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Wart removal with salt

Submitted by Nilda I.Rivera Rn

Cover the walt with wet iodized table salt and let it there. Do it as many times as you can during the day and every day until it dries and fall. It worked for me with those that are rough and whitish. I had one in my hand and desapear.

Visitors comments

very helpful advice Comments By: Nicky on 2005-07-22
Thank you for this advice it's the first possitive none chemical etc., advice I have had.
No such luck Comments By: Stephanie Rose on 2005-07-25
Tried itfor 2 weeks straight only missing 1 1/2 days... The "White rough" wart I had didn't seem affected at all.
Stephanie is wrong Comments By: N.I. Rivera R n on 2005-07-28
This Tip was posted 7/22 not even one week ago.Continue doing it should be a generous very wet amount of iodized table salt,you should feel the salt and the wart wet
Salt does work! Comments By: Judy on 2009-03-13
30 years ago I had a wart that I could not get rid of with over the counter and an MD brutal treatment. It was summer and I was swimming in the ocean every day with a band-aid to cover the ungliness of the wart. I let the band-aid dry on my finger along with the natural salt in the ocean and the wart just healed. Now, after 30 years I have another one and I will use salt again. It does indeed work. Wet your band-aid and cover the bandage part that will lay against the wart and keep it on all day. Good luck!
Sea Salt or cheap salt Comments By: CK on 2009-06-16
I noticed that a wart my daughter had underneath her big toe nail and it lifted the toenail upward(it looked gross!)but started to look better after a beach trip. When we were home a week or two it came back full force. After many different treatments,including PAINFUL MD removal it came back. Tea Tree oil worked but it was under the nail so it kept coming back. So we have started soaking it in 1/2 cup of salt and about a cup of water, just enough to cover it and the nail is now laying flat and the wart looks to be gone. We have an appoint ment tomorrow but I think for a couple of weeks I will still soak it and it will be completely gone!
More aggressive salt treatment Comments By: Eric on 2009-11-10
The salt method works, but I like to take it a step further. This method is not for the weak of stomach. Take a very sharp knife and shear off as much of the wart as you can. Next take an emery board and sand it down real good. Be as aggressive with it as possible as you really want to open this baby up and trigger a strong immune response to the area. Next, douse the wart with iodine tincture until it is good and saturated. Then coat the area with salt and wet with more iodine if needed to make a nice "paste". Then bandage it up good and don't take it off for a few days. In a few days the skin should be nice and soft, go back to work with the knife and emery board, really make it angry. Repeat the iodine and salt process and rebandage for another few days. Your chance of success hinges on how nasty you get with the knife and emery board. Good luck. I got rid of a stubborn one with this method after 3 doctor visits and nitrogen treatments at $150 a pop did nothing.
Really!?? Comments By: acerara on 2009-11-11
does it really work? cuz ill do it if it does. im just tryin not to sink to the level of peein on my warts or bitin them off.
salt realy works Comments By: aimee on 2010-02-20
i think this salt has realy helped me one tip dont bite you skin that is what caused mine i am glad it works i am doing it now and its working slowly..... thankyou xxxxxxx
Painful? Comments By: bobbi on 2011-04-10
I totally can see how this would work, but is it normal for it to burn so much? My wart is quite large and i put a very generous amount of the salt paste on my thumb and it burns!! A lot! It throbs after i put it one. Should I just stick it out?
I think that it worked. Comments By: Violet on 2011-08-27
I did what it said and soaked it in salt water for 15 minutes and then started scratching at it, and I bet that in the next couple of days, it will be gone.
Spit and Salt Comments By: Mike O'Neill on 2011-09-18
Hi, Mum advised (35 years ago) me when I was a kid and had a number of warts to mix spit and salt and leave on the warts. That took care of all of mine.

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