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The 24-Hour Onion, Yes, Onion Cure!

Submitted by Cherisa

For quick fixes in less than 24-hours try rubbing ONION on your skin. The smell goes away quickly as it dries and gets absorbed into the skin. Simply rub a slice on the skin at night and let it work while you sleep or apply during the day under makeup. 

After a while your skin will clear up so well you won't ever need to wear that makeup. And if you keep a little onion on your skin everyday or every other day you will see significant results within a day. It's the sulfuric acid in onion that is proven to kill the bacteria that causes acne. And itís ONLY the powerful combination of hydrogen peroxide and sulfuric acid that makes products like Proactiv work so successfully. 

Rub a small slice of onion on your face and let the magic begin.

Visitors comments

trying it today... Comments By: anon on 2006-01-10
I never heard about this trick but I'm going to give it a shot. I always had a few zits as a kid... but lately it's gotten out of control. ( birth control...stress??) I;ve tried everything..so i have my fingers crossed for this one.
not working Comments By: anon on 2006-01-14
this is not working
Type of onion? Comments By: TB on 2006-11-30
Chelsea, what type of onion do you recommend? How often and how much
I'll give it a try. Comments By: Becca on 2007-02-08
I'm going to try this trick tonight, I hope it works as ive tried loads of spot treatments from the shop and even got cream from my doctor but nothing seems to work.
I've found that clean and clear is good but it dries your skin and makes it go all flaky, can anyone help, if i put moisturiser on then the spots just come back!

PURPOSE Comments By: tking on 2007-05-14
PURPOSE I think by Johnson and Johnson (not sure) but this clean without overdrying. dermotalogist approved
it work..... Comments By: amy on 2008-06-19
i avnt tried this but tried sooo many diff spot treatments its unreal i find that usin stuff like cream face wash dusnt work but all the 1s ive tried that sting do work!!!! so like that clearasil face wash that works in 3 days dus realli work but onli the bluey coloured one not the face wash, and if u wear foundation but a spot cover that has alo vera in so atleast ur cloggin the spot wiv spot stuff not jsut make.up,
its dead cheap from avon onli around £2.50

Comments By: purplerain1582 on 2009-07-11
You can try using Mederma. That is the active ingrediant in this. I use it and it's true... I just think that Merederma os easier to use that just applying onion to the skin.
Yes, I do it Comments By: Cass on 2010-03-05
and it works. Dont be a dork and just do it. Red Onion works best
yeh not bad Comments By: clarkee on 2010-03-10
well if you have a spot come up and you have nothing else to hand then it is certainly worth a go and i would say it does work very well, i say this as i have just been forced to use this method myself as i had a spot come up and needed it gone before the weekend
onions Comments By: joyce on 2010-12-28
will onions help cure a cold?

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