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Bags under your eyes Preparation H

Submitted by Don

All you need is a dab of preparation H, carefully rubbed into the skin, avoiding the eyes. The hemorrhoid ointment acts as a vasoconstrictor, relieving the swelling instantly.

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doesnt work Comments By: kim on 2004-07-19
I have tried this many times can never tell any differance
Doesn't work Comments By: Dana on 2004-07-27
Didn't work at all - caused skin to swell around eyes - the eye area is too sensitive for this cream
signifigant improvement Comments By: anon on 2004-09-04
have used prepH under my eyes for almost a week now,with great results,using it in cream form which may allow it to absorb better than ointment,applying twice daily(washing with astrigent between applications )wont go away overnight so be patient,took it longer to get there
Has worked for me but not always Comments By: Jeannie on 2004-09-27
I did see a significant improvement the first time I tried it overnight, but it let me down the second time. I was up late last night and am giving it another shot; they say the third time's a charm. ;)
Preparation H is not safe Comments By: Anon on 2004-11-11
Preparation H is not safe for repeated use on facial skin.
It works Comments By: Jo on 2005-04-02
I was plagued with the wonderful dark bags under my eyes passed down to my by my grandma who knew this was the gift she would give me, however on that note the Prep H has helped mine and Ill tell you I have not had one problem I noticed a diffrence in one day however I do use the ointment and just use very little before applying my powder foundation if you let it set for about 5 minutes before applying your powder it does not give a greasy look also I clean my face with Proactive before bed between the two my skin Look wonderful
eyes Comments By: Angela on 2005-05-31
well im 15yrs old and im going to try this thing because my right eye is just so dark and puffy it looks like if a bee sting it or something,and i dont know what else to do so thats why i will try it and write back in abouta week to share my results.
This stuff SUCKS! Comments By: Angela on 2005-06-04
well it hasn't even been a week but i have been putting this stuuf on for 5 days and my eyes get worser and horrible.I tried something else and it works but preparation H does not work at all.
Angela, Comments By: Karen on 2005-08-01
I was surprised to see major results after a few hours. But where do the bags go? I experienced a sinus headache, so there's a clue. Also, the cause of bagginess under the eyes may be a clue, too. If sleep deprivation (for Angela - that means not enough sleep)is the cause, then getting more sleep might help with positive results. There is no such word as "worser." It's simply "worse".
Nice going Karen Comments By: RoadRunningVixen on 2005-08-20
Way to go picking on a 15 year old, Karen.
I wont' try this because it sounds dumb.

Preparation H on face works! Comments By: Liz on 2005-12-09
I used the gel form morning and night. After the second application, i could see a significant improvement. The two deep lines inbetween my eyebrows, were not a deep, and the skin felt a little tighter. I will keep using.
Didn't work for me Comments By: Rachel on 2006-01-11
Prep H is a vasoconstrictor similar to a cold compress or nicotine, and it should work immediately. If it doesn't work for you within a few moments after applying, it probably won't. Not sure about the girls who are seeing results after several days, but it simply doesn't work for me. Plus the smell is awful. I have found that Neutrogena makes a Healthy Skin anti-wrinkle cream with Retinol that seems to help me with swollen eyes. It's inexpensive too and lasts forever. Karen, THX for the grammar lesson. I should point out this is not a book club but rather an edu tool for looking more like Barbie.
does work a bit Comments By: Anon on 2006-03-05
I tried Prep H with Bio-dyne for about 2 weeks. I immediately noticed less wrinkles and smoother skin on my face. As for puffiness around the eyes - not much noticeable change. I will use it for a couple months and then quit if the results are not better. It smell awful !
Preparation H Comments By: B on 2007-03-15
I have only used this one time and my UGLY dark circles are so gone.
Absolutely Works Comments By: bunny on 2007-04-12
I have multiple allergies, my eyes are always puffy with dark circles when I wake up. The prep H, gel works great in reducing the puffiness, you can feel it tightening when it drys. And The gel does not Spread into the eye as a cream would, it stays where you put it, however, is a bit drying so - after it drys you can put your regular eye cream over it. I have tried everything. I also use sudden change eye cream on a regular basis -it is a good eye cream for this problem and no animal testing.
i am trying it out right now. AH Comments By: b on 2007-07-14
ok i just bought some prep H today because my friend told me it gets rid of bags...i have never had such horrible bags in my life. i'm 18 and really want them to go away. anyways i put it on at first and it burned like crazy (but i put a whole bunch of it on) so i washed it off...and i only put a tiny bit this time. it doesn't burn that much! but i really hope this works.

Preperation H with Bio-dyne Comments By: JBS on 2007-08-08
You have to buy the Canadian preperation H because its the bio-dyne that does the trick. USA preperation H does not contain bio-dyne. So give that a try and see...
Preparation H Anti Wrinkles Face Eyes LYCD Skin Therapy Comments By: Mary on 2007-11-20
I found this cream on ebay: This formula is the original cream that was invented by Dr. George Sperti, the inventor who gave the world Preparation H. Look up Preparation H Anti Wrinkles Face Eyes LYCD Skin Therapy. Works on Under eye bags-and dark circles. Also, Eliminates Wrinkles-Fine Lines-Reduce Crows Feet and Sun Spots-Shrinks Pores & Clears Black heads-Restores Suppleness & Youthful Glow-Safe and Effective for All Skin Types. My husband and I both use it and we LOVE it! It is a cosmetic cream formula with the properties of Preparation H. Try it for they have a 30 day money back Guaranteed. WE LOVE IT! The price is good too!!
quintescence eye serum Comments By: paula on 2008-01-24
The best for dark circles, use a small amount with wet skin.
I found it on the internet and is great

a Comments By: S on 2008-01-24
the american version will just burn your eyes. you need the canadian version
Facial version Comments By: Terry on 2008-02-11
Mary, You say you found that wrinkle cream on Ebay? Is the name you posted the actual product name?

Also, where does one get the canadian version?

Why are kids playing on this site? This is supposed to be for serious comments, right?

