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Hide Dark Circles - With No Heavy Concealer!

Submitted by Allison

If you wish those dark under-eye circles would disappear, but hate the heavy, cakey concealers, then just take a pink iridescent eye shadow or highlighting pencil (highlighting meaning makeup not school supplies!) and apply to the dark areas. 

Trust me, you won't look weird! You see, the dark circles absorb light making them be dark, but if you counter-act that with the pink iridescence, it reflects light instead concealing your circles!

Recommended Products: revlon eyeglide shimmer shadow in Petals

Visitors comments

omg! Comments By: roxy on 2008-11-18
that makes your under eye wrinkly its best not to use make-up under your eyes it just makes it dry and wrinkly!
different solutions for different people Comments By: naghma on 2009-01-24
i think only u know your skin type and the way it reacts to different products.. u have to try different things and find your own unique solution.. for instance i do agree that make up under the eyes can make it dry but if u keep mixing a good quality moisturizer while u are applying the make up, it turns out quite well..

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