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Remove Biro Stains from clothes

Submitted by Mrs M Rawlings

Place cotton pad under stain ,then with Hair spray aim on the Biro spot you want removed. Rub lightly,WASH immediatly .

Visitors comments

did'nt work Comments By: anon on 2005-12-14
My son came home with a chefs jacket someone had left a biro in with the jackets when washing them. I used this technique and it turned it a lighter colour but did not remove.
Excellent Comments By: anon on 2007-05-18
That saved that pair of trousers. Thanks.
remove biro stains from clothing Comments By: anon on 2007-07-28
Tough Buster Stain Remover-99p from Wilkinson. Definitely works on biro and countless other stains
it worked Comments By: kater on 2007-11-23
Brilliant - worked removing blue biro from a white t shirt, Thanks
yes!! Comments By: belinda on 2007-12-19
Oh my god! who would have thought? but it worked like magic. Thanks. Saved that pair of pants.
Excellent advice! Comments By: Anon on 2008-01-10
Works perfectly! Sprayed a bit of TresEmme Hairspray onto a clothing label covered in biro ink, rubbed with a few cotton buds and viola! The ink is gone!

Great tip.

WORKS! Comments By: Dianne on 2008-01-11
My Daughter had biro on her very very expensive cream hooded top,with the hairspray you have to spray firmly through the biro marks,until it is gone,using quite a lot of the hairspray,the biro will go darker initially,which is a bit scary and then it dissapears as if by magic!! Fabulous tip
Better than sliced bread!! Comments By: Patty Mc on 2008-02-05
What a fantastic result after using your method to remove a Biro stain from the front of a favourite T-shirt!.... as good as new! Thanks!
brillant genius!!!! Comments By: baccy1 on 2008-03-02
cant believe it very expensive cream carpet and cream chenille sofa and a brand new t shirt all came clean as if biro had never exploded. absolutly genius lol thanxs....
Biro stain removal Comments By: Alison Campbell on 2008-04-26
Amazing. It worked amazingly on my granchild's new polo fleece jacket. Tried milk first but did nothing. The hairspray worked a treat. Thank you

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