DO NOT USE THIS STUFF ON YOUR FACE! Comments By: Anon on 2008-02-18
I spoke with my doctor about bags under my eyes during my last physical. Do not put this crap under your eyes. The skin is fairly thin under there and prepH is way too harsh for such a sensitive area.
WOW! Comments By: Tina on 2008-03-10
I tried it today for the first time! Within minutes my puffiness was gone, and lasted all day! Did not do much for the wrinkles and crows feet around my eyes though. But getting rid of the puffiness is quite fine with me.
It doesn't work Comments By: Anon on 2008-03-19
I kept hearing about this, so thought I'd try it. It only irritated my eyes! They had large, red shinny bags instead of small ones. Don't try it!
YES, SAFE TO USE ON YOUR FACE! Comments By: Erica on 2008-03-20
If you are referring to the original preparation H cream with BIODYNE (not available in the USA, but from Canada) this stuff is incredible for bags under the eyes as well as facial wrinkles. Women have been using it as a wrinkle cream for decades with excellent results. Do some research online. . . It is absolutely fascinating!
ther are more positive comments, because it does WORK! Comments By: Alice on 2008-03-28
I have used this product on my face since this monday, today is thursday, My face has not felt so smooth in si many years, and my complexion looks so much clearer, my scars from pimples are less noticable or they actually seem to be disappearing, I didn't expect that to happen, but it is happening, and I generally have oily skin, so I normally have to powder my face by lunch time, but this week my face hasn't needed to be powdered till way later, (and barely), I didn't expect this either. I'm loving it. My husband introduced me to it first, he read about it first and tried it, his face looks and feels like baby soft, smooth skin, I AM SO SERIOUS! So I tried it, I advise everyone to at least try it.
It WORKS GREAT Comments By: kit on 2008-04-05
Notice that the only people on here deriding the product use ANON as their name. It's just one person trying to be a know it all....

It works GREAT. Supermodels have used it for years. And for the people that say that the tissue under your eyes is too sensitive---trying realizing where it's MEANT to go---that area is WAY more sensitive than your face, for god's sake.

you need the right one Comments By: tracy on 2008-05-02
Yeast cell extract 1% w/w, Shark liver oil 3% w/w the yeast extract along with the shark liver oil settles the wrinkles down and leaves your skin under the eye stretched like botox i have been using this for a number off years i am now fourty five but i am told i look 29 so i have been 29 since i used this also make sure you remove all make up from the eyes as this causes mico mites to attack the eyes while you sleep

Preparation H Ointment 25g not the gel


Let's be a little scientific! Comments By: 51 yrs. young on 2008-05-02
First, you must use Canadian Product. FDA got after mftr when found US women usiing on face. Said they must spend $$$$ to retest for new application. Mfr said OK, we'll just change US product.

Second, the tissue of certain lower aspects of your body are very very sensitive. Certainly, just as sensitive as the area around your eyes, if not more so. Remember, suppositories are absorbed basically through the same tissue as, ahem, down there. Certainly the skin around eyes is more rugged than that. It does work for me, it is only a daily temp fix. When the effect of the yeast ingredient is spent, well your body will return to where it was before application. Surgery is the only true fix for bags.

IT DOSENT WORK!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: KAYLEIGH on 2008-06-16
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES IT DOES WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: TRACY on 2008-06-26
I'm a 28 year old guy... Comments By: D on 2008-07-31
I have puffy eyes, will this also work for me?? I look 40? HELP?!
It works! It works! IT WORKS!! Comments By: candiE on 2008-08-03
At first I was skeptical with this idea.. but after hmmm lets say an hour over the net searching about prep H, i figured i'd give it a try..

My eye history: I've had baggy eyes since I was about 15, atleast when I started getting those teen image self-consciousness! Anyway, I've tried so many products in market including the ones that costs fortunes! I'm now 22, I know, I'm only 22 but I was still in market searching for the best one that would cure my undereye problem.

Straight to the point: It does work! It reduced my eye puffiness significantly that I would have to consider it a miracle! No it does not sting or burn or any of that unpleasant feeling. However, they do stink but manageable considering the effect it had on my undereye!

It has been said in this forum that you have to use the Canadian version.. I'll say it again USE THE CANADIAN VERSION! Order it online if you must or else you'll be burning your eyes!

The US version changed their product contents and do not contain Bio-dyne anymore...and thats the ingredient we're going after! So there you go!

Another tip: There's many types you can buy in the counter--Ointment, Cream, and some other ones with other added contents! I suggest you buy the OINTMENT because they stay longer in your skin and it has a lot of moisture so it wont dry out your skin!! So there.! I HOPE THIS HELPS ^_^

It works for me Comments By: Blanca on 2008-08-17
I have tried this 4 times and it has worked for me, not as good as surgery but the bags do go away if only for a day.
Canadian Prep H Comments By: Maria on 2008-08-17
I read about this in, of all things, one of the Uncle John's Bathroom Reader books. Since the fairly expensive eye cream I had been using wasn't working all that well, I decided to give it a try. It works really well for me as far as toning the skin. It's not as good at fading the dark circles though. As an eye cream it's good but it's even better at fading scars.

The active ingredients are shark oil and yeast.

Undoubtedly will work. Comments By: Anon on 2008-08-27
Using preparation H ointment is identical to a fast-paced method that ultimately reduces swelling when using other techniques via vasoconstriction. It is By FAR the quickest, most effective and least costly way to almost immediately reduce swelling and conceal blackness.

Use infitessimal amounts; the key is almost entirely adhesion, not amount. If you see any noticeable sheen, you are using too much. 1/2 an mL for the area under each eye: Do NOT let the ointment come in contact with your eyelid: It is an irritant. But so is mascara.

Didn't work for me! Comments By: Raluca on 2008-09-03
I have noticed puffy eyes (under eyes) after i gave birth 4 months ago. Since then i have tried everything with no succes. I've heard about preparation H with biodyne so i ordered it online from Canada. I've tried it 5 nights in a row and it didn't make any difference:( I will give it another try though since so many people are seing results.
prep h canada Comments By: rob ross on 2008-09-15
the preparation h sold in united states does not have biodyne in it. you have to buy it from up in canada
try this Comments By: todo on 2008-09-16
Try Iron pills, Dark rings under your eyes could be lack of iron... run to your local pharmacy and get iron pills, regular vitiams and you don't need to put ass cream on your face.
Prep H & Eyes Comments By: Lyn Ashurst on 2008-10-23
Fortunately I live in Canada so can get the product with Bio-dyne. will someone tell me how often and when to use this. Should I get a cream version or ointment.
plucked up the currage to buy arse ointment Comments By: "L" on 2008-10-27
iv been desperate to get rid of these unsightly bags for years now, but scared to purchse bum ointment for my under eyes, gonna give it a go , see what happens and let u know. wish me luck!!
Worked with just one use Comments By: Tanja on 2008-11-14
Under eye puffiness runs in my family. I tried Prep H for the first time last night and i can really see a difference. So it may not work for everybody it worked for me. Keep in mind we all have different genetic factors, why do you think there are so many different skin care products out there.
confused about which prep h to use Comments By: Meg on 2008-11-25
Ok, so I know the Canadian version of Prep H is the best way to go. If I can't get my hands on that which version is the best -- the ointment, cream, or gel? I purchased the ointment without knowing that there are different options.
I'm actually using this to reduce redness on a zit (so embarassing) in addition to help my under-eye circles.
Please let me know what you think is best -- should I stick with the ointment?I don't want to break out more.

tryin Prep. H for the first time. Comments By: Dixie on 2008-12-09
Iam 36 yrs old & do live in Canada. I have recently heard of using Prep.H for helping apperance. About 4 yrs ago. . being drunk and dumb. . got into a fight in a bar and got a nice blk eye out of it. Since then the eye that was injured has been puffy while the other has stayed the same. I started using Prep.H Cream last night. I am going to apply it 2x a day and see what happens. . . let you know results in a week. . .
Has anybody else used it to treat damage from blk eyes before?

