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Remove Laundry Stains with Murphys Oil Soap

Submitted by Heather

To remove food grease stains from clothes, all you need is a bottle of Murphys Oil. This really works!! 

Pour a little Murphys Oil Soap on the item, let it soak before doing laundry (don't let dry), then wash as usual. My mother-in-law was always telling me this. When my taco that I was eating dripped onto my favorite pair of jeans I immediately threw them into the washer, I even dryed them. 

When I removed them from the dryer the stain was still there. My mother-in-law told me again to use Murphys Oil Soap on them. I didnt think that it would do any good since I already set the stain by drying them. But I went ahead and tried it. To my amazement it came out. 

Now I always keep a bottle of it in my laundry cabinet. She made me a believer of it.

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