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Getting through the Flu Season

The Flu season is fast upon us as the winter months force more of us indoors and closer together in the home, in shopping centers, and at work. The shared space between people who are sick is a breeding area for germs such as the flu virus, which can really take a few days to get over. 

The flu is going to affect everyone in different ways, with different strains floating in various parts of the world. Some of the symptoms of the flu virus include vomiting, a nausea feeling, the diarrhea, sometimes coughing, aching, fatigue, and an overwhelming need to sleep. Different people are going to experience a mixture of these symptoms and sometimes even more like runny noses.

There are a few big things that are going to come into play during the flu season, and that is keeping your hands clean, staying away from those who are sick, and keeping your hands away from your mouth. 

Keeping your hands clean is important. 

The one sure way to catch a cold, or the flu is going to be by your hands, and then your hands touching your face. When you touch a counter, a doorknob, books, money or even when you are touching the paper towel rack that someone else has, you can catch germs. To keep your hands clean it is going to be important to wash your hands as often as you can. Wash your hands before you eat, and after you are in a public place. Avoid touching things that are touched way to much like the handles on the shopping center doors, and the carts that you push in the shopping center. 

Carry wipes with you to use in the car, or use anti bacterial moisturizer when possible. These items are both inexpensive and can cut down on your chances of getting sick after touching so many different things during your day. Quick rinsing with cool water is not going to get the germs from your hands like soap and hot water will do best. 

To keep you healthy all winter long, sleep is another treasure that you will find which will keep you in good health. Lots of sleep, keeping on a regular pattern is going to allow your body to rest and relax, preventing extra stress on your body that could allow you to get sick. If you want to prevent yourself from getting sick as easily work on getting about eight hours of sleep every night to enable your body to fight those germs!

In keeping your body healthy, excising is going to become an important factor. Exercising, even just walking, is going to keep your body moving, the blood flowing and keep you fit. The little bit of exercise that you add to your day or week, is going to help you over come those times when sickness finds its way around you. A healthier body is going to be able to fight off germs when it matters most. 

In keeping your body fit, you also need to keep your mind fit as well. Keeping your mind fit means finding time to relax. The more stressed you are all the time, the easier it seems that your body is going to be overcome by germs and sickness. Germs prey on those who are over worked, over stressed and not rested or relaxed. Get some sleep and relax your mind; this is fitness you don�t see but is important as well in fighting viruses and germs alike. 

Along with keeping your mind and body fit, your body also is going to need hydrated. Becoming dehydrated your immune system is open to accepting germs more. If you were to drink a few glasses of water every day you will find that your resistance to germs and viruses will be a bit stronger. Drink a glass of water five or six times a day to help keep your body well hydrated and feeling great. Water is one of the best things to help with your stomach and digestion, so it cleans your body as well as hydrates your body. 

When possible, remember to get a flu shot. Although you might find yourself too busy or you think that the flu shot is too expensive, it is often your best possible protection in avoiding getting the flu. In some areas where the flu shot is not available, following the tips and steps outlined above will help boost your chances in avoiding the flu.

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