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Remove Biro Stains from clothes

Submitted by Mrs M Rawlings

Place cotton pad under stain ,then with Hair spray aim on the Biro spot you want removed. Rub lightly,WASH immediatly .

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did'nt work Comments By: anon on 2005-12-14
My son came home with a chefs jacket someone had left a biro in with the jackets when washing them. I used this technique and it turned it a lighter colour but did not remove.
Excellent Comments By: anon on 2007-05-18
That saved that pair of trousers. Thanks.
remove biro stains from clothing Comments By: anon on 2007-07-28
Tough Buster Stain Remover-99p from Wilkinson. Definitely works on biro and countless other stains
it worked Comments By: kater on 2007-11-23
Brilliant - worked removing blue biro from a white t shirt, Thanks
yes!! Comments By: belinda on 2007-12-19
Oh my god! who would have thought? but it worked like magic. Thanks. Saved that pair of pants.
Excellent advice! Comments By: Anon on 2008-01-10
Works perfectly! Sprayed a bit of TresEmme Hairspray onto a clothing label covered in biro ink, rubbed with a few cotton buds and viola! The ink is gone!

Great tip.

WORKS! Comments By: Dianne on 2008-01-11
My Daughter had biro on her very very expensive cream hooded top,with the hairspray you have to spray firmly through the biro marks,until it is gone,using quite a lot of the hairspray,the biro will go darker initially,which is a bit scary and then it dissapears as if by magic!! Fabulous tip
Better than sliced bread!! Comments By: Patty Mc on 2008-02-05
What a fantastic result after using your method to remove a Biro stain from the front of a favourite T-shirt!.... as good as new! Thanks!
brillant genius!!!! Comments By: baccy1 on 2008-03-02
cant believe it very expensive cream carpet and cream chenille sofa and a brand new t shirt all came clean as if biro had never exploded. absolutly genius lol thanxs....
Biro stain removal Comments By: Alison Campbell on 2008-04-26
Amazing. It worked amazingly on my granchild's new polo fleece jacket. Tried milk first but did nothing. The hairspray worked a treat. Thank you
WOW! Comments By: Katie on 2008-05-19
OUTSTANDING! luv it ^.^ ty

Fantastic !!!!!! This works a treat - Thanks!! Comments By: Penny on 2008-07-05
My son got blue biro all over his work trousers - it all came off superbly !!!
One bit of further advice - if there is a lot of ink involved wear rubber gloves else your hand get blue or black !!!

Hairspray Magic! Comments By: French way on 2008-07-19
Fab worked well has saved me a divorce as my kids have scribbled on my sofa whilst I was chatting on the phone!
Woweee, the internet is a source of great remedies! Comments By: Sav on 2008-08-10
absolutely brilliant. applied tesco's extra hold to my new M&S Cream Linen Jacket that got spoilt in biro on its first wear and this remedy has done the trick! thanks and happy in newcastle!
outstanding! Comments By: talu on 2008-08-11
i thought i'd ruined my expensive beige trousers, sprayed on cheap hairspray, copiously i may add and rubbed on a cotton bud, just like invisible ink the mark disappeared - awesome!
brilliant :) Comments By: natalie on 2008-08-18
thnks sooo much , this worked really well , i was so worried cos i got black biro on white jeans but the stain came out!
Works on leather too! Comments By: Chris Bournemouth on 2008-11-14
My son left a leaky biro on grey leather car seat. Hairspray did the trick
BRILLIANT WAY TO REMOVE STAIN Comments By: Trueblue 49 on 2008-11-14
Tried it on white formal shirt and it has removed 99% - what a brilliant suggestion!!!
Excellent Comments By: Anon on 2009-01-25
Tried it after i accidently broke my pen in my work shirt pocket i was so annoyed

got home and tried this tip excellent came off a treat a fair bit of hairspray and cotton balls but saved my work shirt

