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Heat for cold sores and fever blisters

If you put a hot rag (not too hot) on your cold sore or fever blisters, It will soothe the pain and will help them to heal faster.

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I disagree Comments By: K on 2004-08-13
I have battled with cold sores since I was a child and in my experience, heat makes them much worse! Try this idea if you must, but be aware that heat can be a trigger to cold sores in the first place, why would you then TREAT them with heat?
Not to be rude. Thanks

i disagree as well Comments By: cin on 2004-11-26
heat on a cold sore does feel good like when you're in the shower and holding a hot rag on your lip. but when you are outta the shower and drying off it's usually a swollen mess. i dont recomment heat at all!!!
heat bad idea Comments By: Alahna on 2005-05-19
Worst tip I have ever heard !!
botox look! Comments By: Anon on 2005-06-14
I thought that I had a pimple erupting between my nose and my top lip. I put moist heat on it to help it along and get it over with; however, the next morning I look like I had been beat up. Scared, I went to the dr. and she said it was only a fever blister. I have never had one like this before, but heat made my lip swell so intensely, I am unable to smile because the skin is so tight. Now, I am taking a presciption, applying vinegar and ice.
that sucks Comments By: taylor on 2007-08-16
i did that once and my cold sore grow ten times bigger that idea sucks what are you thinken
Don't think so! Comments By: Viv on 2008-07-01
I have struggled with coldsores for almost 30 years - even managed to get some of them staph-infected and I always found that heat; either from warm water, sun, normal warm weather just made it all worse. Eat zinc, stay out of sun until a scab develops, keep immune-system up and if you really feel like it; apply some ice (this will make it numb but not sure if it actually has any healing-effects. But..... stay away from heat (and humidity!!).
Makes sense physiologically Comments By: Anon on 2008-10-28
Applying heat is like making a mini-fever to activate the body's immune system. Although the cold sore will look more inflamed, I'd say it'd clear quicker. You're basically getting the message to your body quicker (although it may look worse in the meantime).
NO! NO! NO! Comments By: H on 2008-11-24
TRUST me!!!! Putting a hot cloth on a cold sore will only make it last longer! I have had coldsores since i can remember and never never never put anything hot on it!!!!! THE COLD SORE WILL NOT GO AWAY!!!!!! It will live on your face FOREVER!! The heat will actually make the cold sore "blossom" and stay on your face for much longer than normal
WTF! Comments By: Anon on 2008-12-17
Do not agree with this at all. Best tips I have are to NEVER touch the cold sore/heat blister. I find that if I keep my lips extremely dry and do not apply any mositure to the sore that it stays in one place and relatively small. Could be totally wrong but its the best natural method for me. Ofcourse Abreva is a great product for healing and shortening the duration of the cold sore/heat blister.
It works but not with water Comments By: Anon on 2008-12-27
Dont use a hot rag. I only recommend using heat on the cold sore when its starting to scab or peel.
Before scabbing salt, toothpaste and alcholo works to dry it out.
Then it starts to get yellowish/brownish where it starts scabbing.
From there do not use salt or anything, sometimes alochol, no chapsticks nothing moist like that!
Appying heat in ways such as stream from hot tap water or from boiling water put a towel over your head and the face near the stream so the stream hits your mouth, affecting the cold sore, do it for 5-10 mins make sure it doesnt get soggy. It will heal faster and fall off quicker.
Another way is if you have a space heater put your mouth near it (not touching) for 3-5 mins each hour, you will notice the scab getting darker and flacky almost to fall off.

