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Use butter on a minor burn

Submitted by roxy

If you suffer a minor burn on your hand, put a generous load of butter on the affected area. When the butter starts to melt away, keep adding until feel better. This will immedietly heal within 2-3 minuttes

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No air Comments By: Jenn on 2007-01-31
Butter works to relieve the pain, but is not recommended because it stops the burn from getting air and healing.
Butter is bad for burns. Comments By: ScottM on 2007-10-06
Not only does it seal in the heat, but butter can also attract bacteria, which can infect the burn. It's much better to run cold water over the burn for several minutes.
butter is a BAD idea Comments By: Bossky on 2008-07-04
Butter is a big no no. Milk works great for about 15 minutes. Also honey. Honey is known to have something to kill the bacteria. They also say yellow table mustard is great to use. Coat your burn with the mustard and wrap the area in a clean clothe or non-stick bandaid. Keep in on for 12 hours and then rinse with cool water. Works wonders.
not butter but milk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: anon on 2008-07-25
i saw the message above and tried the milk it worked and i was so surprised i burnt it on a glue gun and the glue got stuck on my skin when it had cooled down i tried to take it of and my skin ripped off.and it hurt so much i tried looking on this website and clicked on butter and saw the message above i tried the milk and it tingled afterwards but its much butter!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Yes, Please, Fry My Burned Skin Comments By: ladyaudra on 2008-10-30
NEVER PUT BUTTER ON A BURN!! What do you fry an egg in? BUTTER!! When you apply butter to a burn of any severity, all you do is encourage it to fry. The heat from the burn will cause the fats and oils in butter to cook your damaged skin more. Cold water is the best remedy, followed by aloe. But never apply butter to a burn.
WHAT? Comments By: Anon on 2009-03-04
Are you stupid?
butter on minor burns Comments By: nicolas on 2010-04-06
Arguments against the use of butter are known worldly, heard it all our life in the US, but I use butter on minor burns and the pain disappears within few hours. Cooling the burn with water or milk seems to lengthen the pain period.
We all know that jumping off a high cliff may kill you, so I do not recommend it, but if one has not tried butter, an innocuous old tale remedy, perhaps one must inexperience it and then advise.

no no no Comments By: kelly on 2011-01-08
Never put butter on a burn. It mat stop the pain but it will still be burning silly silly person.

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