whats a little hairspray and cotton balls for my work shirt

thanks for the tip

Sard Wonder Soap Comments By: Liisa on 2009-01-30
Had biro on a white vinyl bag. Tried the vinegar, bi-carb soda and hairspray methods of removal, but what works was Sard Wonder Soap rubbed in and left a few minutes before rinsing.
hairspray works great Comments By: anon on 2009-01-04
biro mark came off a cotton shirt brilliantly thanks. Just put paper towel under stain spray with hairspray then dab.Then wash as normal.
Eureka!! Works like magic Comments By: Anon on 2009-03-01
...and took lees than 5 minutes to get the biro stain off!!
fantastic Comments By: norma rock on 2009-04-15
my grandaughters satin bolero top got marked - devistation - lots of spray and gone many thanks
It worked Comments By: Joel on 2009-04-22
After frantic Google search, came across your tip. Tried straight away and it is gone. The stain was one week old and has disappeared. Magic!
Bad Cat Comments By: Kato on 2009-04-27
Crazy story: CAT chewed pen and got biro marks all over hubby's best shirt which I happened wearing at the time.....(it's true-ish, bad cat). After much panic and fumbling found this tip - and it really works!!! Now I get brownie points for doing washing 'out of the goodness of my heart'. Moo Ha Ha!
fantastic tip worked like a miracle Comments By: Tulip on 2009-04-27
I left a new biro in my works overall and put it in the washing machine, the biro emptied itself all over my overall and other light items. I tried for hours with different products to remove the ink but with not much successs,so came on your site I had nothing to lose my uniform and other items seemed ruined at a costley expence. I had a can of hairspray in so gave it a try WOW it took a few goes but all my clothes and uniform have no stains on thank you so much .
brilliant Comments By: Paula on 2009-05-07
My son's new school trousers had a huge Biro leak on them, I tried this solution and it worked brilliantly, the cotton pad underneath even had the perfect outline of the ink on it, this has saved me the price of another pair of pants, thanks
Saved the day! Comments By: FionaS on 2009-05-08
Very grateful for this tip, as it saved a cream satin bridesmaid dress. Worked perfectly - phew!
milk and salt Comments By: David on 2009-05-16
rub the biro mark with milk quite a bit then put a pinch of salt on and then rub with more milk, works a treat
Last thingI would have thought of Comments By: Maggie on 2009-07-13
Amazing, removed biro from lining of expensive bag. Sprayed with hairspray then rubbed with makeup pad and it came of with three sprays, then washed lining carefully, good as new.
It worked Comments By: tomek biro on 2009-07-15
I accidentally drew all over my girlfriend's sofa. I found this site and it saved my relationship! USe lots of hairspray though :)
Sounds crazy but it worked Comments By: eileen on 2009-08-03
Grandson got biro on his new white hoodie, decided to give hairspray a try held my breath and IT WORKED.!!!!
thanks so much,

WOW! Comments By: Gillian on 2009-08-15
Wow, just got a biro scribble mark off a cushion cover with no effort at all - that hairspray trick surely is magic -
What a relief! It really did work! Comments By: Gayle B. on 2009-08-13
I had embroidered around a velvet bunny rabbit which I had sewn and stuffed onto a baby's blanket when I accidentally marked the bunny's ear with biro. I was devestated and then elated to see the biro disappear using your remedy. Thank you ever so much.
blue biropen on a polyester white jacket Comments By: jeanie .L on 2009-08-22
admittedly I was scared to try hair laquer on it but it worked a treat
Thank you Comments By: Jackie on 2009-08-30
Thank you - saved my toddlers new white pants!!!!
Fantastic Comments By: Rose on 2009-09-02
It worked really well. Be warned the biro soaked through the cotton pad underneath causing a secondary stain!!!So extra thick cotton pad recommended
I really can't believe it ! Comments By: Sue on 2009-09-13
This is brilliant. I had biro marks on a favourite T shirt, I sprayed the hair spray all over the mark, rubbed gently and, straight away I could see a difference. It took two more goes to remove it completely. Thank you so much - I shall spread the word!
Brilliant! Can't believe it works but thanks! Comments By: Helen on 2009-10-20
Amazing. My little boy got biro all over his new PJ's which were quite expensive. Half a can of hairspray and some elbow grease later and it was out. Brilliant thanks!
Brilliant! Comments By: Clare on 2009-10-25
I would never have thought of hairspray, but it's so much easier and safer than meths... A good drenching and a gentle scrub and it was as if the biro scribbles on my favourite cords had never been. :)
Thank you!

