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Tecnu for Jalapeno Pepper burns

Submitted by Jason H

I recently ate a raw Jalapeno Pepper and I guess I must have licked my lips afterwards and man alive you talk about burning!!! I called the ER and they sent me to a half dozen people with no help and finally I tried a product called "Tecnu" which I had. Tecnu is a outdoor skin cleanser for Poison Oak and Ivy....

This stuff works like a miracle!

Visitors comments

It works better than some things! Comments By: Diane on 2007-09-15
I tried Tecnu for my jalapeno hands about 3 minutes ago. So far this is pure relief.
Tecnu Comments By: dustin on 2011-02-22
I had jalapeno burn on my hands for atleast five hours after making stuffed jalapenos. I tried everything under the sun, it didnt feel better until i drank some whiskey. I wish i would have thought of tecnu because it draws the oil from your skin. thats why it makes poison ivy itch go away.

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