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Leg Cramps and bath soap

Put a small bar of bath soap under your bottom sheet near the foot of the bed.

Have had no leg cramps for a year.

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The Soap WORKS. Comments By: Peggie on 2005-12-12
I received the tip about "the soap in the bed" from my massage therapist. He usually thinks massage is the cure for everything but another one of his clients told him about the mysterious soap cure, I tried it and it WORKED. . . so far.
I did it! Comments By: anon on 2006-02-11
Why it works is a mystery to me, but it actually does work. I used to have frequent, severe leg cramps at night; but after putting the soap under the sheet, I haven't had the problem--unless the soap slips out. It doesn't seem to matter which brand you use.
I couldn't believe it Comments By: Rockin Reenie on 2006-05-15
I'm 54 and have recently for $ reasons have had to waitress. After a hard weekend I had severe cramping in both legs from foot to hip and 2 people told me about the soap so I put a bar in my sock because my legs kept trying to cramp again the next day and believe it or not they have not hurt since. Go figure. If anyone can tell me why this works please post comment. Is it the lye?
It work for me too! Comments By: minou8797 on 2006-11-01
I have had RLS for 4 years now, I have been on Quenin and now on Requip 1.5 mg a day and it is not working..It is getting so bad that it goes up above my knees..and my heel was absolutely killing me, that I had a hard time walking.... I've heard somewhere to use soap,so last week I decided to give it a try and to my surprise it work..I still have some discomfort but the pain is almost all gone.....
Effective Life of Ivory Soap for Foot Cramps (?) Comments By: Burt Jones on 2007-05-10
I finally got around to trying the soap under the sheet remedy for nighttime Foot cramps. It worked the first night! But after about six nights the foot cramps returned. I have concluded that the soap has a "sheet life". I will try new soap.
I tried Dove soap Comments By: patricia north on 2007-07-23
Me- an LPN, tried bar soap under the sheets for unbearable nightly foot cramps. After years of pain, I got immediate relief. Mind over matter? I don't think so as I didn't believe it would work.
Soap Cramps Comments By: Don on 2007-12-20
Comparing the ingredients in Bar Soap and Gator Aid used for cramps etc. you will find there are several types of Sodium in both. Including Sodium Chloride (SALT) the Electrolytes in the Sodium carried by the fragrance perhaps enters the skin (your largest organ) through the bottom of your feet (the main reflexology center for the whole body) Thus the increase of Electrolytes replace those lost by diuretics or perspiring etc. So there you have at least one theory. Science not superstition, perhaps! Ha Ha.
PS My girlfriend had terrible leg and foot cramps due to a diuretic in her blood pressure medicine. Was much improved when she remembered to buy and consume Gator Aid. NO MORE CRAMPS at all since the bar of soap in her bed!! Nursing homes are also doing this with great success. Replace the electrolytes and thus no cramps.

Soap in the bed discussion Comments By: Frank Willow on 2008-06-27
It's never worked for me, but stretching has.

In any case, I read more here http://www.nolegcramps.com/2008/06/11/soap-in-my-bed/

I can't believe how pervasive this conversation is!

Soap with leg cramps in mind Comments By: Chris on 2008-08-27
My mother, who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis, began getting sever nocturnal leg cramps a number of years back. Because adding an additional pill or supplement to her routine was not a realist option, a friend of hers recommended putting soap in the bed sheets near her legs. Unfortunately what she found is that some soaps show encouraging results while others were completely ineffective. To that end, our family worked with a chemist and recognized formulation expert to isolate and concentrate the ingredients in the effective soaps. After testing various formulations on a cast of eager volunteers, we were able to create a Leg Cramp Relief product. Since then we have developed quite a following.

Please take a minute to visit our Wilcox Family Products website. www.wilcoxfamilyproducts.com If you or someone you know would like a sample, please let me know and I would be happy to get one out. Hope this adds another option.

