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Banana peel for whiter teeth

Submitted by Liam McGinlay

I have been using the inside of banana peels on a daily basis to whiten my teeth for the past 2 years. I simply rub the inside of a banana peel on to my teeth in a circular motion for approximately two minutes; the results are phenomenal. There is not a day goes by where I am not complimented for my teeth. 

They are now incredibly white after years of dull, stained teeth. You should see the benefits after about 2 weeks. Of course, I also used a little bit of water and salt each day, but I had been using that anyway for years before I tried the banana peel and it had no effect. It was not until I used it in conjunction with the banana peel that I saw incredible changes to my teeth.

Visitors comments

It Works :O Comments By: Jose on 2008-01-20
Oh my God, this actually works better than anything I have tried. I've been using it for about three weeks and my teeth have already turned white; extremely white. It's incredible. Thanks for this tip - it's the best ever! wooohhhooo
hmmm Comments By: al on 2008-02-03
sounds too easy. would help if you included a photo or smth. I ll try this method though
Thank you Liam!! Comments By: Sue on 2008-03-09
I'm only on my 2nd day and can already see a difference. I've tried EVERYTHING and nothing works like the banana peel. God bless you for sharing this simple, inexpensive, HEALTHY way of removing stains!
Salt Comments By: Alison on 2008-03-30
The banana peel is good, however, salt leaves your teeth more prone to tooth decay. Use the salt every few weeks but don't do it every day.
..what kind of banana shud be used? Comments By: Grace on 2008-04-02
heLlo..i just want to ask if all of you are using the yellow bananas? or green bananas? which is better? does both have the same effect?thanks!
I agree!! Comments By: Liam McGinlay on 2008-04-22
I have stopped using the salt each day. I have taken the advice from Sue and i'm glad I did. My teeth were becoming transparent with over-use of salt. I have regained the enamel on my teeth and they are as white as ever. Banana peel really is the best out there!
I agree!! Comments By: Liam McGinlay on 2008-04-22
I have stopped using the salt each day. I have taken the advice from Sue, sorry I mean Alison, and i'm glad I did. My teeth were becoming transparent with over-use of salt. I have regained the enamel on my teeth and they are as white as ever. Banana peel really is the best out there!
Yellow Bananas!! Comments By: Liam McGinlay on 2008-04-22
Yellow bananas are better. Green bananas have more potassium which is not as directly suitable to teeth as the yellow banana is. That is my experience anyway, and my teeth are very white.
Before or after? Comments By: Jen on 2008-05-28
I just tried this for the first time! Should I brush my teeth before or after? And how long should I wait after I rub the banana peel on my teeth?
a little confused Comments By: anon on 2008-05-30
do you brush before or after using the banana??... do you do it twice day? do you rinse after doing the banana??
help Comments By: eve on 2008-05-31
how many times a day?
after or before brushing teeth?

OMG IT WORKS!! Comments By: Govind SIngh on 2008-06-12
i would just like to thank you for this idea, its way better than shoving chemicals in your mouth, great idea thanks again
confused Comments By: kerm on 2008-06-25
omg. please help me. can someone answer this question!! It would really help. I dont know if you rub banana on your teeth twice a day, do u brush before or after, do you rinse? once white... do you continue rubbing the banana peel on your teeth? PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME.. I REALLY WANT WHITER TEETH =(
awesome! Comments By: julienne on 2008-07-16
it really duz work! at first i was doubtful, but it REALLY duz work!
Anyone know the rotuine now? Comments By: Anon on 2008-07-21
I was wondering if anyone knew the whole rotuine now, weather to brush teeth before or after? And if this really do work, or is it just some stupid joke to make people stick banana peels in their mouth?
Please Replie ASAP ^^