Yeap, you have to be faithful to it!!! Comments By: Ricky on 2008-12-09
This is to the response of Prep H. I must say, everyone likes a compliment and everyone wants to feel attractive, especially to the one or many of ones that a person is involved with. I am a male, don't know about that metro-sexual thing, but my parents' and family members have always took pride and ownership in the way they look, especially in Chicago where we are from. At age 27, (Feb. 1995), I visited a friend of a friend in Missouri and she was 64 years old then and very very attractive. I asked her, "Ardelia, what do you use on your skin?" She said, Prep H. I laughed. She said, try it. To this day, 14 years later, I haven't stopped. I will be 41 on Dec 24 and I still look 27. The stuff works. Since the original isn't sold in the USA, there is a store in the USA called Family Dollar and it's the Family Dollar version of Prep H (and it has shark oil). In addition, I stopped using soap on my face and only use apple cider vinegar to wash my face and for my body, virgin light olive oil. I'm Ageless and I look forward to getting older, too. My mother and father still look like they are in their 40's (and they are both 67) and both use PrepH, too. You have to be faithful to the product and especially to yourself. Thank God for PrepH and if they make a PrepI through Z, I'm buying, too.
Cosmetic Surgeon Recommended Comments By: Dave on 2008-12-22
I was chatting with a New York cosmetic surgeon, and she recommended prep H & reducing the amount of salt I take in. I am going to give it a try.
Prep H Cream and Chemical burns Comments By: PrepHCanada on 2009-02-01
I learned the hard way that this product can produce a very nasty side effect. I'd used it many time before with no real problems. I haven't changed my skin routines/products. So I'm guessing my skin was just "extra sensitive" one day. I was left with chemical burns on both eyes. Needless to say that I will never use the cream version on my eyes EVER again. And I warn others that you can use this product, but there's always that chance that one random day out of the blue, the product could burn your skin too and you could end up being a sucker like me looking absolutely hideous, and actually end up damaging the skin around your eyes that you're ironically trying to "treat" with this cream. Anyways, just a warning, or something else to consider when using Prep-H cream.
worked for me - canadian formula Comments By: T on 2009-01-17
It worked for me - wrinkles much less pronounced. still a little puffy but so much better after one day
can you use it on all your face Comments By: DaveG on 2009-01-21
I notice alot of people are saying its great for wrinkles as well as for eye bags but does that mean that you can rub it in anywhere on your face and it will be ok? I have just brought the canadian version on e bay and will be giving it a try tonight so fingers crossed :o) Please reply if you have an answer to my question thanks.
IS THIS JUST FOR PUFFINESS OR DARK CIRCLES TOO? Comments By: alexa on 2009-01-03
i see many people say that is clears puffiness...BUT does it help with dark circles at all?
It does work...but you need the canadian prep-h Comments By: The Brunette Threat on 2009-01-06
It does work I have used this since I was 15 and I am 35 now and no wrinkles. The american version does not contain bio-dyne (the active ingredient) So that's why it does not work. And for the moron who said their Dr. said it's too harsh for the face, one would think (if given the brain to do so) that the anal skin is muuuuch more thin and sensitive than the facial skin! The "dr." is wrong.
Just use the canadian version and avoid the eye area and you'll be fine. THe American version may cause the skin to burn but i have no idea since I don't use that trash!

??? Comments By: sdfghj on 2009-01-08
I'm 17 and I've been wearing heavy concealer for years already & when I applied it I used a make-up sponge that stretched my skin.. I have wrinkles under my eyes!!

Would this work?

IT WORKS!!!!!! Comments By: Tracey on 2009-02-03
Preperation H ointment applied to your under eyes after a shower really works wait at least 5 minutes before appling makeup. I have spent lots of $$$ on creams that do not work. I relly get no sleep. I have a 4 four kids 11,2,1 year(s)old and a 5 month old. Plus work a 40+ hour a week job. Not getting much sleep. Preperation h ointment has made my under eyes a lot firmer.
IT WORKS! Comments By: Linda of Houston on 2009-02-07
Not only does Prep H work to reduce puffines and wrinkles, it also works to heal burns and injuries. A few years ago, I had second degree burns to my hand, along with cuts. A doctor friend suggested Prep H (had biodyne in the formula at the time). The burns and wounds healed after a couple of weeks and there was absolutely no scarring--not from the burns or the cuts. It was the shark oil in the Prep H that did the healing. I now purchase my Canadian version of Prep H through Amazon.com.
Has anyone used alum? Comments By: BagsinSC on 2009-02-20
I was told that you can mix a little alum in with some moisturizer, and that will reduce eye bags. Has anyone ever done this?
May or may not work Comments By: Don B. on 2009-03-08
Undereye puffiness is characterized by red swollen skin under the eyes and is usually due to one of these causes: bloating, dehydration, fatigue, allergies, hormones, or genetics. Because the roots of these causes are so varied, it is hard to say which physiological mechanism is behind the puffiness appearance, and therefore not all treatments will work equally well; however, since the redness is due to increased blood flow to the area a treatment aimed at restricting blood vessels should provide some temporary relief. The swelling however, may be for a variety reasons and the treatment for that is not as straightforward.
works for genetic puffiness Comments By: Christine on 2009-03-17
My puffy bags under my eyes are from genetics...I was on my way to surgery until I tried this. I can't believe I never tried Prep H before! It works great and many people have noticed a difference...I use the US version (ointment) FYI this ointment doesn't fix the problem, but is the best way to hide it.
Giving it a try Comments By: Megan on 2009-03-19
Well, I read all the comments on this topic and there were way more good results than bad results so im trying it tonight. I too got my bags passed down from my grandmother. I'm pretty young by the way so i know they're not here because of my age.Really hope this works. I hate the bags under my eyes.
Confused! Comments By: xy on 2009-04-09
Hi, I have been in death of searching to a product that will at least help lessen my dark circles and eyebags. Is the canadian PrepH really works?
PrepH Suppositories Comments By: BBQueen on 2009-04-30
ok as im typing this ive dabbed a wee bit of prepH suppositories (theyre my moms, not mine!! LOL) that ive melted by putting in a little ziplock bag and emersing it a cup of warm water. surprisingly, it didnt stink as much as i thought it would, and looking at my bags every 5 mins or so, it appears that my bags arent as deep and dark! ive decided its not as dark coz this stuff is really shiny and light is just reflecting off it, but they dont look as deep and saggy now... im going to bed now and will comment in here again in the morning to let you guys know. i just hope i dont wake up with my bags inside out!! well, thank god its a holiday tomorrow! happy labour day everyone! =)
BioDynes in other products - sort of working for me. Comments By: T on 2009-05-06
First - it's really obvious that the posts with links are a company trying to sell products. Please stop. No one believes those a comments from a real person anyway.