Cotton duvet cover / biro - it worked Comments By: Anon on 2009-11-23
It worked!
Unbelievable! Comments By: Eileen on 2009-11-24
My daughter got red biro on her brand new white T-shirt. If the T-shirt wasn't already ruined, I probably wouldn't have tried this -- it sounds so unlikely. But it worked like a charm. Not even a hint of red biro left. Thank you so much!
WORKS LIKE MAGIC!! Comments By: AnnaLou on 2009-11-25
I didn't think this would work as well as it did but three shots of hairspray and two cotton balls later, the black biro stain on the front of my white coat disappeared before my eyes!!! Thank you :)
WORKS LIKE MAGIC!! Comments By: AnnaLou on 2009-11-25
I didn't think this would work as well as it did but three shots of hairspray and two cotton balls later, the black biro stain on the front of my white coat disappeared before my eyes!!! Thank you :)
Tip Works Perfectly! Comments By: Daniel on 2009-12-12
I somehow managed to drag a black biro across the front of a white t shirt. Placed some cotton pads underneath, sprayed with hairspray, lightly rubbed with another cotton pad and it completely disappeared!

Don't let the moment when they stain goes darker and broader frighten you, its just temporary.

Thank you for the tip! Comments By: Anon on 2009-12-15
'Borrowed' my sister's Radley bag... forgot that the pen I put in there had issues with its cap. She phoned yesterday asking if her bag was still here-- she's coming down in a week, and I think you just saved my life, aha!
What is the active ingredient in hairspray? Comments By: Nina Collins on 2010-01-18
I too have benefitted from your tip about using hairspray to remove biro stain. What is the active ingredient in hair spray that has this effect?
an expensive coat -dry cleaners would not touch it ! Comments By: Carole on 2010-01-19
nothing to lose so tried the hairspray, soak it - and yes it disappeared ! not just a few marks either - a biro in my soft shoulderbag made awful marks about 12" by 3"as if a child had been let loose on it. Thanks so much for the tip
Brilliant Comments By: Kim on 2010-02-15
I had a new top on and got biro on it so googled this - tried it and it removed every single bit of biro - UNBELIEVABLE!!

Biro vanished from white shirt Comments By: Anon on 2010-02-16
Worked fantastically. Did a bit of spraying then washing and repeated a few times. Got the biro completely out and didn't affect the shirt colour whatsoever. Would highly recommend. many thanks for the great tip!
red biro washed with pale blue polycotton sheet Comments By: Tina on 2010-03-07
It didn't remove the stain completely but considering the amount that was on it I was extremely pleased.I might try further respraying and washing
Brilliant Comments By: Auntie Sharon on 2010-03-17
Thanks for this tip, it all but removed the biro off my sofa!!!! Its brilliant!
Brill !! Comments By: anon on 2010-04-12
Biro(black)accidently went in with a wash and burst destroyed a few shirts,but thanks to the Hairspray their like new again,brillant
BIRO STAINS ON SHIRTS Comments By: Helen & Alan on 2010-04-14
Wow, the hair spray really works - so easy and an astonishing result. We were absolutely delighted with this tip and 'saved' knit open weave polo shirt.
Rate at: 5/5 !!!!

