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Shiny Chocolate lip gloss

Submitted by RoadRunningVixen

Mix cocoa powder with Vaseline and have tasty, dark tinted, super glossy lips! If you have tiny lips, it makes them look full and it works on anybody's lips. You can add as much cocoa powder as necessary to make it darker or lighter. It's long lasting and smells so good. 

It keeps your lips from getting chapped in the winter too. Make a tube of this and use it all day! If you want to have bedroom eyes', dab a LITTLE bit on your eyelid! But, not too much! 

Don't believe me? Do one eye and compare the two. Plus, when you tilt your head back and look down, it will be so gorgeous. All races can use this.

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:-) Comments By: danielle on 2008-08-07
thanks gud idea, jst earlier i wos looking round the kitchen 4 stuff 2 add 2 vasaline!!!!!!!!!!!!

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