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Leg Cramp Cure

Submitted by Lady Di

Place a bar of soap under your bottom sheet on your mattress. I place mine at the bottom of the bed. Sounds silly.........but it works!!!

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Soap for Cramp!! Comments By: Kim on 2005-09-12
Picked up this tip from here and tried it right away and it works!! Sounds mad, but it's true. I have told other people about it and they all agree!!
LEG CRAMP CURE Comments By: Pat on 2007-03-20
I was very sceptical but it does work! I would love a scientific explanation.
securing the soap Comments By: Soap Salvation on 2009-07-24
The only problem with the soap idea was that I kept loosing the soap in the bedsheets everynight. However I found a product that keeps the soap in its place - crampgenie

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