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Water based paint . Tips to remove Water based paint stains on clothes and fabrics

When you are working around the house on crafts or on painting the house, you are often left with a stain on your shirt or pants.  If you have a water based paint stain on your clothes, try these tips to work it out fast.

Try to work on the stain as soon as possible.  Once the paint stain is dry it is much harder to get the stain out.

When the paint is wet, take a towel and blot the area to bring up as much of the paint as possible.  Donít try and rub the paint as you will smear the stain and make it larger.

Fill a bucket with cold water and soak the fabric in it if you donít have time to deal with the stain at that moment. Soaking the fabric overnight is going to make the stain easier to work out.

Apply some spray stain pre treatment to the paint stained area. Let this sit for about half and hour and then move on to the next step in cleaning your fabric.

Use a clear bleach free laundry detergent and put on the stained area of the fabric. Rub this in with your fingers or a small soft scrub brush, working the paint gently out of the fabric.

If bleach can be used on the particular fabric, soak the item in a bleach and water mixture, or a all color fabric bleach for about an hour to work on that stubborn stain.

Oxyclean can be used on many types of fabrics. Making a paste of water and the detergent you can put this on the stain and let it sit for an hour.

Launder as usual, but do not dry until you have inspected to see if the water based paint stain is completely gone. Repeat the steps that you are most comfortable with on your fabric to work on the paint stain if any remains.

For a really stubborn stain you can use some dry cleaning fluid on the stain. Just a few drops will work out the stain quickly, and you will then need to launder again.

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