routine PLEASE Comments By: gorgan on 2008-07-25
yah i agree. anyone know a routine ... i really need this asap as well..
routine PLEASE Comments By: gorgan on 2008-07-25
yah i agree. anyone know a routine ... i really need this asap as well..
Confusing Comments By: madcow on 2008-09-12
Do u eat the Banana first before using the peel or do u just leave the stuff in?
oops! Comments By: anna on 2008-10-07
what is the component of the banana peel as a teeth whithener?
great! Comments By: Esther on 2008-10-09
thanx! this heps cuz 1. my granny has a BUNCH of bananas and 2. i dont have to use money to pour chemicals in my mouth! ^_^ thanx again!
Question Comments By: Esther on 2008-10-09
well i am just a 12 year old online surfer and this formula works on all aged teeth right? i didnt try it yet but bcuz of all the good comments, i put 4 star. SO.. DOES IT WOrk ON ALL AGES???
why the questions about when and how to rub the teeth with banana peel are not answered yet Comments By: eka on 2008-10-19
so many times people wrote that they need the answers,all i see is.oh my god that helps a lot .........and so on!!!!people answer the most imortant questions when do u rub before or after brushing your teeth???!!!thank you
this way Comments By: John on 2008-11-15
I saw on another site just brush your teeth and then rub the inside of the banana peel on them for a minute - let sit for another minute or two, then rinse and brush.. once a day I'm doing but just started.
awesome!!!! Comments By: wil3 on 2008-11-15
i jus read your aeticle and decided to try it and it worked..wow
how did you come across it though..thanx heaps

nyc.. Comments By: jay-r on 2008-12-02
it's rily a great thing that u shared this to everyone,, i've olready have problems tryin 2 wyten my teeth but nothing works,, though i haven't tried it yet,, i still wnt 2 thnk u since it also hlped me in my project..=)
THE MASTERCHIEF EXPERIENCE Comments By: oll on 2008-12-05
yep working well here
banana peel for whiter teeth Comments By: cali on 2009-01-16
can you save the banana peel from the first time you use it and use it again the second time instead of eating two bananas in one day?
WHEN TO RINSE Comments By: Anon on 2009-01-21
when do you rinse your teeth? Will the author of the article please respond?
time Comments By: ricky on 2009-01-07
how much time does it take to get white teeth from this idea?
yeah Comments By: Anon on 2009-01-09
i'm on my 4th day and i haven't seen much happen.
Just started trying banannas for teeth Comments By: Pauline Alley on 2009-03-02
Just one part of piano peel? Can you peel a banana and save the remaining peel to use later or the next day?
hmm.. Comments By: Soon-To-Have-Whiter-Teeth :D on 2009-03-05
what time of day should you use the banana peels? and should it be before u have something or after? for example should i do it at night or the morning?
huh Comments By: anon on 2009-03-16
i have been using this for 2 days and it aint working give more detail do u have to use salt
is this real? Comments By: chubbies on 2009-03-18
is this really reliable guys? im really desperate to have more whiter teeth. whats with banana peel that makes ur teeth whiter?
bannana teeth whitening idea Comments By: chan on 2009-04-09
rated this5 but aint tried it yet but am going 2 asime desperate 2 hav whiter teeth its a real embarasment what i do not understand is why do u need 2 use the peel as the bannana contains most of the goodness and fruit properties y not try using the actual banna mushed up in a paste with a small amount of lemon juice and salt or baking powder/ it might work better x
i'll try this method Comments By: anon on 2009-04-11
sounds pretty interesting and simple. i think i'll try this soon, feedback later
nutters Comments By: letty on 2009-04-16
oh my god - u are all angry teeth whitnin mad men! lol.
any one tried soot Comments By: ronnie on 2009-05-24
any one tried soot from inside fire, rub on toothbrush hey ,little salt was always told i had beatifull white teeth so guys give it a go could work for you xxx
other tips Comments By: emma x on 2009-06-10
brush ur teeth with lemon juice and salt in tooth paste it will buble brush 2wice then use banana peel do this for about 20 minutes over and over or more until white then brush with normal tooth paste do this everyday or every two days
hmmm Really!! Comments By: The realistic one!! on 2009-06-18
This sounds like someone has had you all on!! Rubbing bananas on your teeth??!What a bunch of monkeys you all are for believing this!!hahaha! just use teeth whiten gel, or baking soda and get real people!!I cannot beleive ppl bought this rubbish!!
i havvent tried it yet !!! Comments By: Hannah on 2009-06-30
i have not tried this yet but im going to hope it works bye bye
One Question Comments By: Inaik on 2009-07-05
K So do you rub it then wash it off and then brush wiv paste?
curious Comments By: kristel on 2009-07-09
i have not yet tried it,.

but then,.

i guess it is effective,.,
but,.what component of banana makes teeth become whiter?

