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How to get rid of the flu

Submitted by Craig

Sambucol is the best thing I've ever tried for the flu. My daughter had the flu for over a week once. It seemed my daughter was over it but it came back imediately. That day I came down with it too. So, I took my fathers advice and went and got some. My daughter, my son and I all took it. Within 4hrs the back pains were gone. I only had the flu for two days. My son only had it for one. My daughter cleared up overnight too. Great stuff.

I searched for anything else since it is the 4th of July and all the healthfood stores are closed. So I can not get Sambucol tonight. I am going to try the tip I found on here about taking Vitamin C. The tip said it will kill the virus overnight. Wish me luck.

Another thing that sometimes works is squeezing lemons into a quart of water, toss the lemons in too. Bring to a boil and remove from heat. Add some honey and drink the whole quart within 30 minutes. You will probably sweat it out and wake up feeling a lot better. It seems to be a great detox.

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