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Beautiful bronzed babe

Submitted by Caroline

To look gorgeously bronzed, generously apply mositurizer to your face. Then, close your eyes and brush bronzer up and down your face, with a blush brush,starting from your left and working to the right.

Completely cover your face in bronzer.

Visitors comments

but.... Comments By: Gennifer on 2006-04-29
wouldn't u get zits?
No .. you won't get spots. Comments By: Kate on 2006-12-18
Well .. all face make-up (foundation, powder, etc.) will give you spots if you leave it on too long .. like .. overnight. Because it clogs your pores. But you'll be fine if you take it off.
You need to wait for about five mins after putting on the moisturiser before you apply bronzer otherwise it'll all stick and get blotchy and uneven. And you don't want that!

Cocoa powder Comments By: wiseoldfella on 2011-08-21
Don't waste your money on a bronzer, buy a cheap tub of cocoa powder! It works wonders! Make-up these days is far to expensive, and cocoa powder can be used for cooking aswell :) TRY IT :)

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