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In this category are all the tips I could not categorize. That does not mean that they are not great tips and advice it is just that I have struggled to find a place for them

 Alarm clock tips
 Never get up late with these tips

 American football, what's it all about?
 Find out all about American football

 Athletics. What's it all about?
 Here is an explaination of athletics terms

 Basketball terms and their meanings
 Here is a list of Basketball terms and their meanings

 Be Auto Wise !!
 Do you start your 2-wheeler & jet-set-go ? What about walking with ...

 Burning CD's
 If you are burning cd's protecting your data for what you think is ...

 If your carpet it looking a little flat, try this easy tip:

 Your frayed carpets can be stopped in their tracks using this tip:

 If a piece of carpet keeps curling up - use this tip to hold it down:

 Before you walk out to go buy a new car - try using this tip:

 CD's. Make your own CD as a gift
 Are you really at a loss for what to buy that special person this ...

 Cheap Mattress Protector
 Cheap idea to protect your mattress

 Cure carpet indentations
 Try this tip to remove any indentation left in a carpet by furniture ...

 Cure for hard water
 If you live in an area that has hard water then this tip is for you

 Determining if Furniture is Well Made
 Does your home need a good once over, a new piece of furniture? If ...

 Hang your delicate drapes or sheers easily using this tip:

 Dress shoes
 When you have a new pair of dress shoes, clean the up using this tip:

 Dry air in rooms
 Here is a great idea to prevent dry air in your rooms

 Dye clothes
 Dye your clothes without the expense using this tip:

 Ever been short changed?
 Here is a great tip if you have ever been short changed

 Fall decorating Tips for the Home
 Homes across the land are bright and vibrant during the summer but it ...

 Forgot to buy long matches?
 Here is an idea for your own long matches

 Houses with 2 floors
 If you live in a two story house and you just hate lugging the ...

 How to keep a rug from sliding around the floor
 Here is a clever idea to stop your rugs from sliding around the floor

 How to Start a Conversation
 Many times in life you will find that a conversation is difficult to ...

 Is your alcoholic drink too strong
 Calm down the harsh taste of alcohol

 Soften hard leather for a great soft feel using this tip:

 Life is just too short
 Here are a few words of wisdom

 Light your house fire easily
 Here is a quick idea to make lighting a fire easier

 Lost down the back of the couch
 Find missing jewelry faster using this great tip:

 Lost something small lets find it
 Here is a really neat idea to find small items that you just cannot ...

 Mail Box Junk Mail
 Do you find that your mailbox is always overflowing with credit card ...

 Moving heavy objects easily
 When in the RAF a part of my job was to fit very heavy aircraft ...

 Net Curtains
 Here is some help when dealing with net curtains

 Here is a use for your left over newspapers:

 Out of date VCR
 Fix that VCR that won't program anymore:

 Play that vinyl record one last time
 Do you want to play that vinyl record one last time?

 Polishing wood
 Here is an unusual tip that you can use for polishing wood:

 Protect the Environment with Printer Repair
 Printers are relatively inexpensive these days, leading many ...

 Purchasing Wood Furniture
 Purchasing furniture for your home is something that you want to get ...

 Remote controls
 Here is an idea for using your remote control

 Keep your rugs from slipping using this tip:

 Save shoe polish
 After all the shoe polish from the center of the tin has been used, ...

 Scratch on a watch crystal
 Remove a scratch on a a watch crystal face

 Some one special than a friend
 A best friend can be a few but finding the best among them is a ...

 Keep your sponges longer using this little tip:

 Storing Tobacco, cigarettes and cigars
 Keep cigarettes and cigars fresh for weeks:

 Stretch your shoes
 Are your shoes a little too tight?

 Suction Bags. Clever ideas
 Here is a cheap alternative to shrink bags

 Video Storage Boxes
 Why not make your own video storage boxes

 What is baking soda?
 So what is baking soda? Tipking explains

 Winter Time Tips for passing the time
 Wintertime is one of those seasons where anyone can find himself or ...

 Your Home Fire Safety Check List
 Your family, your possessions and the home that you live in can all ...

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