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Here are a huge collection of beauty tips. including caring for your skin, clothes, makeup, make your own beauty recipes, hair and even a section on self esteem. Though you won't find tips in this section for makeup to go along with your pirate Halloween costumes or any other Halloween costumes , you can find tips for Halloween here.

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Below are a little selection of the beauty tips

 Almond, neem leaf , turmeric, sandlewood and poppy seeds Face mask
 Mix almond, neem leaf , turmeric, sandlewood and poppy ...

 Baby Face
 Now have you ever wanted a baby face? Well ima show you how!

First ...

 Beauty Tips and Ideas for Every Special Day!
 What you do every day is going to affect your looks and how you feel ...

 Beauty tips for the face.
 Your face is the index of your mind. So take care of your face with ...

 Beauty Tips for You!
 Women everywhere need a little pampering, daily, weekly and sometimes ...

 Body Piercing
 Body piercings are fast becoming one of many popular forms of ...

 Chlorine green hair : ( 4 the blondes
 Have you ever gone in the pool and it turned your hair green? Well ...

 Cologne or aftershave bottles
 Put a small drop of nail polish directly above the nozzle on the top ...

 Easy Nail Polish Application for Husbands
 Please, Please, Please. Help me find an Easier way to apply Nail ...

 Expensive shaving foams gels creams
 Save money on foams, gels and creams

 Healthy foods equal Healthy Skin
 Eating healthy foods is healthy not only for the inside but the ...

 Home Beauty Tips and Ideas
 Your body is one of your best assets. Keeping your skin healthy ...

 If you wanna party before christmas!
 Before a party you need shaping up! Like any girl needs! Take a ...

 Looking Great Even on Little Sleep
 If you are feeling a little groggy, like you haven�t had enough sleep ...

 Make Up for Every Day
 Women and men around the world will wear make up to change their ...

 Need a rain jacket fast?
 Perhaps you are off to a football, soccer, baseball or other outdoor ...

 aNoxzema works with my skin great

 Pimply wimply
 I have times where my skin breaks out with pimples

 Problems with your atomizer spray
 If the atomizer on your perfume bottle or plant spray gets clogged ...

 Relaxing Baths
 Baths are a form of taking time for yourself and pampering your body. ...

 Sanatizer 4 the money mizer
 Great idea for saving money on sanatizers

 Shopping for perfume
 Are you going shoping for perfume im the future? If so, stick to ...

 Strengthen and brighten your nails
 Soak your hands in lemon juice for about 10 minutes. Rinse off your ...

 Stuck Perfume Bottle Stopper
 Just how do you remove that stuck purfume bottle stopper?

 Substitute perfume atomizer
 Any small spray bottle, available in chemists or department stores, ...

 The truth about cleansers and cremes
 Have you ever wished you had a baby face?

 Tips for Wedding Day Beauty
 Weddings are a special day, for the groom and the bride. This is the ...

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