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The truth about cleansers and cremes

Submitted by Irene

Have you ever wished you had a baby face? Like blemish-free, soft, glowing skin?. But ever get that feeling that it's not possible?

Well today ima tell you that it is!! First,I'm pretty sure ya tried stuff like clearasil, Oxy, Neutrogena, clean and clear.....

Well you'r just spending money!yep! That stuff is temporary, iritating...

Now this is what we here all the time on commercials...proactive and Murad...

The truth about that is it works and fights blemishes and everything but it's only temporary too!and it's also vary expensive, like 29.99 a month!

If you multiply that and 12 months you'll pay $360 a year and tax!

Now if you ever went to a dermitologist they might have perscribed Benzoyle Peroxide...the truth about that is it only treats the pimples you treat...and it will make your skin dry and irritated causing more and more pimples...

So all that stuff is bad and expensive! Now you know please check out the other tip called "baby face"!

Thank you!

Visitors comments

Everybody knows!!! Comments By: Anon on 2004-09-11
Everybody knows this already, i mean yea its good to take the time to write all that but everybody knows! i also read ur other tip and chocolate doesnt really make ppl hav acne, etc. acne is natural!
please... Comments By: Vanessa on 2005-01-23
...shutup! stop talking about ur baby, please
chocolate Comments By: anon on 2006-04-22
Only dark chocolate is good for you. Milk chocolate obviously has added milk and has extra sugar. Dark chocolate contains the most antioxidants which destroy free-radicals. Free-radicals increase skin damage and aging.

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