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Body Piercing. Tips about Body Piercings

Body piercings are fast becoming one of many popular forms of expression, not only in the youth of the world, but also through older generations as many types of body piercings are considered to be fashionable. Many people, both men and women are completing their own piercings in the privacy of their homes for a private and much less expensive method. If you want to get a new piercing or you want to learn more about how to care for a new piercing, I will cover some of the various topics in this article. 

One of the most important things that you can do for your body is to prevent getting an infection in a new piercing. An infection and lead you to having to let the piercing close if it happens to get bad enough. Keeping the area clean is important. 

For the new piercing, it should be left in the air as much as possible to promote healing. Covering up a piercing that is not healing well can lead to additional infection. If your piercing is in a place that is usually covered by clothing, remove the clothing when or as much as possible while the healing process is happening after the initial piercing. One method of giving most areas the most amount of breathing possible is when sleeping. 

Because your hands touch so many different things daily, it is important to wash your hands before touching any piercing, when your first have that piercing done, and any time after having the piercing done. Small bacteria, virus and dirt that you have on your hands can get in to the piercing and into your body or blood stream causing infection. One method of prevention is simply washing your hands before touching your piercing!

After about three days, you can start wearing clothing more often over the areas that are pierced that have healed. Once the skin heals a little and the body becomes more �aware� and �used� to having this piercing you are less likely to suffer from a skin infection. 

No matter how careful you are, you will still need to clean your piercing with rubbing alcohol or peroxide. Sometimes you will be given a special mixture to clean your piercing with, but it is most likely somethingi similar to one of these so you don�t have to make an extra purchase if you have these items already at home. 

If you have a new oral piercing, in your lip, or in your tongue or in your cheek you should take extra care of keeping this piercing clean as it is going to be more difficult to keep this piercing in the �air� so the body and the skin can heal from the piercing. Using mouth wash or an anti septic mouth wash, gargle and rinse your mouth a few times a day to help prevent infections. It is going to be important that if the area becomes infected that you do seek medcial attention so you can get an anti biotic and clear it up right away. 

If at all possible, refrain from drinking, or smoking for at least that first day when you have a new oral piercing. Keeping germs from getting to your piercing site it the best preventative measure in avoiding an infection. If you have a new piercing, you might want to avoid kissing for at least a week so you don�t get any type of germs which could cause an infection. Another �thing� about kissing is that sometimes the pulling of the piercing, or the sucking on a piercing can cause skin ripping or problems with the healing process. 

Ice is a good preventative of pain after having a new piercing no matter where on the body you might have this. You can put ice on to help the throbbing of a new piercing and to aid in the stopping of any bleeding or seeping that can happen.

If you have a piercing that is going to be covered by clothing, you might want to avoid perfumes, coloring, and detergents that will irritate your skin. Wear a loose clothing that will not restrict the piercing while it is going through the healing process. 

Most all piercings are going to heal to the point that you won�t feel sore, and the risk of an infection is passed after ten to twelve weeks from the point of piercing. Tugging, pulling and sucking on any type of piercing can make an infection or problem appear at any time. 

What are the signs of an infection with a piercing? Some signs of an infection are swelling, soreness, seepage of any type blood or puss, and a continued fever. Keeping your piercings clean and watching for these types of problems can give you the best possible situations with a piercing of any type.

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aftercare Comments By: chad on 2005-01-03
rubbing alcahol and peroxcide alters the cell structure during healing process thus taking longer to heal! a mild antibact soap for most piercings other than like around the eyes.
Ive found to be true Comments By: person on 2005-04-09
Yeah... never use soap w/ fragrance it can cause infections. YOU WANT TO USE DIAL SOAP... and sea salt is good if ya ever get something that looks like a lil' pimple or something on the skin around a piercing (happens alot ears, and belly buttons.)


no Comments By: megan on 2005-04-30
you never use peroxide or alchohol any reputable piercer will tell you that..use sea salt soaks and soap if you have to.

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