Bad Bad Bad idea please use ice instead then dry lip Comments By: ANON on 2009-02-04
I am a Massage Therapist with some advice. Any moisture or heat will make the cold sore spread! Any doctor will tell u that herps are spread very quickly to moist, warm, dark crevices on the body. Heat only relaxes sore muscles and does nothing 4 inflamation. It may feel good at first because heat is relaxing and sedative,heat will increases blood flow making the swelling of the lip 10 times worse. Use an ice or cold pack directly to the sore with light pressure for 5 to 10 min or untill the ice cube melts. This will help in keeping the virus dormant and reduce swelling. Be sure to dry any moisture afterwards, and appy 100% acetone nail polish remover with no silica, geletin or additives(i hate chemicals but it works 4 me) GOOD lUCK!!!
YOUR CRAZY!!!!!!! Comments By: Tyler Hansbrough Lover on 2009-07-30
I've had fever blisters and cold sores since i was 6 or 7. Heat is not going to treat them i mean cumon i have between 3 and 6 a month sometimes. DO NOT USE THIS REMEDY!!!!!!!
tea tree oil Comments By: liz... uk on 2009-10-10
this dried up me severe blisters in a couple of days.would recomend it.ive tried alsorts over the years to no avail.
heat do work Comments By: jerome on 2010-01-20
i had cold sores for a long time and heat works but with a hair dryer. hold it away from your face and let the heat dry the cold sore up . shortens the healing time.works all the time . never use moist heat of any sort.
I rate a zero, but not an option! Comments By: Anon on 2010-03-01
I've been dealing with cold sores off and on during the last 30 years. I get them about once a year now that I'm getting older. Lysine, grapefruit seed extract, olive leaf, and acyclovir - NOT HEAT! I was successfully battling a current cold sore with all of the above for 3 days - almost gone Sunday night. I took a long hot shower and oh wow - my lip expanded 4 times it's normal size! I feel like I'm back to step 1 again. Do not apply heat - horrible idea.
Heat is definitely not a good idea Comments By: Anon on 2010-07-15
Heat is definitely not a good idea for a cold sore. I've been getting sores for years now and the best thing to do is to leave them alone. If they swell or blister you can ice them and it will knock the swelling down fast, but try not to touch it with your finger or your tongue because it can get infected really easy. Valtrex can be prescribed by your doctor or at a clinic and works really well if you take it at the initial sign of a cold sore. The prescription topical creams work well if you don't catch the sore before it blisters or opens up, but otherwise they're useless if you're taking pills.
Also, most doctors will agree that everyone has certain foods and environmental conditions that will trigger the onset of a cold sore. My advice is to figure out what those foods are and avoid them as much as possible. For lots of people two main triggers are peanuts and oranges. It's definitely worth figuring out.

NOOOOOOO! Comments By: BG on 2010-08-01
I have a cold sore right now. I woke up with it VERY small on my upper lip, but yesterday was Aquapalooza and I was in the sun for seven hours and it got three times as big and was white from puss.. It's gross. Heat DOES NOT WORK.
Heat? Comments By: JD on 2010-08-12
No. Tea Tree oil and Lysine supplements work the best for me. If you treat it from the inside and out, you will generally have better results. Remember to stay away from direct sunlight to your lips and foods containing Arginine such as Peanuts and chocolate.
None of the flamers tried it. Comments By: EB on 2010-10-03
Whenever I get the tingling, I heat a spoon with a lighter and put it on the site, as hot as I can handle, without burning my skin. Result: No cold sore. Rationale: Heat kills the virus. I've been doing this for years. I did not do this for the one on my face currently, and it's been here for six weeks and kept tingling. I finally put the spoon on it and it's healing and no tingling since.

My previous cold sore was in grad school in 2003. I learned this trick for flea bites that I would get, and it works for that too. I had an "ItchZapper" and, later, an "Itch Soother", both hyperthermic devices were very effective on both cold sores and bites. High heat denatures certain anticoagulants (not stings, however), and happen to be effective on this virus too.

So, I would say try it before you dismiss the idea.

No HEAT! Comments By: Brandi on 2010-10-26
I've been dealing with cold sores since childhood and have tried several methods...the one that works the best is abreva whenever I feel like the cold sore is heating up, and I apply ice directly to the infected area as soon as I notice it to keep it from spreading if possible. Once the cold sore starts the healing process, I apply carmex and it soothes the soreness...but during the first days I only apply abreva...I try to keep the area as dry and cool as possible...if you can, sucking on a popcicle, might help!
What about a new heat device specialy disigned for cold sores? Comments By: alena on 2010-11-15
you say heat doesnt help...!!? I think you`re wrong. Why then this new device was designed for? you can find it in boots store or online. It hasnt got any chemicals, just heats up to 50 degree and you need to put it on your cold sore. If this is work, the hot spoon or wood shuold work too!!! I`m going to try it now!!!
Cold sore healing device Comments By: Vicky on 2010-12-11
I bought Herpotherm, the device somebody before me mentioned, and I don't use aciclovir anymore. Not only they heal faster, but if you catch them in time (first tingling or itching, or even before if you have other I bought Herpotherm, the device the person before me mentioned, and I don't use aciclovir anymore. Not only they heal faster, but if you catch them in time (first tingling or itching, or even before if you have other symptoms),it even prevents the blisters from forming. And if it itches or hurts, the heat takes that away. It's amazing. ),it even prevents the blisters from forming. And if it itches or hurts, the heat takes that away. It's amazing.
I STRONGLY DISSAGREE Comments By: Coldsorefighter on 2010-12-12
Don't apply heat it will make things lot worse. The best thing to do is not to do anything let ur body heal by its self and dont put any heat. Normally it will take 2 weeks to get cured. So dont apply anything to the cold sore.
I was sick of suffering Comments By: Singing Servant on 2010-12-13
I'm a 23 year old music teacher and I cannot afford to get cold sores. Unfortunately, I have suffered from cold sores since I was in early elementary school. I've tried heat (and like most of you it felt better but just continued to swell). I've tried Lysine tablets (4 or 5 tablets a day). I've used over-the-counter medicines (camphopheneque, abreva, blistex, you name it). I've used prescription drugs like acyclovir.