biro stain removed Comments By: elaine on 2010-04-18
this does work.....ive just got biro out of my son's footie shirt.....brilliant result
Great! Comments By: Ruth on 2010-04-25
my boyfriend left a biro in his shirt when it went in the wash, so basically a whole biro full of ink ended up in two concentrated spots on the collar. It's not totally removed the spots but you can clearly see the ink coming out! If its really concentrated spots, you need a lot of hairspray!
Omg Comments By: Sharon on 2010-05-16
My partner is a nurse and has to wear a white shirt for work but somehow gets biro all over his shit... Men lol I tryed the hairspray and gone thankyou for the tip as the work shirts can be so expensive I am forever grateful
Jolly good indeed Comments By: Anon on 2010-05-26
This just saved my employer's favourite suit (worth 18,000) so I am so delighted that this has worked. many thanks.
Biro stain Comments By: Derek on 2010-05-30
Worked very well. Saved a pair of trousers
In Australia Comments By: Tash in Aus on 2010-06-05
In Australia (not sure if available elsewhere) we use Aeroguard in aerosol form. It is a fly/mosquito repellent. I had a neighbour son take to the arm of my couch with a permanent marker. Aeroguard copiously sprayed and blotted with paper towel came off with no residue left. Works exactly the same as hairspray.
BLUE BIRO ON WHIT POLYESTER Comments By: Steven McCue on 2010-06-22
INCREDIBLE! I am typically the cynical sort so didn't give this much hope. Brand-new white Polo shirt...followed the suggestion and as someone else remarked,shocked at first when the ink appeared to darken. Given a couple of minutes and plenty hairspray(thanks my dearest),it vanished! MIRACLE!
Try It! Comments By: Edward Henshaw on 2010-07-07
You read about this hairspray business; does it work? Take a white handerchief as I did scribble heavily with Biro,leave to set,then spray with hairspray. It's MAGIC!
It worked for me Comments By: Mike on 2010-07-12
My daughter had a biro that leaked all over the shaggy rug in her room. We used nearly a complete aerosol can but it was a very big stain and clraned up really well. Thank you tipster.
Was doubtful but........!!! Comments By: Jill, Aberdeen on 2010-07-25
Brilliant! Managed to poke myself with biro whilst wearing a lovely new snow white top. Viscose so doubted this trick would work. Used daughter's hair spray, light rub, into washing machine.......(drum roll)...CLEAN AND WHITE. Thank you so much

Excellent Tip to remove biro from clothes Comments By: Angie Diamond on 2010-07-31
Brilliant tip!! Amazing result ! My grandson's work issued shirt, had the pocket streaked all over with biro,I was sceptical about trying, but the result was just so good, and saved a shirt. I will be passing it on to everyone I know. Thank you
Wow Comments By: Jane on 2010-08-05
I didn't think it would work. Bought a pair of green satin shoes today, noticed they had a biro mark on the heel. Just tried the hairspray tip and it worked perfectly....thank you
Removing biro from clothes Comments By: Terese Hulse on 2010-08-06
Used this tip on my new beige jacket,worked a treat thanks.
Excellent Comments By: Lynne on 2010-08-09
I applied the hairspray as directed and saved an expensive shirt with pen on the collar.
Thank you

My kids,myself & my sanity thankyou! Comments By: Meow_mum on 2010-08-24
I have a 2&4 yr old boy & girl who love art & nice clothes - they don't mix it happens alot. Today my son 2,had on a new outfit that was expensive& he loves it, he decided to give it's horizontal stripes vertical Niro ones..alot! I caught him & he was more upset about the top than me!! So I checked ur tip raced to deli to grab home brand hair spray ( blk& gold for Aussies ) spray on a decent amount and placed a sanitary pad inside top ,as was a large area ,& b4 I could get the cloth to dab it begun to disappear b4 my eyes!! Ive now tried it on my red microsuede lounge that had a large biro " decoration" in dark black on arm. I was compelled to thankyou & will be using this site for all little accidents now .. I'm off to try the removing silly putty technique - little darlings!
spot on! Comments By: Steve on 2010-09-04
great advice it really worked
5 Dry cleaners said Nothing could be done! Comments By: Dee on 2010-09-14
My sons work suit had a leaky blue biro in the pocket, came through to the front and all down the lapel, also on the trousers. really quite bad, but as the suit was only 7 months old, I took it to 5 dry cleaners in total and they all said they would not be able to remove the biro without it fading the areas and sorry but there was nothing they could do.
So I had nothing to lose and promptly set to work with a big old sheet, folded up lots to put under the suit a old pillowcase to use to gently rub the top areas, tin of cheap hair spray, one hour, 10 mins later and lots of gentle pressing and rubbing and all the biro had gone.
I then gently hand washed the areas of the suit, hung it to dry naturally and Lo and behold all gone!
Its now gone to the dry cleaners to have a general clean and the dry cleaner could not believe it was the same suit.

