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Looking Great Even on Little Sleep

If you are feeling a little groggy, like you havenít had enough sleep in days, you could be suffering from insomnia; interrupted sleep or perhaps you are just not sleeping soundly. There are many reasons why people do not get enough sleep. 

Some of these reasons include new children, children who are out all night, people in the home are sick, or perhaps you are sick yourself, if you took a nap during the day, or if you have a lot of work to do and you were up all night doing it. If you have been getting by on just a little sleep, I want to tell you how you can get by and look your best even when you have been getting just a bit of sleep. 

One of the best things you can do if you are feeling a bit drowsy, you can take a quick nap. Lie down on your bed or on your couch and set the alarm for just ten minutes. Ten minutes gives your eyes and your body a quick rest. Sleeping longer than this short time is going to put you in a deep sleep, which will leave you feeling tired even when you wake up. A short nap is best for a refreshing feeling that will get you through your day. 

If you are feeling a little groggy and you think that your looks are suffering for it, here are a few great tips that will get you going and looking better all day long. 

When you are sleeping enough, your skin suffers. Your skin isnít shiny, it isnít rosy and it is tight and dry. To cure that tight and dry skin, be sure to keep a good jar of moisturizer near by. Using moisturizer on those days when you feel tired is going to brighten your day and going to make you feel a little better. Using moisturizer even on those days when you have gotten enough sleep will help you look better on your days when you donít get enough sleep. 

Drinking more water is going to leave your body feeling great and your skin looking better. When you feel more tired than your usual days, drink an extra glass of water, hydrate your body and make your body feel awake and fresh. 

If you wear just a little make up or a lot of make up on a daily basis, putting on the same amount of make up even on the days where you feel a little more tired is going to make you look more awake, more like yourself. If you donít put any make up on and you usually wear make up you are going to look more noticeably tired to others that you work with. Keep up with your other usual habits to look more awake than what you may feel. 

Wearing a lot of foundation or cover up is going to make you feel more tired as your skin is going to be tighter and covered. If you wear just a light bit of cover up or foundation you are going to feel more awake and more alive so you can get through your day with less problems and with more energy. 

On those days when you are very tired, and you feel and look pale, add a little color to your face using blush or eye shadow so that your skin looks the best that it can. You feel better and less tired when you look in the mirror and see how great you look. 

Cool cucumbers over your eyes are going to take away bags under your eyes when you are tired. Using ice water or cool water on your face when you are tired in the morning is going to make you really feel awake and alive. Use the cool water to force yourself in to feeling more awake by giving your body a rush. 

If your eyes are looking a little droopy as a result of you getting just to few hours of sleep, add mascara to your eyelashes to give your eyes a more awake look. 

Donít draw attention to yourself by not dressing properly. No matter how tired you are, get into your usual clothes and put yourself together, at least on the outside so you will increase your outward looks of being awake and together no matter how tired you may be on the inside.

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