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TENS unit to relieve period pain

Submitted by cubbie

A TENS unit is incredily effective at relieving period pain.Take it from someone who suffers for 2 weeks! It starts working quite quickly and has no side-effects.It's discreet and it really works!It blocks pain signals to your brain and also stimulates the release of endorphins, the body's natural painkillers.

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huh Comments By: tara on 2006-07-06
wat exactly are u talkin about?
lol im confused

TipKing says: The tip is talking about TENS machines. They are an electronic pain relieving device

Just trying one Comments By: Jils on 2006-10-03
They had a special offer on at the chemist so I bought one for 10, am trying it this evening for the first time. After 30 minutes usage I have been pain free for one hour now - pretty impressive! A similar effect to a hot bath - always wondered why that always worked - it distracts the nerve signals.
it really works Comments By: latonya on 2010-03-02
I have suffered from menstrual cramps over 25 years and got prescribed a tens unit for my chronic tendonitus and thought I would put it on my stomache and that was the first time I wasn't in bed cramping since I was 14 all I can say is I thank god for my tens unit

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