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Try using potato for burns

Submitted by Lyn L

Cut a raw potato, scrape flesh onto a knife and spread over burn area. Wait approx 10mins until dry, then wipe off. No pain, no redness. This really really works.

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amazing Comments By: hossy on 2010-08-06
instantly took the pain away great idea
Relief Comments By: Anon on 2010-10-08
After trying toothpaste and mustard, which didn't work for me, I figured that I might as well try this to. Instant relief on my thumb. I was kind of lazy and just put a red potato slice on my thumb instead of cutting it up.
works Comments By: Danigirl2000 on 2011-02-15
I tried taping a sliver of potatoe to my hand after an oven burn. I dont even know why... seemed to make sense because of the starch. Anyway, I slept with it and had NO BURN in the morning. I dont know why or how, but its amazing. I burnt my finger on my curling iron today and taped it up w/ potatoe again, so I decided to look online and this was the first site that came up.
Scraped raw potato really works on burns Comments By: Bob Pr. on 2011-02-17
I learned this from my mother and it works better than anything else I know of for typical burns in the kitchen.

Take a white potato, cut it in half lengthwise to expose the greatest amount of raw, white flesh, and then scape it with a table knife to form a wet, mushy mass.

Put this on the burned area ASAP. The potato in contact with the burned area will discolor and when pain begins returning, replace the potato scrapings with a new amount.

You can use a scrap of cloth or any material to hold the potato scrapings in contact with the burn if needed.


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