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Remedy for back ache

Submitted by yasmin salam

Rub olive oil into the area which hurts. It is best to massage the oil all over the back, especially the neck area and base of the skull. This idea is my Mum's and it really works! The only thing is that you have to be consistent and continue at least for 7 days, to have any results.

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Use Shegoi For Instant Relief Comments By: A. Denton on 2006-06-05
Using "Shegoi" spray will do this immediately for most back pain. This is a desert plant mixed in Rosemary oil in an alcohol base for easy penetration into the muscle or skin. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-viral (10X stronger than the best pharmaceutical brand), anti-bacterial, circulatory aide and its all natural, too. Check out Shegoi.com for more information on the oldest living land based plant on earth.

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