I've been using another skin product with biodynes and it's sort of working (5 days later). I get plenty of sleep so my dark circles are the genetic kind that have been around for 35 years. So, I didn't expect it to work right away. Although I can still see some of the darkness, it had faded about 50%. I'm sure no one notices but me because I wear concealer (who wouldn't with these circle) but honestly, that's good enough to make me happy because when the concealer wears off at the end of the day, at least people won't assume I'm worn out when I'm not.

IT WORKED Comments By: Ree on 2009-05-19
I used the regular prep just a little tiny bit under my eyes and it worked wonderful. Worked for a friend of mine and my Mom too!!!
Doesn't seem to work Comments By: Thoehn on 2009-05-24
My under eye bags are a hereditary gift from my dad and I've tried a lot of things short of cosmetic surgery to get rid of them, this being my last straw. I noticed no results whatsoever. Perhaps those who saw the most results experienced puffiness from allergies/sleep deprivation, etc. and not genes. Also, for those who say their grandmothers used to swear by it, take a look at the old and new formulas. The old formula used live yeast cell while the new uses phenylephrine. Maybe there's a marked difference there...
everyone is different Comments By: lillie on 2009-05-22
it doesn't work for everyone.
When and how often? Comments By: joy on 2009-06-19
No one here has said when or how often to use this. Do you put it on before bed every night only, or do you put it on before make up in the morning? Or do you do both? Do you rub it in so you can't see it anymore or do you let a bit stay on skin to absorb. Maybe the people that it isn't working for and not doing it the right way?
WILL the english version work ? Comments By: ben on 2009-06-23
i went out and got some of the ointment version of prep H and have not used it yet, should i give it a try even though its not the Canadian one ? HELP
Angela and preparation H Comments By: sinead on 2009-07-07
Angela picking on a fifteen year old you must only be jealous
We can all understand why you have bags and the most common reason and explanation would have to be that you are a bag! you should try a case of dried up old prunes!!! and leave the grammer to someone else

Savior of my eye circles! Comments By: Janice on 2009-07-11
I've tried the ointment version for 2 years now at the undereye area and it truly transformed those dark hideous circles to the faintest shade. I've had my eye circles since 12 and not even the most powerful concealers like Bobbi Brown or MAC can cover them perfectly so I always wear glasses to hide them. The american version won't ever work because of the missing Biodyne ingredient, so our american neighbours should grab some when they come up north. I'm going to try applying it to other areas of my face as I hear it helps remove wrinkles too.
how to use it? Comments By: Mal on 2009-07-29
can you describe how to use it?? directly under eye or on the bone?? how often? is it safe to use it everyday? is it true to wait at least half an hour before applying make up? all responses much appreciated:)
how to use it? Comments By: Mal on 2009-07-29
can you describe how to use it?? directly under eye or on the bone?? how often? is it safe to use it everyday? is it true to wait at least half an hour before applying make up? all responses much appreciated:)
Meg, Reducing Redness of a Zit Comments By: Karen on 2009-08-03
Meg, use Visine to reduce redness of a zit. It works great.

Also, want to say that Prep H has worked for me in the past to reduce bagginess under eyes when I've not gotten enough sleep.

giving it a try Comments By: Rachel on 2009-08-10
im 15 & i have little resemblence of bags under my eye. it isnt extremely bad bags, but just a little puff has surfaced. i heard prep H is excellent for it. & im desperately trying to find an answer. im doing better on cathing up on some loss sleep, but on top of that im going to give prep H a try. based on these comments, i can tell its pretty 50/50. for some, it works. for some, it doesnt. i hope it does for mee !
I haven't tried it yet Comments By: Kelly on 2009-08-11
I have occasional bags under my eyes, but also have wrinkles. I'm 32 and notice they get worse with age. It's hard to get a good night's sleep EVERY single night. Especially when you work during the week and weekends. I'm looking for something that will help on the days I can't get enough rest. Hope this works!
does preparation h works to lose fat cell Comments By: tmoney on 2009-09-02
does preparation h works to lose fat cell
PrepH Works!! Comments By: Luna on 2009-09-12
I have really bad bags under my eyes. I have a stressful life. My friend Katie told me about it. She came up to me and told me to try it. Well I of course bought everything on the selve. The ointment works best and yea the american one works just as well as the canadian one
Way to go Angela! Comments By: ed on 2009-09-28
What's with the "picking on a kid" thing?? Correcting someone with bad grammar is the only way they will learn, and really, at 15, if someone doesn't know that "worser" is not a real word then they really are not too bright!
PREP H Comments By: ANON on 2009-10-05
It not only good for baggy eyes its also excellent for healing cuts and I found it excellent for ,if you have toe fungus ,Itried everything but in between my toes just drove crazy(and i shower every day)it worked in just two days .
Main ingredient is the same as nasal spray Comments By: Glenn on 2009-10-19
Nothing can substitute proper rest and diet. The main ingredient in Preparation H shrinks blood vessels by constricting them. Same as nasal spray. Try using an ice pack. Same concept.
wow Comments By: Toni Minder on 2009-10-28
I'm going to try the u.s. version, since it's the first kind i bought. active ingredients:
Glycerin UPS 14.4%
Phenylephrine HCI UPS 0.25%
Pramoxine HCI UPS 1%
White petrolatum UPS 15%

since i don't really know anything about them, i can't really tell if this us version is bad. I just know that it isn't shark stuff.

