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Wart Remedy

Submitted by Debbie

My 6 yr old daughter has had warts on her thumb since she was about 6 months old. I have tried numerous treatments that ranged from a Dermatologist using somthing called Bug Juice to the potato theory and had no luck. 

A friend of mine had a Home Remedy Book so I tried one of those suggestions and I was amazed that her wart that I treated is GONE. I was skeptical so I only treated 1 of the 4 on her thumb so now I'll hit the others. It was suggest to me to use MEDICATED BLISTEX LIP OINTMENT on the warts and it would heal that spot and it did.

The Blistex I used was in a soft tube and not the Chapstick waxy type. I hope this is helpful information for others.

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does it work?!? Comments By: acerara on 2009-11-11
really?? im tryin 2 find a way thats not painful and also not 2 xpensive. this seems like a great way, if it works. lets hope it does!!

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