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Cinnomon for period cramps pain

Submitted by Elias

What you should do is ... get cinnomon sticks and boil it in water ... get the water to boil alott .. then just drink the water ... add sugar for better taste ... it works fine .. my girlfriend had horrible period cramps/pain so I made her some .. she was pain free within 10 minutes ... half a cup lasts about a day .... make it a full cup to last you 2 days or so ... ake sure it is hott .. nott 2 hot but still warm :) my mother taught me to make it .. and it works soo otry it out ladies :)

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replace your pain pill with cinnamon ...it works! Comments By: Anon on 2006-09-20
After a surgery I replaced vicodin, which I did not like, with cinnamon. I Got rid of the pain without all the drowsy side effects and rebound headaches.

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