And for those of you who says it works for you, how about you actually help people out and tell us where, when, for how long and how much you apply it! Also is it ok to put other places on your face beside just under your eyes? I think you you have got to be incredibly stupid to post something without giving all the details of your experience, and expect others to take your advise. Someone please help me out and explain how, where, when, and how much you use. I will get back to you on my go at it, and let you know how the u.s. version works for me.

Prepp H Comments By: Ms . Laura on 2009-11-10
Well ..all i know is that prep H works for cuts . i have these bad cuts under my armpit and they hurt really badly . prep h makes it feel better after like 2 mins . all pain is gone .
Prep H Canadian Brand Comments By: Charlie on 2009-11-19
Where do I find the Canadian brand in the US
OMG Ladies!! This is the ultimate Miracle Comments By: PrepH Groupie on 2009-11-17
I tried this over the weekend. 10 minutes..saw a bit of a difference, 20 minutes was very pleased. the next day? OMG this stuff is AMAZING! For those of you buying PrepH online,(Canadian version) at $25 a tube....little tip. You are being robbed. I got it at Walmart here in Canada for $7.00.
Help Comments By: EJ on 2009-12-02
I have just bought the gel as i couldn't find the ointment. Will it work?? I'm too scared to put it on. I suffer with terrible puffiness under my eyes - it looks like i haven't slept in weeks!!
Preparation H...ointment or cream? Comments By: Ann on 2009-12-02
I bought the Canadian Prep H. Which works better, ointment or cream? I bought one of each
Prep H suppositories Comments By: Marma on 2009-12-05
I tried the suppositories last night. Thought it might be a good way to apply it (like makeup) ;-) It kinda felt "fresh" for a while. Didn't see anything immediately, and when i woke up, didn't see anything amazing.
I guess I'll go to ebay and buy some of the Canadian version and give it a try. (it'd be nice to see "Canadian" sellers selling it though.) But I like purchasing from Ebay because the sellers are very quick to ship. They charge twice the price (i hear it's 7 bucks in Canada) but who cares compares to 100 for Strivectin, Un-wrinkle and all that other stuff I've purchased.

Works for me Comments By: K. on 2009-12-10
It works for me, reduces the puffiness on the eyes, and actually lasts for 2 days for me.
Try it on your butt! Comments By: Kip on 2010-01-13
I know this stuff is for eyes, however, I tried it on my butthole and it actually worked there as well! I`m so happy I found an eye cream that got rid of my roids too!!!
OMFG it totally works!!!! Comments By: ripsaa on 2010-01-17
Im 47 yr old male and look young to begin with but always had dark circles and bags under my eyes (heriditary) so went to amazon and ordered the Canadian Prep H with bio dyne and put some at night before bed and 4 days later 90% of the bags are gone people say you look good/different etc. Remember you have to use the Canadian version the U.S version will not work cause it has no bio dyne
I AM GIVING IT A TRY Comments By: christine on 2010-01-25
i am going to give prep h a try ...i have a thyroid disorder which means very puffy eyes...plastic surgery cost $5,000....so i have some PH from the us i am going to start with it tonight then tomorrow look for some at the family $ store if it doesn't have the shark oil or bio something in it i will look on line to buy the canada kind....wish me luck..cms from pa
healthy living will sort it out Comments By: anon on 2010-02-01
have a yeast allergy so it doesn't work for me...and others i know say it didn't work for them. but cooled green tea bags do...sleep,plenty of water, e45 cream and cooled cucumbers on the eyes once a week... i'm 29 and get told i look between 21 and 23 all the time...that's without wearing any makeup :)
Does it work for Dark circles under you eyes? Comments By: Olga on 2010-02-10
Im 18 and i have ALWAYS had dark circles under my eyes, I always have to put foundation under my eyes. I look like I have raccoons eyes or something. I have been using Biocutis eye contour for a bit now. I have been told by my roommate to try this. I dont want to go blind or anything so im doing my research, and was just wondering how many people have used this, and it worked for them to get rid of the dark circles?
Where to buy in the states. Comments By: Liz on 2010-03-21
I tried the Family Dollar Store for the store brand of Preparation H that has Shark's oil that was recommended on this page. They didn't have anything with Shark's Oil in it, but I went down the street to a Dollar General store and they DID have some. It was only $3. I am going to try it. I had a severe head injury this winter and when the swelling went down it gave me a huge shiner. It has been a month and I still have a dark circle in the corner of my eye and around the bottom of my eye. I am hoping this works. I've tried a lot of things but am ready to see the dermatologist.
I have been using it for 6 mths Comments By: janie on 2010-04-11
I have been using it for 6 mths everyone keeps saying wow your skin is so smooth and so soft (and it is way tighter) the bags under my chin are GONE after applying and rubbing it in nightly careful dont go around my eyes though ..it smells so bad only downside and i can only buy the greasy kind..other than that it has been amazing results...oh ya..and they all keep telling me I look so stress free!! lol
preparation h......hmmmmm Comments By: Nicole "Nikki" on 2010-04-25
Well I've read all of your comments because I really don't know what to do about my eyes.....but since ALOT of people seem to disagree with the product (and I know there are many who do agree but I have weird skin and I don't think I want to take a chance), i don't think I'm going to try it...thanks!
look i see all the helpful BRANDS BUT!!????????.... Comments By: NICOLETTE on 2010-05-08
I TRIED BOTH american an Canadian Comments By: Tatiana on 2010-05-10
Both PREP H works... american ointment has shark oil has many benefits under the eyes and your face will look much better. Reduce your belly if you put some plastic while in the gym ( you will sweat like never before!)

Canadian with Bio -dyne is great with wrinkles and you will look much younger.

I agree with Ed and Angela!! if you make a mistake is GREAT if another person corrects you ...so you will learn and next time you will do it the right way. I am thankful when someone corrects me so I can learn!

