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 After cleaning paint brushes
 After cleaning paint brushes use this tip:

 Applying wood varnish
 Here is an idea to help with applying wood varnish with ease

 Clean paint off your hands
 Here is a clever idea to remove paint from your hands

 Cleaning and storing paint rollers
 Cleaning and storing paint rollers is easy using this tip:

 Color Matching Thru the Home
 Have you ever walked into a store, fell in love with a lamp, a pair ...

 Color matching your home
 Learn to make your home wonderful using this tip:

 Conserve your paint thinner
 Here is a simple tip to help conserve paint thinner

 Decorating the Child�s Room on a Budget
 Does your child�s room need a little help in the decorating scheme? ...

 Decorating Your Home On a Budget‏
 Decorating your home is fantastic for improving your life style and ...

 Don't always clean your paint roller!
 If you have a lot of decorating to do with a roller, say all the ...

 Don't throw away old hardened paint brushes
 Here is a clever tip to rescue a hardened paint brush

 Easy way to clean your paint roller
 Here is a clever idea for cleaning your paint roller

 Easy way to paint baseboards on wooden floors
 Buy some thin tracing paper and it will slide right under the ...

 Fresh paint
 When working with fresh paint use this tip for odors:

 How much paint is left in that old paint tin?
 Here is a clever idea to let you know how much paint is left in an ...

 Keep paint off yourself
 Here are a few ways to clean paint off your skin

 Keep your paint roller tray clean
 Here is a clever tip for your paint roller tray

 No time for cleaning paint brushes?
 Here is a quick tip if you are in a hurry and you have no time to ...

 Paint don't strip
 You don't have to take old wall paper down when using this tip:

 Paint odors
 Keep paint odors from staying in the air when painting in the home ...

 Paint thinner is reusable
 Here is a tip about paint thinner

 Painting 30 tips for Perfect Painting
 30 tips to help make your painting an easier task. Tips to help with ...

 Painting time saver
 Use this trick for a time saver when painting:

 Painting your house exterior
 Use this great tip when you want to paint your house exterior:

 Painting. Avoid painting fixtures and fittings
 Here is a simple way to avoid painting the wrong things when you are ...

 Patch wall paper
 When you need to patch wall paper use this tip:

 Preserve your paint brush
 Here is a clever way to preserve your paint brush

 Redecorating with Little Cash
 Article looking at decorating on a budget

 Reuse old paint brushes
 Reuse old paint brushes when you use this tip:

 Save on paint thinner
 If you are always using paint thinner to clean your brushes - use ...

 Stain unfinished wood
 Staining unstained wood is fast using this great tip:

 Stripping wallpaper or border
 Stripping wallpaper or border does not have to be expensive when ...

 Tips for removing wallpaper
 Lots of tips for removing wallpaper

 Wallpapering. 11 tips for wonderful wall papering
 Wallpapering is not my favorite hobby so I have devised a few ways to ...

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