Thank you Mrs Rawlings for this tip - Its fantastic!!

On my wedding dress!!!! Comments By: Josephine on 2010-09-22
3 weeks before I'm due to marry I walked past my dress and got biro on it all down the front!! needless to say I was a bit hestitant to spray hairspray on my JUST cleaned dress !!

But without time to get it too the cleaners i ran to my cheapo hairspray ( cos it sall i had in ) and ONE earbud !!

Could not belive my eyes you have saved my wedding day, Thank yoooooooooou xxxx

Fantastic Comments By: Bekki on 2010-09-22
Biro leaked on lining of new expensive handbag. I tried a dry cleaning solution which didn't work. Tried the hairspray method - FANTASTIC good as new and I'm very happy. Thank you
Amazing Comments By: Sue on 2010-10-08
Got the biro out of my husband's cotton trousers. Many thanks
Harspray works!!!!!!!! Comments By: Judith on 2010-10-12
My 14 month old grandson got biro on a brand new Manchester Utd top. It took most of a can of Asda (cheap) hairspray but it worked so well she thought I'd bought a new one !
Amazing Comments By: Linda on 2010-10-19
Got brio on a brand new pair of trousers. Used this method - it's absolutely amazing! Biro has completely vanished.
Bloody Brilliant! Comments By: Jude. on 2010-10-22
Blue biro mark right in the middle front of husband's fave T-shirt so onto the trusty internet, saw this tip and it removed it with no trouble at all. I just wonder who thinks to try these unusual fixit methods in the first place!
Great Result Comments By: Jane on 2010-10-27
Expensive work shirt v's Biro

VO5 and a cotton bud

As Gordon would say 'DONE!"

removed biro from car seat upholstery Comments By: Rob on 2010-11-01
The kids got hold of a biro,needless to say the back seat was not a pretty sight,but the hair lacquer did the job.
BRILLIANT Comments By: Tasha on 2010-11-03
Works very well, got the stain off my grey cardigan with this. THere is a tiny weeny bit left but only if you squint. EXCELLENT TIP !!!!
you saved my life!!!! Comments By: lydia on 2010-11-05
bloddy excellent. I stained my mother in laws setee while she was at work when I was trying to be clever and knit with two biros because I'd lost my needles( yea I know stupid!!!) and you literally saved my life because she hasn't noticed :) it was gone in minutes xxx
IT WORKED... black biro on faux leather sofa Comments By: rach&cris on 2010-11-07
Our little 2 year old somehow found a black biro and managed to scribble all over our chocolate brown faux leather sofa... we sprayed hairspray on it, and could immediately see the stain lifting. We simply wiped it off and repeated where necessary! Amazing really!
Amazing Comments By: Anon on 2010-11-20
My daughter got biro on my beautiful velvet sofa - thought it was ruined but the hairspray worked a treat!!!!! Brilliant.
WOULD NEVER HAVE THOUGHT IT!!! Comments By: Pete from Leicester on 2010-12-18
Brand new shirt with biro on it - tried other tips to no avail. Tried the hairspray and voil - it worked - marvellous. Don't know how or why it works but my new shirt won't be going for re-cycling.
Thank you Mrs Rawlings Comments By: Ms Moore on 2010-12-02
I, too, was dubious about squirting hairspray onto a beautiful cream suit jacket that had been spoiled with a biro mark down the front. I tried stain removing soap stick which lightened the stain but did not remove it.I used hairspray as suggested and it worked first time with the stain disappearing straight away before my very eyes! So thank you, Mrs Rawlings for raking the trouble to share your most effective tip.
Vanishes before your eyes Comments By: Anon on 2010-12-08
Particular thanks to the person who said insect repellent would work just as well, I didn't have any hairspray, but I did have that. I didn't think it would work, but it was amazing. It worked easily on my fabric sofa with non-removable covers when my son drew all over it in black biro.
FANTASTIC Comments By: Di Summers on 2010-12-11
Thank you so much for this wonderful tip, it seems I fell asleep and my biro leaked over my new doona cover. Kisses in hugs to you :)
Remove biro from doona cover Comments By: Melissa on 2010-12-10
This is amazing, my daughter had drawn alot of biro on her very expensive doona cover and I used the hairspray (alot of it!) and it worked!!!! Thank you, Thank you
Fantastic Comments By: Mrs Walton on 2011-01-02
It worked a treat!
even after other treatments Comments By: Shaz on 2011-01-09
I'm impressed! I had tried two other treatments on my polyester dress that had biro marks that were a couple of weeks (and a wash) old, and the hairspray worked!!
Nail Varnish Remover worked better on my Jeans! Comments By: Seb on 2011-01-12
Tried HS on my jeans, but in the end found NVR to be more effective. I.e. on inky prints to be wiped off.
Hairspray? Really?? Well, yes! Comments By: loopyloo on 2011-01-12
My toddler's first attempt at drawing was with a biro on our lilac sofa (it's a lot nicer than it sounds)...

