skin "angry" so coat it vaseline to prevent that. DO NOT USE TTO for Genital Warts. It would burn the delicate tissue!
tea tree oil and lip warts Comments By: Anon on 2010-07-26
I have clusters of warts on my upper lip that I desperately want to get rid of. surprisingly, they aren't very noticeable since they are all small, but there is definite discoloration in my lips because of them. I just started applying tea tree oil to them but I am a bit nervous about the procedure. Specifically, I would appreciate it if anyone who has tried treating lip warts to give me a in-depth description of how the warts die off. I'm afraid the treatment will cause more noticeable discoloration at first and thus, more people noticing something wrong with me lips. I'd rather keep my health problems to myself.
No ACV, maybe Tea Tree Oil Comments By: Anon on 2010-09-09
I'm glad to hear the positive comments about tea tree oil. I started using it last night and already the warts seem to be going down. Used ACV as directed for weeks. Warts would go down, appear to go away, some of them, but then came right back or stayed the same but never went completely away. So I don't recommend ACV. I've also heard and read to mix the tea tree oil with aloe (from the plant, I would imagine) so it doesn't burn as badly.
Diluted tea tree oil seems useful as part of wart treatment. Comments By: Anon on 2010-11-30
I have found that soaking warts in water with tea tree oil in it every day causes quite a lot of die back of the wart/warts. I am trying this in conjuction with cryotherapy. The dead part of the warts should be pared back to active wart; little spots of blood appearing are a sign of having pared back well, or it becomes a bit painfull. When it is flat to the rest of the skin, there is probably a few dark spots, albeit very tiny, which is a sure sign the wart has not gone. This is a good time to use liquid nitrogen or an over the counter treatment, but the hard or flaky skin must be removed first.
I found the tea tree treatment by accident, but now am seeing a few others getting good results, always using only a few drops in a bowl of water.

genital warts Comments By: nicola on 2011-02-26
has any one got any ideas or tips on treating genital warts as im too embarressed to go to the doctors and i was wanting to try sumthing at home
Natural Wart Removal Comments By: Henry TheWartMan on 2011-04-05
Natural Cures for Wart Removal are real. They exist and are cheaper than anything you can buy at a store. Its no BS.

Papules Removal Comments By: Mike on 2011-05-01
I haven't tried it yet, but I've read that tea tree oil, or Melaleuca alternifolia oil, is an effective natural remedy for <a href=http://www.articlesbase.com/mens-health-articles/pearly-penile-papules-removal-4342002.html>Pearly Penile Papules</a>. Tea tree oil is a really lovely product from Australia--it tingles and smells kind of like eucalyptus, and I've used as a treatment for cuts and blisters, because it acts as an antimicrobial. Its also the main ingredient in the Derma Remedies product. I'm going to make an experimental paste of garlic and tea tree oil and let you guys know what happens to the annoying wart on my right heel (the place where I always get blisters from sandals)
Tea Tree Oil Comments By: Christy on 2011-05-13
Tea tree oil method is one of the most used homemade treatments for curing [url=http://pearly-penile-papules-removal.weebly.com/]pearly penile papules[/url]. The numerous advantages it displays as well as the fact that it is highly effective make of this treatment one of the patientsí favorite ways of getting rid of that ugly bumps which are troubling them so much.
8 yrs w/genital warts Comments By: HOPEFUL on 2011-05-27
I have had a very persistent patch of genital warts on the shaft of my penis near my foreskin. I have tried everything. ACV does cause them to bubble up but does nothing to eradicate them. 3 trips to the doctor out of desperation. They never fully went away. Condylox cream was about 65% effective. I am now trying Tea tree oil for the first time. If this doesn't work I don't know what I will do. I even tried to freeze them off myself. I give them a double hit just to be sure they got frozen. And nothing.
Wart Comments By: Pam on 2011-06-16
I have a wart that is on the end of my finger and partially under my nail. Have tried many things and it is still there - will any of these remedies work for me. I would add that I have had it for several years.
Terrasil doesn`t work on HPV warts Comments By: Daniel on 2011-08-16
I bought a jar of Terrasil because I heard it would get rid of anal warts. I tried it for 2 weeks steady. It "felt" like it was working, but when I checked it out in a mirror I could see they had actually grown a little. I am back on the Condylox liquid and hoping to find something that will work. This sucks!!
Anal wart treatment Comments By: Daniel on 2011-07-28
I have had anal warts for about 26 years. I`ve had them burned off,cut off,frozen,and I have been using Condylox liquid regularly for some years now. The only thing I`ve found that works really well is Condylox. It burns when applied as it is an acid. But it is the only thing that has worked for me. I have had (1) wart that refuses to go away no matter what.It is right on the rim of my butthole and gets very raw when I use the Condylox. I am at my wits end and very desperate to get rid of them once and for all. I have a small bottle of Tea Tree Oil and will give it a try,but am also going to order a small jar of Terrasil to see if that will work too. I have seen many many doctors for this problem and they all say there is no cure to get rid of them, just medicine to "control" them. You would think that with as many people who have warts,they would come up with a cure by now.
Mix Tea Tree Oil and Apple Cider Vinegar Comments By: kelly on 2011-08-11
Mix 1 part TTO and 2 parts ACV and soak cotton ball in mixture. Put on wart and cover with plaster overnight. In the morning, remove plaster with cotton ball and cover area with clear nail polish. At night, peel nail polish off with a needle. Do this for about 3 days.

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