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Identifying and Relieving Stress

Stress is a major part of life that finds its way into you by way of various means. Some stress is caused by families, some by holidays, realizing how old you are, by your children, your job, traffic, relationships and so many other things such as money. Stress can leave your body in a wreck if you are not careful to learn to identify and run off stress at the first signs. In this article I want to help you do both, or at least get a head start on learning more about stress so you can fight it. 

The major signs of stress include a variety of symptoms, or it could also be a mixture of many of these signs of stress causing you problems. Do you find yourself edgy or irritable? Signs that you are bothered by something but you really can�t pin your finger on what the problem is, are a symptom of your being under stress. If you find that you are bothered by the littlest things in life you are under stress and you need to identify the source of your stress. 

If you find that you are using more alcohol, caffeine or if you are using tobacco in your daily life, these are signs that you are under additional stress and these are your crutches to help you deal with it. 

If you are unable to think clearly and your thoughts are getting jumbled in your mind before you can even say them, this is yet another sign of stress and being under stress. 

Overeating and not eating enough are other signs of being under stress. We each react to stress in different manners, and these can be signs that your body or your mind is under stress, needing something different. More people will turn to eating when they are under a lot of stress as a comfort food. 

Confusion or depression is additional signs of stress. While you may not even realize that you are confused, the problems are built upon as your stress levels build and your ability to organize problems are sorted out. 

How can you soothe your mind and put stress behind you?
Take a few minutes and close your eyes. Think about something or somewhere that really puts your mind at ease. Think about doing something else, clearing your mind and putting your problems out of your mind. Put something in your hands that is soft, fuzzy or that you can squeeze to work out that extra energy in your body as this is going to help keep your levels of stress lower. 

When you find that you are overeating, take a walk. Chew gum and work out that extra energy that is building up in your body and mind because of your extra stress. Stress causes you to often feel hungry so changing the course of your day will help you avoid over eating while you work out the stress and the problems. 

Face your problems head on. Leaving problems build up to the point where they are unavoidable and bigger is going to only make matters worse. Making it a habit to deal with problems when they are small is going to make your stress levels smaller and actually seem less eventful. 

Talk to other people, communication is a key in sorting out your mind, your thoughts and your problems. When you talk or tell someone else about what is stressing you out, others can offer you assistance in figuring out how to deal with this problem. Sometimes just talking about your problem, and saying it aloud makes the entire problem or stressful situation seem so much less problematic!

Learn to find things and do things in your life that you like, finding a hobby or an enjoyable event that you have to look forward to is going to ease the stressful situations in your life. Sometimes, just doing the same thing day after day can be stressful, but having an event or time to look forward to is going to break up the monotony. Get involved in more groups, clubs and events that you find exciting and fun!

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