ABSOLUTLY AMAZING!!! Comments By: TB on 2010-05-11
I have the worst bags under my eyes every morning. So i did a little research and decided to try Preperation H. But instead i decided to try Equates hemorrhoidal cream. Before i went to bed i used a very tiny amount under each eye. And within seconds i could tell a difference! I would recommend to anyone with bags.
KIDNEY PROBLEMS Comments By: Sarah marie on 2010-05-15
Ive had pretty bad bags under my eyes since I was a wee gal. Upon doing more research I have found to really attack it you need to get to the kidneys. I have come across this stuff that is quite recommended in the homeopathic world. Its called Dr.grossmens herbal eyetone formula.
It Works for me Comments By: lvgal on 2010-05-17
I have allergies and wake up every morning to red, swollen, puffy eyes. Given that Prep H is a FRACTION of the cost as cosmetic-eye creams, I decided to try it and it does work for me. I put a LITTLE on before bedtime and notice a difference in the morning.
PREPARATION H 'DOES' WORK!!! Comments By: Carol on 2010-05-26
I have been wearing glasses to hide my eye bags. I am 46 years old and they seemed to appear overnight. I have been back and forth to my doctor and I was told that I was just at 'THAT' age. He did suggest surgery if they bothered me that much. I read 'EVERYTHING' I could find on the Internet to get rid of my bags. I did order the Canadian Prep H on eBay and it did 'NOT' work. I emailed the seller and they shipped me another order 'FREE' that contained the shark oil. AND IT DID 'NOT' WORK!!! I emailed them again and was told it does 'NOT' work for everyone. So I thought I would try the Family Dollar brand somebody wrote it worked for them. I purchased the ointment and not the cream. It is greasy and messy. BUT IT WORKED!!! I wore it for about '2' hours and wiped it off. I SAW RESULTS IMMEDIATELY!!! My advise to everyone is to try 'EVERYTHING' until you find what works for you!!! GOOD LUCK!!!
Preperation H doesnt work. Comments By: Kaela L. on 2010-06-04
It doesn't work because it was reformulated, leaving the ingredient that reduced puffiness out of it. It DID used to work, but not anymore.
Prerpatation H under the eyes. Comments By: Brenda on 2010-06-09
Preparation H is a Vascular Constrictor, which is not what the saggy skin your eyes need. The only thing that Prep-H will help with is that you lightly message under your eyes, which enhances blood flow and tones your skin.
Try cold ice cube, the cold cucumber thing wasn't a farce :-)

english preparation h- gel or ointment? Comments By: bernie on 2010-06-30
i have been using prep h on a tattoo i recently had done, and tried a little on a swelling under my eye, i noticed the difference straight away , but i picked up prep h gel at the chemist by mistake, which is the better one?
Preparation H with Biodyne Comments By: Donde on 2010-06-30
I am about to order my second tube of Prep H. I think it's important to make sure you buy Prep H with Biodyne. If it doesn't have Biodyne (like in the US) then it won't work. I live in the US and I have to order from an online Canada Pharmacy to get the original formula with the Biodyne (an anit-inflamatory agent). Not only did it help with my puffiness and wrinkles around the eye, but I applied it to my whole face and my brown sun spots have faded almost into non-existance. The main ingredient is shark liver oil, so that explains a lot. That means there is lots of Vitamin A in it. If it has irritated your skin or hasn't worked for you, then you may be allergic to the biodyne or shark oil. I am amazed with the results I got.
Amazing - just give it a go Comments By: Previous disbeliever !!! on 2010-08-10
I was very sceptical I am 45 overall have great skin, today spent 5 on a tube of prep H gel. I have terrible swelling under both eyes so bad i always look like ive been in a fight. Also over the past year I have massged one eye so much to get rid of this I have created nasty wrinkles under one eye. My confidence has been terrible as I feel everyone looks at this.

So I couldnt wait to put on the gel, hmm 30 mins on no effect, but wait within an hour it is unbelievable the bags are greatly reduced and the wrinkles almost invisibale.

I have spent hundreds of pounds on eye creams and retinol gels but this for me has to be a miracle. I understand this may be a temporary effect but try it my eyes were very bad. Keep it well away from your eye when dry i just put usual concealer it looks fabulous.

All i can say is wow Im just so glad I invested a 5 I have now used all over face and it has made it a little smoother butthe eye area is unbelievable. Even though it was embarrasing using it.

So glad I tried this Comments By: Tracey on 2010-08-10
I 44 years old and have for the past 18 months been suffering with terrible puffy and wrinkly eyes, my skin is otherwise good with little wrinkling.

I read about prep H and took the chance and bought some with my shopping today, it cost me 5 and is the UK gel version.

I was so excited about using it i patted it on expecting a miracle and nothing, but wait less than an hour later my eye bags are barely visible and the crepy wrinkles look perfect.

Tis is like a life saver for me I have used every product on the market at great expense and this is so good. My whole face looks younger now and i wont be afraid of giving eye contact it sriously looks like i been at the botox it is so smooth.

Just to add I have very sensitive skin and this did not burn , i did keep it away from my eyes though.

Ladies what have ou got to lose i laughed when i read reviews, but I an so glad i bought this. wow wow wow and this is just the UK version in gel form so not oily.

Did not work for me Comments By: Nikki on 2010-08-23
I cried all day because I dropped my daughter off at college. So I decided to fix my eyes with the cream but it did not take any of the puffiness away!:(
prep H does work!!... Comments By: bev erly on 2010-09-16
I heard about this a few yrs back on the news and laughed.......but it never left my thoughts .....always wondered about it.....because it was on the actual news there had to be some truth to this........I believe the negative comments are fake and posted by cosmetic companies whom charge an arm and a leg for their products and they are scared of their customers trying this and getting better results quicker for less money.
I have tried this recently for 2 days and I mean WOW!!....it works...left it on for 45 min and washed it off....once the skin dried I was jumping up and down with glee....I am going to put it on my entire face tonight and see what magic it will do there too .....I rub it under the eye around the bag and dark circles then leave it for as long as I want......the longer the better.......all I use is an amt the size of a small pea.........twice a day....and I used the ointment.....the greasy kind as it moisturizes as well...be careful not to get it n the eye.
TRY it folks.....its truly amazing and for a fraction of the cost........I am soooooo happy I tried this.....wish I would have yrs ago.......you dont need luck....its just works!!

how we do it? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Comments By: chad on 2010-10-11
i bought the ointment type ( is that ok?) , and how long do we leave it on for? and when do we put it on am or pm ? , and how many times a week do we do it ? and do we rub it on or place it on ?
It depends Comments By: anon on 2010-10-11
you see it will only work on those who have swollen or puffy eyes not those who just have a little bit of bag
going to try it Comments By: carolyn on 2010-10-27
I just order the preparation h cream,I order it with the bio dyne. I will see what the talk is all about and let you know how it works for me.
No Wrinkles Comments By: RH in Oklahoma on 2010-11-04
I am 52 years old and have been using Prep H (cream) for well over twenty five years. I don't have any wrinkles or dark circles under my eyes. After a shower I apply "the H cream" all over my face and neck. For years people have raved about my smooth complexion. I look years younger than people my age. Since I have used the cream for long now I am afraid to stop, I might begin to look like a butt hole. No kidding it really has worked for me.
Preperation H Comments By: Amanda Downes on 2010-11-05
I totally believe in this cream its the only thing thats ever worked for me. i have suffered all my life with puffy eyes due to nasel congestion. I would recommend anyone who has eye bags or puffiness under or on top of your eye lids try this product.
THE UK OINTMENT WORKS! Comments By: Jo on 2010-11-12
Containing both the yeast and shark liver oil, the UK ointment works and at 3.99 from Boots, it is a bargain!
I have been using for 2 nights and my 15 year old son has just stopped me in the kitchen to tell me I look younger...I almost fainted as he NEVER does compliments! Go get some UK ladies!

