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Cooking Oil . Tips to remove Cooking Oil stains on upholstery

Cooking oil stains on upholstery will require quick cleaning in order to be able to fight this stain quick.

If you find an old cooking oil stain on your upholstery you may need to repeat these steps two or three times, but you can get a cooking oil stain out of your upholstery. Blot and dab at the cooking oil stain until you have gotten the moisture out of the upholstery.

If the stain is an old stain, wet the cooking oil stain by dabbing the stain with alcohol or a dry cleaning solvent. Keeping wetting, blotting and dabbing at the stain until the stain is gone or until you donít feel you are bringing anymore of the cooking oil stain out of the upholstery.

Make a small mixture of water and a few drops of clear bleach free liquid detergent. Spray this on the cooking oil stain, and dab and blot until you have brought out all of the cooking oil stain. Rinse the upholstery well, where the cooking oil stain was and where you have been cleaning.

Rinsing the upholstery stain with clear water will bring out the detergent and suds, which can attract dirt. Give your upholstery one last rinsing with a water and vinegar solution; a half and half mixture works well.

Spray the stained area, dabbing and blotting until you have brought up all of the suds, stain and you have given your upholstery a great cleaning.

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