Abrasive Comments By: aa on 2009-07-13
Banana peels are a very fine grit abrasive. They might not be abrasive enough to take down your enamel (which does not come back), but I would not overdo this option.
awsome !!! Comments By: carolannw52 on 2009-08-06
it works i only done it once and my teeth are nearly white =D
THHHANK YOU!! Comments By: Vivi on 2009-08-14
hey i haven't tried it yet but i heard that from lots of my friends and they told me it worked so thankss im gonna try it out and check whats happeneds =)
Hey i have a question?? Comments By: Vivi on 2009-08-14
hey do you rinse when you do that with the bannanna peel??How many times should i do it please reply?
Might give it a go... Comments By: Kid on 2009-08-23
This suggestion seems very trustable. Might give it a go and prabably will definitely works after looking at some of the replys... Thanks!
What property of Banana? Comments By: Sherwin on 2009-09-10
What specific property of banana that makes the teeth whiter?
What property of Banana? Comments By: Sherwin on 2009-09-10
What specific property of banana that makes the teeth whiter?
Yess ladd'ss Comments By: YerrMaa on 2009-09-22
Yess ladds wahss happening hi im 13 and i puree need whiter teeth so im goni try thiss hi , from derry >< xx
wooooo loveee eoghann quigg xxx

Not sure it works Comments By: Lucie Duval on 2009-09-22
I would use ground charcoal on a toothbrush instead. I grew up in Mauritius where it was widely used and everyone had white teeth. Even smokers
i have a question?please answer.. Comments By: kyle on 2009-09-23
i red the article..now please help me with my thesis....how can i extract the malic acid from the banana peel that whitens are teeth,..
Wow! Comments By: mia x on 2009-09-26
Havnt tried it yet but from all the gr8 feedback im gonna start right away, and aswel as keepin teeth white it gets u closer 2 ur 5 a day! 2 thumbs up!
NOT SURE Comments By: not sure girl on 2009-10-02
i'm not sure that works....... a banana PEEL?????

but i'm despirate i'll try it anyway

it realy does work Comments By: charlotte m rules loves dolphin uk has dog roise cm on 2009-10-12
it realy does work it cleans your teeth but it is'nt the nicest of tasts maybe you could find another remedy like a strawberry,
love cmxxxxx

:) x Comments By: danielle on 2009-10-18
i havent tried it yet but strait away i can see the reviews and im impressed.
im going to try it to see if it works..
the only thing is though - when do i use it?
before you brush or after you brush ?

huh??? Comments By: rhiona on 2009-11-22
do you brush your or teeth after or b4 u rub the peel on your teeth. i think some 1 is havin us on. ??????? ill rate it a 3
WOW Comments By: Anon on 2009-11-17
I read this and ran out to buy bananas. I didn't expect much of a difference after only one use, but I tried it and the second after I rubbed it on one of my teeth it was sooooo much whiter I was so amazed!!!! Love it!!! I have very sensitive teeth and this did not burn or feel harsh at all! If you want to know more about how to use etc.: http://www.ehow.com/how_4807031_whiten-teeth-banana-peel.html
Outer side of banana Peel? Comments By: anan on 2009-11-22
Is it the out side of the peel or the inside?

TipKing says: I have not tried this but I think they are using the inner/soft side

Big banana Comments By: sean on 2009-11-28
Does it matter how big the Banana is? I asked my girlfriend and she said the biggrt the better!! is this true
BanAnA peeL? Comments By: Rananon on 2009-12-14
I HAVENT Tried it yer but im gonnna i think it makes sense you use a fresh
peel every couple days. i think, it just sounds sensible dont u think?

Confused Comments By: mllzi on 2009-12-14
Do You Use The Same Or A Fresh Peel?
AMAZING! Comments By: Jennifer Ross on 2009-12-23
Wow! I'm 14 and I recently had an accident including my teeth and i havent been able to brush them enoguh with out it hurting as the accident concluded for me to having sensitive teeth, but i used this method this morning and oh my goodness, there whiter already! It's really amazing, and it doesnt at all affect my sensitive teeth.. Thanks :)
wowowowoww Comments By: Sah-kazem on 2010-01-08
omg omg om om it works. IT WORKS. MY TEETH ARE SPARKLING
What's in it? Comments By: JK on 2010-01-25
what helps whiten ur teeth when using it?
A bit convinced Comments By: Bliss on 2010-02-18
With d +ive comments so far am movd to being convinced. Bt how many times should it b applied daily? Nd wot if one leaves teeth unbrushd after banana applicatn?
hmmm i might try this ...... Comments By: sophia on 2010-02-25
well with all this feed back im going to try it straight away
Great Tip!!! - and Answers for People Comments By: R on 2010-03-02
This is a great tip! 5 stars definitely... Bananas are a superfood for sure! Use the inner part of the banana AFTER brushing.... then let sit for about 2 or 3 minutes and then rinse out after going to bed...

