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Cold sore removed with Nail Polish Remover

The fastest, most effective way to get rid of a cold sore that I have found is constant application of acetone based nail polish remover. Apply hourly with a Q-tip and then cover with Abbreva.

Take care not to get the cold sore wet and immediately upon exiting the shower dry it with the nail polish remover and the Abbreva. This should dry it out within 24 hours.

Visitors comments

MILK: The Magic Cure Comments By: Mad Dog on 2007-10-15
I have found that applying milk constantly for 10 seconds at a time seems to reduce redness.
Nail Polish Remover is the way to go!!! Comments By: Denise D on 2007-12-13
I have been suffering with cold sores for years. I have tried everything. Camphor Spirit is effective but Nail Polish remover is phenomenal. At the first sign of an outbreak, I soak a cotton ball with remover and hold it to my lip. If a sore has already developed it will burn like hell but the sore will dry up in hours. It is a miracle!!
nail polish on cold sore Comments By: Shelly on 2008-01-14
ive just applied the nail polish remover on my cold sore and even the pain has been surpressed it seems to be working so far, but do you have to put a topical treatment on it after applying the polish remover?
nail polish?? Comments By: suzy on 2008-03-26
my dayz!!!!!! im so depressed!! ma 2nd day of ma lovely coldsore!! ma lip looks BIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O :O :O and im goin away UNI TRIP :s on sunday!! tried warn water rubbing it..tries this cream is called coldsore cream by loyds farmacy!! it still there so i tried da nailpolish thing..andit dried it up and da pains kinda gone...untill i start talkin again..oh dont even think about tellin u!! so yea!! well see!! ill try it again!! plus ive made doctor appointment see what they say :D
WOW! NAIL POLISH IS A MIRACLE! I PROMISE! Comments By: Madison on 2008-05-16
Ive suffered with cold sores since I can remember. Probably sometime since 6th grade. It is and was so embarrassing to go to school with a cold sore, so I would usually skip school because of the embarrassment. So one day my mom called and told me to use nail polish remover because she had read people's comments on how much it REALLY works. So I was like what the hell, I might as well try it. And it really worked!!!! I promise! I always feel bad for saying I promise to God, but seriously,I promise to God!
Burns lol, however .. Comments By: Deano. on 2008-08-17
hey, thanks for the info.
i started getting a cold sore yesterday ( and i had no cream or anything) i quarrantined it using a plaster. I am now using this method on a HUGE coldsore attacking the crease above my chin, i poped the blisters, put the remover on for 3min then soaked a plaster and put it on , It burns but what i've red a fully grown one does and it has already taken care of the itchyness. I will repeat this thanks!!!!

OMG Comments By: Daniel on 2008-09-28
My friend at school told me to use nail polish remover and I didn't believe her because she can be a bitch sometimes but I went home and was desperate so I used it and it like started getting hard fast and it all dried up really fast. Its the best method!
jesus crist! Comments By: alysha on 2008-10-28
i was reading peoples comments and i was a little scared but i did it anyways. and it works wonders!!
thank you so much for posting this, your a life saver :)

yes Comments By: sophie on 2008-10-29
nail polish remover does have an effect, it reduces the size of the sore, the pain of the sore and the lenght you have it for. When i apply nail polish remover to a cold sore, they usually last 3-4 and they are nowhere near as visibible as usual!
with vodka Comments By: Sp on 2008-10-29
Believe me, applying nail polish remover with vodka or any other spirit works completely. I woke up around 10am with a massive coldsore, i applied nail varnish remover for about a minuite using a q-tip, then i applied vodka the same away, it alredy started to work. I repeated this for around half an hour. It is now 1pm and i now have no cold sore, just a little red patch that looks like a spot which is going down. Also i apply vaseline onto where it was every so often. This really does work.

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