I finally found a once a month treatment. My family doctor did blood work and found I was B12 deficient. She recommended a shot once a month. This shot not only gets rid of cold sores, but also boosts your immune system. I had taken shots for about 2 years and just recently stopped for about 2-3 months. I suffered with cold sores that left scars about 3 times a year. I hadn't had one since I started taking the shots and after three months of stopping, I just got my first one in 2 years. B12 works. Try it.

Actually, this is correct Comments By: Amirah on 2010-12-18
Ice should be applied to the cold sore in the beginning stages, only to reduce swelling and pain. However, once the cold sore starts to scab over, applying heat will cause a rush in blood to that area of the body, healing the sore much faster. Cold should not be applied once a scab has formed
Heat worked for me Comments By: Anon Monkey on 2010-12-29
it reduced the swelling and itching and my lip doesnt look like i have botox.. i use a plastic cup full of hot water and place it on my lip, not a hot moist towell that made it worst for me in the past. and just continue using carmex or abreva.
here's what worked for me.. Comments By: angela on 2011-01-09
When the tingly feeling occurred the very first day I immediately put an ice cube in a small ziplock plastic bag and held it to my lip til it melted down. I did this with an ice cube twice in a row, then took a q-dip dipped in nail polish remover (must contain acetone) and held it on the cold sore for abt 10 seconds. Be sure to use new q-tips each dip and do this maybe four or five times, apprx. 10 seconds each new q-tip side. I have read of people holding it on the spot for 25-30 minutes and I believe tht is way too long and could damage your lip skin. After 4-5 times, dab a little toothpaste on the cold sore and leave it alone for two hours. Repeat after two hours and again two hours later. I took 1,000 mgs of lysine, as well as other vitamins I normally take, 2 aspirins, sucked on a Zinc tablet and an antihistamine. I also drank boatloads of water throughout the day. The next morning I woke up and the cs had not progressed further - lip was swollen, but the blisters had not popped out or opened up. In fact, it seems the blisters melded together and shrank slightly. Please note - there was a white film over the area from the toothpaste I had applied the night before. I repeated the ice and nail polish remover process (minus the toothpaste) right away in the am and then once again in the afternoon and again in the evening. More vitamins, 2,000 mgs. of Lysine (might take another 1,000 mgs b4 bed), aspirin, Zinc tablets and lots and lots of water again today. My lip is still a bit tender and a tiny bit swollen, but the cold sore itself has blended in with my lip and you would not be able to tell it is there without knowing to look for it. It appears just slightly white-ish then the rest of my lip, prolly holding the pus or whatnot? Most importantly, don't let it stress you out, take vitamins (particularly lysine), drink lots of water, get tons of rest and oddly enough - carefully apply nail polish remover (DO NOT LICK OR INGEST IN ANY WAY!!!!!!!!!!!) Who knew, but it is working for me. You just have to be diligent abt this process the first few days of the cs and catch it as soon as possible, the sooner the better. It has been a little over 24 hrs. since I first felt the tingly sensation (it had been 6 months since my last cs) and it is smaller, blending in with my lip and not getting worse. Not bad!
Worked for me Comments By: Brianna on 2011-03-10
I know that all of you think this doesn't work but it worked for me. It was Wednesday and I had a first date on Saturday. Every morning I would ice it and every night I would heat it. It was gone by Friday and the date went amazing.
Herpotherm does work Comments By: Rachel on 2011-03-16
Herpotherm device (heats up to 50C) and you can apply as many times is brilliant and always works for me. Its a great device and well worth the 35. Its galling as I now have a cold sore and Im away from home and forgot to bring my Herpotherm so Im going to do the hot teaspoon trick. Hopefully that will work. Pringles of any kind and chocolate seem to be my trigger unfortunately!
Herpotherm Comments By: Victoria on 2011-04-13
I agree with Rachel. Herpotherm does work. If you catch it on time, it will even stop the process and prevent the blisters from appearing. I highly recommend it. I don't think the person who posted this is "crazy", as many have said. I'm not sure if a hot rag is the same as Herpotherm but it's true, applying heat can help A LOT.
fever blister Comments By: kayla birchmore on 2011-06-13
thanks i needed that because was about to put a HOT HOT rag on my lips i have them all the way across
Herpotherm research Comments By: Darrell T. Herrington, DO on 2011-10-20
I am a research physician, and was involved in the placebo-controlled double-blind studies of hyperthermic treatment of Herpes labialis. The clinical trials showed a significant benefit for early healing and resolution of these lesions, with complete prevention of breakouts if applied at the first sign of paresthesias, such as tingling or pressure. I use this method myself, and recommend it for my patients.
The research data is available from the manufacturer.


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