As an ex-dry cleaning employee I couldn't even be bothered to try until I idly looked online and saw this tip with its rave reviews... lo and behold, a few sprays of Boots own brand later, barely a thin blue line left... thanks sooooo much for this amazing tip!

Fantastic!!! Comments By: Hairspray believer on 2011-01-13
My friend had got biro all over his White neck tie. Hairspray worked so well, I could not believe it!!! I had to show my friend how great it worked and actually deliberately scribbled biro over my baby pink scarf to do a live demo! Luckily, it didn't let me down then either! Thanks
brilliant biro stain removal Comments By: Frances on 2011-01-19
Many thanks for your tip. I managed to
remove a biro mark from a rather expensive dress. It worked a treat

This Works! Comments By: Anon on 2011-02-07
Got biro off a white football shirt using Tresemme hairspray - good tip!
Tough Buster Stain Remover Comments By: Kat on 2011-02-26
Cannot find Tough Buster anywhere. Can anyone help as to where I might find it these days?
Teddy Bear Saver! Comments By: Anon on 2011-03-15
I bought a white bear for my Girlfriends birthday and somehow blue pen got all over the bears face! I was so upset as it was the last bear of this type but with using a bit of hairspray and cotton wool it came completely off! Thank You so much!
terrific works great Comments By: julianne on 2011-03-17
I used it to remove biro from a flag & it was a great success , hard to believe.
Rubbish Tip ! Comments By: Mia on 2011-04-05
that;s where this 'Tip' should go as it's absolute TOSH ! It doesn't work at all
thank you - shirt saved ! Comments By: Nikki on 2011-04-10
my son's new & very expensive work shirt saved. I didn't find the cotton wool was useful - just sprayed lots on, then hand washed quickly - all gone. Does make the stain more intense to start with.
Excellent works . Comments By: Anne on 2011-04-12
What can I say apart from it works perfect , no biro now on my cream jacket.You need to spray it on the biro mark so the garment is wet with the hair spray and make sure you put a folded paper towel on the back of the garment and just rub on the mark and like magic it disappears before your eyes . Thank you for this tip .
Stain stayed Comments By: Issie on 2011-04-20
I tried the 'hairspray' method. The biro stain had been on the cotton jacket for a week, however only a small amount came out. The stain remained.
wow Comments By: Cathy on 2011-05-04
pleasantly surprised - removed smaller stains completely, and large ones(size of 10pence piece ) dramatically reduced to pin spots ... delighted as this was my son's brand new school shirt!
did not work Comments By: heat on 2011-05-20
i have a pair of converse that have biro all over them, its been there for quite a while which could be why it hasnt budged but the hairspray made absolutely no difference. nail varnesh remove lifted it slightly
Oh my God! Thank you! Comments By: Jeannie on 2011-05-12
Son came home from work, sat on the sofa, after he got up, he informed me that there was a stain there. I went to investigate and discovered biro ink. The pen had broken in the back pocket of his jeans, all the ink had been deposited on the sofa, I wasn't bothered about his jeans, but my sofa I thought I thought had been ruined.
It has taken me all evening a bit at a time and patience and more hair spray etc..(obviously couldn't put it in the wash) It has worked a treat! it has all come out, who would have thought that hairspray could achieve this? Amazing! And thanks again, so greatful for the tip.

