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No more dark circles

Submitted by lexy

Soak two cucumbers in lemon juice for 3-5 minutes. Then place cucumbers on your eyes for about 10-15 minutes. It will help get rid of dark circles and puffiness.

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just wondering Comments By: Riti on 2005-07-12
ist lemon juice too acidic for skin under eyes?

TipKing says: If in any doubt do not try

Just wanted to know... Comments By: Amanda on 2008-02-12
how long will I have to do this and how many times a day?

TipKing says: You need to try this out for yourself. Try once a day for a week and if that does not work try a bit longer. Whenever it is convenient to do

what if.... Comments By: roxy on 2008-11-18
what if this is all a fake?
im just saying i might try it though because i need to.

OUCH Comments By: Ange on 2009-02-27
why would you put lemmon juice near your eyes?? do you realize how badly that would burn? i don't think this tip is safe...
Lemon Juice? Comments By: Emily on 2009-06-10
Would Lemon Juice Make Ur eyes Sting ??

no more eye bags Comments By: lo-toots on 2009-10-28
try cutting up a a banana skin into suitable under-eye shapes and applying them. They should stay on their own! Leave for approx 15 minutes. During this time do not scare small children. You should see the bags tightened and shadows lightened. Yay!
wondering Comments By: blackeyedbaby on 2009-12-19
I have had undereye circles since I was a baby so they're not from lack of sleeep or anything else. will this still work?.....hope so cuz my make up still doesn't cover it up all the way.& if I put on too much it looks really bad...
coverfx Comments By: DB on 2010-01-11
I haven't tried this so I can't rate it atm.

If your makeup still makes your dark underyes show, try a sample of Coverfx creme makeup at your local drugstore if they sell it there. In Canada, they sell them and you can ask the beauty consultant to apply a demonstration for you. I have had very red skin from acne and this covers up REALLY well.


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