Yes I think it would be fine for all ages, it's fruit that you eat anyhow!

Banana Peel Works Comments By: jseven on 2010-03-09
I wrote an article over a year ago about banana peel for whitening teeth. This can give you some tips on it:


Hmmm Comments By: Oladipo Jamiu on 2010-03-12
Please explain to me. how to use it, what type of banana? when to use it and what types of fruit i could it that will make my teeth strong.
mangos Comments By: Banana Allergy on 2010-04-29
This sounds great but unfortunately I am allergic to bananas. Will Mango peels work too?
banana Comments By: ruqsar on 2010-05-17
This really works it is the 3rd day
It doesen't work Comments By: The Doctor on 2010-08-28
I have been doing it for 2 days now and it isn't working :@
cool !!!! Comments By: Anon on 2010-08-29
do u brush your teeth before or after it? but other than that it is truly awesome!! oh and how long will it take until my teeth are

Teeth. Comments By: Shannon on 2010-10-30
I've been using this method for about 2 days in total now..
it's the best solution i've used, i buy all expensive mouth wash and tooth paste yet this gives better results!
i woulden't recommend using baking soda or lemon juice as it's very acidic and will break down enamal after a period of time and will cause your teeth to become sensitive. hope it works :')-Shannon O'Shea

Don't be so harsh Comments By: Rosanna on 2010-11-27
I bet this works better than bicarbonate of soda, which is abrasive: it rubs of the enamel that protects your teeth, and lemon is acidic, so it will be bad for them too! I can totally believe this is true, I mean just because something doesn't have a medicine-y name it doesn't mean it's useless! For example asprin is made from willow trees. It's worth a try! As for all the questions, just see what works best, and also, it might take more than a day to show results.
yo. Comments By: eden on 2010-11-29
i have just did that but with out salt. and well yeah sounds like from all the comments that this might work ! yayyyy
omg!!! Comments By: selena on 2010-12-07
are you guys serious!!! i have been trying to whiten my teeth but it never work!! i can see that all you guys wrote positive comments and i feel like this method is gonna work!! im gonna start doing it from today!!:D wooohhhhooo i so hope its gonna work!! :D :D :D
Really?? Comments By: JBish on 2010-12-14
This is probably one of the silliest things I have ever heard of. And I have been to the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. This must be a lollipop factory, because you are all a bunch of SUCKERS!
IT WORKS..! Comments By: Matthew Reed on 2011-03-24
To all you people out there wondering if this tactic works..It does! It is worth spending money on banannas than harsh chemicals,I to have sensitive teeth and rubbing bananna peels on my teeth are better than puring green and blue chemicals in mouth mouth with an overwhelming burn.
Question Comments By: oladipo Hadebolar on 2011-04-02
Please, how do i use salt and water process?

banana peel Comments By: Anon on 2011-04-10
ive never heard of this before. i use baking soda to whiten my teeth, it works well but i will definatly give this a try.
No Change Comments By: anan on 2011-05-02
Tried it for 2 weeks on top teeth only with no change at all. I rubbed for 2 minutes each morning after brushing my teeth.
all questions are not answered yet Comments By: shakira on 2011-06-21
when do u brush ur teeth?
Whiter teeth w/Banana peels Comments By: Anon on 2011-08-16
Instead of using a whole banana, I would cut banana into 3-4 pieces & saran-wrap each piece for use the following days. I would then brush my teeth lightly, and use half water & half mouthwash to gargle/swish. Could be big saving on bananas/tooth paste/mouthwash. Haven't tried it, but will begin using when I get us in the morning when go to bed at night. After I see results, will give this spot a 5. Wish me luck as will report back shortly......
It 100% works Comments By: Jack on 2011-09-02
I have never bothered to comment on anything like this before. I looked online for a solution to my yellow teeth and then stumbled across this website. I then went downstairs, ate a banana and used the inside of the peel on the teeth. I could not believe the instant results I got. I am 100% going to do this everyday now.

If you don't believe it just give it a try, what you got to lose? I saw results straight away!


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