Track42 Comments By: Anon on 2011-06-05
It was scary but it worked - the biro was a month old, so better results when just new, I guess. But the blue went purple and faded - but I am a bit of a perfectionist - hopefully better results when dry .....but I will be able to wear it again - yeah!

hairspray on biro Comments By: Jools on 2011-06-06
Brand new worn once newcastle footie shirt savec. Took loads of hairspray but hey it worked. FANTASTIC.
Excellent - It rally worked Comments By: Jackz on 2011-06-11
Duvet cover had a biro mark and wasn't sure how to get rid of it. Tried the hairspray and it worked really well. So I would reommend this to anyone.
Flannel Egyptian Cotton Sherriden Sheets Saved! Comments By: Meg on 2011-06-14
At my sisters baby sitting and my niece had her way with a purple biro..
Stain looks gone although my hairspray is still damp. Off to wash them and fingers crossed it is all out :)

Worked!! Comments By: Luke on 2011-06-19
Saved my nice new shirt!
Good for light biro stains, not heavy ones Comments By: itchyfeet on 2011-07-05
used hairspray, alot of it. Some of the stains came off but not all of it so I'm still left with a deep dark blob. Guess this remedy is only good for light biro stains.
fantastic tip Comments By: Shaz on 2011-07-07
my grandaughter got biro on her jasmine outfit when writing out a birthday card thought I'd never get the stain out. Thanks for the tip....hairspray really works now she has an outfit for the party :)
Toddlers with pens!!!! Comments By: Anne on 2011-07-08
Whilst babysitting for a friend's little girl, she escaped my attention for 5 minutes and managed to get pen onto my Kiwi colored sofa in three places, although very light it was noticeable............after light washing it was still there. I just tried the hairspray remedy and it seems to have worked, I will check them again in the morning. I was a bit scared to do it at first, in case it would make matters worse.

Thank you I will keep this handy hint for future incidents with the dreaded pen.

Thanks hairspray Comments By: Na on 2011-07-11
Good tip. Worked on my dress. Tried milk first didn't do anything
Red biro on a cream carpet! Comments By: Karon on 2011-08-17
My six month old puppy chewed up a red biro and deposited blobs of ink over a 20cm square section of cream lounge carpet. It has taken me an hour, a full can of hairspray and a whole kitchen roll but every spot has gone. Thank you, this tip has saved me a fortune!
Shocking!! Comments By: Gillian on 2011-07-19
Didn't have much faith but thought I would try anyway.A delicate white cotton dress was saved. Must have took all of 8 seconds to remove a 4 cm line from dress. Thanks.
daughter's cardigan Comments By: kairon on 2011-07-27
Somehow, my daughters boyfriend managed to smear biro ink all over the back of her coral pink cardigan from a pen that had leaked in his jacket pocket!! just spayed it with hairspray and it's currently in the washing machine, looking good so far!
Works like magic! Comments By: Clare on 2011-08-29
Just used cheap hairspray on son's new Daniel Hechter shirt - it works brilliantly. I needed to apply few squirts directly onto biro mark,then gently rubbed with clean white teatowel with cotton makeup pad behind -the blue biro mark just vanished! Now shirt sleeve rinsed and hanging up to dry! A great tip.

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