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Natural Cleaning Spray

Submitted by Jess Wilkinson

We all enjoy the fresh, sweet smell of a home that has had a thorough cleaning. And while that clean smell is appealing to some people, it can cause others’ eyes to water; their skin itches or throws them into a sneezing fit. Because of the harsh chemicals in many cleaning products, the desired effect of relaxation from your clean house can quickly turn into an autoimmune nightmare. Its not just people with sensitive skin that can suffer, research suggests a link between modern cleaning products and childhood asthma.

So who should clean naturally? You may want to switch from chemical cleaners if you have children whose health you are concerned about, or if you just want to use natural products in your home instead of cleaners with a concoction of chemicals whose wider effects are not yet fully known. But the truth is, most people may well be able to save money as well as opting for a more environmentally friendly alternative.

For an effective all purpose spray cleaner that will help get your house clean and without the worry, smell, or concern of strong chemical cleaning compounds. Use the following cocktail of ingredients that have been used for centuries:
· 1 tablespoon Borax 
· 1/2 cup liquid soap or soap flakes
· 1/2 cup white vinegar 
· 1 gallon hot distilled water 
· 20 drops essential oil such as lavender or a citrus oil

Combine all these ingredients, decant into a trigger spray as required and use as you would any other cleaning spray.

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