Did not work Comments By: Candice on 2010-11-14
Woke up the next day with red, swollen skin.
works Comments By: T.J. on 2010-12-17
Hell with what they say worked for me
Just got the Preperation H Comments By: Daris on 2010-12-15
Since I live in Canada I was curious and it has been 5 days now and Yes it works Awesome...I went to Shppers Drug Mart around the corner from my house...I am 45 yrs old with a few deep wrinkles around my mouth area that seem to extend a little too muck and my eyes are red and puffy I believe from smoking and caffeine..I Bought the preperation H CREAM and the first 3 days didn't notice much but the 4th and 5th day I am noticing that my wrinkles are getting smaller and thinner. I've been putting it on twice a day..Morning and Night before bed time..It is doing an Awesome job on my wrinkles and I been wakeing up running to the mirror every morning and am surprised so far..But it hasn't done much for around my eyes...maybe that will take longer cause I still smoke and my eyes do get irritated by the smoke every day...For those that say it doesn't work you are probably buyig the American version...The FDA has taken the wrinkle and skin stuff out of the American version because they want you to buy the expensive wrinkle creams that big corporations are advertising so that version is not for wrinles...I wil let you know what happens after 2 weeks...So far I am very happy with the way it works and so Fast...I'm amazed...Like I said the first 3 days I didnt notice a difference on my face but the 4th and 5th day I was amazed..
MUST TRY! Comments By: azface on 2010-12-23
Not only does it work, it will clear up the acne on your face
It does not work for me! Comments By: Camry on 2010-12-22
I have been using the Canadian version of the Prep H Cream formula for my under-eye bags for the past two months, once nightly, but so far, there has not been any noticeable changes. However, I will continue using it until the whole tube is gone and hopefully by then, I will see some improvements!
I think it works. Comments By: Tracy on 2011-01-23
I use it every once in a while if I'm feeling self-conscious about puffiness or wrinkles. It makes me feel more confident that I'm looking younger. I think it works.
Quite impressed! Comments By: Anon on 2011-02-04
I ordered a tube of Preparation H with (Bio-dyne) off Ebay (Canadian shop) have been using it for around 2 weeks now, possibly a bit longer actually. I didn't see instant results, about a week later with a bit of patience/continuous use I now see amazing results!
I can see a fabulous youthful glow, my skin is tighter & much clearer, my eye bags have subsided, my acne (due to stress) has vanished completely!

It honestly looks like I'm years younger (I don't even look 26 anyway!)

Some tips for you: Be patient, don't put too much on (you only need a small amount)
massage it into your skin (or area/areas you wish to apply)
I've been using it on my face and neck.
A healthy balanced diet and exercise also works just as well don't forget! and drinking plenty of water. But this cream is a great little aid.

I wouldn't advise using it a lot though, moderate your use, because I honestly don't know if it could potentially cause damage to your skin in the long run, moderation is the key, remember that!
You don't want to turn into a butt hole!

great Comments By: john.................. on 2011-02-04
yes it works great i live in yuma.az wear the summers get very hot and yes preparation H MADE IN THE USA WORKS GREAT................
GIve it time...IT WORKS!!! Comments By: Susan on 2011-02-08
I am 34 and applied the US peperation H(ointment)under my eyes after a night out, for puffiness. It did NOTHING:( I almost threw the tube away. Thank god I gave it more time! After 3-4 days of using the ointment faithfully AM and PM, not only did any puffiness go away, but dark circles and undereye wrinkles from sundamage!! It went well beyond any expectations I had!!! I have not tried the Canadian version, but will continue the US version as long as it works. I have not tried applying all over my face. A little scared it may clog my pores. I look in the mirror and love not seeing those aging sundamaged wrinkles under my eyes. I apply more at night. When I put it on in the AM, my eyes may look a bit shiny when I go outside, but I have found it to be an added bonus to looking younger.
wow Comments By: anon on 2011-02-08
i have just bought the gel form and i can see the difference straight away. have put it on my number eleven line between my eyebrows and they nearly gone and put on my bags under my eyes and they have gone. wonderfull stuff.i put a tiny little bit on incase it irritated my skin but i have not had any reaction. give it a go bought it because im getting married in a few months.
EGG YOLKS WITCH HAZEL TEA BAGS CUCCUMBERS Comments By: Sunshinefromnyc on 2011-02-14
None of these things work for me. I'm headed to family dollar right now. My hideous bags come from allergies. I will post results

Canadian Formula DOES work Comments By: JMH on 2011-03-01
I sent for the Original Preparation H, not the American formula and indeed, I could tell the first day. Smells for a few minutes but that fades. I wouldn't trade it. Don't use the American formula as it doesn't have Bio Dyne.
IT'S THE BEST!! Comments By: Anon on 2011-03-15
I live in Canada where Prep H has Bio Dyne. I use the ointment each night, so don't have to worry about it being greasy under makeup. Been using it for years and the bags are hardly noticeable. Have tried expensive creams but nothing works as well. Bye the way, to the person who said it's not safe for face....my doctor actually recommends it!
Ointment or Cream Comments By: Anon on 2011-03-30
Which Canadian Prep H is preferred...The cream or the ointment. Looking to order online but not sure which one to purchase. Any input is much appreciated.
Canadian Prep H and Visine Comments By: Canada guy on 2011-04-19
49 yr old male.Been trying the Prep H for 2 weeks, took a while and just starting to noticing very good results. Also have been taking Vitamin C as I smoke and just recently started adding Visine drops, pulling the bottom eye lid down and dropping into the lower eye pocket. I notice drinking alcohol does bring them back so cutting down on the wine helps. As others have mentioned, the Prep H ointment works great all over the face as a toner. Who knew?
Must only use Prep H with Bio-Dyne Comments By: Sublime Me on 2011-04-26
Only Preparation H containing Bio-Dyne will shrink bags under the eyes (such as in the Canadian version). Due to FDA rulings, the American formula does not contain Bio-Dyne any longer - PHENYLEPHERINE HCL has been substituted instead and DOES NOT WORK FOR SWOLLEN EYES! I'm not sure what the UK version contains however.
!....USING PREP H DOES MORE HARM THEN GOOD...! Comments By: Heather Lee on 2011-05-20
My allergy specialist told me to use it in my early 20's because of my puffiness under the eyes. My dermatologist said 4 years later, that was the worst thing I could have been told to use. The action of shrinking the blood vessels under the eye, is great. The more often you do this however, your blood vessels try to compensate and just grow bigger. This can result in bursting, bruising, and even varicose veins on your face. Hence why I needed a dermatologist. I am 35 now. I take the proper allergy medication, which helps tremendously. I exfoliate regularly, and moisturize my face every night. It really all comes down to biology and cleaning habits. Sorry, Prep H just does more harm then good.
UK Preparation H Comments By: alorah on 2011-05-15
UK version of preparation H contains:
-Hydrogenated Shark liver oil
-Hydrolyzed Yeast
And Paraffin, Parffinum, Liquidum, Ozokerite, Lanolin, Glycerin, Propylparaben, Methylparaben, and Aroma.