leg cramp and soap Comments By: Denise on 2009-01-28
I have use soap for about 3 months now. When the soap in the bathroom needs changed I get the one from under the sheets and replace it with a new one. Sometimes I rub dry soap on the cramping area, that helps too. Told my sister and she uses soap too. It helps her too. My feet don't burn anymore.
Something better than Soap! Comments By: Annie M. on 2009-02-27
Soap works, but i've found something even better - a product called CrampArrest. Its smaller than a bar of soap (which hurts my ankls in bed), and comes in several nice scents with Essential Oils to help other problems like arthritis and insomnia. Lasts me about 6 months or longer and not expensive - about $12 online. the website is www.cramparrest.com. Great company, too! Even has a guarantee if it doesn't work for you.
It works for my dad too Comments By: Claire Farrugia on 2009-03-13
My aunt from Australia told my mum to put a bar when she mentioned to her the bad cramps my dad wakes up at night with. My mum was very concerned about the severe pain my dad used to wake up in and he wouldn't go to the doctors because he thinks a cramp is no big deal after all. My mum put the soap without telling him and after many days with resful nights, dad mentioned how long it's been since he last had his cramp. That's when mum told him about the soap bar so surely it was not a matter of impressions. Dad is still sceptical about the whole thing and mum tells him he'd been sleeping without it when he has and still the cramps did not come. He sleeps without it thinking he has it and there they come again. The rest of us all believe in a bar in bed.
FOOT FLAT ON FLOOR Comments By: Josie Kamps on 2009-03-20
The ONLY thing that works for me, is if I get up and put my foot FLAT on the floor, the cramp is gone. It is TOUGH though,to get your cramped leg FLAT. You CAN do it!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)
same thing only different Comments By: farmerbrown on 2009-03-20
My grandmother had her own cure for leg cramps as well. Put Bull fertilizer in a vented bag under your your bottom sheet near the foot of your bed. Trust me you will never have leg cramps in your bed again.
Dial is a wonder drug Comments By: Rita on 2009-06-04
Had not only leg cramps but back, side and thigh cramps every night. Dial, unwrapped, 3 bars down the length of my body worked it's magic. I place on top of sheet next to me unwrapped. I change out every month. Only time I have cramps is if I have lost my last bar to the floor. Under sheet works Okay just not as well for me as on top.
Unbelievable!! Comments By: Rosie P. on 2009-07-10
I tried the soap cure for leg cramp in bed which was extremely painful. I put the soap in a sock and then put the sock on so the soap was against my foot all night. I've never suffered from cramp since!!
Why Bar Soap under Sheets helps leg cramps Comments By: Me on 2009-08-06
Bar Soaps contain Sodium Chloride...this helps alleviate the pain associated WITH MOST leg cramps (so does drinking some gatorade)
Ivory Soap (only Ivory) works for leg cramps Comments By: Stella Mauer on 2009-09-09
My sister have had leg and foot cramps for many years and a few months ago a friend told me about Ivory Soap and how it stops cramps. At first I chuckled when she told me then I thought "what the heck" I will try her "remedy." Well, it WORKS!!! Now, several members of our family have Ivory Soap tucked under their sheets. Amazing!!
Ivory Bar Soap stopped my leg cramps Comments By: Diann - Cleveland OH on 2009-10-17
My mother told me about this home remedy about 3 months ago so I figured it couldn't hurt and I have to say it has worked for me. I put bar under my sheet at the bottom of bed.
Ivory soap and leg cramps Comments By: anon on 2009-10-30
I was diagnosed with lupus 18 yrs ago. recently I been suffering from severe leg cramps every night 2 to 3 times a night. Dr says I have myositis which is secondary to the lupus. I needed some relief. My sister told me about putting the ivory soap in the bed. Of course I didn't believe her. So I did give it a try. I have not had leg cramps for 3 weeks now.That soap will remain in the bed
yes........ Comments By: Ro Diamond on 2010-01-05
The soap at the end of the bed has been working wonders for me. But just now, I'm sitting in a chair watching t.v. & started to get a cramp in my foot. I immediately put a small bar of soap in my slipper & the cramp stopped immediately!!!!!!!!!
Skeptic, until I tried it for myself! Comments By: LSC on 2010-02-17
As many have stated, I was also very skeptical regarding the ability of soap to help with leg cramps---until I experienced relief from pain myself. Not only did it relieve leg cramps following a day of strenuous exercise, it has stopped occasional hip pain. After waking up with pain, I could not get to the soap fast enough and rubbed it against my leg and hip and found relief quickly. I now gladly sleep with a bar of lye soap.
miracle... Comments By: debs on 2010-04-21
I am on tamoxifen tablets,i started suffering from terrible pain in feet/legs especially in joints and then started getting calf cramps, i read an article about putting soap under sheet and thought are they mad!Had nothing to loose so tried it...no pain all night and slept for the first time all night in over a year. A sure miracle i think.I now make sure i have a bar of soap in the bed!!!
Yes, soap works Comments By: Ed on 2010-07-14
I tries it too...amazing
why does it work? Comments By: Anne on 2010-08-20
My sister and I both tried it, an it works. She has Reynaud's syndrome. We have since learned that Magnesium Deficiency also causes cramps and twitching. I ordered magnesium oil to spray on and massage in to my legs and arms, my Carpel Tunnel has stopped hurting too. seems to reduce swelling and open blood vessels for better circulation. There may be some magnesium salts or Potassium in soap. I do wonder why it works.
Believe me it WORKS!!! Comments By: Anon on 2010-11-05
Have R.A. and joints would ache at times but the real problem...foot pain!!!Tried everything & was told about the soap. Noting to loose tried it and what a difference. Don't care why or how or anything else...I'll use it because it works....
leg cramp relief Comments By: Anon. on 2010-11-15
After a rough weekend on my feet, (working in the E.R.) I awoke with my thigh muscles beginning to cramp, ( I have experienced this before due to over exercise). I immediately got up and put 2 bars of soap under my sheet. I had heard of this and thought it was "out there" but when that kind of pain comes you will try anything. It works! Don't know why but the relief was sweet!
Pure Lye Soap Works! Comments By: Michelle on 2011-01-28
I was having muscle cramps throughout the night every night. The kind you have to attempt to get out of bed and force your leg/foot back into a normal position. Read on a bar of pure Lye Soap of this old Chinese remedy and IT WORKED!!!!!! Crazy, but I tested it out. Skipped nights - cramps, Bar of soap near legs - no cramps. Amazing!
not working for me Comments By: Jean on 2011-02-26
I take cramp tablets nightly, I tried the bar of saop under the sheet and stopped the tablets. The first night no cramps, the second a little bit of cramp, the third night could not sleep for really bad cramo, had to get up and take my tablet, an hour later had to drink a glass of tonic water to finally get relief and back to sleep. sadly am back on nightly tablets, was worth a try may work for some.
Skeptical until I tried it! Comments By: Hollyberrie on 2011-04-07
I have been suffering with hip, leg, and foot cramps from RA for almost 3 years. Tired of taking medicine that does not always work. Found this on here with others like me suffering and trying the soap in the bed or the sock. I did not believe it until I tried it. Laying here now with my legs propped up with a bar of soap in my sock. My foot stopped cramping almost immediately! Of course my leg and hip feel a little burning still but the cramping has went away!!! If I have to put soap in my sock every night I will as long as it helps! It never hurts to try and I'm so glad I did!
What about daytime leg cramps? Comments By: Chris on 2011-04-11
Has anybody had any success with a small bar of soap in their sock for daytime leg cramps?

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