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Clay for zits to stay away!

Submitted by Kay

You need a clay mask for this tip, it is similar to using calamine lotion on pimples however I think this is more effective!!! First I'd like to say pimples are going to be popped some time or another, BUT never pop a pimple in the morning, pop it at night and use these tips to do it correctly: 

If there's no white head NEVER try to pop the zit!!!! - at night after cleaning your face, using a 3 step method... see "daily cleansing routine for blemish- prone skin" place a small amount of clay mask directly on the pimple, let dry and go to sleep. - morning; clean your face again, this time don't use clay as a spot treatment, just proceed with your day as usual. (Again-- if a white head has formed.. let it be for now, you can take care of it at night) -when a white head forms; at night after cleansing your face, pop the zit and wipe the pus away with a clean kleenex. 

Follow with clay mask as spot treatment once again. Continue doing this until the pimple has completely dried up and is gone. Good luck :)

Visitors comments

what type of clay mask Comments By: Anon on 2006-02-19
what clay mask would you recommend and were do you get it at?

TipKing says: Try a drug store (US) or a Chemists (UK)

1 thing.. Comments By: Nina on 2006-07-15
Whats a zit?
is it just a pimple?

TipKing Says: YES!

pimples Comments By: KKKKKAYLLIE on 2007-07-06
i would try using the clay mask from Biotherm, it is sooooooooo good
If... Comments By: Anon on 2008-02-19
If you pop one in the morning like I have before, can you put antibiotic cream on it and do the clay treatment at night?

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