unsure Comments By: bungole on 2011-06-16
I just bought prep h in gel form and now i am afraid to try it if it will do harm to my skin. I still have not heard anyone say whether the gel American one works or not, i think it is a cooling type. Please help
Preperation h from here and there Comments By: Comfort zone on 2011-07-02
I've used preperation h from usa for a few days waiting on results just bagged that, then here we go with the stuff from my canadians after over first night and my eyes bagged that... But in fact tea
bags, cucumbers, and if you got time sweat it out really works, from a cross the world goodluck.

This stuff works! Comments By: John Reisner on 2011-08-17
I tried this on my anus many of times and I always get positive results!
The Final Word (Puffy, Circles, Wrinkles) Comments By: Deep on 2011-07-22
If you are reading this then you have already read about the various causes of bags(dark circles) and puffiness. Wrinkles should be treated seperately since the primary cause typically is age and I will leave out of this post.

A) First - History/BIO - I'm 39, North Indian origin Male with fair skin (most think i'm italian and not indian) ; started experiencing bags (puffiness and circles) around 32. Heavy partier, smoker, drinker and runner(athletic) - aka fit as a fiddle since 14.

From 33-36 it was pretty easy to lose the bags with A LOT of water, good sleep, excercise and cutting down on the 3+ drinks a day. My Dad is 68, looks about 44 but he was a smoker and heavy drinker his whole life, he quit smoking at 44 when he had a quad bi-pass, still drinks 2-3 a day; he's had bags since he was 38 getting constantly getting worse. I don't consider this hereditery other than I'm an alchy like him. I quit smoking 4 weeks ago (again) and have cut down on the drinking (again).

37-39 has been a different story, I've tried biotherm, helixin, eyelastin, roc retinol, and a few other pricy products...they all seem to have varying impacts on circles and puffiness and I've used them all for several months. Biotherm was 6/10 for bags and circles, i thought i could find better but not really. Most of the others were kinda the same, there was some change, although some did almost nothing like hylexin...you have to stop using stuff for at least a month to see what mother nature is doing as well in between this crap...

Here is what always works short term at the age of almost 40 :
1) Under eye circulation excercises (Completely natural), can use ice sparingly, too long or too much will make 'em red and ice burned even (this will go away, still good for circulation).

2) Cold Cucumbers and Potatoes, both have a shrinking effect when they dry 10-15 mins a day total with any combination of these works wonders!!! I often do a 5 minute treatment right before a night out or paste a couple cold eye size taters to the bottom of my eye on the drive out ! Tea Bags (cold) they work on puffiness as well but I have limited experience as others work and tea bags are more work. All of these are good on puffiness, and it's been hard to measure for circles but the potatoes n cukes are good. Never knew potatoes had so much juice !

3) All of these work for short periods of time regardless of the origin of your bags / puffiness.

C) Cosmetics, Creams and Prep H

C1) YES - Prep H works. It's one of the few items you can/should wear lightly in gel form 'overnight'. Many Derms(dermatologists) will tell you not to put on anything on your eyes overnight...this is true with the exception of Prep (in my experience). I use it sparingly because it does cause redness which can last longer than ice and cause longer term burns as noted. It will reduce puffiness like nothing else i've tried though ! Again it looks shiny, smells like cod liver oil and makes your skin red/irratated..if used during the day (although this seems to have better effect than the overnight use, i.e. keeping nothing on your eyes other than keeping them moist at night is still best if you can wear prep around the house for a day).

Prep H reduces puffiness and makes skin noticible smoother = YES.

Long term (10- 20 yr) side effects = Based on what i've read...different for different people and primarily bad, i.e if you are using it that long you'd better expect to use it for life or committ suicide at 69 ?!?

I use it about once every two weeks when I need a real boost ! I expect that as I get older I may need to increase frequency ?!?

You will feel your skin tighten with all of the above...hence less puffy.

C2) For Dark circles, i'm still working but have found that hylexin definately lightens the skin and has noticible effects within 1 week of use.

If after a week of using ANYTHING you can't tell/see the difference, scrap it, it's not going to work for you and the problem lies elsewhere.

If you have circles before the age of 18/20 then you really need to look at things like heriditary, diet, exercise, kidneys and alergies especially.

Final note about alergies...I've always had alergies, I've been alergic to everything from pollen to pets to u name it but have never taken anything for them. I have however found that my alergies are continuing to get worse since the age of 36...strange that my alergies are aging with me ? Are my alergies causing the circles and puffiness or is it my age ?

I took the time to write this because I've literally spent weeks if not a few months of my LIFE researching this on the net and hope it helped.

Good luck !


MUST USE CANADIAN PREP-H w/ Bio-Dyne! Comments By: Soupra Neeko on 2011-08-20
The trick is to buy Prep-H from Canada. I swear by the stuff.

I have crohn's disease and the foods I eat cause my eyes to look rather nasty. After using Prep-H for just a few days, I noticed that my eyes were just fine.

Like ANYTHING though, results may vary. You should never just apply something to your skin without first spot testing it. If you have a reaction on the spot, well, DUH...don't use it on your whole face. Just be smart. Don't jump into something you know nothing about and you won't get hurt.

But don't be scared off. The stuff smells like a butthole but, honestly, the benefits it provides me makes it truly worth it. :)


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